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Cauliflower Bites

The other night was one of those little miracles that comes together for a meal. My husband was out and I had to fend for myself for dinner. Usually that’s exciting because I can eat whatever I want without wondering if it’s something he would like. The problem when I eat by myself is that I have too many options in my brain and can’t make a decision.  When left to my own devices I’m a horrible decision maker. Especially food decisions. I also had a milkshake in the late afternoon that had me full well past 7:00. I knew I needed to eat something though, preferably something light. I had cauliflower (already cooked and mashed) that was going to go bad if I didn’t use it so I got to thinking and came up with what I would call a gem!

So, remember when I made the cauliflower pizza crust? This was an incredibly similar recipe. In fact, it was almost identical except that instead of making it into a crust, I made them into bites akin to mozzarella sticks. They were fantastic!

For this recipe,  the ingredients are exactly the same as the cauliflower pizza crust, but halved.

For a refresher – here it is

2 cups of cooked mashed cauliflower (usually half a head of cauliflower)
1 large egg
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon dried garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion salt

Add to this recipe a half cup of italian fine breadcrumbs.

The recipe is very simple and only requires a few steps

First you want to cook cauliflower and mash, and drain the excess water (a fine strainer should work and if you don’t have that, you can use a paper towel or 5) If you’re curious how to cook the cauliflower, here’s the website I used when learning the proper techniques, and I straight up boiled my cauliflower since I don’t have a steamer.

Then you want to combine all ingredients, except the breadcrumbs. You’ll have this lovely little mixture.

You then want to roll out the cauliflower into bite sized balls a little smaller than a golf ball. As you roll them out, place them into the breadcrumbs and give them a good coating. I like to do this all with one hand so that I can have another clean hand in case I need anything. They’ll assemble to look something like this

I was able to make about 20 cauliflower bites with this recipe. Once you have them all set up on your foil lined baking sheet (not a necessity but something I’m crazy about and always do), pop those suckers in the oven for about 25-30 minutes, they’ll start to get a nice brown toasty color on top and that’s when you’ll know they are done.

While the bites were cooking I whipped up a small batch of marinara sauce, using oregano and basil fresh from my garden (man do I love being able to say that! Can’t wait until I can say I used fresh tomatoes from my garden too!) You can always use pre-made marinara sauce. I won’t judge you… to your face…

When all was said and done I popped them onto a plate, poured the marinara sauce in the middle and sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and added some turkey pepperoni for some protein, and voila!

Way healthier than mozzarella sticks but the same amount of satisfaction! Enjoy!

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The Glee Project – Sexuality

I was pretty psyched for the episode this evening. I don’t really care too much about the sexuality theme (although I was sure it provide some super-awkwardness, which I am a fan of) but I was super happy to see the guest mentor.

Santana is by far one of my favorite characters. The plus? She seems like a pretty nice girl (minus her judgment picking the winner). At least her advice to the was good. Sometimes I wish the original casting of Glee was televised because I’d love to see what all the actual members of Glee would’ve been like competing for a position.

So, let us move on to the homework song. Sometimes I’m really thrilled with the songs they pick but this was not one of those times. I get that “I Wanna Sex You Up” is sexy(ish) but how many of these contestants were even alive when this song came out? I thought it would be super weird but it turned out pretty good. Nellie was right in her inability to be sexual. The faces she made were most definitely awkward and hilarious all rolled into one. I didn’t think anyone really did any better or worse than anyone else, really. Facial expressions aside I thought most performances were pretty on par. How Charlie won is beyond me. I get that beatboxing is sexy, but Charlie is the opposite of sexy. He’s totally weird, bossy and obnoxious. I’ll forgive Naya for not knowing him and his attitude issues.

Since I don’t want to dole out compliments to Charlie, let’s move onto the music video. I’m with Ali, I do love a mash-up. This one featured the likes of “Milkshake” by Kelis and “Moves Like Jaggar” by Maroon 5. Honestly, if you asked me the next morning what they sang, I would’ve just said “Moves Like Jaggar”. I feel like Milkshake was barely noticeable in the mash-up. I know it was there but I feel like it was mostly background. What I loved about the video was how Nellie stood out – she’s most definitely growing on me to the place she was when I first liked her before I heard her sing. I thought the girls for the most part were much better than the guys, they just give it more. It being what the French call that certain I don’t know what. The guys are definitely more attractive but the women are the better actors. Even Lily Mae was likable in her performance, and I’m not one to like her. Shanna was just too likable for me to judge her in any kind of mean way. For someone overly bubbly, I don’t hate her.

