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American Idol – If You Have Nothing Bad to Say, Become a Judge

So who was everyone’s guesses for who the mystery guy they’d bring on to be the mystery man? Mine was David Leathers, Jr. and I was pretty sure I was right. Imagine my surprise when my love, Jermaine Jones strutted his baritone loveliness through those doors. I was so beyond happy! Never would I have thought it would be him. I told myself as long as it wasn’t Cowboy Guy, I’d be happy, but I was more than happy!!

I was also hoping that they’d discuss Jennifer Lopez’ questionable nip-slip from the Oscars to prove this show was live. Seeing her look right at the camera and start yelling “There was no nipple” was awesome (I didn’t see it either Jen. I thought you looked hot). Something more awesome though, was Steven Tyler on Kimmel last night, analyzing the possibility of the nip slip and whether or not there was one in his opinion. Here, watch the uncomfortableness for yourself. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Now that the show is over, I’m going to assume that the judges just decided, Let’s not say a single bad thing about tonights performances. We’ll just talk up all the reasons we loved these kids and let the fans pick their favorites. And they stayed true to that motto for all but two people and even for Heejun and Eben, they weren’t the worst critiques I’ve ever heard, if you can even call “Not the right song for you” a critique. I was ok with their lack of real “judgment” on this round though. This is the first time we all get to hear every contestant, without anyone getting skipped or the 10 second montage treatment. It’s opinion forming time!

This was also the first time in my years of Idol watching, that I voted (Online. I’m still not committed enough to call, or text). I always thought you had to pay to vote. Last year I was corrected on that fact. This year when facing the contemplation of “To Vote or Not to Vote” I thought to myself something I often say to people when discussing politics:

“You can’t complain if you didn’t vote”

And voting is important. Informed voting is important. I don’t like voting for people on a lark. That annoys the hell out of me. And while I wish some of my younger family members would realize that this means I want them to become informed voters, and not that I don’t think they should vote, maybe leading by example will get my message across. Let me just get down off my pulpit now. Sorry to get political on y’all. Let’s get to what we came here for, the Top 13!  I’ve bolded my personal Top 5 (and my wild card)

1. Reed Grimm – So your town is famous for cheese curds, and you’re from WI? Wow. Shocker. Does he have a lisp that I was unaware of up to this point? As for Reeds Moves Like Jagger – I like his take on the song, but I’m glad Adam Levine didn’t sing it like that. This was good but fun and exciting, it was not. I’m not going to say I didn’t like this performance because it was enjoyable the longer it went on, but seeing him play in his band, I wish his band was famous because that seems to be where he belongs. It just looks like he’s right, there. Also, in case you were wondering what Reeds band sounds like, here’s a little example of  Shoeless Revolution. He’d be my 6th pick but I’m not picking  him for my Wild Card because personally, I have a feeling he’ll get enough votes without my help.

2. Adam Brock – “Jack of all trades, master of none” – that’s one of my favorite quotes. I feel like that when it comes to arts and crafts. I digress. Let’s talk about Think. I would like to see him only sing songs by black female singers. I think it could be a good theme for him, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing dear Adam after this evening. I wanted him to do well based on past auditions, but I’m a realist; and honestly, his performance isn’t what I want to talk about. I noticed he was trying to take a tip from Mr. Brad Goreski and add a little P.O.C. via some brightly colored handkerchief of sorts that turned out to be a.. ugh… a terrible towel… Really? God I hope Pittsburgh doesn’t get out the vote tonight. Also, and most importantly if he does make it through, he needs to drop White Chocolate. Drop it now before Randy forgets your real name. That’s almost reason enough for me to not want you in the Top 5.

3. DeAndre Brackensick – Can I just leave the people that genuinely like DeAndre to talk for me? I’m not going to say many nice things and there are plenty of people who love him so if you’re one of them, here, read this, or call Jennifer Lopez. I think JLo love him because he reminds her of her former Fly Girl era. How is he the most commercial guy though, Randy? God you’re an idiot. I mean, no one sounds like him that’s out there now so maybe that’s something but I just don’t get it at all. At all. When I see him, I just see a cross between a Milli Vanilli, specifically the guy on the right; or the guy who played young adult Simba in the Lion King when I saw it at the Hippodrome.

4. Colton Dixon (Top 5) – Colton scared me when he said he was going to change it up a bit from his piano player M.O. Then he started… at the piano? I don’t get it but I like that you’re at the piano so I’m not saying anything bad. Zack and I, in our infinite disagreements with Randy, think Colton, and not DeAndre, is the most marketable of the lot, despite not loving your song choice of Decode by Paramore. I also think that if he’d been a contestant the year Adam Lambert was on, he would’ve done better. I only say this because I think he’s a little more parent friendly (an unknown demographic to the youngun’s watching Idol but trust me they exist) They like him for protecting/being upset about his sister, and because he’s a slightly more PG version of Glambert who they wanted to like because theylovedBill Idol. I agree with JLo that he’s already an artist that you want to hear on the radio. He’ll have a hundred female fans a minute calling in, if not a million. How many votes do these kids usually get, anyway? Hundreds of Thousands?

5. Jeremy “JerBear” Rosado – I really like this kid. He just seems like the nice kid. I’m gonna try not to be too attached because when he went for that belter note on Gravity, he just didn’t hit it the way I wanted that note to sound, I could see him getting cut, but I will appreciate the moments I have with him. I did feel it though when JLo said, “He’s the type of singer that when they open their mouth, they effect people,” but I think she meant “He’s the type ofperson,” not singer.

6. Aaron Marcellus (Top 5) – I like this kids look, I like his voice, and I kind of like that he takes dance lessons too. I don’t know how many times I heard him sing all by himself but I’m glad I can listen to him now. I dig everything about him. I like that he’s not trying to sing like Michael Jackson jamming out to Never Can Say Goodbye, but he’s still totally rockin’. He has me almost tongue tied talking to Zack, who also agrees he’s a Top 5-er. Zack thinks he’s just the tops, period.

7. Chase Likens – Points to him for not singing Take me Home, Country Roads. However, he sang a song I didn’t know (Storm Warning) by a guy I’ve never heard of (Hunter Hayes), and I feel like for not hearing him much, he’s not making me want to hear him anymore. I just didn’t like the performance. It has nothing to do with country. It might have everything to do with going right after Aaron. He doesn’t seem like he has the power in his voice. He doesn’t have the performer, which is ironic for a theater major. He doesn’t seem like he’s enjoying himself like some of the others have enjoyed themselves on stage. He’s a little bit of a wet rag. One thing though, he has beautiful eye lashes. The boys always do. Jerks. Maybe he’s wearing mascara. I’ll keep telling myself that.

