American Idol – Ask And You Shall Receive

Well they asked for our suggestions and from what I saw, there were some made, all be them stupid and pretty lackluster. I don’t blame America though. I mean, I sort of do. But is there really anyone that inspires you this season whose initials aren’t LR? For me, the answer is no, and tonight only made that clear to me.


From what I read, sure, the contestants weren’t given much to work with as far as song choice goes. Though I still kind of think it was just the assistants of producers tweeting suggestions that they could work with. I just can’t not believe in the Big Brother that is the American Idol producers. I mean really, in what world do they really leave things up to the public?

But lets get to talking about the performances. I would only talk about the second half because those were the only good ones, but I guess it’d be wrong of me to ignore the trainwreck that was 80% of the first half of the show. The only real nice thing I could say is that they got the elimination done at the beginning. Thanks for that. I thought it would be good for Sonika in the second performance which wasn’t exactly to be, but I guess it just makes it easier to see who should go next week.

Also, I’m not going to talk about the contestants in order because I think the 3 guys can basically be lumped together, 2 of the girls can, and one of the girls is practically standing on the stage accepting her crown at this point.


 MacKenzie Bourg
Wild World by Cat Stevens
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

MacKenzie was one of two performers that I thought had 2 solid performances. I would’ve said that Wild World was a pretty solid performance, but then he did Billie Jean and that was pretty amazeballs. I didn’t even realize that was the performance he was going with. It didn’t even make me long for David Cook’s rendition (which up until now had been my favorite performance of this song on Idol). Though I do think both used the Cornell version to go off of. It’s interesting that while Mackenzie and David’s were similar, their voices are so different, you wouldn’t really notice it. David brings a rock twinge while MacKenzie has his singer/songwriter vibe.

I also wanted to say, and this goes for Trent’s cover of Simple Man and Dalton’s cover of The Sound of Silence as well, the songs are old enough that I’m pretty sure most of them weren’t born when they came out, and I’d guess many of them hadn’t really been super familiar with the songs they performed (which I think is kind of a plus). But to me these performances just sounded like they were given lyrics and told to create the song, and if you want to see real artistry on stage, I think that’s where you have to look for it. What do you do with words on a page?

Trent Harmon
Counting Stars by OneRepublic
Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Can I just say that I always thought the song was called “Counting Cars”? Is that a song? Actually never mind. I think I’m thinking of that song Chasing Pavement. Anyway, that song was borderline terrible. I’d call it easily tied for 3rd worst performance of the night. I’d really rather not speak of it ever again. But Simple Man is another story. I really loved Trent’s rendition. It was unique. Trent also has the growl that I think this song requires, so I really think this was a good choice for him. And definitely the better song to do second! My Idol watcher friends tried to tell me “Shinedown has one that’s better” but it’s not really about what cover of a song was better than another cover (because this wasn’t the best cover of the night). Shinedown’s sound is nothing like Trents. And in fact, I just listened to it, and I think I liked Trent’s more. So there.

Dalton Rappatoni
Numb by Linkin Park
The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

See: Trent Harmon. It’s basically the exact same review. I would only like to add (with regards to Numb) that it seemed so choppy. Like, every word could’ve been a couple seconds longer and instead it was cut off worse than me driving home from work. I’m the one getting cut off, for the record. I’m the song in this scenario.

Sonika Vaid
Let it Go by Idina Menzel
Clarity by Zedd

Sonika really brought nothing to either performance. I forgave her with Frozen because it’s a hard song that doesn’t really seem to be in her range. It was just weird but I blamed it on her nerves. Being in the bottom 3 cannot be easy for a girl with confidence issues. Maybe she just needs a Confidence Man to show her how it’s done?


Sonika, you’re really sweet, but I fear you did nothing to save yourself next week.

Tristan MacIntosh – Independence Day by Martina McBride

Oh Tristan, I knew you’d be going home when you uttered the name Martina. I did like the somewhat tuned down version of this song but not enough to think we should keep you. Honestly, I’m just mad that you were here tonight when it should’ve been Avalon.

Top05 - fists

But, I only went with the person being voted off so that I could finish with the only contestant that is giving me LIFE this season.

Ready for Love by India.Arie
No More Drama by Mary J. Blige

Man, how did I love these performances? Let me count the ways…

  1. The song choice, while expected for her voice, was not expected as far as what I thought she’d pick.
  2. Her outfits were… better… 
  3. The tears. All the tears.

Top07 - emotions

She’s just so good. Can we just give her the crown now, please? Thanks!

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American Idol – Top 08 – The Right Save

You know last night, I was really angry. The things I was angry about started with the format. I really thought there was a show change to announce the people going through at the beginning of the show, and then have them perform. It made sense. Then nobody is super nervous while performing. I think we all realized the effects of making someone sing when they’re super nervous that they may be cut. Last year the save performances were some of the worst. Sure you’d love people to step up to the challenge and have the best performance of their lives, but these are very young teenagers. Can we really expect that? Why force them into what will be (to date) the most stressful day of their lives, to see if they have what it takes to still perform. I feel like that just breeds mental breakdowns, even in the strongest of candidates.

I tried to see the bright side – that at least we’d get to see 10 performances tonight, but I don’t think it’s worth it if it’s not going to be the best performance they can give. And if they’re in the bottom 3, odds are they won’t be.

Other things that made me mad that I won’t spend too much time on included but were not limited to: having Demi Lovato sing (sorry but can’t we just have former Idols perform? Are you really saving them all for the finale? Or was Demi the only one with enough balls to come on and perform after Kelly Clarkson?), having Harry Connick Jr sing (who sounded like a Jimmy Buffett record on slo-mo) when we shouldn’t be focusing on THE JUDGES! No one watches the show because they love Harry Connick Jr. music. Or JLo. Or Keith for that matter. They watch it for the talent COMPETING!?!?!?! and finally, the American Idol voters.

America is really screwing it up. I mean, if they screw it up this badly in March, what are they going to do in November…


The good thing is that the final save was left to the judges and they in fact, did the right thing. I had a hard time admitting it because I do like Olivia as a performer, but Avalon was the right save in this scenario. We still have a lot of entertaining acts left, so it doesn’t sting as much. And Avalon by far, had the best performance of the people fighting to be saved. So let’s talk about my favorites of the night, starting with my Top 3…

Avalon Young – Earned It by The Week(e)nd

Avalons performance was my favorite for a lot of reasons. For one, the pressure she was under could’ve easily cracked her. I liked the seated performance, her voice has a quality that just impresses the hell out of me, and not that it had anything to do with the performance, I really liked her pre-show attitude. Sure I worry when she says she’ll never step out of her comfort zone (I’m ok with that when it comes to clothes and make-up, but you’ll never grow if you don’t do it musically).

La’Porsha Renae – Halo by Beyoncé

I felt like La’Porshas outfit really showed me where she was going with her performance. When I saw her and her new hair (why can’t I find on the internet what she named it! Shameful, internet!), I felt like this was going to be something good. And it was really good. It’s hard to not think she’s the one to beat, so I’m not even going to question it. La’Porsha – the crown is yours to lose, girl.

MacKenzie Bourg – I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston 

I really liked this performance a LOT, but then I heard Harry say he wished that Mac had done the song acoustic and I was like… oh yeah, I want that version!


I’m not going to take away the goodness that was this performance, only that maybe, when everything is said and done, you could do an acoustic version? I also have to say I didn’t agree with Harry that MacKenzie likes to do things “differently, like Dalton”. Um, no he doesn’t. Have we seen him do that yet? Oh wait, he did the medley of judges songs for his audition. See, I totally forgot about that part of you MacKenzie because you haven’t don that since your audition. But I guess that was you doing it tonight. Well done, sir.

Honorable Top 03 Mention (aka 4th):

Sonika Vaid – Since You’ve Been Gone by The One and Only Kelly Clarkson

I know I did a top 4 last week, but we’re down to 8 contestants so I just felt like a top 3 was enough. And Sonika definitely didn’t deserve to be Top 3 today in my eyes. But what almost made me put her there (performance aside) was stupid Harry Connick Jr. You’re not going to keep telling her how good she is? You fall over for half the contestants (maybe not you personally, Harry but your judges table) and you aren’t going to continue telling Sonika that?