It would figure then, that it would be all males in the bottom 3. Tyler (the Damien of this season, at least for the first 4 episodes), Douche boy Charlie (thank god the judges don’t think beat-boxing is sexy) and Michael (takes direction but has a slight choking problem – and not in the Christian Grey way). In Michaels defense, didn’t Rachel “Queen of Glee” Berry also choke? As for the final 3 performances I didn’t think anyone did any better or any worse than anyone else. That’s only because I didn’t like any of the performances for specific reasons all their own.

Charlie – Charlie is a douche. I don’t like him. The judges don’t like him, And he did a terrible version of “I Get a Kick out of You”. I kind of hate that Zach stood up for him. I guess if you like a guy, you like a guy. I just don’t like that guy and I’m hoping his douchey antics continue because I don’t think it’ll take many more times of him acting like that, for him to get kicked to the curb. No matter how good he is.

Tyler – I’ve heard “Smile” a lot of times throughout my competition singing show viewing and this is one probably wasn’t in the top 10 (this one was one of the top) (and Glee’s version of this song? Impeccable!).  I was pretty sure this would be his farewell performance. I felt like the criticism he received from the judges was more like advice for the future and not tips for the next week.

Michael – Finally there was Michael. Yikes. I wouldn’t say the lyrics of Jason Mraz songs are quite hard to learn. Maybe any song is hard to learn in and hour or two. This just reminds me of a terrible American Idol audition. This would be one of those times that even Randy would make you stop singing. Buuuuuttt…. Back to Michael. So, what was I saying? That he was horrible? Yeah. Unlike Charlie however, I really like Michael. He’s nice to look at, he has good eyes for singing, as in, I feel like his eyes are screaming “MAKE OUT WITH ME” when he sings. That’s what I mean by good eyes for singing.

And because Michael is beautiful to look at and because Charlie has a guardian angel, it was Tyler who would go home. Bye Tyler. You’ll be missed. I did enjoy your character idea. Maybe next year, or in 5 years, when you’re more comfortable in your skin. Just don’t take so long that you can’t pass for a high school student anymore.

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The Glee Project – Vulnerability

Well this week was one of my favorites last season: Vulnerability (sorry I had to watch it a few days late. I was way too tired to stay up to watch it on Tuesday).

I was really surprised to see Cory Monteith as the guest for this episode. He just isn’t who I think of when I think of vulnerability on the show. I don’t really know who I think of but it isn’t him. Maybe Tina, or Sam maybe? Even Coach Beist like last season. I just don’t see Finn. That being said, his voice when he talks as Cory, sounds incredibly wimpy/vulnerable, so I guess we’ll give him a pass.  I also agree with Lily that he was more attractive here than he is on Glee. Not sure why that is but he looked different to me… maybe it was the clothes. I was not at all attracted to that whisper voice thing he was doing, though. So weird.

As for the homework assignment, “My Life Would Suck Without You”, I don’t like to agree with Charlie but I agree that was a weird song to pick for vulnerability. It’s not even the most vulnerable of Kelly Clarkson songs. It was a little bizarre; that being said, there were definitely standouts in the vulnerability department. Nellie was definitely one of the best. I agree she was worth the favorite pick (especially after hearing what the final song would be). She was starting to lose me last week but you can tell when she gets a song that fits her, that’s how she made it onto the show and she can totally be a standout if they keep doing songs that reflect her voice.

I thought Shanna or Aylin were a close second. I don’t know what anyone sees in Ali. Her voice is so weird and I’m glad that vocal judge Nikki sees it too.