8. Creighton Fraker (Top 5) – This kid creeped me out in previous episodes. I don’t wanna hate on his look and whatnot but he’s a little on the weird side to me. What’s with his love of bizarre glasses? I definitely don’t get those things. And he has a mullet. If Karofsky and Kurt from Glee had a kid, it might be Creighton Fraker (and if he was Karofsky and Kurts kid, I’d have to love him. Luckily I have no ties to Flotsam and Jetsam). I do love True Colors though. And Cyndi Lauper for that matter. I can feel his emotion in it, all the things I didn’t like about him are… slowly melting away… becoming endearing… the mullet isn’t so bad… ok I kind of like him. More than the last one for sure. More than Reed maybe… I can feel the swoon coming on. It’s not there yet though. 

9. Phil Phillips (Wild Card) – This is a good kid. Idol has a lot of good kids this year, and I do appreciate the lack of assholes, but it makes it extra hard to pick when I don’t hate a lot of them. His rendition of I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight is pretty cool but it’s really dreadfully slow. I wish it would pick up a little bit. It’s like Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt but not quite as good. It’s not really a crowd pleaser. I thought Phillip would go home in the last round of cuts. I do think that Steven is right in that he has a voice that doesn’t fit in with the idea of doing covers very well, and that he’s a bit of a DMB in the making.

10.  Eben Franckewitz – If you wanna talk about a kid I don’t like, for absolutely no fault of his own, it’s this kid. I hate to hate people without knowing them, or anything about them, but it’s a bad habit I have. Sometimes the look of people just turns me off and this is one of those kids. I’m not going to give stupid pedantic reasons for not liking him because I think that would be worse than of my current “I don’t know why, I just don’t” reason. Then I heard him singing Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain…. Listen Eben, if you want to sound like a bad singer, sing an Adele song. It’s so hard to sound good compared to her. One thing that does make me laugh about this kid, is that I thought he was a pretty short kid, and he’s as tall as Ryan Seacrest, so I guess he is a little person.

11. Heejun Han  (Top 5)– The man I’ve been waiting for. His Mom, I’m in love! I just love  you Heejun. I will cry if you don’t make it through, know that. He really reminds me of Anoop from a few seasons ago. Cute, funny, a crooner of sorts. I just love him. He could totally be in a boy band, too. I mean, Robbie Williams started in Take That, I think Heejun could too and his version of Angels only confirms it for me. Voice as smooth as silk, excellent comment JLo. There’s no denying that you can blow? Possibly not your best review. If there’s one thing I can ask for the judges (since Randy finally seems to be taking the “Lay off the damn dawgs PLEASE” to heart) please please stop using the song Hey Jude for his name. It’s so dumb. Please make it through Heejun. I promise I shall vote for you sir (and I did, you’re welcome).

12. Joshua Mantasia Ledet – This kid I didn’t like at first but he grew on me by the time he was picked for the Top 24. I still don’t love his weird facial expressions but if you pull a Steven and just close your eyes and listen, You Pulled Me Through was noticably swoonworthy. Small case of the Lusks, as I mentioned before, but still good in his “Minister through my music” kind of way.

And the mystery 13th person is… JERMAINE!!! My sexy panty melter, Jermaine Jones (Top 5). He’s just so massively adorable in a perfect teddy bear way. I just love him so much. So much! I also love that sitting down, he’s still taller than Ryan. As for singing Luther Vandross’ Dance with my Father, what a perfect song for Jermaine to sing. Please sing Barry White if you come back Jermaine because after Luther that HAS to be next. I voted for you the most just in case you were wondering. And if you don’t make it through, can  we make a personal plea for you to just be on Oprah now? Can she just hire you to sing for her wherever she is? I feel like that would be a great job for him. She loved Luther Vandross. Come on!!

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Joey Jo-Jo

So, as I mentioned previously, I used to dog-sit, a lot. And while Moe and Curly were the only ones to get a calendar, my friends Jane and John’s french bulldog Joey, definitely was the most photogenic. I mean look at this guy:

His handsomeness knows no bounds. This little guy made me fall in love with the bulldog. Weighing in around like, 20 pounds? Who knows, I just know that he’s a little wee tyke. He also has the prettiest eyes, he’s a little ball of energy for a solid 15 minutes before he passes out and begins his familiar snores, and finally, he’s a fantastic snuggler. What’s not to love about this guy? The answer is nothing. He also likes to be held, which I’m a big fan of because my dogs, are kind of impossible to hold in the same way, since they weigh in at a whopping 60+ pounds a piece.

Look how happy this baby is? It’s probably because he lives with an awesome family on the beach in Delaware, which is why we don’t get to see him like we used to. Luckily, he has a little sister Clara now who’s even smaller than he is, to keep him company. She’s adorable too but you’ll just have to take my word for it since I don’t have any pictures, because we haven’t met her in person… yet! Some day soon I’m sure though. Until then, we’ll just marvel at the adorableness that is Joey Jo-Jo. That’s just what I call him. I think his parents prefer Joey Dog. Who knows. All I know is that I love this little guy so much. How can you not with a face like that?

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Elvis Style Egg Rolls

Zack and I were both home early tonight. We ate dinner early and thusly, we were ready for dessert, EARLY!

We both have a voracious sweet tooth. So trying to delay making our dessert, we decided to peruse Pinterest for the perfect dessert for us to make on this cold and rainy night. I’d been pining over this Cookie Dough Egg Roll via this blog called Pennies on a Platter. Here was a picture of Pinspiration:

Hers looked pretty amazing but we were craving something a little different and wanted to use these bananas that were gonna go bad any minute. Seriously, look at these things:

After successfully attempt at making regular egg rolls, I figured we could throw caution to the wind and experiment a little, and in the spirit of “waste not, want not” we knew we had to use something with banana rather than the chocolate chip cookie dough. And what cookie dough goes better with banana, than peanut butter? Nothing, in case you were wondering. Have you ever heard of “Elvis Style“?  I’m pretty sure that guy was a culinary visionary. The next step was finding a peanut butter cookie dough recipe that didn’t contain egg (since we’d be eating the batter, in a relatively raw state). It was harder to find a good one than I thought it would be but eventually we ended up on this one, and it fit the bill quite nicely. We still modified the recipe a bit to make it fit our liking.