Folks, welcome the Hailey Reinhart of Season 15!


I don’t think this was Sonika’s best performance, especially after her performance last week, but I’m still seeing improvement and I still think she can come out of that shell and give us more. I think this just wasn’t the right song this week. The One and Only is too fresh in our minds.

And then there were the people I was fine with saving, but now might be in my bottom 2:

 Dalton Rapattoni – Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

 Was it just me or was this Daltons worst performance to date? It felt very “Dalton” to me… but not in a good way. I guess I just don’t think the punk-effect should be given to this song? Or maybe he just didn’t do it in a way that appealed to me but the song felt very slow and the performance felt like it lasted minutes longer than anyone elses. This was just the complete definition of lackluster to me.

Trent Harmon – When A Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge

You know, its hard not to compare apples to apples when you perform a song on Idol that’s been done many times before. And it’s been done a LOT. So I figured I should do that. In fact, I actually ranked the performances (see below) and decided Trent was roughly 4th. I don’t think it was a good song choice for him and truthfully the performance made it clear he should not be getting my vote this week.

  1. Clark Beckham (season 14) – I loved Clark and his performance.
  2. Michael Lynche (season 9) – This was straight up fantastic and basically tied with Clark’s. I only put Clark first because it was a touch better, and because it was the first one I thought of while watching Trent.
  3. Joshua Ledet (season 12) – While I hated Joshua, this was one of his best performances. I can’t wake that away from him. But the screaming at the end kept me from putting him in first. He also was better at facial contortions than Trent. And that’s saying a lot.
  4. Trent Harmon (current season) 
  5. Stefano Lagone (season 10)  – He literally only got this position because I liked the falsetto he had in the opening lyric. I hated the rest.
  6. Justin Waddell/Christina Christian/Gedeon McKinney – Literally do not remember these people at all. But 2 are from season 1 and the last was from season 5 which was 10 years ago, so I don’t feel bad. The internet just told me that they also sang the song.

And finally, we have the 2 that I wish hadn’t made it through but their performance made me think, woah, maybe I should re-think this? But probably not… but maybe… but I’ll regret it:

Top10 - shrugs

Lee JeanValJean – Use Somebody By Kings of Leon

I still am not sure this young boy has what it takes, but I think he’s the most modifiable. That’s a word right? I think he (so far) has been pretty good at taking advice and he is growing, but I don’t think he’ll grow fast enough to become a real boy a contestant in the Top 4.

Tristan McIntosh – Go Rest High on that Mountain by Vince Gill

This was a great song and I didn’t know it. So I was happy to hear a new song that was good. And it was a good performance, I think. The problem mostly, was that she shouldn’t have made it through AT ALL based on her performance last week and it really hurt me that she got through over Olivia because it just was not deserving. The same goes for Lee JeanValJean. Neither of them deserved a pass. But Tristan deserved a pass even less. Sorry girl, but the crying to Scott nonsense, the crying in other episodes nonsense… I’m sorry but you’re 15 and you’re clearly not ready. I mean, I’m a crier. I get it. But I wouldn’t put myself into a situation like that if I knew I couldn’t handle it. She should probably take a page out of Shi Scott’s book. I think that was her name?

As for Olivia…

Katniss Salute

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American Idol – Top 10 – Kelly Can You Handle This?

Well she came back, and she came back with a vengeance! If you didn’t watch, and I don’t know why you’d be reading this if you haven’t, but you should really watch this. And if you already watched it and are just like me who wants to watch it 15 more times? Well, here it is!

I mean, is she the best or what? Were there 10 performances before her because I don’t even remember. All I remember after the show was, well, a lot of liquid emotion coming out of me. It looked a little something like this:


But I mean seriously how good was that? The best kind of music is the kind that forces you to feel something. Even if that something isn’t happy or joyous. Kelly clearly knows this about me.

And can we seriously talk about how fantastic she was as a judge? I mean you can take any person who has ever been on idol, ever. I’ve never had a contestant I cared more about than Kelly Clarkson, in anything, ever. But you know what they say, you never forget your first. She’s just perfection in every possible way. She has a great voice, she’s been there before. She understands the contestants. She knows what it’s like to be in all of those seats, and she was there before all of them, minus Ryan. I feel like her being there really made me hate all the current judges, but really it just made me long for Simon and Paula. It also made me appreciate Ryan a little more, for some reason. But mostly it just made me wish that Kelly could be on this last season for all future episodes. I mean what a gift those contestants got by getting to hear her thoughts and opinions (and stream of consciousness ramblings). Man, she’s the best.

ryan-lochte-in love

But alas, I can’t talk about Kelly forever, as much as I want to. Maybe I’m just delaying talking about the heartbreak I suffered at the beginning of the episode, when  Jeneve and Jenn were standing there as the top 10 were announced. Hearing Lee and Gianna and Tristan’s names being called just crushed me harder and harder with each name. I wouldn’t say it brought me to tears to see them leave, because really I think they wouldn’t have made it much further than halfway. And if anything, the current 10 makes it pretty obvious as to who will be going home next (I hope). So anyway, let’s talk about the Top 10.


I decided to only vote for the people I really liked, and not the 8 contestants that I wanted to stay. I figure focusing my voting on only the people I really like will not make me bitter. It won’t but it’s a thought. So tonight, I voted for 6 people. I definitely had 2 favorites though, of those. So let’s get into it.

Sonika Vaid – Bring Me to Life by Evanescence

I know most peoples favorite tonight was La’Porsha – and rightfully so. But for me I think the winner of the night was Sonika and it was for one reason only. Because she really came out of her shell and had a true performance tonight! She actually looked like she was on stage at a show and not just standing in front of people singing for them. I even thought the prom dress she wore worked with the performance (is she trying to set some kind of record for most performances in a prom dress because she’s got to be close at this point). I just liked how different it was from every other performance she’s given to date and for that reason, she gets my top pick/vote for the night.  I hope she keeps it up and I look forward to (hopefully) more surprises when it comes to her song choices.

La’Porsha Renae – Diamonds by Rihanna

The only reason La’Porsha is coming in second is because she’s consistently good. Don’t worry, she’ll probably be first next week. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me. By my account 2 people have covered Diamonds, prior to La’Porsha. I had to look them up because I couldn’t remember after La’Porsha blew me away with that performance. Turned out it was Angie Miller and lady judge, Jennifer Lopez (mostly, technically Harry and Keith were on stage for it too). La’Porsha just killed the performance for me. The Kelly’s (that’s what I’m calling me and Kelly, because we’re a team, obviously) had the exact same reaction to this performance.


Dalton Rapattoni – Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

I’ve said a few times before that I think Dalton is really great for song choice and tonight wasn’t that much different. It’s not totally my style but I still appreciated the performance and if I was still in high school, it most definitely would’ve been a panty melter. At my adult age, the real song is the one that does it for me. Dalton’s version took a lot of romance out of the song, but I think that actually worked for him. It just reminded me of this CD I had years ago called Punk Goes Pop, and if I was in college still, I’d be dying for this song to be on that CD. Now there are about 10 of those CD’s and I’m sure this will probably end up there if it hasn’t already. But either way, I enjoyed it.

Olivia Rox – Unconditionally by Katy Perry
MacKenzie Bourg – I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

For both MacKenzie and Olivia, I basically had the same thing to say so I’ll just combine them here.


I thought both performances were good. Olivia’s a little more than MacKenzie. But I See Fire is one of my lesser favorite Ed songs (and something tells me we’ll be hearing a lot of him this season), and I’m generally not a Katy Perry fan, but I thought both did well enough to continue in my Top 5 space. They weren’t any kind of stellar performance though.

