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Garden 2013: A Month Later

So, I previously posted about all the stuff we did the get the garden ready this year and what we’d planted up to that point. It looked like this:

Of course we didn’t stop there and have since added quite a bit more! First, there were the things we were planning on doing. We knew we still wanted Sweet Potatoes like we had last year, and those come out later than most of the other plants. We also wanted to add a few flowers around the house where we could.

So that’s about what half the garden was looking like in early May. If you saw the peppers, you may remember our “inside pepper” that we started from seed inside, this is him now! He’s our little inside pepper.


He’s still hanging in there and is very VERY slowly getting bigger. I’ve got high hopes for him! Go I.P.!! You can do it!

The final work for that weekend was mostly some decor related things. First and foremost, I found the best thing that I’ve ever found in a Goodwill. Especially my Goodwill which can be especially sucky. Let me introduce you to my yellow planter.


We planted a rhododendron and some little fuchsia plants by the front door and they are literally my favorite thing to look at. I just love the happy yellow color! The fuchsia will probably look a little better when they bloom but for now I am just so enamored with the yellow that I feel the flowers would only distract me.

Oh and speaking of flowers, I also made a wreath for the front door (I may or may not have been influenced by the yellow). Bright and Cheerful. Just how I like to describe my Spring!


Here’s one final view of the garden as of Mid-May. I’ll update more once the garden gets bigger (which is is everyday thanks to all this rain).


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It’s Springtime Again!

This post was written on 4/28/13. 

I write, as we’re about to get another FROST (ugh, enough already, seriously weather).

So we’ve spent all but one weekend, from April 6th up to today, working on this garden. This god-foresaken, beautiful, now 2.5 times as large, garden. Let’s recap shall we?

So when we moved in, our flowerbed looked like this:


In 2010, not a lot happened. I’m pretty sure we were still moving in (disregard the fact that it was 6 mos. after we moved in, that crap takes time!)

Then in 2011, we had the infamous failure known as the backyard bucket garden:


Not a single tomato was eaten (because none grew). We wisened up in 2012 and tried out the garden in the decidedly less shady, front yard:


Like I said, it was a successful year. Unfortunately, it was a little too successful and ended up looking a little something like this:


Thusly, we decided if we’re going to attempt this gardening thing again, 2 things were certain, we would need more space, and to learn that tomatoes just don’t grow for us unless they’re cherry sized, so stop even trying!

Well, I’m happy to say that we listened to ourselves on one account and in about 6 weeks our garden went from 200 sq. ft.,  to almost 400 sq. ft!

For scale, here’s my almost 6′ self laying down in the garden area! Check out all that space!


So, I thought it would be fun to show you a little picture show of how the garden progressed and is looking now that we’ve got it all ready for grow stuff, and growing stuff it is! Here’s the first video I’ve ever created, aka – Week 1 of our Garden Project!

We didn’t quite get to that whole “moving the stones” part because damn, we were pooped. But, we toughed it out, and finished it kind of piecemeal over a couple of days. And we took that large pile of stones into a respectable little flower bed. Or should I call it an azalea bed, since that’s all that’s in there?




Disregard how finished the garden looks in this picture. I’m not good at taking pictures in order. Sorry.

Anyway… After moving all the azaleas and laying out the structure of the garden, we moved onto Week 2.

The other “first” we had this year was to start from seed (as you may have seen in that first video). We’d started from the aerogarden before, but this year we decided to try it the more traditional way… key words being “to try” because it was kind of an epic fail, but we’re still hoping for a better result. While we ultimately decided to buy plants, and plant some seeds directly into the ground (the peas, cucumbers and green beans) which has been working just fine. We hope we haven’t completely failed at that whole “start inside from seed” plans. The herbs are still in the little pods in hopes that they’ll grow stronger and be able to be planted, but we aren’t holding our breath!

This picture below was our first attempt with our grown from seed plants. Except those healthy looking plants in the front. Those are eggplants that we bought. Everything else was basically the size of a small weed.


This was the day after we planted them and you can tell they were just wilting completely and entirely too small… it was really bad. So after a few days we admitted failure (well, not complete failure, but a definite non-success). So we went out and got some new guys (but we kept a lone pepper plant that seemed to be doing ookaaay so we decided to just leave it and see what happens) and planted them. This is a week later with the daffodils out and all the new plants in.

I’ll bring in a more current update soon 🙂

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American Idol – We Have a Winner!

So much to talk about this post literally took me most of the day to write (in between work, obviously, employers!)

Glad You Came – Top 10

So right out of the gate we had the performance of “Glad You Came” and it was pretty good. It was the first of 2 points in the show where it seemed blatantly obvious that the Producers wanted Angie to be in the finale. They might’ve given up on Amber being in it, but it was clearly far enough into the planning to think that Angie was a shoo-in. I mean, I realize all 10 kids performed, but all I saw was Angie (shining bright like a Diamond) Another thing I noticed. Why do they always wear all white? People didn’t believe me when I said it happens all the time but a quick google image search gave me this:



So there.