So without further adieu, here’s how we made our Elvis Style Egg Rolls!


½ cup brown sugar
½ cup granulated sugar
½ cup crunchy peanut butter
½ cup butter or ½ cup margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 ¼ cups flour
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
½ cup 60% cocoa (we used the Ghirardelli chips)
2 bananas, cut up into small pieces
10 egg roll wrappers
1 egg white mixed with 1 tablespoon of water, for the egg wash
Confectioners sugar, and either honey, maple syrup or chocolate sauce make excellent garnish (we tried a few of everything).
And ice cream. Vanilla preferably.


1. First we make the cookie dough. It’s your standard recipe. Cream the butter, sugars, vanilla, and peanut butter in the mixer. Then add the flour, baking soda and baking powder. The dough is going to be a little on the dry side but that’s how you want it. Then fold in the chocolate chips and nuts.

2. You then want to place the dough on a good sized piece of parchment paper and flatten it with a rolling pin, or your hand. We just used our hands. Then lay the banana pieces on one end and roll, wrap the dough around the banana and trim off the excess dough. We were able to do this three times. It looks a little something like this:

3. You want to cut the roll into thirds or quarters. We ended up with 10 pieces of cookie dough rolls, once everything was chopped. Each cut should be around 2-3 inches long.

4. Then comes the egg roll wrapping. Don’t forget the egg wash to seal up the wrappers, either. The method goes a little something like this:

5. Then the frying beings! Similar to the previous egg roll recipe,  heat up the oil in a skillet (we used our small skillet this time just so we weren’t wasting too much oil). They cook for about a minute on each side but watch the oil heat and turn down the temp if necessary. We started with the oil on medium high heat but knocked it down to about medium heat halfway through so it doesn’t burn, and as always if you start to smell the burning, turn down the stove. Cook each side until it’s a slightly brown color. You know, egg roll color. You know it when you see it.

6. The second to last finishing touch was to add a little bit of powdered sugar

7. And the final touch, was the sauces, which we drizzled generously, in different combinations, over the egg rolls:

And we were left with a slideshow of these beauties

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American Idol – Who Knew They Could Move Quickly?

I never thought I would complain about an hour long episode. I usually feel like a two hour episode can feel like pulling teeth. However, there’s a first time for everything. I just felt that this entire episode was really rushed. I still think two hours would’ve been too long, but last night we got what felt like at least a few minutes of background on the contestants’ ventures up to this point. Tonight I felt like I barely had time to type the persons name before the judgment was handed down. It was a much more “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of episode. What also pissed me off was that my DVR wasn’t cooperating so I missed the first 10 minutes and turned it on during the beginning of Shannon judgment reel. I figured she was probably the first person anyway but then I remembered my dear Adam. What happened to Adam? DVR HOW DARE YOU! Thankfully, there’s this invention called twitter where I was able to realize that my dear Adam was safe. **phewwwwwww** To say I’m THRILLED that Adam Brock made it through, would be an understatement. I was pretty sure they would let him through but I didn’t want to have to eat my “cliffhanger” words of yesterday.  What a great way to start the show. I just wish I’d seen it.

I also noticed, not via twitter because apparently no one cares about him, that I missed Jeremy Rosado going through. I assume I missed him anyway because I definitely saw him at the end of the episode. I’ve only seen him in the group format thus far, but that’s ok. I suppose I have nothing against him.

So back to where I’ll assume the show was when my DVR started working again when I saw Shannon Magrane singing some Kelly Clarkson (The Trouble With Love Is) and doing it so right. I was a little worried about her because after the big splash she made at her audition, we didn’t really see much of her, but from what I saw of that last audition, I think she did what she had to do. And I was glad to see Steven agree, saying he thought she was an American Idol to begin with, I totally agree. She definitely has a look, and a great attitude.

As for the montage of people who didn’t make it, Scott Dangerfield was in the awful Jailhouse Rock group. I thought all those guys should go home. Clearly the judges ultimately agreed with me, as his exit made it 4/4. I was fine seeing Wendy go, but I have no idea who the other montage people who went home were besides that one was a girl and one was a guy. I’m assuming the girl was either Ariel Sprague. Either way neither of them made it through, so how important are their names, really?

Next up on the judges radar was Skylar Laine. She wasn’t on my list of people I really wanted to stay. She kind of looked a little too childlike to me. I didn’t see the “Reba” that the judges saw in her. Tonight was my a-ha moment though. I definitely heard the Reba. So congratulations Skylar. And while we didn’t really get to see anything new from her, I was happy to see Baltimore girl Hallie Day go through. Her face still bothers me and I don’t totally love her or anything, but it could just be because I haven’t seen much of her.

As for boys we haven’t seen much of, congratulations Chase Likens, and Aaron Marcellus. Chase, besides being in Colton Dixons group on group night, I’m not really sure who he is so consider him the male Hallie. As for Aaron, I’m glad that if River and Neco couldn’t go through, that you were still able to make it, because I like your look (and Rivers and Neco’s). I also liked Jennifers line about how she fought for him last year, and fought for him this year, “but this year I won” with that precocious smile, none the less.

DeAndre “Michael Bolton Hair” Brackensick, everytime I write you name, I write Blackensick. I don’t know why. I kind of hope I don’t have to write your name that much longer. He’s just not a favorite. I actually like him more when he sings lower as opposed to his “prized falsetto” that the judges say they love so much, which makes me think we’ll hear more of that range than from his lower register.

I also have to mention that it’s amazing to me, mostly because I didn’t do a whole lot of investigative work besides what I remembered/what the producers told me during the first round of auditions, who tried out last year. It’s hard to remember so many people when they aren’t in the top 24. Shoot, sometimes it’s hard for me to remember anyone below the Top 5 (besides those unjustly cut prior to the top 5). When I’m forced to think back to 12 months ago (or years ago for that matter), things get a little fuzzy.

I think I had to write that last paragraph because I really didn’t want to write this one. This was the point in the show where I got sad. I was trying to be rational, and still optimistic, but I knew I’d be sad when it was over. I just love Jermaine Jones. I love his attitude, I love how much he loves his momma. You’d be foolish to think he won’t have options post-Idol. However, the reason I think he wasn’t picked (and you know I’m still hoping he’s that mystery 13th man, if it’s not David Leathers, Jr.), is that he just don’t have a super marketable shtick. I think the judges learned their lessons with Taylor Hicks. Look where he ended up… Go be a gospel singer, you gentle giant. I hope he succeeds elsewhere. I’m blaming Randy for this. I know it’s his fault somehow. Jen looked like she’s on the edge of another breakdown.