Avalon Young – Stitches by Shawn Mendes

It’s funny that Kelly said that she made her like songs that she wouldn’t normally like. I agree with the latter part of that statement. I don’t generally like the songs Avalon picks. But at the same time, she doesn’t really do anything to make me like them. She does things that make me like her though, and isn’t that just as important? I also really liked her make up tonight and I’m ready to take bets on whether or not they get her into a dress by the end of the season. I also wonder if she’s ever sung a ballad to the judges. She looks like she could harness a lot of emotion in her voice and I’d love to see that. But not a slow R&B song. I need something with emotions that I can relate to. Maybe a Kelly Clarkson song? haha.

So that’s everyone I voted for. I thought about voting for Trent Harmon but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. His cover of Like I Can was not his best performance. Something was just off about the whole thing. Something tells me he’ll still make it through because there were still 3 performances that were most definitely worse than him… but I couldn’t in good conscience vote for him when I just didn’t find it vocally appealing.

As for the final 3, Lee JeanValJean, Gianna Isabella and Tristan MacIntosh, if I could vote 3 off, I probably would. But at least having 3 people makes me feel comfortable that the two going home are in this group and I won’t be heartbroken until next week (I hope). The thing about all 3 of these people that I didn’t like, is the same thing that JLo said America seems to love – their fifteeness.


And with that I’m done, and ready for next week! And in case you’re wondering america’s opinion of tonights performance, here’s the rankings I saw, hot off the tvline presses (glad to see the Kelly’s and America are on the same wavelength):


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American Idol – Duets

Duets just makes me think of Gwenyth Paltrow (and Huey Lewis but that doesn’t fit with where I’m going here). And that just makes me think they should’ve done some kind of Sliding Door situation, instead of Duets. I don’t know how that would work but I think it would be great. For me the duets were a bit on the lackluster side over all. I liked the concept and as soon as Lauren and Emily started singing it made me think about how this is a pretty interesting challenge. You’re singing with people who were the best of their season. You’re at this point only in the Top 24 of your season. It’ll be interesting to see how people compare to the top contestants. Maybe the Top 24 are as good as these guys. I mean they’re saying that there’s more talent in this season than ever before!

Sure they say that every season but this season it actually has some credibility just because everyone who was sitting on the fence as to whether they’d audition, got off their asses and did it. Or so they’d like us to believe 🙂

Emily Brooke and Lauren Alaina
Flat on the Ground by Carrie Underwood

Emily loves a sheer overlay. Lauren definitely stood out far more than Emily, which I have a feeling could happen a lot with these first 24 duets. I mean, Ryan said it – these are seasoned performers at this point, even if none of them are really all that famous yet. As for Emily, I just think it was a good pick for her if she wanted to hide her voice, and glob on to Lauren’s voice. All this performance made me do was miss Lauren as a contestant. She was great for the show.

Thomas Stringfellow and Nick Fradiani
Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

Weird combo. I mean, I’m sure Thomas was hoping for Alex Preston. That’d be too matchy matchy. I do feel like Thomas was looking at Nick like, oh my god that guy is so hot. No? Was that just me?

As for this performance, I just wish Nick was singing the whole time so I didn’t have to hear that hiccup. It was back in full effect tonight. I didn’t really love either of them singing this though. It seemed a little choppy and rushed.

Also Harry, stop praising that Creep performance.

Top07 - Notcool

Stephaney Negrete and Ruben Studdard
Superstar by The Carpenters

Rueben hit the nail on the head with what Stephaney was lacking from yesterday. She’s lacking that ability to let go and be free on stage. She’s got the voice and energy, she just needs to relax and petit all out. Is he teaching now? I didn’t realize they were billing her as a Pia Toscano type.

Also, Luther Vandross is JLo’s favorite singer of all time? Wouldn’t have guessed that.

Sonica Vaid and Caleb Johnson 
Skyfall by Adele

I was only going to be happy if they sang a song for Beauty and the Beast. I mean they said they were doing something theatrical. I love seeing how naive Sonika is but truthfully it’s only going to hurt her this season. I just think I would’ve liked it more if Caleb wasn’t singing (and for the record this was the only performance where I thought that). I do think that he helped her get out of her comfort zone… a little.


Jenna Renae and Scotty McCreery
See You Tonight by Scotty McCreery

Jenna just seemed like a fan that happened to be able to sing, that Scotty pulled up on stage. Also there are very few women that I think look better in a fedora, but I really like that look for Jenna. Her not wearing one made me really take notice and wish she was. That feels like a backhanded compliment but it isn’t meant to be.

La’Porsha Renae and Fantasia
Summertime by George Gershwin for Porgy and Bess

what just happened clapping

This required a double gif for me to explain my emotions about this performance. It was great. Is it possible La’Porsha is even better with a duet partner? I mean they were really flawless, I have to say. It was the highlight of the show, and I don’t usually feel that way about Fantasia, but as a duet, I liked it!

Also, their height difference in the practice round was amazing. I’m kind of dying to know what their actual heights are. I didn’t think Fantasia was that tall. Also, I LOVED Fantasia’s shoes! I tweeted her to see what they were but alas, no response.

Mackenzie Bourg and Lauren Alaina 
I Hope You Dance by Leanne Womack 

“I was hoping I’d be taller than you” – so cute. Adorable. He really is. And you know Lauren is a huge flirt. God love her. Excellent song choice for them and I think showing that he can compete with Thomas for the ladies, was a really good move for Mackenzie. Mackenzie > Thomas. For serious.

Gianna Isabella and Nick Fradiani
A Beautiful Life by Nick Fradiani

This reminded me of the end of a tv show graduation. And Gianna looked like she was the freshman standing next to senior Nick. She looked SO young. I think the keds were a bad idea. Heels would’ve helped age her up a little bit. She’s so goofy and cute but it does read so young.

I will say that JLo has a tell. And I could tell she’s already mentally voted Gianna off the show. “I’ve gotten rejections from so many other auditions” – hey Gianna, maybe don’t say that.

Avalon Young and Ruben Studdard
Flying Without Wings by Ruben Studdard

snooze andy cohen

I stand by my belief that Rubens victory song was one of the worst in the series. That said, they did a really good job. It was a little boring, I mean we’re at the 1.5 hour mark at this point, I needed something a little more upbeat – thought seeing the pairing I was pretty sure it’d be a smoother song. They were still really good. I didn’t really expect Avalon to go that way musically but it was a nice divergence.

James VIII and Caleb Johnson 
Give Me Shelter by The Rolling Stones

James was a really good guitar player next to Caleb singing the Stones. Maybe he should just leave the show and tour with Caleb? I think that’s a good idea. Do that Mr. VIIIth.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell and Scotty McCreery
Gone by Montgomery Gentry 

That was very country.

Jordan Sasser and Fantasia 
I Believe by Fantasia Barrino 

Um… you know, we all know my feelings on Jordan.


And then FINALLY we got to who would stay and who would go! And I was actually really happy with who stayed. Sure, I wish Emily could’ve been a little better, but I think she earned her position. And I think that if there were an 8th person picked, it would’ve been her. I also really thought they’d keep Stephaney over Gianna. That was a bit of a shocker to me. And while originally I liked Gianna more, I think Stephaney would’ve been the better add.

SAFE: La’Porsha, Sonika, Avalon, Gianna, Jeneve, Thomas and Mackenzie.

OUT: James, Jordan, Emily, Stephaney and Jenna.

And just as a friendly reminder of who’s left to perform next week, we have: Jenn Blosil, Amelia Eisenhauer, Olivia Rox, Shelbie Z, Tristan McIntosh, Adam Lasher, Kory Wheeler, Lee Jean, Manny Torres, Trent Harmon and CJ Johnson (I bolded the 7 I hope stay in)

And the returning Idols will be: David Cook, Chris Daughtry, Constantine Maroulis, Kellie Pickler, Haley Reinhart and Jordin Sparks.

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American Idol – The Final Auditions

You know it’s funny. I was thinking about how this last audition day would be. Would they try to bring back some of the OG audition contestants? The traditional ones you used to see every year. Like, spaced out hippy chick, person who doesn’t speak english, bikini girl… you know the likes. I also wondered if any old judges would come back for the final round of voting. so we could all reminisce about days of yore?