Done – The Band Perry and Janelle Arthur

How I never knew who The Band Perry was until about 45 days ago is beyond me. Their music is great and they’re so much fun. I just wonder, well, it bothers me, that this amount of enthusiasm, as great as it was, I feel like it was more enthusiasm in one performance than I’ve seen in like, the last 5 weeks? All the kicking, and the head banging? I loved all of it. This performance really made me miss Janelle. Of the Top 5 girls I’m sure she’d be described as the fun one. She’s definitely the one I would want to be friends with (although Kree wouldn’t be too far behind). And of the people who performed with other singers, this and Angies were by far my favorite! And they were my favorites because while they were definitely great singers, they were just FUN to watch, too!

Frankie Valli Medley with the Top 5 Boys

At first I thought this performance was kind of lame, and then I was waiting for the Fugees to come out (I mean, they have debts that need paying off. Did they not show up because they’re all in jail? Are they in jail? One of them must be… but I digress because…) then they started playing the theme song from Grease and all was right with the world. I don’t know if it was good or bad because I was too busy texting my friend Jess because it’s our movie. Swoon!

Next to Me – Emeli Sande and Amber Holcomb

This performance convinced me that no one has sung Emeli Sande better than Emeli Sande. I liked her performance of this song better than Candice AND Amber. You know, because Candice sang it LAST WEEK! What is with this season and the repeat performances? How limited WAS their song selection? And how few song to said artists have? Is it really just 2? Ambers performance just made me remember that the only thing I really liked about her was her crying Daddy. And her legs. Girls got some gams. I can’t deny it. Oh, and in honor of my self inflicted drinking game, Candice did it better than Amber #drink.

Inseparable – J.Hud and Candice Glover

I can’t say this was my favorite performance of the night because I just tend to lean toward the more fun performances, but man these two could duet 1,000 more times and I wouldn’t get tired of it. It was just magic, and Candice was so good at holding her own against Jennifer, but at the same time they just complimented each other so well. It was a fantastic combination and I was glad Idol picked her to sing with Candice. I don’t know who they would’ve picked (since Candice already got to meet Drake), but I thought this was a really good choice.


Titanium – Adam Lambert and Angie Miller
Domino – Jessie J and Angie Miller 

“She shocked the country?” Ryan? Really? More like, the country shocked her, when she didn’t make it into the finale. Lord knows I thought she had it in the bag. But after these two performances, let’s all be real for a minute here. I think this was the point where you undoubtedly realized that the producers were even more certain than I, that Angie was making it to the finale. I mean, she gets 2 songs/performances, with some big names. They clearly had a lot planned for her. Maybe this is just her consolation for not being a contestant in the finale? Probably. I thought her performance with Adam Lambert was amazeballs. It was way better than anyone else of the night in my opinion. Excellent song choice, good amount of energy for a not really fast song. As for the performance with Jessie J, which was good in its own right, but all I could see was everyone on twitter with this little trending topic:


In case you don’t know who Amber Rose is… here.

Where the Black Top Ends – Keith Urban and Kree Harrison (and Randy Jackson)

Don’t you just wish you could call Randy, “The Bass Player”? Like in That Thing You Do where even in the credits the bass player doesn’t have a name. I just wish Randy was a nameless bass player. Unfortunately we have to hear him talk and his “opinions”. Barf. I digress… So Kree was pretty great. I started thinking that maybe she could win. She seemed so in touch with Keith and they played together so well. It’s crazy how different she can be from Candice but still so good in her own right. I just wish she would’ve done more of these songs throughout the season (although it’s hard to say if they ever even gave her the chance with the themes this year).

And then it was time for the winner to be announced, and this beautiful moment happened:


I mean, how can someone be so beautiful/adorable/surprised all at the same time? She just looked so beautiful in that moment. And Kree looked so genuinely happy for her that it was just that much sweeter. I mean those two girls were just so sweet. So sweet!

Congratulations Candice! You deserve it!!

Just to briefly talk about some of the packages in between sets, and the “Non-Idol Contestant Performers”:

I absolutely loved the “Girls Sabotage the Boys” bit. First when they were making fun of Curtis’ Fresh Prince jacket (and Randy’s sense of style by proxy) and then when Jordin Sparks announced that “well none of them played guitar” – funny but SO TRUE!! Oh and how American Idol rejects do well on the voice? Burn, much? lol.

The talk about the judges was about what you’d expect but thank you so much Contestants for acknowledging how STUPID Randy’s “In it to Win It” catch phrase is. I felt slightly vindicated!

The final montage for Randy, well, it really just reminded me what a whore he is for the camera, and what terrible clothing choices he’s made throughout the seasons. I will say though Randy, thanks for not conforming and wearing something one might consider “normal” on your final night. This was like your homage to the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini, no?


Now as for the judges performances (and former judges, and weird asian pop stars)


#Beautiful Medley – Mariah Carey

Not to be outdone by the Idols, Mizz Carey also decided to wear white ala a feather dress that would’ve driven me NUTS had I had to wear it. Was it just me or were the feathers totally distracting? And to pre-record your performance? You’re on a show about singing, where you’re a judge, and yes, sure, you’ve proven you can sing (in the past) but shouldn’t you be singing live to this? All I wanted was Mariah (well, besides to maybe lose the feathers) was to have an Ashlee Simpson moment. No such luck, but just as much fake singing. Probably fake bass playing too **cough** Randy **cough**. It also made me wonder if we’d be seeing Randy in all the performances he was allowed in (I’ll give you a hint – YES).