Another mention regarding the rush of this episode, is that I think it’s so selfish of the producers to have the last few go in as a group, when everyone else got an individual review. I mean come on. You love to drag things out.

Out of this group of ladies, I really thought Shelby had it in the bag. I had never seen that Erin chick. And who was Hollie Cavanaugh? I hear she’s another that made it kind of far last year but I don’t remember her. And as for this season, had we seen her before last night? Even with my anger of not knowing who Hollie Cavanaugh was, what I saw tonight made me question why we hadn’t seen her. I thought she was really good. Better than Shelby, I don’t know, but she was good. I don’t hate that she was chosen over Shelby, but I’m sad to see Shelby go.

Nothing infuriated me more than the final judgment though. I was telling Zack that there was absolutely NO WAY Eben would be safe over David. I think I said something along the lines of “If he gets through over David… LIVID!!!!!!!!!! I’m officially livid. F-bomb, F-bomb, F-bomb”. Eben Mother F-ing Franckewitz. Vom. I can’t deny that I think David should’ve done Michael better. He has the voice of a Jackson 5 Michael, but he didn’t win me over with that performance. He won me over with Celine. That was where I fell in love with him. And I have never ever fallen for stupid Eben. Ok he’s not stupid, but he’s not an Idol either. I hope the judges don’t think Eben can be some kind of Beiber. He’s got Vote For the Worst written all over him. Mark my words!! It was also hard because it was two heartbreakers in such a short period of time. First Jermaine and now David. Granted I was somewhat expecting the former, David should’ve stayed. It was just straight up upsetting.

And now we get the final cliffhanger of an added 13th boy. I definitely agree that the boys were much stronger in the auditions. And with my aforementioned hearbreak, I’d love to see Jermaine or David come back. I just do NOT understand how Cowboy douche would have a chance to be back, for a multitude of reasons, and as far as Johnny the waiter, he didn’t even make it into the Top 42! You can’t bring him back. If you bring him back you might as well bring Jessica Phillips back, or Lauren Mink back! Shit, you might as well bring Crystal Bowersox back! All I’m saying is that the person they bring back, had better be David, or Jermaine.

So, in case you were wondering, here’s a list of the Top 24, along with their ages and their home towns:

DeAndre Brackensick, 17, San Jose, Calif.

Adam Brock, 27, Washington, PA

Baylie Brown, 22, Krum, Texas

Hollie Cavanagh, 18, McKinney, TX

Hallie Day, 24, Baltimore, MD

Colton Dixon, 20, Murfreesboro, TN

Creighton Fraker, 28, Queens, New York, NY

Eben Franckewitz, 15, Loveland, OH

Reed Grimm, 26, Ellsworth, WI

Heejun Han, 22, New York, NY

Jen Hirsh, 25, Agoura Hills, Calif.

Haley Johnsen, 23, Portland, OR

Skyler Laine, 18, Brandon, MS

Joshua Ledet, 19, Westlake, Lousiana

Chase Likens, 20, Point Pleasant, WV

Shannon Magrane, 16, Tampa, FL

Aaron Marcellus, 27, Atlanta, GA

Phil Phillips, 21, Leesburg, GA

Jeremy Rosado, 19, Valrico, FL

Jessica Sanchez, 16, San Diego, CA

Chelsea Sorrell, 23, Stokesdale, NC

Elise Testone, 28, Charleston, SC

Erika Van Pelt, 26, South Kingstown, RI

Brielle Von Hugel, 17, Staten Island, NY

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Mrs. Coachs Mom

Big news here on my small little blog. I’ve got a guest writer today! I’m hoping she’ll write more because well, after you read this, you’ll wanna read more. I promise. I’ve tried to get her to start her own but maybe posting on mine (and at her other blog gig), she’ll realize she’s awesome enough to have her own. Until then, I will pass off her thoughts as my own. Or at least, on my own blog. Here’s what I have to say about her, and what she has to say”

My friend Stephanie and I may quite possibly, share parts of our respective brains.

She asked me the other day why there wasn’t a Princess Bride musical?
“Yeah,” I thought, “why isn’t there one? It would be perfect. Spam-a-lot was great, why wouldn’t this be”.
Her response “That’s exactly what I was thinking! I even wrote a blog about it”

See how we share a brain?

So without further adieu, here’s her idea. Maybe this will be like Smash and we’ll collectively come up with the next brilliant musical. I’m sure rights wouldn’t bethat hard to acquire, right?

Princess Bride: The Musical

So I can’t sleep. And when I can’t sleep my mind wanders into these realms of who knows what. Last night it was “how can we live in a world where The Princess Bride hasn’t been made into a Broadway musical”. Let me explain. No, that will take too long, let me sum up. TPB is in everyone’s top 5 favorite movies and if it isn’t then clearly he/she should be banished to Gilder. It’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a wine release, quote alongs where MLT’s and ROUS’s are served and a spoken version was recently performed in L.A. Spamalot was hugely successful and people who love to to quote Monty Python love it when the mutton is nice and lean. So clearly there’s an audience.

Alas, I’m not a musician, or a lyricist by any means. But here to get started is The Princess Bride as sung to Steve Miller’s Take the Money and Run. Not sure why this song came to mind, probably because it tells a story about two young lovers. Guess what! It took me a little less than half a hour to write this. Wow I need Ambien.
The Princess Bride as sung to Steve Miller’s Take the Money and Run

Grampa brought over a story ’bout buttercup and Westley too.
Two young lovers separated by Humperdink and his crew
Death cannot stop true love, that they both knew.
Inconceivable! But the man in black knew what he had to do

Defeat the giant, serve Iocane powder as Vizzini’s death dish.
Best the Spaniard in swords with a strategically placed swish
Find the princess, hide identity while waiting for a kiss.
Safe in the fire swamp! My love, as you wish



Go on, storm the castle and have some fun
Go on, storm the castle and have some fun

6 fingered man is the prince’s main guy.
With the albino torture is his passion, science is the ‘why’
Dread Pirate Roberts got the gate key on the second try.
The last thing Rugen heard was my name is Inigo Montoya prepare to die

Miracle Max’s pill worked and Westley saved Buttercups breasts.
The mawwiage was stopped, in the pain Humperdink was vomitous
On 4 white horses the crew rode off into the sunset.
Of perfect kisses this one ranked as the best

Go on, storm the castle and have some fun
Go on, storm the castle and have some fun

Ok I’ll stop this rhyming now I mean it.