In a morbid way I was kind of looking forward to seeing what the contestants shared when meeting with Erik. I really liked this episode last season. This season though, I didn’t think anyone really had anything incredibly vulnerable like last year when the girl admitted to having an eating disorder, and I just kind of felt like the bullying stories were a touch forced. Or possibly made up. I don’t doubt that Lily was the bully, but the scenario about watching Mean Girls and realizing that was her and she needed to apologize? I don’t see her apologizing. I mean the one guy (Michael/Blake – I forget who it was) who talked about watching a kid being bullied, I don’t know if I believed that but at least he’s a better actor than Lily. The more I see of her the more I can’t stand her. Her whole video shoot as the bully was definitely something I’d buy though, her kicking the crap out of someone smaller than her.

I really like that the contestants were singing something slower and more musical than their previous performances. I thought the song showed off a lot of the contestants voices. It’s definitely a great song for Nellie to shine on.  As for the standouts of the music video, I think it was totally Blake, agreeing with the judges once again. 100%. I thought that they all sounded great but Blake really stood out to me. All the girls were really good tonight as well. Maybe I’m just bad at saying anything negative about people singing about bullying? That’s probably it.

When it came time to pick the bottom 3, as usual, I completely agreed with the judges. This time though, I don’t think these three were in the bottom for their voices. I think they were there because of their attitude and annoyingness. So lets get to the bottom 3.

Lily Mae – Mercy – Lily terrifies me. I would not want to be found in a dark alley with her on the other side. She just seems like a very selfish and mean person. I mean, saying how well you did and how the judges just didn’t notice you in the homework assignment? The noticed you enough to critique you so clearly they asw you. She needs to get over herself. That’s just it. Her attitude sucks and whether it’s her competitiveness or not, nothing about her seems genuine. Even her crying doesn’t seem genuine to me. Maybe it sways Ryan, but not me.

Charlie – Fix You – I don’t like Charlie. He’s weird to me. He looks a little too much like Finn, and not in a good way. He’s also the ugliest of the boys on the show. He sang the song so well though. It was definitely my favorite performance of the bottom 3 tonight. I was really surprised how much Ryan liked Charlie though. It’s one thing to be swayed by his singing but usually Ryan focuses so much on the character and it was like he completely looked over Charlies character options. He must’ve because finding a character mold for him to fit into would be really hard in my opinion. Does he have a man crush on Charlie/Finn type characters?

Mario – Over the Rainbow – When this show started Mario was one of my favorites but he really rubbed me the wrong way in this episode. At first, before he went on his high horse, I was a little scared for Mario. I felt like Ryan was already leaning toward saving the previous two and Mario’s chances were numbered. He was almost lucky he’s blind because that story line almost writes itself. So all that being said, I did like him but then he goes and does these things that kind of make me hate him. I know if there’s one thing the judges hate it’s a contestant that won’t accept the judges critique and you aren’t going to go anywhere if you don’t listen and comprehend the criticism and correct what needs to be corrected. I agree with Ryan that he needs to drop his defenses. He needs to listen. Much as I hate to agree with Lily, she was right. Mario needs to drop his crux and listen.

For the record, I told Zack at the commercial break after the judges talked, that they’d keep all 3. I’m a freaking Glee Project genius. I call it all the time actually. I think it’s my reality tv talent. I can tell when they aren’t going to cut someone. It’s my magical talent.

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Outside work, Part III

In the third of my outside work posts, I’m pointing out the project that was solely mine! And what fun it was. Let’s start with some background. When the previous owners sold their home to us, they left behind some interesting little creatures.

In the front yard are my favorites. Mr. and Mrs. Deer and Mr. Turtle are minding the garden

Mr. and Mrs. Deer

Mr. Turtle

And then there’s Mr. and Mrs. Frog. They take care of the side yard garden

Mr. and Mrs. Frog

I’ll admit, Mr. and Mrs. Frog are a touch creepy which is why they are in the side yard, but I like how they look like little love birds and I had a soft spot for them when we moved in, so we kept them. Also, they aren’t nearly as creepy as those relegated to the back yard.

Let me introduce you to this little corner of the backyard

The area was a bit of a hot mess. To say the least. We didn’t even realize there was that little semi-circle of an area until months after we moved in because it was covered in leaf debris, and then snow, for the first 6 months we lived there. When it was discovered we thought we should do something there. We tried planting some wildflowers but they just looked like weeds. We’re still technically up in the air with what we can do there but there were a few aspects we knew we could take care of. First we (and by we I mean Zack) cut down all the ivy in our backyard. Then we mulched. And then, we took care of those animal. Let me introduce you to the island of lost garden ornaments.