Let’s just talk about those other performances too while we’re at it. Psy – tragic. That guy is like, everything that William Hung wishes he was. Why he was even on the show was beyond me. J.Lo, another lip-synced performance, no? At least with all the dancing it was harder to tell. But J.Lo, can we both just agree that you are NO Pink? I mean, Pink and her Aerial Acrobats and Overall Amazingness is no match for that weird Rings from out of the Sky thing you had going on. Finally, Keith, props to you. Not only did you sing live, but you played an instrument at the same time! These performances by the “pros” had me worried that no one sings live anymore.

If you want a good reminder of the highs and lows of this season, here you go!

It’s been a pleasure to write about yet another season and against my better judgment, I’ll be back again next season. Until then, we have my guilty pleasure summer TV shows to get through 🙂

I’ll be updating this post when I get home with the results of the pool so expect them in a few hours (after 8:00pm EST)


Ok I know I said I’d be back same day but I got busy. So, in turn, I have glorified the winner of this year, that much more. You’re welcome, winner!

So, the weekly winner were Kathy and Wendy, the only two people to pick Candice as the winner, from the beginning! Congratulations ladies!


And now, for the winner of the Season 12 Idol Pool!

The results are in, and they look like this…



And just in case you were confused at all,



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The Idol Finale – Which She Will it Be?

Lets just start with what I really want to talk about (and in all seriousness this might just deserve it’s own post altogether) but we need to talk about the elephant in the room.

The elephants name is Randy Jackson!




Yes folks, the dawg is going back to the pound.

He’s out and with his exit after 12 long seasons, the worst of any judge ever to appear on the Idol stage, leaves a legacy of terrible judgment, awful clothing choices, and the the ability to create some of the worst catch phrases in the history of the word “Catch Phrase”. To say I’m glad to see him go is an understatement. Unlike when Paula and Simon left (because really those were the only judges I was sad to see go), Randy leaving fills me with about as much emotion as when any of the other judges left – which is none. I just really hope that his leaving doesn’t take away from whoever wins tonight. That will make me sad.

Randy, I’ve never liked you. So thanks for leaving. Go back to doing nothing but name dropping who you worked with in the 80s.

It does make me curious as to who they will keep as far as the remaining judges. The only ones I think I’d want them to keep are Keith and Nicki. And really, I’d pick Keith over Nicki at this point in the competition. I do wish Nicki could somehow only do the tour where the pick the contestants because she was great for me then. It’s just the live shows and her “favorites” that bother me. I guess if it came down to it, I’d just say that either the show should be cancelled, or the judges panel should just be wiped clean and picked fresh! Although, if the slate were wiped clean, imagine all the people who tried out before, who would try out again because maybe they’d have a different set of circumstances ala Candice Glover, if none of the judges had seen them perform before. That’s a scary thought but it would probably make for some super awesome audition episodes. So if nothing else, I’ll hold out hope for that!

Ok so now let’s talk about last night.

AMERICAN IDOL: Angie Miller. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

Do I think Candice deserved to be in the finale?

Do I think Kree is a better singer than Angie?

Do I think Kree deserved to be in the finale more than Angie?
Le Sigh…. I think the answer is no.

This season, while it has given me what I want in the strong field of female contestants, hasn’t given me what I want as far as entertainment is concerned, all season. It’s been boring, lackluster, and not focused enough on a solid set of theme nights/song choices. I feared with Angie gone it would be one of the more boring finale’s in Idol history. And while yes, it did have some good performances, overall, all I can say is that I’m glad it was only an hour!

Having the show be an hour long was so refreshing. I still had so much of my night left. It was lovely. I felt like the show was mostly singing, little judge commentary, and lots of emotion. All things I’m fond of.

As far as the performances I didn’t think either had a single “bad” performance. I thought Candice was better, for sure, on every round. That’s pretty obvious though. Candice is just better than Kree. But in Kree’s defense, I thought that “Angels” was kind of a terrible song choice, while “Chasing Pavements” was a fantastic choice (to me, who loves that song, while the aforementioned song just reminds me of dogs being at the pound – shout out to Randy?). I still thought Kree did a great job and sang wonderfully, but I think Candice was better (which is how all 3 paragraphs about  the song choices, will end). I should start a drinking game where you have to drink every time I say that Candice was better. You’ll get at least 4 drinks out of this post!

As for the “Coronation Songs” unless your name is Kelly Clarkson, or Phillip Phillips, your Coronation song SUCKED. I’ve never liked the song. I mean, at least they get their own song unlike, was it Clay Aikens season, where they both got the same song? That was worse. But overall, the Coronation songs are just bad. As for Kree’s, I thought it was sad but it fit Kree. She’s an emotional person and she sings so well when there’s that emotion behind it. Case in point, her Here Comes Goodbye performance from last week. I just feel bad that if you had to describe all the songs Kree has performed well on the show, they’re all depressing and sad. Just the title, “All Cried Out”? I mean, come on. She seems like a bubbly/lovable person in real life so why not give us that through a better song choice. I do wonder how much say the Contestants have in picking the Coronation song? Probably not much at all, I imagine.

