Game of Thrones – A G-Chat – Season 5 Ep 5

So I don’t watch GoT live usually. But I always like to make sure my trusty friend Brian is available when I do watch because he’s read the books. And I like when he watches it first because he can warn me if anything truly terrible ala The Red Wedding is about to happen.


Anyway, last week I read a thing on Buzzfeed that was something like “73 things I learned from watching last nights Game of Thrones” and was like – wait, I do that too! But mine also have questions and sometimes answers. So I thought just for fun I’d post my gchat that I had with Brian while watching GoT. I took out some of the extra “me” and “brian” things and the time stamps just to make it a little more conversational but anyway, enjoy! I also edited out the other brief work related parts of the conversation, so you’re welcome. I also added some italics because it drives me crazy that gchat doesn’t offer that feature. Or text messages for that matter. I need italics!

me:  also I just started GoT, so expect sudden changes in conversation

Brian:  they cut out another storyline

me:  so grey worm is not dead?

Brian:  nope

me:  I don’t know why I didn’t think dany would be too dramatic about barry. of course she would be. esp after the cute story about her brother (who I thought was her father).

I hate when the closed captions just say “speaking valaryian”

Brian:  “our translator doesn’t know what one”

me: how did she decide which guys to feed to the dragons? were those harpy guys?

Brian:  lmao

me:  dany is a bad bitch… and that was graphic.

Brian:  like badass

or bad ruler? because, both?

me:  badass

Brian: tell me that after the episode…

me:  why did the one guy say valar margoulis?

Brian:  it’s like “I accept my death”

me:  oh ok

I thought it was code for something

Brian:  but yea, I don’t think it’s how you use that

I actually meant to look that up

me:  you should and then tell me about it. kthanks.

Brian:  when I heard that I was like “Fuck! He’s an assassin!”

me:  yeah me too, or that he’d run into the dragons like, suicide style

how did she decide which guys to feed to the dragons? were those harpy guys?

Brian:  I think to scare them into revealing who sent the harpies maybe?

me: so does sam just run the library? that’s his job now?

“Like a hundred year old man, freezing to death” I feel that way too Master Aemon. I mean, not in this moment but if you’d asked me in Febuary…

Brian:  awwwww

yea, sam’s the nerd of the wall

me:  “Kill the boy and let the man be born” – yeah Aemon! Tell Jon Snow!

what’s gingy beards name again?

Brian:  at the wall?

me:  yeah… the free folk guy

Brian:  thormund giantsbane. something like that

me: the day I fight with the crows is the day my people cut my guts from my belly and make me eat them… well that’s graphic. and mance is dead right?

Brian:  he’s the guy they burned alive (that JS put out of his misery)

me:  RIGHT

that’s what I thought. Ok

gingy beard is creepy, but I like Jon Snow calling him a coward.

Brian:  haha

he’s kinda a badass

me:  Jon Snow has never been my favorite, but I do like him as lord commander more than in previous seasons

“make peace to save your people” translation: Don’t be a stubborn ass.

why would the lord commander leave the… wherever they are? where are they right now? Castle Black?

so jon has to go north of the wall AGAIN? come on! Ugh.

Also I thought Stannis left? (him correcting that knight – “Fewer” pmp.

Where are you and why aren’t you answering my burning questions…

Brian:  he does in this episode

me:  ok

and now jons asking for the kids opinion? wow. didn’t realize this kid had such an opinion. is he the one that killed Lady Ginger? at least jon can sort of relate to the kid?

Brian:  oh yea!

I forgot about that

me: Also was this the first mention of “Winter is Coming” this season? Gross. We get it. It’s coming. WE GET IT.

me:  Brienne… she’s one of the tops on my list of “people that can’t die”

ugh… if and when she dies that’s gonna be a tough one.


me:  so how does Brienne think this hermit guy can get into the castle?

Brian:  no idea. I didn’t get that.

me:  so weird. I was waiting for him to say “now you’re gonna die, lady”

Brian:  I mean, people loved the starks

me:  because that’s basically what I assume with everyone

Brian:  so maybe just assuming?

me:  Ramsey is such a tool. Seriously, fuck that guy.


Brian:  amen

me:  I’m surprised he’s not just throwing that chick out the window to be honest.

Brian:  oh, you’re at the scene

me:  I’m scared to watch

Brian:  oh game of thrones porn…

me:  more like a rape scene

if I were her I’d throw myself out that window

Brian:  haha

that’s the same chick that tricked theon

me:  oh yeah? so that’s why she’s not running away or killing herself… she’s as messed up as Theon.

I love that old lady that’s hooking up Sansa

she knows what’s up

Brian:  the north remembers


Brian:  back

me:  I collected up some questions for you.

me: What is up with Ramsay’s chick… trust her? don’t trust her? something is not right… is she team stark?

What is at the end of this dog cage?

God damnit what is at the end of this cage? Direwolf? Dead person?

Oh no shit. Reek. Theon!

Why would Miranda show Sansa, Theon? I don’t understand. What’s her angle? And how has Sansa not seen him yet? Has she not been near Ramsey lately?

Theon’s story line is bananas. Ramsey is totes the new Joffrey (see above meme), but way crazier. I wonder if he only forgave Theon because now he’s gonna punish the Miranda girl?