But I guess I was the only one with those kinds of dreams. Because this was basically like any audition the last 3 seasons, minus the judges talking about how it was the last one at the end of the episode – which to me really didn’t even sound all that genuine. Sometimes I wish they’d just kept the show with the original judges. To me the only one who really should be allowed to reminisce about Idol days of yore, is the one who’s been there through it all – Mr. Ryan Seacrest. And we didn’t even get to hear the guy talk about his time (thankfully he’s actually been doing some interviews so I have kind of heard his thoughts on the matter).

The one thing I really did like this episode, was truly how much talent there was. If I thought there was a lot last night, tonight just doubled down. I wouldn’t say that I think everyone will make it through, by any means – but I think some of the ones who did will most certainly be in the Top 24. At least, they better. Because I am S-M-I-T-T-E-N. I did have a clear Top 4 though (couldn’t narrow it down to 3). So, without further adieu, lets talk about those folks!

Jessica Cabral – 21 year old from Worcester, MA
Song: Brand New Me 

Ah Jessica, my A1 from Day1. As in, from the first time I saw you, even though you were the first contestant, I knew you’d be my favorite from the night. And I really hope Harry didn’t jinx her by saying that he’d be shocked if she didn’t make it VERY FAR. Because if she doesn’t make it very far, Harry…

your fault

Zach Person – 18 year old from Houston, TX
Song: Next-Door Neighbor Blues

I’ll just mention that as per my last post, my next 3 were a tie. I couldn’t decide who I like more. To be honest, my next 4 were kind of a tie. I just liked different things about all of them. As for Zach, well I’ve always had a thing for Zachs. haha. But seriously, his musicality was great. He made me want to pay attention to his performance and I can always appreciate that. I don’t know how far he’ll go, but I’m glad I got the opportunity to see him.

Manny Torres – 20 year old from Flushing, MI (I think?)
Song: This Love

Ok so I really didn’t think I was going to like Manny. His pre-interview stuff was a little too much for me. But he was entertaining. And I really loved his performance of This Love. It was pretty original and he sang very well so I knew he’d have to be in my Top 3. Why not book end the first contestant and the last, right?

Avalon Young – 21 year old from San Diego, CA
Song: XO (Beyonce) 

Ok here’s the thing with Avalon – was I the only one that saw the Impending “She’s All That” theme? You know, where the girl who no one notices, the tom boy or the nerd, whatever, gets found by a person who just changes a few things about her, takes off her glasses, dresses her up a little bit and then bam, she’s a bombshell whose getting everything she ever wanted. Trust me, it’s a common movie theme. The thing with these movies though is that secretly the girl was pretty the whole time and filled with talent but no one saw it because she had glasses and overalls on. Come on people, see through it! But anyway, I do hope this happens for Avalon, without having to get the makeover, because I liked her tomboy looks. But something tells me Idol is going to have a field day with this one. I just hope it ends well for all parties, because I think Avalon has tons of talent and potential.

And an honorable mention will go to 15 year old Lillian Glanton. Her voice was fine but what I really liked was her song! That’s the only reason I don’t think she should really be in my Top 5. So I only had a Top 4 with Lil as an HM. But her song was great. And I think if you sing well enough as a really good song writer, you’ll get your message out there. I definitely think Lillian is going places!

And now for a few final thoughts.

  1. How many times DO you think Ryan was hit in all those 15 years? Like, how many times has he been hit/attacked/tackled? I bet it’s a lot. More than the average job. Shockingly, this was the only even remotely close picture when I googled “Ryan Seacrest Attacked”


Way to go Kathy Griffin. It also reminded me of this, though:


  1. I loved Harrys comment about the entertainment business when that chick with the star dress came in. He said “where else are you going to get a job interview dressed like that?” (ironically too – I think – was that she didn’t “get the job”) but man, as someone that has sat on her fair share of interview panels, it had me thinking how great interviews would be if they were more like idol auditions, come in, tell me a little bit about yourself, and then sing a little number to prove you’re worthy of this job. A girl can dream. I should also be glad interviews aren’t like that because I cannot sing.
  2.  To a one, Mr. Brian Dale Brown – please please please, don’t ever do that Scooby Doo impression again. Harry was better and he just gave it a try (bad sign). I was fine that they let him through to be auditioned by the judges…


Fine. I was lying. He was just too much schtick. Sorry Brian. I do appreciate your love for the show and am happy you finally got in front of a judge, but that is where my happiness for you ends.

And there we have it… moving on into the world of Hollywood Week, Group Night and all that other fun stuff. Feeling pumped!

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American Idol – And We Have a Contender!

Tonight felt like a really great episode. Maybe it’s because I watched it late and with fast forwarding through commercials the whole episode only took me about 20-25 minutes to watch. And the contestants were really good! In fact, I have my first Chorus Line moment of the season. I hope she gets it, god I hope she gets it. She being Jenna Renae and it being a spot on the live show! There were a lot of really good contestants though, most of which I’d be happy to see move on to the Top 24 (I have to imagine at least 3 will get in from this batch, that’s my guess). And in a suprise similarity to previous episodes, my top 3 this week are again, all females!

bitches get stuff done

And I do really hope that these ladies get stuff done because to be honest, I’m partial to a female winning the final season. It’s only right to bookend it with another Kelly. Or Carrie. Or even Fantasia. So anyway, lets talk about my Top 3 of the night, and then mention a few others:

Jenna Renae – 23 years old from Williamson, NY
Song: She Don’t Love You

Jenna was just wonderful. Her singing just completely drew me in. I also liked the note about how her parents used to listen to show tunes with her. It’s always a solid start to a musical background, no? I think it is as long as you aren’t too theatrical, which she definitely wasn’t. She was just the right amount of attention grabbing in a very good way. On the whole,


My second 2 are a tie. I really don’t know who I like better.

Emily Brooke – 16 year old from Wellington, FL
Song: Careless

Emily was great. I didn’t recognize her face but I did recognize her name and then when they flashed back to her audition last year I realized who she was. It’s amazing how different someone can look in just a year! Then, like I did with John Wayne from last episode, I re-listened to what I could find of her from last season and I have to say, you’ve come a long way (in a year) baby! Although her voice is just as good, she just seems more composed and more ready to take on the season. She’s still young, don’t get me wrong, but I do think there’s a big difference from a just barely 15 to an almost 17.

Amelia Eisenhauer – 15 year old from Nashville, TN
Song: Many Rivers to Cross

So the reason for my tie between Em and Am, is that Em has kind of already had her chance, while I think Am might be a little too young to get her first chance, as she is only 15 at of this moment. Well, as of the moment this was taped. She could be 18 by now for all I know. Either way though, she had an aggressiveness about her audition that really drew me to her. She seemed very… commanding. Which I think is rare for a young performer. It’s one of the reasons you don’t want a 15 year old on stage, but since she lacks that problem, I’m fine with moving her into my Top 3 position.

As for honorable mentions the only thing I can say is that I really liked Mackenzie Bourg‘s medley. I didn’t really like him, because to me he was just 1,800 other auditions I’ve seen. He didn’t really stand out to me beyond the excellent compilation of songs, which I still support him doing, just maybe not being the one who sings them. He was also kind of a whisperer, which I found very odd.