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Heejun FTW!

This was a really good episode. Lots of performances, lots of judgment. It went mostly the way I wanted it. I’m not going to say a whole lot about the people who didn’t make it through except that I was sad for Lauren Gray, and if Adam Brock goes, I’m going to be even more sad. I was crying a little already, watching him talk about how much singing meant to him, not that anyone else wouldn’t say that. Although saying he can’t wait for his daughter to say her dad was on Idol, lets be realistic, Idol better not still be around.

And now onto more pressing, already determined things. The person I was super ecstatic to see go, Cowboy Guy! What sweet sweet vindication that the douchebag country boy didn’t make it through. Nothing against country boys because I loved Scotty early on, but I hate this guys attitude, his cockiness, his overall douche bagginess. His swan song choice was great too, because I would love to see him fall into a burning ring of fire. Even the fire lake thing around him and the dead tree thing behind him was giving me a nice visual. Something tells me he wanted to just totally kirk out on them, I’m glad he stayed strong and didn’t, but I’m totally happy to see him go. Ryan, get your character liking in order because I couldn’t be happier to see his horrible character go!

I’ll start with the girls because while I like them, the boys are my stars this season.

Jen Hirsh – I’ve really liked Jen since I first saw her on Group Night with Reed Grimm, although I’m seeing why they didn’t air her audition performance. As for her final performance, I definitely didn’t think this was her best, but I do think that of the girls I’ve seen, she totally deserves to be through. Plus she’s first of the night and the producers don’t want to go ruining the show for me this early. I do worry for future auditions, that she’s got a case of the Jacob Lusk’s. You know what I mean. The endless, don’t know when to stop the note issues.

Haley Johnson – I don’t think we saw her in the original auditions but I will say that I can’t forget her group night performance. She really stuck out. I guess they didn’t want to show her final performance. I’m fine with leaving her group performance as the last thing I remember her singing, it was good enough for me!

Elise Testone And in the same group as Haley Johnson, there was Elise Testone, who stood out much more than Haley, to me. I thought her final audition of This is a Mans World was lovely. She looks a little like Gaga in the face. I liked when she said that when she sings, she’s trying to convey every emotion she has – that’s the kind of performance that I want to see.

Erika Van Pelt – You Erica, I remember your original audition, I remember the other performances you had, I haven’t seen you sing something poorly yet, and I love the raspy deep Adeleness of your voice. Lord knows the Idol Producers would LOVE to discover the next Adele. The only thing she needs to work on is clothing choice. Hopefully the Idol stylists don’t muck things up.

I’d decided by this point in the show dramatic pause this season has resulted in a safety. By the end of the night I totally regretted saying that though, because we don’t know the status of Adam Brock…

Chelsea Sorrell  –  I really thought this girl would get sent home. We haven’t really seen her in the auditions except for little snippets. Maybe it was because of that herpe thing on her lip? It was gone by her final meeting with the judges but I noticed it. I’m just not entirely sure who this chick is. One last thing, does anyone else think, looking at her face that she kind of looks like Jennifer Tilly a little bit? a young Jennifer Tilly? I drew up a little comparison for you.

Bailey Brown – She has grown so much since her first days on Idol when those Jersey idiots ruined everything for her. I was really worried after they let Chelsea through that they wouldn’t let Bailey, and more nervous when they mentioned her consistency problems. I hate when they ask “How did you feel about your performance” because in my head that means you’re in trouble. Luckily they did it to so many last night, by the third of fourth I knew she was most likely safe. I agree that her last performance wasn’t the best but her first performance still sticks out in my head and I hope that’s the person she brings to the big stage!

Jessica Sanchez – Can I just throw it out there that I hate this girl? I’d like to say through no fault of her own but I really don’t’ know if I can. When she was saying she wanted to do well because “my family has spent so much money on me” or how about “My mom is unemployed because of my music career”. No mother should choose to be unemployed (especially with that large family you seem to have) because your daughter has a dream. You need to put food on your table. Not hope your daughter makes it so she can put food on your table. I also didn’t really like her previous performances, even though I know there are others out there who’ve already fallen in love with her. I had her in my “I’m totally fine if she leaves because she isn’t that good” column. Yeah, I’ve got one of those. What of it? Then I had to eat crow because her final performance was amazing, and promptly moved her over to my “safe” column.

Brielle Von Hugel – I don’t like her attitude. I don’t like her face. I don’t like her singing. I agree with Seacrest that she’s got moxie, but she also has a really gnarly bad sense of style (your tan tank top/undershirt looked so weird) I also don’t like her Toddlers & Tiara’s mother.  Maybe it’s their overly NY accents. They are an automatic turn off for me. I wanted her gone like I wanted Cowboy Guy gone. If it had to be one or the other though, I’ll take Cowboy Guy gone, any day of the week!

Ok so that was all for the girls. Of this group, I think Erica Van Pelt and Baylie Brown are my favorites, but I think Jessica Sanchez will do the best. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though 🙂 We also still have the following girls left to see (that I’m aware of):

Ariel Sprague
Courtney Williams
Hallie Day
Shannon Magrane
Shelby Tweten
Skylar Laine
Wendy Taylor

I bolded the ladies on the list I’d like to see make it through. And with that we move onto the boys.

Creighton Fraker – I was really surpised that this guy made it through. I knew he would when we got to learn a little more about Mr. Fraker. For example, his love of hideous glasses. Or that his birth father was the lead singer of Flotsam and Jetsam. Who knew that was a band? Not me, that’s for sure. I’m only going to bring up his final performance because of a second Billy Joel song I heard later in the evening that was infinately better. I’m befuddled that he was kept after hearing both Joel performances, to be honest. Maybe it just wasn’t the best song choice for him. We shall see.

Joshua Ledet – I know this kid is a judges favorite. They swoon upon sight of him. Seeing more of his performances tonight only made me like him less. Am I missing something that others see? I guess everyone has their own opinion but even my favorite and most respected Idol reviewers, like Michael Slezak. At least even dear Mr. Slezak aknowledges he could also have a case of the aforementioned Lusk Syndrome, or as he calls it, The Lusky Stank. I guess I can just go to my go to when I don’t like people – he just doesn’t do anything for me. I know he loves Jesus and can seemingly rock a gospel song, but all the “Aaaaamens” between Randy and Jennifer, I’m already over him.