Why do Stannis and Bolton look so similar? I get them confused all the time.

me:  Sansa doesn’t believe that Theon killed her brothers, does she? What kind of name is Walda? It’s like they wanted something they think is a fat ladies name, thought Wanda but didn’t think it sounded Game of Thrones enough? Oh how about Walda? I realize it’s probably because she was one of Walder Frey’s daughters but I still like my previous theory. 

Brian:  lmao

ummm, I have no idea about Myranda

I don’t think she’s in the books at all

if she is, it’s minor

me:  right on

Brian:  and yea, Theon’s storyline is bananas

me:  Only because I hate Ramsey so much, I love the way Mr.Bolton fucks with him


Brian:  hahaha

me:  this conversation about Walda’s pregnancy is hilarious

and terrible

Brian:  ha!

me:  “I’m your son, until a better alternative comes around” hahahaha

Brian:  this story is fucked up

me:  I can only imagine

I mean, Ramsey isn’t just created… you have to have at least one fucked up parent to end up that way, right?

Brian:  right?

Reese isn’t a saint


me:  lol

Brian:  whatever

me:  I was just about to say I thought his name was Roose

but I like a nickname

maybe I’ll start calling him Reese’s

Brian:  no. I like reese’s too much

me:  hahaha

me:  For the record I think the stuff Gilly knows, is way more important than anything Sam knows

book learnin… what’s it good for anyway? haha

Brian:  saving the world?


me:  he doesn’t even know how dragonglass works

This convo about white walkers makes Sam look like he’s one of those crazy people that finally gets to tell someone important his theories, and then is shocked when the person agrees. I mean I basically think Sam is the Crazy Eyes of Game of Thrones… if that can be a thing.

Brian:  HA! yes!

me:  davos is one of my faves. I wish his part was bigger.

stoneface girl, she’s like the arya of this family

how old is she supposed to be? 10?

Brian:  yea prob round there

me:  so Stannis is leaving and Jon Snow is leaving?

grey worm! You’re alive! If anyone had to live I’m glad it’s him. even if he seems pissed about it. YES!!! GREY WORM AND MYSSANDRI 4EVAH (you know I like the character if I know their name).

Brian:  hahahaha

me:  to kill all the masters or not to kill all the masters…

tough call

poor dany doesn’t even have barry to ask what to do…

it’s times like these that Jorah should show up

Brian:  I think he will

although I dunno

I go back and forth

me:  so her answer to killing everyone is to re-open the fighting gates?

but is she gonna kill everyone?

so she’s gonna marry this guy?


is this what you were talking about last week?

Brian:  yea but they changed it

a lot

like, in the book, she’s basically forced to marry him

it’s not her idea at all

me:  by who?


Brian:  and the dude is a scheming asshat

me:  Barry?

Brian:  no, the guy she marries

me:  oh ok

so in the book, it’s not that guy?

Brian:  he shows up and is like “if I stop the harpies for a month, will you marry me”

I think it’s the same guy, but different character

if that makes sense

like, not a sniveling guy being used by Dany

me:  like the guys character in the book has a different attitude

right, gotcha

Brian:  yea

me:  did Dany start in Valeryia?

have we seen it before?

Brian:  I don’t think so

me:  they just all speak it then?

So basically this would be like an american visiting ancient greece?

Brian:  yea exactly

me:  and then a dragon flies overhead…

of course Tyrion talks about “what remains” and I’m like – where have I heard of this quote before…

oh right, one of the real housewives wrote a book called “What Remains”

at first I was thinking it was some quote from LOST


I actually love that scene

me:  it’s very well shot with the dragon flying overhead and whatnot.

ok well the stone men ARE TERRIFYING

I was not expecting that

who’re they gonna touch? Jorah or Tyrion?

and just touching them will get your stone body?

what’s the deal?



one of them definitely got touched! I’m sure of it.

Brian:  lol

me:  jesus I thought that was gonna be a cliffhanger

glad to see T$ is alive

greyscale is fucking terrifying.

and what happened to the boat? did they just jump ship to escape them?

are they safe where they are?

SO MANY questions!

Jorahs face makes me feel like they aren’t safe.

oh because he got the greyscale


I should’ve known

and there aren’t a world of maesters around to save him like they saved baby stannis

well that was an intense episode.

Brian:  hahah

yea, I’m not sure where they ended up

in the book that scene is with a whole group they’ve cut out

and it isn’t jorah that gets greyscale

me:  I don’t want Jorah to have greyscale

that makes me sad

Brian:  right?

me:  maybe something will happen that will stop it from spreading. If this was written by any other person I’d believe they had a chance… although if this wasn’t in the book maybe there is still a chance? how fast does it even spread?

Brian:  I was reading an article about how the show jumped the shark last week

by killing selmy

me:  I can be optimistic about such a hopeless circumstance, right?

Brian:  it goes slow

me:  I hardly think the show jumped the shark with that… but I never read the books

so you know, there’s that.

Brian:  I think the other guy got some help somehow but I can’t remember

And, if you want to see Buzzfeeds probably better version of this (this chick at least knows/spells everyones name right), you can go here 🙂 

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