Some final thoughts:

  1. Ugh Clay Aiken – who knew you’d be on so much of the final season after all that hate you spewed about the show that made you a D-Lister… Was Aiken really the best that Idol could get for that job? I just feel like there are so many better options. But I guess the better people are busy with their better things. So I guess it makes sense. But to try and be Simon with that half-shirted guy? I mean come on. You are not, nor will you ever be, Simon Cowell.
  2. If I were handing out awards for make-overs, Adam Lasher would not be on my list. How did you go from cool rocker to looking like a crooner from the 30’s? It may be someones look, but it’s not mine. I say stick with the Santana vibe, personally (but again I go back to Brenda K. Starr’s offspring – if you have a famous parent/relative, why are you coming to Idol in the first place? I mean playing the nepotism card works pretty often.
  3. Finally, of all the “tough decisions” the judges have had to make this season, none of which they’ve really even argued about – did you really have to use the blind guy are your example of good people who aren’t “good enough” when you keep every 15 year old who walks through the door? Mario, I think you were robbed! Sure you might not have made it to the live show, but you had more of a chance than a solid quarter of what I’ve seen go through.  And while I would be angry and need justification, I then remembered – didn’t this guy try out for The Glee Project? I feel like he was eliminated early from that too… so if Ryan Murphy didn’t think he’d succeed in that space, I’m ok with Idol not taking him.

And with that, we move on to tomorrow where we’ll have the LAST audition episode EVER for Idol. I wanted to make a bunch of “penultimate” references on here, because it’s a word I love, but Slezak used it in his headline and I didn’t wanna look like I was copying – so I’ll just say that I hope Slezak and I are just similarly minded. I mean, we definitely are. He just hasn’t noticed me yet… haha

crying rain

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American Idol – It’s Not Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Man was it just me or was this a bit of a lackluster episode? It’s weird, I always think the 2 hour episodes are too long, but the hour long episodes just don’t have enough. Maybe it’s because shorter episodes don’t have as many wow moments so they just seem more lackluster? Maybe it was Clay Aikens fault? Sabotaging the show with his contestant picks? I was just shocked at the end to hear Harry say there was a good chance we’d see someone from Philly in the Top 10. I mean lets be real here, Philly hasn’t seen a Top 10 anything in a long time. Especially when it comes to competition.


By my count there were 6 golden ticket winners (and 3 powerball winners). I’d talk about my favorites but I don’t really think I had any… So lets just talk randomly about all of them, I guess.

Gianna Isabella – 15 years old from Jackson, NJ 
Song: House of the Rising Sun

You know when someone has a famous parent, I always wonder why they’re auditioning in the first place. It’s one thing to try and make it without their help, but she’s clearly had her moms help so that can’t be it. To me, she wasn’t bad at all, but she wasn’t great. Do I think she deserved the ticket? Meh… sure. Do I think she’ll make it through to the live shows?

um no1

Issac Cole (McNanny, like an Irish babysitter), a 15 year old from Smalltown, PA.
Song: Love Like Crazy 

Ok first off I just have to say that I didn’t realize this was a song and thought he’d written it, and that the lyrics were kind of terrible… then I realized it was a real song, so I won’t blame that part on Isaac. But anyway, Isaac is someone that I do think deserved a ticket and really just based on odds, I think he has the best chance of the Philly people I saw, to make it to the live shows. That’s only because of his obvious Beiber resemblance. That said, are girls even still into him? Is that a look that people still find attractive? As someone who I guess was too old to ever find the Beibs attractive, I can’t really answer.  I also got mad that Jen said he sings about heartbreak but hasn’t experienced any. This was a big problem last season with MANY contestants, and I just don’t understand why you would talk for a few minutes on how people aren’t ready, and then you still let them through. I’ll never understand that. With all the contestants that ARE ready, why let people through who clearly aren’t? It’s going to be Daniel Seavey all over again.

Sara Sturm – 18 years old from Chantilly, VA
Song: My Lips are Moving

I actually think Sara was my favorite audition. I can’t say she had the best voice, but I just liked her the most for some reason. The reason escapes me but I do hope to hear her again, and  I hope she does a good job. Also I spent most of her audition talking about weathermen because I thought her last name was Storm and I was thinking that you really are destine to be a weatherperson with a last name like Storm.

I’ve also not been talking really about people who didn’t make it, but I think I need to talk about Mr. Ellis Banks. Yes, his audition was over the top and that outfit was not necessary. But I think had he come in without all that, he might have had a better chance. That said, I really liked him in the outfit. I thought it fit the song and the show he was going for. I do think there’s a place for him somewhere and I hope he finds a stage for himself because he does have a presence. I just don’t know where that is.

Jenn Blosil – 23 year old from Brooklyn by way of Utah
Song: Radioactive

Ok first and foremost, I loved that Ryan had to reiterate that he liked Brooklyn, giving the impression he could give two shits about whether Jenn did. I honestly wonder how far this chick will go. She’s the quirk of Joey last year, but with less going on upstairs. I did enjoy her. The thing about Jenn is, well, you know I love a quirky girl. My favorite comment from twitter was:

jennblosil taco

and in case you were wondering, Jenn’s favorite tweet was:


I do hope this girl has the mental toughness to make it on this journey because she is very interesting and I like interesting people (whose voices aren’t terrible) to be on the live shows.

Harrison Cohen – 17 year old from New City, NY
Song: Original called “No Time”

Why I liked Harrison? Well, I think it’s obvious…


John Greene – 27 year old from NY by way of Raleigh, NC. 
Song: Somebody Like You

Was it just me or was this one of the most bizarre back stories to show? I mean, I don’t think they would’ve shown it if the guy wasn’t good so I was pretty sure he’d be through. Honestly, he was one of the better singers/musicians, but man… I just don’t know. His whole story left me a little gobsmacked. I also wonder if the judges heard his story or if he just told the cameras and the judges will find out later? It’s hard to say. Part of me wonders if he didn’t say anything about the story and then when the producers were googling him and realized what happened and then said, look, you have to tell this story because if it comes out later, it’s going to be even more awkward. I don’t know, it was just weird. All around. A very weird note to end the episode on and that’s really when I’d wished there was another hour to go so I wouldn’t have to end on this guy.

Alas… but tonight IS 2 hours so we’ll see what we get out of that 🙂

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Game of Thones: Season 5 Episode 6

Hello once again! I figured since I did it last week, and because American Idol is over – why not continue my conversations while watching Game of Thrones. This time I watched with my best pal Jess. She’s also read the books (remember I only like to talk to people who’ve read the books so they can give me, the non-book reader, some better understanding).

And like last time, I’ve added some stuff, re-arranged some stuff because Jess started a few minutes before me thanks to me having to do some re-winding and whatnot. I also added some tweets from this person I don’t know but recently started following. If you wanna follow her, you can find her at @motelsonthemoon. Anyway, here ya go! Enjoy 🙂


Ok. I’ve got it paused at the beginning

KB: cool. I’m just looking at The Rocks beautiful face.
I hope his show is good but I hated Entourage so I imagine I will end up not liking it.
JW: It’s nuts. I think I’d have rather not read the books at this point cause they are veering wildly off course now

Oh the Rock

KB: I’ve heard that
JW: I want to like that show too
KB: although my friend Katie posted something like “as a book reader not much shocks me, this episode shocked me” so I’m curious what she’s talking about (although I think I know)

I’m watching the “previously on”. I think it’s almost done.

JW: Yay
KB: ok it’s starting for realsies

UGGGGGHHH hold on. Someone is talking… let me pause while I eye roll in his direction…

ok sorry. and then he’s like – oh you’re watching GoT? Well guess what, this just happened – guess I definitely know what’s gonna happen at the end of the episode now… grumble grumble. At least it’s what I thought it was.

JW: Seriously. OMG.
KB: I mean I know most of the spoilers and when he said what happened I figured that’s what it was but come on

ok so I really don’t get arya’s life right now, well her storyline. I mean I get the like “you must become no one” but what are they doing with these maybe possibly dead people?

**Side note: Best comment regarding Arya’s new life:

GOT S5E6 - Arya

JW: Yeah, you’ll see.
KB: I better. I’m getting impatient. lol

“You will know why. When it’s time, not before…” ugh, thanks bitch.

JW: Haha
KB: seems like this chick and Arya have a little bit in common… well, if it’s true I guess. By her attitude I’m guessing it’s not true? Is that girl even really a girl or is she that guy? I guess we’ve seen them together so probably not…
JW: Who knows what is true anymore? lol
KB: Word. So she’s just getting beat until she says she’s no one? I mean, come on dude… Arya, get the net.
JW: She’s a bit hard headed.
KB: Clearly. lol.