Reed Grimm – Talk about someone I’m totally NOT over! I have loved every song choice he’s ever made. One small thing that bothers me about him is that he definitely has a small case of the crazy eyes. I’m gonna pretend it’s in a good way. I just really like his whole schtick. Do what Casey James couldn’t do and crack the Top 5? It would’ve been a huge mistake to not let him through. He’s got fan favorite written all over him, and like I said, I just love his song choices. Originality oozes out of him. He just needs a stage and he can perform, no doubt. Mad talented indeed, Randy. I was sad to hear his father passed away. I don’t remember that from his audition.

Heejun Han – And then there’s my true favorite. How can he not be everyones favorite? I’m not going to say that I think he’s winning this bad boy. But with every moment of him I see not singing, I like him more, and with every moment of him singing, I am more impressed by him. Unlike Creighton’s Billy Joel song, I thought Heejuns’ rendition was fantastic. I straight up love you, dude. I loved his optimism at the possiblity of not getting through

“What are you sweating?” “Mostly water”

“If they say no I will definitely hug Jennifer Lopez and kiss her because that’s every Asian mans dream, that’s everyone’s dream”

Sometimes I think he could be on a show. He could be on Community. He could be Ken Jeongs son. I loved that Steven recognized“You’re a better star than you are a singer” and my other favorite quote of his was “We’re all posers on the bus until we find a way to impress ourselves” I just love how happy everyone is for him, too. And I hope that douche Cowboy is crying as he sees Heejun succeed!

Phillip Phillips – I want to like him like I like Reed Grimm, but I just didn’t see him getting through to the big stage after some of his other performances. He’s talented instrumentally. I just don’t know. He doesn’t give me the same warm fuzzies that Reed did. On that same note though, I know he and Heejun are pals so I feel like he like I want to like him that much more. He also seems humble. And adorable.

Colton Dixon – And finally we had Mr. Dixon. I knew he’d be through before any performance. The judges owed it to him and his family to put that boy through. I will say playing the piano again, only made me like him more. That falsetto thing he does is great. He’s got a good “look into the camera” look too. Like he’s looking right at you. I wonder if they want him more because he didn’t really want them. I think they really regretted not having him go through the last time.

The boys we have left now, that I’m aware of, are below, and again I have bolded who I’d like to stay:

Chase Likens
David Leathers, Jr.
Jeremy Rosado
Eben Fraubaitwicz
Jermaine “Panty Melter” Jones
DeAndre Brackensick
Scott Dangerfield
Joshua Sanders
Aaron Marcellus

Kind of bad that I couldn’t even pick 6 more to stay. Maybe there are some I still haven’t seen? Only time will tell. And while I didn’t bold DeAndre, I’m next to positive that we’ll be seeing him on the big stage. 

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My First Egg Roll

I really wanted to try making egg rolls. They always seemed so difficult and magical though, so I never tried it. Then Zack and I saw a person make an egg roll on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that made me think, maybe these things aren’t so hard after all.

I did my due diligence and scoured pinterest/my favorite websites for recipes and got this one, this one, and this one. They were all good but they all had things I would change about them. Firstly, they all used chicken, and I wanted to use pork because my favorite egg rolls at our local chinese food place, use ground pork. Second, I hate celery, and didn’t have bean sprouts, minced ginger, or sesame seeds (although if and when I make this again, I’ll definitely use the bean sprouts). Finally, whenever anything calls for shredded cabbage and carrots, I just buy cole slaw mix. It’s a great short cut for sooo many things. I easily use it once a week.

So without further adieu, I give you my my own personal egg roll recipe.


1 lb ground pork
1 bunch of green onion (4 stalks worth)
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
3 cloves garlic, smashed/minced
1 tsp ground ginger
1 bag cole slaw mix (cabbage and carrots)
1 package of bean sprouts
1 egg
Egg roll wrappers (wonton wrappers would also work, I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing)
1 skillet half filled with canola/vegetable/whatever kind you like except olive, oil. Or use a fryer.

Also, for the record, I didn’t think my grocery store had egg roll wrappers after looking for them in just about every place I thought they’d be – the refrigerated section, the freezer section, the asian food aisle. It wasn’t in any of these places. It was by the bean sprouts, in the produce section. It was a total fluke that I saw them. Thanks butternut squash! I would’ve never have found them if I weren’t buying you!


First you want to marinade your meat. Get a gallon sized bags and pour into it the soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and the meat. I let it marinade for about an hour in the refrigerator.

Then you want to warm up an empty skillet on medium high heat and chop up your green onion. Place the meat, the chopped green onion and all the contents of the gallon bag, into the skillet. Saute until the meat is mostly cooked. Then you want to add the cole slaw mixture and bean sprouts, stir it in and set your stove setting to low. Put a lid on it and give it about 15 minutes until the cabbage is nice and soft.

This is when you can get your egg rolls ready (it’s also when I started my rice because you need to eat something with the egg rolls. To prep your wrappers, lay out some aluminum foil to prepare the egg rolls before you put them in the fryer. Take that single egg, crack it into a bowl and add a little bit of water and stir it up. Then get your finest kitchen brush and get ready to get the party started.

Lay out your first wrapper and brush the edges with your egg mixture, very lightly. Fill the middle of the egg rolls with about 2-3 tablespoons of the meat/coleslaw/sprout mixture, and wrap like you’re wrapping a burrito. You’re basically just folding in one corner at a time and after every other fold, brush it with your egg mixture lightly, to make it stick together. I tried it a few different ways, they all worked. I even accidentally made a few egg rolls with a double wrapper because I didn’t realize how thin they were. While I was worried, those turned out just as good if not better, than the single wrapper egg rolls. When you’re done it should look a little something like this:

At this point you want to heat up the oil in another skillet (or your fryer, if you’re so lucky to have one, which we do). I kept the oil at medium high (350 degrees) heat but ended up turning it down to medium low after my first batch, just to make sure the oil didn’t burn, because that is a party pooper. I’ve done it many times and it sucks every time!

They take around 2-3 minutes, a minute or so on each side. And when you’re done they look like this:

You may notice at the bottom of the picture, is my leftover filling mixed with the rice, with a little more soy sauce. I was only cooking for two so we had a lot of extra filling even after filling up 6 egg rolls. In retrospect I should’ve made 8 egg rolls so we had some leftover egg rolls instead of just leftover filling. If you kept making egg rolls, I’m guessing this recipe could’ve easily yielded 10-12 egg rolls.