Least of the creepy, we have another Mr. Turtle, attached to a rock.

Then there’s the mischievous/slightly creep Mr.Chipmunk

Finally, the uber creepy white squirrel.

Just try to tell me that last guy isn’t a soul-eating rodent? Something needed to be done with these guys and I had the perfect solution and thy name is spray paint! After analyzing all the color options at home depot I went with an oil-rubbed bronze. It seems to be a favorite among the blogs I read and they’re craft savvy so who am I to disagree? (…travel the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something… sorry… tangent)

Anyway… after an afternoon of spray-painting and two coats of paint, we now have decidedly less creepy garden animals.

Snazzy Mr. Terrapin (he’s been upgraded from turtle, and we already have a Mr. Turtle)

Dapper Mr. Chipmunk

Still slightly terrifying Bronze Squirrel

I still have nightmares that the white squirrel who torments my dreams will come back and eat away his spray painted self until he’s all white and creepy again but I’ll enjoy his bronze self until then. If you look beyond the terrifying squirrel, you can also see one of the bushes we transplanted from the front yard into the back to have more room for the garden.

Anyway, now the whole area looks decidedly more attractive!

And you barely notice the soul-eating squirrel. Now all we need is some grass where the ivy was (along with 500 other things). We’re thinking about putting a hydrangea bush in that mulched area but someone has decided he’s a fan of that little mulch patch made just for him, and isn’t he prettier than a couple of hydrangea bushes?

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The Glee Project – Dancability

So this week they are challenged to dance! I have a feeling this is just one of those difficult weeks for everyone. I get it. Dancing is a talent that is just not one I possess. Not that I’m a great singer or anything for that matter, either.

Lets talk about Taryn for a minute. She had one of my favorite voices of the group. I don’t know where she really fit in and maybe that was her problem, but I really liked her voice and I hope she’s able to do something with it in the future.

As for the homework challenge, We Got the Beat. I actually have a routine for this from back in high school! I could’ve choreographed this in minutes! As for the performance, a few things were reinforced me, and some things changed for me.


1. I still don’t like Samuel. Man he’s annoying. When he said skadoosh? You stole that, just like you stole the whole idea of your character.
2. The wheelchair girl is not my friend. She reminds me of Amy Poehlers character from SNL that only had one leg. I swear they make the same facial expressions. Shanna could give her a bit of a run for her money.

3. I still really like the Justin Beiber girl (Dani) and Mario, the Maryland native. And the hot bath geek. Blake? So hot. If Aylin had any sense in her head she would drop Charlie and pick up Blake (if that’s an option).

Changed: Nellie, not a big fan anymore. That first line of hers was super weird.

And the winner of this weeks challenge? Abraham! I do like his rocking of a grey shirt. I want to know more about him, too. I don’t really know what his deal is, but he has a good look and maybe that’s enough. Possibly another love interest for Tina Cohen-Chang?

Moving onto the music video – I’m so glad the choreographer agreed with what I also thought was the horrible dancing. And that Blake was doing really well, because I agree. And I completely agree that Lilly was super weird. I think it was just that whole “trying to hard” thing. It was probably a pretty difficult song to do in general just because the song clearly doesn’t need a great vocals. It’s a party song after all. What it really was though, was a hot mess. Messy is the best way I could put it.

I definitely think (as I usually do with these judges) that they kept back all the right people.

Dani – Landslide – Beautiful, just like I wanted it to be. She’s so sweet and adorable. I really hope she goes far in this competition. She does need to find herself a little more though. Her eyes are piercing though. Ryan is right that she isn’t in the broadway pop style. You can’t argue that. Which made me really really scared.

Tyler – Daniel – His voice is just so weird to me. I know that according to him this song fits his voice more, and maybe it does compared to last week but it just sounds so off to me. Throw caution to your safety net, says Ryan? I guess, if that’s the vibe he’s getting. I don’t get safe so much as trying to figure things out still. It could still be a reason to go home though. I think I just like him because I don’t want to hate him like I hate the final contestant.