Now, Candice’s song (yes, it was better). I liked the lyrics of “I Am Beautiful”. I liked the message, and I loved Candice’s delivery. She felt that song where I think Kree was lacking in that connection. I did think though, that the producers gave her a song that could have actually been sung in Church, no? It sounded like a soulful Gospel song to me. Not to say that’s a bad thing, but I mean, I don’t know, I guess I just hate how they keep calling her a church girl when she is SO.MUCH.MORE than that! I did like the song though. Will it be a Top 10 hit? Probably not if I’m being honest, but it was a good song. And I liked the message, as long as it’s about a lovah, and not about Jesus.

I really wish they’d just been allowed to sing another song of their choice because I hate when songs are done over and over on Idol. Why they would want a repeat performance is a little beyond me. Especially for the very LAST performance of the “voting season”. That being said, I think both of the songs picked for “Favorite Performance” was exactly what I would’ve picked for both of them. Although, if Candice had picked the John Legend song, I wouldn’t have complained. If they were at all equals throughout this episode, it was during this performance. You could just see that both ladies left everything on the table with those final performances and they were beautiful each, in their own ways.  Kree was just perfection from her look to her voice and the way she sings just completely shining on the stage. Candice though, she is just epic. She is a once in a life time voice to me. I’ve heard “I (Who Have Nothing)” 6 too many times on Idol, but I could listen to Candice sing it on loop for HOURS. It’s just majestic. I’m also a SUCKER for a cappella. Sometimes I never want the band/background singers to kick in and in this case I don’t think I even noticed them. Candice had me mesmerized!

So with that, we’ll see what happens in the finale but as for me, I voted for Candice. Multiple times.


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American Idol Top 2 – Surprise Surprise!

So you know how sometimes when I say American Idol shocked me, it’s more like this kind of shocked:


Well last night it was more like this kind of shocked:


Actually, if you wanna see real shock, I think it looks like this:


Look at Angie, all ready to console her dear, soon to be departed pal, Kree and then BAM!


I mean, to say I was taken totally off guard is an UNDERSTATEMENT! I was sooo sure Kree was going home! I mean, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind. Angie had never been in the bottom. I mean, I was surprised when she wasn’t called first but I was genuinely surprised because I thought the stunner would be Candice or Kree but really that it would be Candice. So when she was picked first, it was a little surprising. But then when Kree was picked over Angie I mean, if I had a drink…


That’s not to say I’m not thrilled for Kree. I think vocally she was leaps and bounds, better than Angie. I also liked her story more than Angie’s. I mean, to say she’s America’s pity vote is probably accurate, but it’s different from the Lazaro pity vote because at least we know, girl can sing.

I bet Idol is a little miffed though. I mean, a song written by Carly Rae was meant for Angie to sing, no?

But with that, we can now say,

AMERICAN IDOL: Angie Miller. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

And hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Top 2!

AMERICAN IDOL: Angie Miller. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.


Hopefully the finale will just be a lot of fun and have good songs. That’s all I ask for. And Angie, remember, many times the non-winners go on to be far more successful than the winners. And man, talk about a hard song to watch. You singing that swan song was ROUGH! Luckily my DVR changed over halfway through. Phew!

Oh, also, because I was super busy last week and didn’t have time to post, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something about Amber. And since I don’t have anything nice to say, I’ll just leave it at this…

AMERICAN IDOL: Amber Holcomb. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.


And now let’s talk pool standings! Here is the week from the second Top 04


A big ol’ tie for the week (apparently a LOT of people wanted Amber to go home because almost EVERYONE got at least 5 bonus points!) Sus was still in the lead by a teeny tiny margin. But then this week happened.


Susan pulls ahead as she, Joann and my hubs, Zack, are the only two that have the correct Top 2 picked! Congratulations you 3! We’ll see what comes out once the final votes are tallied but it looks as of right now that Susan is getting that meow hat (inside joke, sorry folks). Now, who’s buying the meow hat, well, my vote is for second place to purchase it, since you guys live together anyway.

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Idols Go Home – The Emotional Roller Coaster


Ok so who else cried for over half the night? I mean, some were tears of joy, some where legit crying, some were just because once you start crying, the right commercial just sets you off all over again (I’m looking at YOU Sarah McLachlan). This point in the competition was destined to be my favorite part, for a multitude of reasons.

For one, the contestants weren’t picking their own songs so I had a feeling (and certainly I was hoping) for a better selection of song choices. I think on the whole I was satisfied.

Secondly, the home visits. Gah… It’s that whole “parents crying because they’re so excited” and don’t even get me started on Kree’s home visit. Angie’s home visit didn’t make me cry at all because I don’t feel like she had the same emotional connection as the other two contestants, but I was glad she went in the middle because had Candice and Kree gone back to back in that section, it probably would’ve looked something like this…


What happens when you google image “Ugly Cry” – and props to Tobey Maguire for being the only guy!