The only changes I’m going to make next time is to add the bean sprouts, make more, and do my best to fill them up a little better. I was worried the wrapping would tear so I didn’t fill them up as much as I could’ve but now that I’m a little more comfortable, I think I’ll be able to fill them up a little more without any disasters.

I hope you like the recipe. We definitely did! Oh and if I could offer one big tip, I would highly recommend breaking out those extra packets of duck sauce you’ve been hoarding, like we were. Nothing is better on an egg roll than some delicious duck sauce 🙂

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Molly loves puppies

As I mentioned previously, of my two dogs, Molly is the more outgoing one. Scrapple is pretty tame. He likes to sleep on the couch, maybe go for a short walk, and then more sleeping… but he isn’t really as easy to amuse as Molly is. So with Scrapple, you get adorable pictures like this:

But videos that make you laugh out loud are few and far between. Molly on the other hand, well she makes us laugh on the reg. Here’s her most recent example of being adorable. I found a video on the Huffington Post of a bunch of Labrador puppies. Molly was obsessed.

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Larry, Moe and Curly

Back before I had my own dogs, I was an avid dog-sitter. It was the only way I could hang out with puppies all the time, I could help dogs not have to be boarded, and it was good money. I’ve dog sat many many of my friends dogs but the dogs I sat for the most, were Moe and Curly. For Christmas one year, shortly before Moe passed (rip baby boy), I had the idea to make a calendar for their parents, Larry and Kathy. I had some spare time at work and I was trying to teach myself photoshop and thought, lets see what happens. Plus his dogs are super photogenic! So without further adieu, I present:

While the owners away, the dogs will play!
Moe and Curly on Vacation

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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American Idol – And then there were 42

And then there were 40….. 2.

You couldn’t even narrow it down to your self-imposed limit of 40 people? I’ll help you. Their names are Cowboy Guy, and Eben Frakenwitz (who has got to be part Amish. Or maybe Aryan. It’s the only excuse for that name). At least the producers didn’t show anyone passing out tonight. Who knew it was possible? And, I got to see my favorite vocal coaches more this season. That made me really happy. The one that had the moment with Heejun, love love love. They should really make them more a part of the show, maybe Randy’s part of the show?

I haven’t mentioned clothing choices yet this season but can we just take a brief moment and talk about Jennifers Day 1 dress? It reminded me of a shirt I had for one of my barbies. I didn’t know they even still made things like that. Maybe she was trying to bring back her Selena days? I don’t know but that was a very interesting choice of attire. I digress. Let’s get back to the music.

One thing I realized, besides already knowing I could probably do the judges job, is that I CAN do the judges job. I know no one was there for me to prove this ability, but as I wrote down the groups, I highlighted who I thought should go home and by the end of the night, I was like, 98% right! Maybe it just wasn’t that hard? I suppose that’s possible. Either way, I’m at least happy that the judges and I seem to be on the same page. So lets talk about these top 42.

Group #1: ColtonDixon, Skylar Laine, Chase Likens, Cari Quoyeser
Song: This Is Dedicated To The One I Love

I totally forgot that Colton was the brother of Schylar. He seems to be getting a little more screen time this episode, for better or worse, but he’s a judges darling so I had to imagine that in the end, he’d still be safe and sissy Skylar would be gone. I also knew IMMEDIATELY that Cari Quoyeser HAD to go. Nothing to do with her voice, but her eyes were literally (in my best Chris from Parks & Rec voice) terrifying me. I don’t remember seeing Cari or Chase before tonight, and I’d be ok if I didn’t see them anymore after this. I guess as of tonight it would just be Cari, but Chase, don’t unpack those bags that quickly.

Group #2: David Leathers, Jr., Jeremy Rosado, Ariel Sprague, Gabi Carruba
Song: Rockin’ Robin

I really like this group of contesants. It’s the exact same as group night and I was totally ok with that. And they were instantaneously more fun than the first group. I didn’t think any of these folks would go home so I was a little surprised at the end when Gabi got the ax. Especially since she was the prettiest in the group. Maybe word got back to the judges she was being diva-licious, but really, she wasn’t being as big a diva as my quasi-nemisis, Brielle. I think the biggest reason that Gabi got sent home, was because of Ariel. I’ve wanted to hear her on her own and don’t feel like I’ve really got the chance to do so but tonight she most definitely stood out from the group for the right reasons.

Group #3: Adam Brock, Erika Van Pelt, Shelby Tweten, Angie Zeiderman
Song: Great Balls O’ Fire

Well hello Adam, playing the piano? A real piano? Did you read my last post and want to impress me? Like you needed to impress me… you’re already one of my stand out favorites. This though, this catapulted you into top 3! I didn’t like Angie or Shelby in this song. I was ok with them making it through but they didn’t wow me by any means, and I’m glad that at least one of them eventually got sent home. I could’ve let 2 go but I’m a little happy that Shelby gets to stay another day. Angie would’ve been all over Vote for the Worst and I would’ve been angry.

Group #4: Brielle Von Hugel, Sister Dixon, Mollie Hunt
Song: Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Brielle has such a big nose. There, I said it. It had to be said. I didn’t hate her performance but I had to get that off my chest. Did she have nicknames in school along the lines of “Big Nose Brielle”? Big nose or no, she stole the show. Literally, she stole it. I didn’t hear anyone else sing individually and I think that if Schylar and Mollie have anyone to blame for being sent home, her name is Brielle Von Hugel. Schylar, at least you looked the hottest in that outfit. Way hotter than Bossy Brielle (now that was probably her nickname). Poor Colton. The judges tricked you from the beginning. They probably kept Schylar around just long enough for you to get invested in the show and not want to quit, and then let her go. I hope you just rock it for your sister and don’t drop out because she didn’t make it.

Group #5: Reed Grimm, Elise Testone, Haley Johnson, Eben Fraubaitwicz
Song: The Night Has 1000 Eyes

Reed Grimm – You are SO charming! This group might as well be called “The Reed Grimm Showcase”. At least the first 30 seconds. As for Elise Testone, where have you been? I like you. I like you a lot. Haley Johnson, I feel bad that you had to go after Elise, because you weren’t as good as her off the bat, but then you go and kill that last note! That was great. And then there was Eben. I’ve never been a big fan of him. He sang with an awkward forcefulness? Like he was pushing too hard? I can’t put my finger on it but if you make it passed the Walk of Shame next week, I’ll be surprised. This was one of the few groups that actually deserved the standing ovation from the judges.