Poor Jorah. I really want him to live 😦

JW: Me too
KB: I hope if he dies (probably when…) he at least does it noble-y
JW: He’s one of my favorites.
KB: I find myself making deals with this show like, I’ll be ok with Jorah dying if it means Brienne is ok.
JW: I don’t know how I never put two and two together. . That the Commander was his dad.
KB: Yeah, I didn’t either. Although in the scenes from last week when they showed him I was like, why are they showing that guy again (but I wasn’t really listening)… then I was like, AHA! When the scene happened – How did we not put two and two together? I mean, you read the books. haha

So at what point do you think the stone-skin stuff like, really changes you into those crazy people?

JW: I love Tyrion
KB: He’s the best.

*Sidenote, if you haven’t seen his thing for the Red Nose Day, you definitely need to check that out. ASAP.

JW: He ‘s changed my mind about dwarves.
KB: my friend Stephanie is obsessed with him. Since way before GoT.
JW lol
KB: Awkward that Tyrion’s gotta tell him his dad died. Whoopsies. Um, duh he didn’t know TYRION. What, you think a man on the run in the fake middle ages gets email?

GOT S5E6 - MyBad

JW: Yeah, Ravens are freaking slow. Frown emoticon
KB: haha. For serious.

So people take like, sick people to this temple too? How did they get in but they give Arya a hard time? Is it because she wasn’t sick?

JW: Yeah.
KB: Is this another trick? Is the sick girl that bitch from earlier and the dad is faceless man guy?
JW: It’s a trap! lol. I don’t know…
KB: When was Arya sick and dying? Do we know that happened? Do book readers know that happened? When’s someone come up behind her and whip her like last time? I feel like now that girl is gonna turn into a dragon or something
JW: Haha. It’s not true. She’s lying.
KB: Aha. Wow moment numero dos. Well, not wow, but aha.

What’s in that water? The suspense is killing me. Is this a trap?

JW: It’s weird.
KB: where is she gooooooooing?

So they kill people… Clean ‘em up .. And make skin suits out of them? How very Hannibal Lector of them.

**Afterthought – is that girl they brought in supposed to look like Arya-esque so she can inhabit her face?

JW: I don’t get this place.
KB: and then they use their weird magic to inhabit these peoples faces (or their whole bodies? Is that why they have to do all the body washing and whatnot?)

I love how vast it looks though. It’s a cool little underground palace

you know, minus the creepy heads and whatnot

JW: Lol yeah… That place is huge
KB: wonder what made her ready to become someone else, when she’s still talking about her past history
JW: I dunno… because she let the girl die? Because she lied to the girl maybe?
KB: maybe. who knows. but did that fountain kill her?

“Targaryeans are famously insane” hahaha

“Ever heard baby dragons singing? Hard to be a cynic after that” – have we ever heard baby dragons singing? I don’t think I’d be that impressed… Tyrion is bringing up some good points I hadn’t thought of about how others might see Dany… but I think I’m still on her team.

JW: Oh Jorah. . .
KB: Who are these dudes beating them up?
JW: Slavers.
KB  It’s Mr. Eko!!!

GOT S5E6 - MrEko

KB: So, Since they punched Jorah, will they get stone-skin crap? Will Tyrion get it because the slave guys touched both of them?
JW: I don’t think you get it until the person is all stone y
KB: “it’ll be a dwarf sized cock” “guess again” hahahahahahahaha

They could always bring a dead body though… the slavers haven’t really thought this through…

JW: Lol. Oh Tyrion… That is a great line
KB: I mean, they’ve mentioned his non-dwarf sized appendage before. haha

I want to hear one of the songs they wrote about Jorah. I would’ve made Tyrion sing one.

JW: Peter… He’s gonna get himself in trouble.
KB: Fuck that guy. I hate littlefinger.
JW: Me too. He’s even worse in the books.
KB: I don’t know who I hate more… Baelish or those weird religious people. Are those weird cult-ies gonna do something to him?
JW: I have a weird attraction to the guy who plays him though… And his accent
KB: He has a rat face to me, but I don’t think he’s un-attractive. Just “not my type” attractive. Isn’t Baelish supposed to be some kind of religious person?

I had to re-wind because I missed the beginning of Cersie conversation

JW: He’s a money guy, not religious. He only provided “services” to the priest guys.
KB: it’s more his clothes that made me think he had some kind of religious background. He dresses like a bougie monk – is that an oxymoron?
JW: Yeah, with his leather dress…

Oh.. He’s telling Cersei about Sansa

KB: God he’s fucked up. Is there anyone he won’t turn on? Is he trying to get her to do something to the Boltons? I kind of hope so if that’s his angle – Hey Cers, hows about you go skin you some Ramsay and Roose? Have their sigil made out of them!

GOT S5E6 - Flayer

JW: I wanna know how Cersei keeps her hair so perfectly curled
KB: Because she’s a bad bitch.
JW: With no electricity.
KB: She probably uses the burning fingers of children.

So clearly Baelish just wants power. who the fuck are the Lannisters gonna strike with? And Baelish wants Warden of the North? As if…

**Side note – Cersei’s def right about Lysa….

GOT S5E6 - LysaCrazy

JW: haha.
KB: I mean, what’s this tools end game? He’s basically Frank Underwood in House of Cards… or the Penguin in Gotham. More like Frank though, I think.
JW: YES! That’s exactly his game. If he’s got the Aerie (from marrying Lysa), then marries Sansa and he gets Winterfell and becomes Warden of the North.
KB: mmhhmmm…

I like how the Dorne King guy wants to protect his son/Cersei Jr.

aw poor Mycella… she’s got a hot husband and her dads gonna kidnap her because he thinks he’s doing the right thing…

JW: She does look a lot like Cersei. He’s basically king already. I want them to be together. They’re cute.
KB: Why is the King in a wheelchair?
JW: In the book he has gout.
KB: seems legit… the Kings disease, isn’t it? or just rich people disease?
JW: I love Bron! Brom? Whatever his name is..
KB: I like the sand snake chicks. These girls are about to go balls out aren’t they? where are they going? To find Jamie?

or to make sure Jamie and Bronn don’t get Cersei Jr? Or are they going after Cersei Jr?

JW: I think they’re trying to kill Myrcella. I think.
KB: ok that’s what I was thinking. Fight scenes always make me nervous but that one was lame. All those people fighting, especially notoriously badass snakes, and no one dies? That’s very non-GOT-like. I guess I’m happy because I don’t really want any of these people to die.

Now I’m wondering how all these people even got into the water gardens? Isn’t it part of the palace? Can anyone go there?

JW: Oh for fucks sake. lol. That should’ve been so much better. Weak scene.
KB: YESSSSSSS  Granny is back!! The best character in all the land!
JW: She’s the best
KB: if she doesn’t stay safe I will stop watching this show. The only acceptable death for her is comfortably in her bed. He’s better with women deaths than he is with men (Martin, that is) so hopefully she’ll be ok
JW: Burn
KB: What veil? hahaha
JW: I love her.
KB: House Lannister has no rivals – um… might wanna check on that Cers. That’s old news.
JW: Maybe before daddy lion bit the dust.
KB: Bingo. Everyone hates Cers. Who’s going to do business with her?
JW: This guy freaks me out.
KB: Yeah, I wanted to like the old grampy but I really don’t. He’s nuts. I did like when he played Juan Peron in Evita though, if that’s any consolation.

GOT S5E6 - Pryce

I like the beard that Loras is rocking though… Makes him almost look like Theon.

JW: Yeah
KB: This is not looking good for Loras… oh shit.

GOT S5E6 - Trial

JW: Uh oh… Margery too?
KB: Cersei what kind of trick witchery do you have up your sleeve? She’s the fucking Queen. How is this being tolerated by Tommen? Stand up for your woman, boy!

fucking CSI up in this shit

JW: Cersei done fucked up.
KB: this old guy has gotta die. what the fuck man. And take that Oliver guy out while you’re at it.

aha, this Miranda chickadee… I still don’t know her angle.