I’m just going to make an overall statement about the judging tonight, rather than comment on the judging in the review, but for me the judges were just kind of…


Was it just me or was their “judgment” barely a review at all? They just talked about future concerts, walking around in flats instead of heels, and crying a lot. The crying a lot, I get, totally (see above). But the entire episode in general, was devoid in judging. Maybe it’s because they know it’s not up to them anyway so at this point why give them critiques on the singing? I guess that’s possible. Not quite logical but I guess I get it. Oh, and why was Mariah wearing a crop top? Mariah, 1992 called, they want their fashion back. So, with that said, I thought that rather than talk in order, I’d just go by Contestant.



Kree Harrison 

Jimmy’s Choice – Pink, “Perfect” – I think we can all agree this wasn’t the song of the night for Kree but I understood why Jimmy picked it. He wanted to see Kree try pop and put her country twang on it, and obviously it didn’t completely work. It was still a great performance (I think of all 9 performances there were none that I hated). If I’d known that was the song Kree had been assigned by Jimmy, I would’ve thought she’d make it into some kind of sad lovesong in a country style. I think the judges would’ve like that a LOT. Instead she pretty much sang it as is and it was what it was. Nothing fantastic, probably the worst (of the 9 good performances) of the night, for me, for Randy, for me. I think I was mostly just upset that she made a fun song, kind of boring, and I really didn’t want this night to be boring. It was just a good pick of a song, gone wrong.

Hometown Visit – Yeah, that Emotional Rollercoaster hit every peak and valley with Kree’s home visit. From seeing the joy at Kree getting to see her sister, to the dilapidated house she used to live in, I mean, I know there was a rodeo or something but I was having trouble seeing through the tears at this point in the episode. God it was bad.  I think part of the emotional part for me was really knowing in my head that Kree is going home tomorrow. Do I want her to go home? Not necessarily, but would I choose her to go home of the 3 left, yes. That doesn’t take anything away from any of her performances, it’s just knowledge of the voting pool and who I think is getting the chop. But, dare I say this was probably one of the most emotional home visits in Idol history. I can’t think of one that made me tear up more. And how do you lose your parents in 2 different accidents? How horrible! And so sad. I’d be scared to even leave my house if I’d gone through what Kree and her sister have been through! It makes me appreciate her strength and well-roundedness that much more.

crying jess

Like, crying Jess bad.

Judges’ Choice – Rascal Flatts, “Here Comes Goodbye” – Ug, and it was like the judges (Nikki mostly) know she’s going home as well. I don’t think it’s totally fair for me to even comment on this song because really I don’t think I heard much of it over the sound of my tears and my blurry eyes making me have to go assemble myself in the bathroom, but from what I heard, I’m pretty sure it was great and that she won the round, so we’re just gonna go with that! Yey Kree! Excellent job with that whole emotional connection thing. I feel like my eyes are burning a little just thinking about it again. lol. #imabigsap #crier4life. And incidentally Jimmy gives this round to Kree too, so I can’t be totally off, right?

Producers’ Pick – The Band Perry, “Better Dig Two” – I really wanted Kree to sing this EXACT The Band Perry song, last week for the “Now and Then” theme! Needless to say, I was very excited to see the producers pick that song for her. They must read my blog. Thanks for being one of the 50 regular viewers of this little bloggy blog. hahahaha. A girl can dream 🙂 Anyway, as I thought she would last week if she had sung this song, I thought she rocked this one! It was the right kind of country/rock/pop that the Pink song just wasn’t. I thought it was a great note for her to end on for the evening, and possibly the season. A lot of people wished she’d got more of a song that forces you to sing as opposed to kind of a rock song, but I still think this was a great song pick and I thought she did a great job.

Kree, you’ve performed amazingly well and I wish you all the best in the world! I hope you get inducted into the Grand Ol’ Opry and I hope you’re on stage at the Grammy’s at some point in your life! As I mentioned above, I’m relatively certain you’ll be out less than 24 hours from now, but I don’t think that takes away from anything you’ve done up to this point. Be proud of yourself!

Now lets move on to who I think will be our Top 02 of American Idol Season 12!


Angie Miller 

Jimmy’s Choice – Elton John, “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word” – Ok I know I said I wouldn’t say anything about the judges after that first paragraph but I just have to bitch for a minute. I just have to say that I’m so over the judges always wanting Angie at the piano. She’s not a pianist that can sing, she’s a SINGER that happens to play the piano very well. And if she really wants to make a name for herself, even if it’s in the vein of Alicia Keys who’s as the piano a lot, she still has to prove herself without the piano. Not to mention, she had to learn 3 freaking songs. If she doesn’t have time to learn the piano accompaniment, she doesn’t have the time. Wouldn’t you rather she know the song and sing that well? Sometimes I think the judges answer to that question is “No”. Do I think it would’ve been a killer song for her to be at the piano? Sure. Do I think that’s what Jimmy wanted? Yes but I think of the 3 songs in that first group, Angie won that round for me (and for Jimmy). Even with what I consider a definitely boring song choice.