Lilly – Man, I Feel Like a Woman – I don’t know why she is saying she’s never seen a big girl be the sexy girl because I feel like Lauren Zizes was that girl. Maybe it’s just because I want Lily to go home? I’m glad Ryan thinks her attitude sucks, as well. I agree. She does suck, to me. That being said, and Ryan knows this – Alex had an attitude the whole show and he made it to the finale, so she could be that person of this season.

In the end it was Dani. whomp whomp. I understand why he did it but it doesn’t make me any less upset. I’m sure there are coffee houses all over that would love to have her! And a certain website is out there where you could be heavily featured. Good luck to you Dani! If you ever put out a cd, I hope I want to own a copy. And maybe I’ll see you at starbucks sometime soon!

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Outside Work, Part II

As promised, I’m back this week to talk about the backyard. I thought the front yard would be where all the hard work was, but that’s only because I didn’t think we’d live to seriously tackle the backyard. And really, I almost didn’t, if you count what I think was a wicked spider bite as a near death experience.

Anyway, I tried to find some before pictures since my husband did a lot of this while I was out, but I couldn’t really find anything too extensive. Here’s a picture of my husband from when we first moved into our house (circa 2009).

What’s important to take away from this photo is that large patch of ivy to the right (that goes all the way down the hill and takes up a good half of the yard) and the forsythia behind his head. You may also notice if you’ve been to our house since 3 months after we lived there, there’s also no fence. That was our first big house purchase. That’s how hard it is to find a picture of this yard! I do have some fence documentation though!

Back to the backyard though. Apparently I hate the forsythia because I had no pictures of it at all while it’s blooming, or really just of it with leaves on it for that matter. Oh well. I did find a few pictures so you could all get the gist. Here’s our porch area in the winter time:

This was during snowpocalypse. See all those sticks? That’s the forsythia. Now, see this train wreck:

Fall is kind of ridiculous when you live on a wooded lot. The leaves are just crazy. See that big crowded mess on the left? That’s the forsythia bushes. Seven of them to be exact. This was the best picture I had of the forsythia filled out. If you are unsure of what they look like in bloom, just check them out here.

We had never really thought of moving the forsythia. Zack always liked the yellow flowers and it offered to make the area below our porch into a little forsythia lined room. The problem occurred when we were looking for a place to put a wedding gift we’d received. My husbands Uncle Rudy made us a beautiful porch swing that we’ve been jonsing to hang up for years and never really knew where to do it. We have a front porch:

It’s not very big though and we don’t really want to hang out in the front yard. We also didn’t know how strong the material was that the roof of the porch is made out of. Then we thought about the backyard and how it would look great underneath the porch out back, if that darned forsythia wasn’t there. So, we decided in the true fashion of most of our yardwork, lets transplant those suckers! And that’s what we did. Well, one is still looking for a home but the rest have successfully been moved! So now it looks a little something like this (Molly would like to help introduce you to Mr. Swing):

And now lets pan out for a more panoramic view

We figured if we were going to move the middle four forsythia bushes, and plant some flowers. We bought petunias, some hosta, a weird spidery plant (maybe to commemorate my ominous bite?) and some lilies which I am officially in love with. Are they not beautiful?

Here are some other shots too, just to show I’m not totally bias towards the lilies. I do also love the scarlet begonias, mostly so I can sing to them.

Our eldest dog, Scrapple, is a big fan of the garden

I’m a big fan of another feature in this little area and thy name is rain barrel. We’d considered making one after I read this blog from YoungHouseLove, but as it would turn out, our county sells them once a year in a big “Compost/Rain Barrel” sale! So we actually bought 3. Yup! One for us, one for my husbands mother and one for her neighbor! It was that good of a deal!

What’s so great about the rain barrel is that we have it hooked up to a soaker hose, so it makes watering our lovely little garden that much easier and if you can dummy-proof watering, I’ll take it! I am a notorious plant killer! And this picture is just another illustration of the forsythia! Those guys are actually still there to hide said rain barrel.

But lets get a view from the porch swing because that’s what this entire thing was for!

Oh how I love it so. It’s so nice to swing and relax with a glass of wine (or PBR if you’re my husband) after a hard day of yard work. We’ve sat in it a few times already and it’s been up less than a week. Less than 4 days for that matter! It’s the best. It only took us almost 3 years to the day (my anniversary is tomorrow) to get it hung up, but I’ll take it! It’s a wonderful free little anniversary gift from the hubs to have it hanging finally. Hopefully we’ll be able to admire an even more cleaned up yard soon enough! Or in the fall with some cocoa? The possibilities are endless really.