JW: She’s a freak.
KB: Is she trying to be friends with her? Maybe just getting Sansa to trust her so that she can leak info to Ramsay? But I feel like she is maybe just giving her tips so she survives Ramsay?
JW: She’s a nutcase. Straight up.
KB: At least they show that Sansa sees through her. I was a little worried.
JW: Sansa is kind of awesome.
KB: At least her wedding dress is pretty, you know, for a Northerly look.
JW: She’s one of the characters I didn’t care for at first.
KB: I hated her for a solid 2 seasons. What was to like, with her sucking up to Joffrey? Barf. I don’t think I started liking her until the end of last season. And I’m still not sure if I like her or just pity her?
JW: Yeah, she’s grown on me. Isn’t she still technically married to Tyrion though? I don’t get how they are marrying her off again
KB: I hope Sansa finds out that Theon didn’t kill her family

Something about how since Tyrion never consummated the marriage?

JW: Oh. I guess that makes sense.
KB: Yeah, in weird fucked up crazy land.
JW: In the books he lied.
KB: Which makes sense. Let him think he’s rightful but then it’ll turn out he wasn’t and that way Baelish can marry Sansa.

Wasn’t it not even supposed to be Sansa? It was supposed to be like, someone pretending to be Arya?

JW: Yeah Sansa is supposed to be somewhere with Peter, in the books.
KB: I’m surprised Theon said his name was Theon and not Reek

Man Theon is another one I hated but ultimately feel really bad for

how do they do that with SO MANY characters in this damned book?

JW: Lol. Right?!
KB: the only people I’ve consistently hated from beginning to end are Ramsay and Joffrey

I do not think Ramsey is being honest about wanting her to be happy

JW: Eeep. Ramsay freaks me the duck out.
KB: word. the creepiest. even his smile is creepy
JW: He plays creepy insane so well.
KB: That’s the truth.

Is he gonna tell her he killed her brothers now? Even though he didn’t do that either?

JW: Ew. Ew. Ew. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.
KB: Well this is uncomfortable…
JW: Um…….. yeah. About that.
KB: although at least they aren’t showing anything? Lets just express ourselves through other people’s twitters:

GOT S5E6 - RamsaySansa01 GOT S5E6 - RamsaySansa02


And if people want more, you can go here.

JW: This is terrible.
KB: You know it’s bad when they don’t paly music at the end.
JW: Poor Sansa.
KB: Honestly I thought it would be way more graphic based on what I saw on FB and Twitter last night while I wasn’t watching. I mean, it was uncomfortable but I’m glad I didn’t have to actually watch it.
JW: It definitely wasn’t Game of Thrones Sex Scene-esque.
KB: Hardly. But I get that it’s traumatizing. Especially if something like that has happened to you. I mean, ugh. And I mean, if I was Sansa I’d be like – wasn’t this just supposed to be some chick who looks like me? Why am I filling in for some rando?
JW: Totally uncomfortable.

In the books the kids are all much younger too. They had to age them up I’m sure for propriety sake

KB: Yeah for sure. People seem to frown on chi-mo’s on TV unless it’s SVU. But you’d think they’d frown on TV Rape as well. I mean, this is like, the 3rd rape scene in this TV show. Not to mention the child wifery.

I want this whole situation to make her not trust Baelish and get back with Brienne


And that’s the end of that. Looking forward to next weeks hopefully rape free Ep 7.

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American Idol – Season 14 and the Winner Is…

This was a really interesting and entertaining finale.

I went in with a bad attitude. The performers seemed kind of lame. Either outdated or too new for met to have heard of. And then there were the remaining two contestants (who I tried not to even focus on because really they’re usually featured relatively little in the finale) were boring.

The show, I thought, was fantastic. It was one of the better finales with a myriad of great performances and that’s all I ever wanted in this show. So thanks for that, American Idol! I watched the finale and just kind of wrote out free thought style… so, enjoy!

So, all that said about how great the finale was… That first song…

brit kinda bad

Sorry, but that was just really bad. Really bad. The imperfections in Clarks voice were abundantly noticeable and the song… I mean, Fall Out Boy? Meh… Not a fantastic show opener, but the show would go up from there.

Tyanna Jones and The Jacksons 
“I’ll Be There/ABC/I Want You Back”

Ok so, I think Tyanna sounded as good, if not WAY BETTER than The Jacksons. I get that everyone sings with someone but I mean, I just like Tyanna. She didn’t really seem to fit in with them like I thought she would. I bet she’d fit Janet and Michael. Not these 3. I definitely think Tyanna has the best moves of anyone that was on Idol this year.

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1980:  Photo of Janet Jackson  Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Top 06 Girls with Nile Rodgers
“We Are Family/Le Freak/I’ll Be There/Good Times”

This just makes me MISS Sarina, and was Adannas voice really that good? And man do I miss Joey, that feeling hasn’t gone away. This is so good. If anyone could grab that lost look Maddie had at one point, I’d appreciate that to add to my gif cache (I got an image but it’s not the same). This grouping of songs was amazing. I hope they did that rap in as a tribute?

Top 05 Boys with Ricky Martin
“Mr. Put it Down/Living La Vida Loca/She Bangs/Cup of Life”

Ricky Martin is super hot, there is no denying. This song is crap. Thank god he likes a medley too! They’re like the sampler platter of music. And sampler platters are my favorite. I loved Quentin singing Livin La Vida Loca but when they were singing with Ricky to She Bangs, totes my favorite.

Adanna Duru with Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae singing my new favorite song! I love this Yoga song. The whole first verse is like, the best right now. Did you actually catch the lyrics?

Finale - 03AdannaJanelle

I knew a guy was gonna sing with her but he did not look like I expected. haha. I love this song so much. My favorite is when she’s like “So get off my areola” I mean, what a line. That’s writing, right there.

Prince Roy, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull
“Back It Up” 

I have never heard of Prince Roy (or is it Prince Royce? I couldn’t tell) but I like the name. Sounds fancy. Is it just me though, or does he sound like someone you’d hear on the new Finding Nemo movie soundtrack. It just sounds like a disney song. I liked it a lot more when JLo joined it in though. And it was definitely out of the disney category once Pitbull joined in.

Joey Cook with Echosmith
“Cool Kids”

Do I like this song? I kind of do. I see myself singing along to it occasionally. Maybe I do, but I don’t think it’s enough for the iTunes purchase (I’m out of the gift card money so I have to be more flexible). Do I like this song? I’d say about a minute and a half through the song I was over it. There’s actually some radio station that only plays the first minute and thirty seconds of songs. I think it’s a brilliant idea because most new songs are too long and most people now have way shorter attention spans. I mean, Billy Joel said cut it down to 3:05 but I say why not 90 seconds? This is 2015. But seriously, how much does this make you miss Joey? She’s so fun to watch.

Keith Urban
“Even the Stars Fall For U” 

Finale - 04Keith

Keith is the best. How can anyone not like him?

Rayvon Owen with Jamie Foxx 
“In Love By Now”

Um ok, so I think if I had to pick a favorite song tonight, vocally, it would 100% without question be this performance. What a great job. Jamie Foxx did way better than I thought he’d do. Although I never thought he’d do poorly, I just dont’ think I’ve really heard him sing anything slow. Plus next to Rayvon, I could see him sounding worse, but their voices blended perfectly. I really hope this one gets on iTunes because I’ll definitely get it!

I loved seeing Clark and Nick giving the cars to their musical mentors. I love seeing that kind of stuff. Always makes me tear up a little bit.


Daniel Seavey with New Kids on the Block
“Step By Step/Hangin’ Tough/The Right Stuff”

Daniel playing with 5 grown up better singing Daniels – it’s like they’re playing with 1991 Joey McIntyre… so that made it quite fitting that they opened the song together. This is just getting my teenage heart RAGING. There’s something about seeing Jordan on stage that just makes me swoon, to this day. Daniel who? Their moves have kind of slowed down a little bit but that’s ok. They literally played all but one of my favorite songs so how can I be mad? (But I mean, if you could’ve played Tonight, that would’ve been great).