Hometown Visit – Angie’s hometown visit didn’t really do anything for me. It was nice to see her with her friends and family but even when she was cuddling her cat, it just seemed like something she was doing for the cameras. She doesn’t give me an emotional connection to her hometown like Candice and Kree did. And was it just me or was she wearing the same outfit she wore to help out the weatherman, that she was wearing on the Idol stage last night? You couldn’t find another shirt? Come on Ang!

Judges’ Choice – Pink, “I Try” – I loved all the love that Pink was getting. There’s a girl who would have her own theme night! I think overall, this was the song that Angie forgot to practice. It was ok but lackluster at best. It’s most definitely the least memorable of the 3 she sang in the evening. Oh and Randy, no one cares that you know the guy who wrote that song. Thanks for that little bit of terrible commentary though.

Producers’ Pick – Emeli Sande, “Maybe” – I guess I need to start listening to some Emeli Sande. Although, after the two of her songs tonight, I think maybe I’m good because they were some of the more boring songs of the night to me. I do think this was the right song to do at the piano. Take a song people don’t know as well as the other songs she sang last night, and do it at the piano to appease the judges.  While it seemed to give the judges everything they wanted from her (good timing) it just didn’t do that for me. I didn’t think she outshined either of her competitors on tonights show. Will she go on? Hell yes she will, but does she deserve it based solely on tonights performances? Probably not. But that’s ok. I’d still pick her to move on based on her over all performance record so in that regard I’m ok with her moving forward. Not to mention, she just seems like she’d have the fun kind of show I’d want to go see!


Candice Glover

Jimmy’s Choice – U2, “One” – Ok so if Angie won round 1, Candice was still a super close second. I’m not sure how she didn’t know this song (not because I think she should know U2 songs but she seems like she’d be a big Mary J fan and would know the song that way). I did think that, had Amber been on the show still, that Candice talking about wanting to take the time to learn what the song was about, would be a clever little dig at Miss Amber, but I guess it’s just a statement of fact at this point since Amber isn’t anywhere to be found. Although the judges have said stuff about Kree and her emotional connection to songs, so maybe that’s it. I doubt it though. But anyway, as far as the performance there were maybe a few off notes but overall I thought it was great. Her worst of the night, probably, but better to have your worst song first, right? Right.

Hometown visit – This was a crier for me also, but unlike Kree it was more of a happy cry. All the times that people say Candice doesn’t seem sincere or “nice” can take a back seat after looking at her home visit. I think it proved more than anything to date, that she’s just a shy girl and she’s most at home and comfortable and nice/friendly when she’s in her home environment. I think what made me cry for Candice is just because when people are really composed and strong, and then you see them kind of break, and get emotional, it’s 10x’s more emotional than someone who’s already a crier, getting weepy eyed. And seriously, how cute was her family??

Judges’ Pick – Emeli Sand, “Next to Me” – I didn’t know this song. I didn’t love this song and thought it was a slightly boring choice, but there’s no denying that Candice sang the heck out of it. It’s so funny to me when she talks about how insecure she was and how Idol has helped her come out of her shell. I can tell she’s a shy person, that’s not hard to see, but she sings with such confidence. She makes you believe if nothing else, that she’s bursting with confidence. I’m glad she has it now though. As barfy as I get every time Mariah cries, to see Nikki get emotional talking about Candice, well that got me emotional all over again (I think it’s that same “people you don’t often see cry” thing).

Producers Pick – Somewhere from the musical West Side Story – Really, it’s like the judges just read my mind and knew exactly what was going to bring on the final bout of water works! I mean come on! When Maria is holding Tony in her arms as he’s dying…


Needless to say, this song had me a hot mess! I loved the performance, I loved the band, I loved Candice, I loved life and breathing and crying and music and everything. I wanted to throw a shoe at my TV I loved it so much. I loved it SO SO SO MUCH. I have hope that overall, if Candice doesn’t win, it won’t be because she wasn’t the best singer, it’ll just be because mindless 12 year old girls who worship Miley Cyrus and their weirdo mothers are the ones who vote for these things. But Candice will be the Jennifer Hudson of this season if she doesn’t win, I can promise you that! After this performance, which the judges agree, won the night – Candice is not only In it to Win It, she hands down won it for me last night. Love.Love.Love.

Now, as for who is going to win this whole thing after watching tonights episode?


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Top 04 – Now and Then

Was it just me or was it terrible to do the Now first? I really wanted them to finish with the now. Mostly so that I knew I’d stay awake! After all, watching the show start at 10… ugh. A night owl, I am not. After actually watching the show, I still don’t get it. I didn’t think the performances of either group were any better than the other. Oh well, it is what it is.

So, before we start talking about the episode, I have to bring up something I saw on Facebook the other day. American Idol’s page was posting a baby picture of all the contestants, and we’re gonna need to take a minute to discuss at least one in particular. I’ll let you guess which one I’m talking about…
I mean really, who submitted the pictures? Did they submit a group of pictures and the producers picked the ones they like the most? I mean, if I were the particular Idol contestant that had that particular picture submitted I would’ve got into a screaming match with my parents. How is that picture even allowed to see the light of day? Is it possible it was one of the better pictures? If you can’t guess, I’m talking about our dear little ladybug, Angie.