I’ll be back with one or two more outdoor posts soon but then we’re taking a little (much deserved) yard-work break!

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Outside Work, Part 1

We’ve been taking full advantage of the lovely weekend weather we’ve been having around here (wow, that’s a lot of W’s). We used most of our May weekends and a few of our June weekends to really put the pedal to the metal. Or grass, as it were. I thought I’d take a few of my future blog posts to just show the work we’ve been doing around the yard. This post, I’m going to talk about our garden.

Last year we were garden failures. We planted a lot, mostly on a whim and all we ended up with was a lot of jalapenos and lettuce we couldn’t eat fast enough. Let me explain.

Our house doesn’t get a lot of light. We live on what most would call a pretty wooded lot. We have nice flowerbeds out front so we thought our only option for a garden would be potted, on our back patio. We ended up with something a little like this… 

Like I said though, it was pretty much an epic fail. We got entirely too much rain last year, and the buckets were constantly flooded. We knew we needed a better system. Then we realized that maybe we were approaching this the wrong way. We thought to ourselves that we needed to bring the garden to where the light was and thus, a proverbial seed was planted.

We moved the garden out front. We took the flowerbed right in front of our house, transplanted some bushes to the back (the first of many transplantations we’ve been doing over the past few weeks) and got to planting! Now, we’ve got a nice little set up, with more than we had last year both in diversity and well, just more because things are actually growing. It  looks a little something like this:

We also got this really neat little bin of sorts. It’s a little more high tech than our 5-gallon buckets of last year. This one has a draining system, some kind of trash bag cover and a hole for watering. I’m pretty sure I could’ve made this but we decided to just buy the pre-made set up (and ended up buying a second one a week later). This is our first one filled with 2 pepper plants and 2 eggplant plants

What’s bananas is, that in just 3 short weeks we’ve gone from that, to THIS!

The eggplant is seriously out of control! And our tomato plants are already showing early signs of actually producing tomatoes! We never got a tomato last year. The mint is also taking off like a weed, but it smells way better than a weed!

You can also see our now second bucket. It’s got some basil, jalapenos, and 2 cherry tomato plants. Those are new so they’re still small, but they are certainly on their way. I swear the basil has doubled in size in just the week it’s been out there. We’re already planning a batch of spaghetti sauce using the fresh oregano (hiding behind the massive eggplant bin) and basil! Tomatoes too I suppose once they actually come in 🙂

One of the small little weird garden blessings we also got this year? Well, while watering the largest of the tomato plants a few weeks ago my husband broke off a chunk of one so he just kind of stuck it in the dirt and hoped for the best… well believe it or not that sucker is taking off too. It looked like death for a week or so but it’s actually starting to grow now. It’s a spring of miracles to say the least!

The last thing we have left to do, at least garden related is to find a home for this guy and his brother:

That thing in the bucket is our apple tree. We actually have 2 but we can’t decide where to plant them. Someday soon we’ll hopefully think of something but methinks it will involve a bit more transplanting of bushes. That’s an old hat for us now though so we’re ready for anything!

We still have lots going on! I’ll post about the backyard later. I think this is enough for one post. Here’s a hint though:

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The Glee Project – Individuality

Ok here’s the thing Glee Project – if you’re episode is about who’s making the top 14, shouldn’t you not have commercials featuring the top 14 before the reveal is made? I’ll forgive them since I watched this 2 days late, right before I Watched the official first episode.

There are so many, infinitely many reasons that this is one of my favorite reality shows. For one, I get to see a bit of the inner workings of my favorite TV show (that’s currently on tv). I love seeing how Ryan Murphys brain works. Secondly, I really love how honest and up front the mentors are. They’re going to tell you exactly how it needs to be because it’s their job to make sure the show looks good. It’s not their job to make you feel better.