Quentin Alexander with Vance Joy

I wonder if people ever get to request acts to play with them or if it’s just first come first serve of who’s available? I don’t see why Quentin would pick Vance Joy but I could see a producer looking at a list and thinking they’d be good together. Maybe he said he wanted to sing with them – I have no idea. Either way I really liked it.

Chris Brown and Pitbull (oh was Qaasim Middleton there too?) 

Is the background music for this Beat It? Also when Pitbull came out did anyone think that the last time he was out it was a different person? I feel like he looked really different performing with JLo than he did when he performed with Chris Brown. It was him both times, right? I didn’t really feel like I heard Qaasim sing anything but that’s ok. I hate Chris Brown so I was trying to not even really pay attention, to be honest.

Jax with Steven Tyler
“Love is Your Name/Piece of My Heart”

I just… his voice reminds me of my childhood. Well, high school. I know I wasn’t obsessed with early Aerosmith at first and I certainly can’t claim to be because most of the stuff I liked came out when I was in middle school/high school, not when my mom was. Basically from Get a Grip on, although when Nine Lives came out, I started going in reverse order. That was also when we saw them on tour. I think they only sang like, 2 songs from that album. haha. Rightfully so. It’s not a bad album though. Ok so back to Steven and now with Jax – I loved them singing Piece of my Heart and it just made me mad that Jax isn’t in the running, all over again. I also really enjoyed Jax’s weird walking in front of the judges – again, gif makers, if you would… maybe I need to figure out how to get in the gif making business.

Clark Beckham with Michael McDonald
“Takin’ It to the Streets”

I’m glad Clark is having fun with this (even though it’s a repeat song… which now I’m sure means Nick will also be doing a repeat song). I do like the kind of dueling pianos feel. The only thing I like more than one piano, is dueling pianos.

Finale - 05pianos

Nothing modern but I can’t say it was bad. I did enjoy it. I think he’s… actually I wonder if he’s really who anyone wants to win? I mean, Nick is the hotter of the two. But Clark is the one you bring home to dad. But Nick feels that way too sort of, I mean, he’s hot so dad should be fine with him…

Nick Fradiani with Andy Grammar (aka – Nicks doppelganger) 
“Back Home/Honey I’m Good”

Ok so Nick, what did I say about repeat songs? REPEAT SONGS NICK. At least it was just a little bit of repeat. I’ll allow it. Only because i’m having a hard time telling the difference between Nick and this lead singer. They could be brothers. How do so many people know this band/this second song? I’ve never heard of this band. First time was when Nick sang it the first time. This was an entertaining little performance.

*Side note, it really is nice to see how much fun the contestants seem to be having tonight.

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.
“Diamonds/Locked Out of Heaven”

I wasn’t sure I’d like the judges performance after last years weird weird weird… (what other word could you use?) performance… Locked out of heaven was my fave.

And now, the massive moment, a culmination of a season of hard work – according to Ryan.

And the winner is………………………..


Finale - 06Nick

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American Idol – Season 14 Finale – Part I

I have to say, watching the first five minutes, I was pretty ready to turn off the show. In fact, let me just vent out some re-tweeted twitter feelings and my own personal feelings as I was watching the opening of the show… These people kind of sum up a lot of my feelings.


Finale - Tweet02


And as for what I tweeted out at the results of the instant elimination:

Finale - Tweet01

The truly worse part was that I tried switching to the O’s game instead and they were losing 10-2… my night was turning into a very literal lose-lose scenario. Not to mention having to fight with one of the guys I watch Idol with because they tried to say that Nick and/or Clark were just as creative as Jax….

eye roll

The thing people don’t realize is that as they’ve voted off the contestant that gave the best show (of the remaining 3, and arguably of the season), while they were saving people “just good enough” – they’ve wound up with 2 pretty attractive guys who are utterly BORING. The shows been getting progressively more boring as the entertaining acts have been voted off (Joey, Quentin, and now Jax) and we’re left with a guy stuck in another era, and a guy who sings karaoke versions of bad songs.

I know, it’s hard to believe that I’m talking bad about my boy Clark. I did like him for a looooong time, but over the course of a few months, he’s done nothing with song choice to show any kind of sense of modernity, and while hotter, is showing signs of being the next Taylor Hicks. Nick is basically just a really good karaoke singer. He is Kris Allen, David Cook, Lee Dewyze and to some extent, he’s Phillip Phillips. The list goes ON and ON. And what do all of these guys have in common (excluding Phillip Phillips), they’re some of the least successful winners in Idol history, and this upcoming Idol, he will fall right into that trap as well. The great thing about Jax (and Quentin and Joey) was her originality and her artistry. She created and had a vision for a show. I don’t think Clark or Nick have that originality in their pinky finger.

no shade

The only hopeful caveat is that Nick never sang any of his original music on Idol. Maybe it’s unique. Maybe he’s some great songwriter that we just don’t know about… but I mean, can’t we all agree that if the songs were good, he would’ve tried to debut a few? Ala the contestants from last season? Maybe the producers said “no original music” this season – I can’t, off hand, think of any live shows that featured original music – although this season, are there that many original songwriters? Did any of them bill themselves as such? I mean I’m sure they’ve all written songs but were they any good? In case you are interested in hearing any of Nick’s original music, you can look here (oh hey Mumford and Sons knock-offs).

Anyway, I’ll try not to be too bitter as I go through each round:

Round 01: Clark “Georgia on My Mind” and Nick “Bright Lights”

Winner: Nick (barely) and definitely NOT the audience.

I HATE repeat song choices as a theme. That’s why I say that we the audience lost. And while they may not have done it 3 times like they did last season, they still did it twice, which is still too much for me. How many songs are there in the world that they would ever need to repeat a performance? But that’s not the fault of the contestants.

Clarks version of George On My Mind was one of my favorite performances of the season. It reminded me of a lot of what I loved about Clark early on in the competition. Disguised amongst a bunch of other contestants he seemed flawless, and early on he was… but his problem is that he never grew and this song this time, it was just a reminder that he was good. This performance wasn’t as good as the first, but it was good. As for Nick, it was a better performance for him that it was on the Top 05 week (which is why I decided to give it to him). It was still a shitty song by a quasi-shitty 90’s band. I mean these two with their song choices… you’re KILLING ME. I mean, fine you sang it well, but I need songs with meaning and with emotion. Now’s a good time to bring up an article I read about how White Dudes with Guitars Ruined American Idol.

Finale - UltimateIdol

Round 02: Clark “Aint No Sunshine” and Nick “I Won’t Give Up”

Winner: Clark-y boy.

It’s interesting that Clark got off the piano and stepped up to the guitar, but it was a good move. It honestly made me like him more. Maybe he wouldn’t be a terrible Idol? Yes. Yes he would. I can’t discredit a good performance but I can say he wouldn’t be a good American Idol. Not without a few more years of solid experience. And mostly it was better than Nick because I consider Jason Mraz to literally be the WORST song choice and anyone who picks him, I know I’m going to hate. No shade to Jason Mraz. The shade only goes to the guys who wanna be him. Guess what guys, he’s already him. And it’s just all terrible. That’s the only way I see it. He might as well have sung I’ll Be.

Round 03: Clark “Champion” and Nick “Beautiful Life”

Winner: Nick by a LANDSLIDE.

The thing is, Clarks song was SO bad. I mean really really bad. Those weird like, talk-y pauses… I don’t even know what to call it. It just wasn’t right. I don’t think it had to be a terrible song, the lyrics weren’t too bad, but like, the way he sang it I just didn’t get it. It was so weird and terrible. As for Nicks song, it was way better. Was it good? Yeah. Was it boring? For sure. Will it get him the win tonight? Probably.

And now, we move onto the Idol Finale, Part II to learn who will not make American Idol any money…

bethanny fell asleep

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