If that’s not the worst picture of her ever taken, I don’t know what is. Maybe her parents just have a really good sense of humor? Or maybe they want people to see how hard she had to work to become as beautiful as she is? I just don’t know, but that picture is just god awful/hilarious/terrible/hilarious all at the same time. Even the picture they use of her for the “now” picture is terrible. It highlights her worst features. Get a picture with her new hair, or where her teeth don’t look like one giant tooth. And is it just me or does she look borderline cross-eyed?  For such a pretty girl the person taking/editing the pictures sure did a great job ruining that look. I mean I look at those pictures and I just think…

Ok I’m done now. Promise. Let’s move onto the performances of the evening… So after my guesses of what the songs the contestants would sing, it turned out I was right a fair amount, just wrong about who would be singing them! I’ll take half right. Yeah baby!

Angie Miller – Diamonds 

“You’re pointing at me because you recognize me”
– Reasons I love Harry Connick, Jr.

I feel like if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Angies version was just how the song was. Where Rihanna doesn’t really have the voice of a singer at all times, I thought this was really musical.. er… um… ok that sounded dumb. But I mean, you get my drift right? I was in agreement with Keith in that I was waiting for some more melody, but even without that, I thought it was great. I didn’t get the “bland/lackluster” comments but I’ll agree it wasn’t my completely favorite piano performance. The one time she tried to hit that one like, belter of a note, it fell a little off. Maybe a lot off, so I think that’s mostly what was missing. Also, is it just me or is her hair getting better with every episode? I felt like she was giving me a lot of “Sheryl Crow” tonight.

Amber Holcomb – Just Give Me a Reason

Was anyone else hoping/dreaming that Amber would just completely screw up the lyrics and start humming? I’m sure I wasn’t alone! I wouldn’t say that Amber sang this poorly by any means, but if you see an artist like Pink performing her songs, I mean, the passion just wasn’t there for me. I think this is just another example of the judges swooning about how Rihanna and Beyonce better watch out, while the rest of the world looks at that same performance and think, “what???”. Pink (like her fellow current divas) puts so much into every performance that this just seemed lacking to me. There’s nothing left for her to give at the end of her shows. Check out this performance (below) and tell me, who’s the star here? Personally I think it’s pretty obvious. I actually think that Randy had a half decent point that the fun kind of gets lost and the fear kids in at this point in the competition. That being said, it’s not going to change anything. Fifth judge Michael Slezak also brought up a good point that with every performance Amber sings, it’s never re-imagined, it’s never reinvented. It’s always exactly as it is on the radio. She just lacks a creativity with her music. Maybe that’s why the producers like her? Because she’ll just perform however anyone tells her to?

Candice Glover – When I Was Your Man

Man, I almost picked this song for Candice but the whole “man” thing threw me off so I didn’t suggest it. Clearly it threw everyone else off too because I felt like they talked about that more than anything regarding an actual critique of her. Interesting little tidbit, I saw on twitter that Candice was legally obligated to not change the lyrics to be from a female point of view. It didn’t bother me at all personally, but I could understand Harry saying it would be a little odd.
I thought Candice’s version of the Bruno Mars song was stellar. If anyone would ever doubt (and I certainly don’t) that Candice is a better performer than Amber? Well, I hope you were shown the light tonight because that performance was just a million times better than Ambers performance. I was happy that Nicki acknowledged her this week and gave her the props she deserves. The after the fact Standing O, rubbed me in every wrong way possible.

Kree Harrison – See You Again

Ok I guess Kree went with the somewhat obvs country girl of the moment, Carrie Underwood. Would it kill someone to just sing a little Kacey Musgraves this season? I think I listen to her whole CD from beginning to end at least every other day. Seeing the title “See You Again” just makes me think of that Adele song “Don’t You Remember”. It’s probably my favorite or second favorite Adele song. I guess it’s too bad she was mostly 2012 hits because Kree could kill that song, I think.
I wanted Candice to be my favorite performance of the night just for the redemption factor (and if we’re talking both performances, she totally was), but Kree just sang the hell out of that song. I actually don’t really know the Carrie Underwood song except for when she sang it a few weeks ago on Idol but I thought this was so much better. Maybe it was the Ooos that Harry mentioned leaving out? I don’t know, but this was amazing. If the judges were looking for that emotional connection, they got it in loads! I think, and I hate to bring up backstories but at the point in the competition we already know they’re good, and I’m not bringing it up to say I feel sorry for Kree by any means, but with all the lost she’s had in her life, it kind of makes sense to see the connection she has to this song. No? I mean, I was certainly emotionally connected and I know I wasn’t the only one just get a touch misty eyed for this performance. It was all over twitter.


Angie Miller – Someone to Watch Over Me

I LOVE this song. I have the “Ella Sings Gershwin” cd and this was my favorite from the CD. I might’ve even d/l the cd because of that song. I also love that scene from Mr. Hollands Opus when Rowena sings it.

Angie’s performance didn’t totally bring me to that place that Rowena did, but I did think it was good. The only thing was that I felt the gentleness of the song was lost on Angie. This isn’t a power ballad, nor should it be. I think Angie wanted it to be and it just wasn’t working for me. But, I freaking loved her dress, so there’s that.

