Scandal, Because I’m Obsessed

Ok, I usually stick to music related reality TV but I just have so many questions after watching the most recent episode of Scandal and I have to get them out. Does anyone else that reads this blog, watch that show? I know a few of you do but I’m not sure how many of you for sure. Anyway, this is really more for me to just think out loud than to have anyone pay attention… Ok so free flow thinking… oh also, this thing is CHOCK full of spoilers from tonights episode so don’t even read passed this point if you haven’t read it.

We know that hot pants is spying on Olivia at the request of the Prez, but do we know the Presidents ultimate reason for hiring hot pants to watch Olivia? To see if there was more she was hiding from the President? Or to protect her from someone trying to kill her?

Is someone really trying to kill her or was that a set-up too?

Why would baseball cap guy not kill Huck? Huck tortured him so why would he want to leave Huck alive? Huck must know that it was Charlie. He didn’t have a facemask on or anything. Why would he put him in a box and leave him there? Is that worse than killing him? Clearly he wasn’t leaving him there to trap Quinn.

Does anyone know that Charlie works for the Cyrus? I don’t think anyone does…

Was cyrus using the mole thing to get back on the good graces of the President? I mean, it’s kind of working, right? Although he didn’t really use Cyrus to trap who they thought was the mole so that doesn’t really make sense either. NOTHING MAKES SENSE!!! Ugggghh… this show.
Cyrus most likely hired this whole hit/mole job (at least partially) with the intent to get that card out of David Rosen’s possession. And now maybe/probably he knows Olivia has it and now has to get out of their possession. But was Cyrus aware that someone was there to kill Olivia? Or is he just behind the grand scheme and doesn’t want to know the details, and now Charlie is telling Cyrus there’s a problem because maybe he now knows Olivia or her crew met with Molly?
What does that black guy that keeps meeting with hot pants, have to do with baseball cap guy and cyrus?
Ok that felt good. Tons more questions I’m sure I’ll dream about tonight and haven’t thought of but I needed to get that off my chest.
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