What kind of weirds me out about the Glee Project – that all the kids kind of amplify “what’s wrong with them” as they introduce themselves. I’m in a wheelchair, I had an eating disorder, I’m blind, I’m in a wheelchair. I genuinely hate when people tell their grief/sob stories to the judges before they even sing. Here, it’s expected to know what your problem is, but everyone has issues. No one is coming onto the show completely devoid of issues. I guess in some regard the same could be said about Idol but you know what I mean.

I’m really surprised that they’re determined to only pic one person this season. I mean, they’re losing a fair amount of people. I thought they’d actually pick 2 for sure. I guess it makes sense though since this season, they want to kind of do that “show within a show” thing so I guess it’s gonna be easier if they don’t have to introduce a bunch of new characters.

As for the challenges this week, well, this actually goes for every week, I feel like a lot of time, watching the homework challenge is difficult. It reminds me of group night on Idol. Everyone wants to show themselves and it barely qualifies as a group performance because they aren’t trying to be a group, they’re trying to get noticed, and that really bothers me. The good thing is that they get better at it as the group gets smaller and they (will hopefully) be a little more team oriented. I guess that’s why it’s good that this week was “Individuality” because that’s certainly where there heads were while singing Lady Gaga.

On the other hand, I really like when they do the music video at the end. I’ve always liked the ideas behind the music videos and while you can see behind the scenes who wasn’t really living up to par, they always make the videos look good

Let’s start with the contestants we saw the most of this episode:

Shanna – The winner of the week and first called back. I see they like her but I don’t really see what she brings to the table. I do like geeky southerners though so that’s fine. She reminds me of a souther Megan Hilty (anyone watch Smash?) And can we just mention Lea Michele’s shoes during the private session. Love! I tried finding a picture of them to no avail.

Aylin – First of the bottom 3. The character of the flirt. The Turkish girl talking about not being allowed to use Tampons (In the pre-first episode, Ryan Murphy had said “She had me at tampon”). She definitely stood out of the bottom 3.  Good songs always help. She had it hardest I think because of Lea Michele also singing this song, and so recently no less. At least her personality showed so well. I think that helped her. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s clearly already thought about what her character would be. I think that’s part of the reason Damien made it on the show last year. Ryan saw him the most of anyone so it was easier to picture him on the show. Being in the bottom is definitely a blessing and a curse.

Tyler – The second of the bottom 2. And also, the transsexual. It is odd to me that he would try out this year. I only say that because it sounds like his voice is still going through transition and to me, I feel like it might be better if he waited until his voice kind of got set before he tried out. At least he acknowledged the vocal changes.

Maxfield – The eliminated contestant of the week. It’s never good when a judge describes you as “disastrous”. No one likes to hear that. At first when I heard his whole “issue” was that he just started singing 6 months ago. I didn’t realize that was an issue but ok. I do think not having the chops as a professional performer is something you can’t really fake unless you’ve really got it, in this competition, and the judges saw that. Sorry about your luck. Bye bye Maxfield.

As for the rest of the contestants…

Abraham – The only thing I really know about him is that he’s from San Diego (I think) and he has cool hair.

Ali – I want to describe her as “huge boobs in a wheelchair with a squeaky voice”. She’s probably my least favorite of the girls so far. I was going to say “her or _____________” but really I can’t think of anyone else that I really don’t like of the females, so far anyway.

Blake – I have to agree Robert (the head judge) on this one. When he sings he just kind of looks like a star walked into the room. That being said, I’m still having a hard time remembering who’s Blake, Charlie, and Michael. Charlie only helps because he wears that beanie.

Charlie – Looks a heck of a lot like Finn. And much like Finn, he’s one of my least favorites.

Dani – The reason the website “Lesbians who look like Justin Beiber” was created. I really like her though. And, I think that it would be a very Glee move to have a woman that looks like Justin Beiber, as opposed to a guy like Justin.

Lily Mae – Her competitiveness scares me.

Mario – He’s from Lanham, MD! And he’s blind, minor issue. HE has a great smile though so that helps J

Michael – The math geek. Hot geek? Sign me up! He may get lost in the shuffle but he’s definitely attractive enough to stay, in my lovely little opinion.

Nellie – Her sister passed away when she was 9. She’s an early favorite of mine. She’s adorable. I love her look, her style of singing. All of it.

Taryn – I still don’t know much about her, but she has one of my favorite voices.

And that’s it for episode 1.

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