Group #6: Jermaine “Panty Melter” Jones, Cowboy Guy
Song: Make It Easy On Yourself

I really love Jermaine. Even though I think I’ve only seen his initial audition, the fact that I still remember his audition makes me believe he’s also a stand out as one of my favorites. Richie, I hate you as much as Heejun hates you. I was so worried Cowboy was going to ruin it for my precious deep voiced Jermaine. All his idiotic quotes that in my head sounded like a whiney girl from Toddlers & Tiaras saying “I know my part. I can’t put that part in his head” ew. Go f- yourself. “I didn’t come here to recycle music, I came here to make it” I hate him so much. Ok but seriously, as far as singing, I still hated Richie. It’s for the same reason I don’t love Eben. They just don’t seem like natural singers to me. Jermaine is effortless with his voice. Cowboy douche, is not. Jermaine could be one of the three tenors or something. Swoonnnn… I wonder if he can play the piano? Haha.

Then there was a small montage of winners. I don’t know who Chelsea Sorrell is, Hallie Day I’m still not in love with but at least she’s from Baltimore, and then there’s my dear sweet Baylie Brown. I’m still liking her. I didn’t like her little clip, but if the judges want to keep her, I’m totally fine with that.

Group #7: DeAndre “Michael Bolton Hair” Brackensick, Jessica Sanchez, Candace Glover
Song: It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

In reading some other blogs I noticed a lot of people really loved these guys like the judges. I didn’t even write about them because I was so sure they were terrible. Jennifer looked like she was having a seizure during this performance. The judges TOTALLY lost me on this one. How did they love this? I just thought it was entirely too over the top. It was just… I can’t even think of a single nice thing to say. The only thing I wanted to say was, Judges, sit the hell down!

Group #8: Clayton Farhat, Scott Dangerfield, Adam Lee Decker, Curtis Gray
Song: Jailhouse Rock

I didn’t like this performance. I didn’t hate it but I’ve already heard better. Based on the judges revelation that “safe isn’t necessarily safe”, I think they should’ve cut their losses with this group. If there was any reason Curtis didn’t make it through and the rest did, well I’m not sure what that is, because I thought you were just as bad as everyone else. I wanted to say your weird ponytail but another one of the guys had one too, so I guess that wasn’t it.

Group #9: River St. James, Joshua Sanders, Caleb Johnson, some girl
Song: Burning Love

The only thing I wrote for this group was that River was the only one worth keeping. I mean, River St. James? You have the perfect name to be a soap star. When soaps were popular that is.

Group #10: Joshua Ledet, Shannon Magrane, Amber, Curis Finch
Song: Blue Suede Shoes

Joshua, you were just as good as you were in your individual performance, and if anyone in your group can pull of man-pri’s, it’s you. As for Shannon, Curtis and Amber, I didn’t really hear them in this performance. I thought they’d only keep Joshua when all was said in done, but I was glad to see Shannon go through too.

Group #11: Courtney Williams, Britnee Kellogg, Jessica Phillips
Song: You Keep Me Hangin’ On

The girls in pink dresses were a little scary to me. They weren’t bad they just weirded me out. And the dresses were way too short! I was super sad to see Jessica Phillips go (now it’s only David Leathers left of my original top 3 from audition week) but I was happy that at the end they realized that if Jessica was gone, Britnee had to go too. I thought they were equals. Actually, I thought all three of the women could’ve gone. Jessica was right in her slightly angry rant at the end. A lot of people are making it through that aren’t real artists and won’t get record deals. I won’t say she will, but I can definitely say that she’s right about the not real artists part.

I know this post is already 3 pages long but I have to say that I’m completely over them delaying who made it through in the most dramatic drawn out fashion. OVER.IT. I hate Randy. I hate him with the burning fire of 1,000 suns. Ok, let’s try to bust this out before we get to a 5th page.

Group #12: Lauren Gray, Wendy Taylor, Mathenee Treco
Song: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Lauren Gray, you gave me goosebumps. That vocal coach yelling at you was just the boost you needed. That dress is awful though. Wendy – eh. Your nose ring bothers me but you’ve got some pipes… I have no emotional attachment to you though. Mathenee , I’ve grown to like a little more. A little more. Oh well. I suppose I’m ok with him heading home but I wish Wendy stayed in the back row with him.

Group #13: Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Neco Starr, Jairon Jackson
Song: I Only Have Eyes For You

I actually thought that Jairon had already gone home, so sending him home at the end wasn’t a huge shocker for me. And is it just me or is Neco Starr a black Chris Colfer? I want to like Phillip Phillips but this was not the song for him to sing. His voice doesn’t go with the other boys. It was too raspy. He needs an individual song again. Also, I wish you’d have rolled your jeans like the rest of the boys. What was adorable was their collective fall over. Sweet sobbing Heejun. I love you so much.

Group #14: Jen Hirsh, Aaron Marcellus, Creighton Fraker, Nick Boddington
Song: Sealed With A Kiss

Jen Hirsh (I swear I’ve spelt her name different, every time I’ve written it), singing with 3 guys was smart. It just makes you shine a little more bright.  Aaron Marcellus, who was with Reed in group night, also did really well. Anyone else see a Sammy Davis vibe from him? Nick Boddington, I was wondering who you were after seeing your name a few times. No offense but you’re somewhat forgettable. Clearly the judges thought so too. And as for Mullet guy Creighton Fracker, how Nick went home and not you, amazes me. When you went on your solo, it hurt me a little.

Finally, and I’m inches away from 5 pages so let me keep this super brief, as for the people who they didn’t show get the boot, the only one I was slightly upset about was Ashley Robles. I felt like we hadn’t seen her since her audition. I was wondering what happened to her, after Whitney’s passing I was remembering how good her “I Will Always Love You” performance from San Diego was. I had already thought she was cut anyway, so it wasn’t a big loss for me. I am pretty sure that all the single moms from the audition rounds, are officially out now. Way to waste a story line Producers! Secondly, I was also happy to see Johnny the Italian restaurant waiter, finally go. He should’ve gone on group night but at least you rectified your mistake before the big show.

And now we’re down to 42. Soon to be 30? I’d say 24 but I have a feeling the judges won’t be able to do that either!

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