Amber Holcomb – My Funny Valentine

Ok so with Amber, it was like Harry was just not understanding how Amber couldn’t get that she didn’t really know what she was singing about. Harry is so right though. You have to know what you’re singing about. So many lesser idol contestants had that exact problem and were voted off really early on. I did feel bad for her though, having to sing after what was a somewhat rough critique by Harry, but it wasn’t really anything Amber wasn’t told in the critique so it’s not like she didn’t realize it was coming. Seeing Ambers dad watching, and crying though, omg. Don’t show a dad crying!! At this time of night that crap gets to me! The performance was really good so I can’t really complain about anything except that Amber, dear, YOU SANG THAT SONG ALREADY. Come on!! Blerg. I know you weren’t singing it on the live Idol stage but still, it’s a performance we’ve seen.

Candice Glover – You’ve Changed

I don’t even want to type sometimes when Candice is singing. Yeah, this whole theme is blah to me, but Candice just has one of those Ella voices where you don’t want to stop listening, it doesn’t matter what she’s singing. At least for me. I just want to know, what does Nicki have against Candice? She was such the champion of Candice early on in the competition but I just don’t see that passion for her anymore. Even in the standing ovation, everyone seemed to jump right up and clap, and Nicki kind of just stood up because everyone else did. I don’t understand it. A great performance is a great performance. And thanks Randy, it wouldn’t be a show if you didn’t drop some names on us, but I’m sure Miles Davis appreciates it?

Kree Harrison – Stormy Weather 

I’ll just say that I liked her performance, it wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t hate it by any means, and I don’t think it was the worst of the night by any stretch. Oh, and also, and her dress made her look like a tall drink of water. That’s the phrase right? As I wrote it, it looks wrong to me.
I do worry about Kree getting the votes though because all I am going to remember is Randy and Harry fighting to the point of completely awkwardness, but maybe also hilarious? Only hilarious because of Harry, obvs. I did agree with Harry though, only because I believe that Randy is constantly contradictory and I’ll take anyone calling him out on that.

Finally, that last song… Little Mix’s Wings…

um no1
and a little
no no no
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Another Top 04 – Predicting Now and Then

So, I’m not going to think about what I want them to sing from the “Then” category because in all honesty, this has been a season of “then” and I don’t support the theme at all, in general. The “Now”, now that I can get behind. It was difficult finding songs popular in 2013. First of all, if you look at all the songs featured in the Billboard Hot 1oo, it looks something like this:


And of that list of 32 songs, I know about a third of them. And half of those are songs you know they aren’t going to be singing anytime soon (Gangnam Style anyone?). So, I had to expand my search. Sure, I could see Candice banging out an amazing rendition of Locked Out of Heaven and I’d love to see Angie try Heart Attack, but I don’t think that’s what the breakdown was going to look like. So then I checked out the Billboard 200 – which lists the popular albums, which opens up SOOO many more options!  Too many, really. But, within the list, I think I found a good mix of options for all the contestants. I picked 3 options for everyone. You’re welcome. As for the “then” selections, check out the master of selections.


Candice Glover

Alabama Shakes – I mean, she could duet with that lead singer alllll day! 

Justin Timberlake – Because she has this kind of style.

I can’t find a good song for her to sing but I think she’d kill some Bruno Mars and he’s been in the Top 10 albums the most of anyone this season, so someone oughtta sing it! Since I don’t have a particular song so I’ll just put this one here because I love it.

Kree Harrison

Kacey Musgraves – I’m just dying for someone to sing some of her. I love her so much. Can she just be on Idol and win please? I wish I could listen to her every week!

or this one, or this one.

The Band Perry – Better Dig Two

P!nk f. Nate Ruess

Amber Holcomb

Demi Lovato

Maroon 5 (I realize the odds are slim but it could be fun. That being said, I think we all know Amber doesn’t even know the meaning of fun)

Rihanna (everyone compares her to Rihanna as it is, time to prove it) I don’t know what song she’d sing since they’ve done Stay this season and Diamonds isn’t really a slow song (which seems to be all she wants to sing).

Angie Miller

Keh-Dollar Sign-Ha

Tegan and Sara (never heard of them? You should, they’re amah-zing)

Also, I know she probably won’t sing it, but wouldn’t it be fun to see Angie sing 22 by Taylor Swift?

Man, I might have to make this list of songs into a playlist. This would be a fun show!!

As far as the duets, since I imagine there’ll be one or two, I think it would be funny to sing that Brad Paisley/LL Cool J song. Fitting right? Yeah, not so much. Man that is a WEIRD song. What I’d really like to see though, is maybe one of the mash-ups from Pitch Perfect or a classic from Les Miserables (the only 2 soundtracks that cracked the top albums this year). Oh and because those soundtracks were popular, I still support Candice singing No Diggity, which technically was in Pitch Perfect.

I also had a little birdie tell me that Harry Connick Jr. will be mentoring this week! Love that guy. Especially when he’s on Ellen 🙂 Oh and speaking of Ellen, not sure if you guys watch SNL but Kate McKinnon was on Ellen and it was hilarious. You should watch it.


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