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Top 04×2

Hey folks!

Sorry this is a little late. It was a hectic week! But I’m here with the results of last week.

Obviously there was that SHOCKER of a reveal


You aren’t sending anyone home???

Was it hard to believe they didn’t send anyone home after they didn’t use the save? Yeah… I was about this shocked…


Yes, that’s sarcasm. It’s about as socked as I was when the judges were critiquing Candice the night before (ok now that is some real sarcasm)

I think it was pretty obvious that was going to be the shocking twist. I was kind of hoping that it would be something about having a theme about songwriting (although it’s logical for them to not do that because we all know Amber has probably never written anything in her life, so why would she start now) Obviously with the barrels of creativity pouring out of the producers, and by barrels I obviously mean trickles, it was clear they’d pick something boring like saving a week.

I like the save of the week though. Why? Because it gives the judges the chance for them to redeem themselves. Here’s hoping they give the praise to Candice that she deserves and don’t just shovel it onto their little packaged fake-Rihanna/Beyonce hyprid. God I hate Amber and it isn’t even her fault. Ok really, I hate that the judges just spout whatever nonsense the producers are telling them to spout. Ugh. The frustration.

Moving onto the week. In the time that there is no “loser” of the week, I gave 50% off the points for the girls in the bottom 2 and since we don’t know who had less points (but we like to dream that it was Amber and pray to Shiva that it is so) we can’t give anyone the 5 pt bonus for the correct pick of the bottom person. As such, the breakdown looks like this, this week:

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 11.47.41 PM

Also, a correction from last week. It seems I only doled out half the bonus points last week by accident and as a result, I actually didn’t win the week. I know, it was sad and I had to go with my tail between my legs to my dear friend Wendy, to apologize. Sorry Wendy!  But, you are the winner so go forth and brag. For last week. Unfortunately you were back at the bottom this week.

Here’s the breakdown from last week, with an addition of m’bad:

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 11.49.57 PM

I’ll be back later this week to talk about what I want to see the contestants sing for “Then and Now” week! Probably just the “now” though because I’m sooooo over “then”

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Top 04 – Another Theme Down the Drain

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 9.49.12 PM

Good lord this episode. I have so many things. I ranted for like, 3 full paragraphs last night but I deleted it because I think I just sounded like a crazy person sounding off, but I still want to get my points across as to why last night sucked so much (And this still might be random, and it still may make me look neurotic but it’s a risk I’m willing to take):

1. The Song Choices – As has been somewhat of a theme this year, the song choices were terrible. Keith, I was feeling you when you asked if there were any One Hit Wonders from this decade – in fact, there are many. Many, former American Idol contestants! But the long and the short of it is that there were so many better songs to pick from. Ahem… so why they picked this drab group of song choices is just beyond me. I’d be hard-pressed to believe these girls even really knew these songs before they sang them. How does one not know a certain Beatles song, but they know “Whiter Shade of Pale”? I actually do believe Kree probably knew that song but that’s not my point. I think you get my drift. And a part 2 about the song choices – If you hadn’t known what the theme was, wouldn’t you have guessed “Songs by One Hit Wonders made famous by more important bands”? That’s sure what it seemed like to me!

2. Can we please for the love of god stop worshiping at the shrine of Amber and her “Complete Package”? Why not just say that complete package means the right look? Because that’s really all they mean. She’s no better a singer than any of the other contestants. Maybe she’s tied with Angie… maybe. It’s just infuriating to see the judges praise her lackluster and barely mediocre performance of whatever that second song was that she sang.

3.Poor, poor Candice. She was barely even critiqued the second time because all the judges (except Keith) had to fight with Jimmy about his critique. And why always wait for it to be Candice’s turn for a critique to bring up problems you’re having with the evening. Say it in between contestants when Ryan asks you how the night is going or something. Or say it when it after the first round (because there were definitely some old choices in that bunch, and when Amber bursted into her second old/drab song choice, I think that would’ve been the perfect time to say something about terrible song choice. You know, maybe TO the girl who needed the critique?!#Q@#%@$^).



4. My biggest problem with Amber is that while everyone see her as the complete package, she doesn’t have that likability factor of the people she’s compared to. I mean, Kenya Moore is more Beyonce than Amber is. At least Kenya has a personality.

I have a lot more to say but I’ll just put it with my actual performance pieces. I’ve also included my physical reactions to all the performances tonight. You’re welcome.

Amber Holcomb – Power of Love


If this were Diva’s week, this would be the exact song I’d expect to see Amber pick. I don’t know if she only didn’t pick it because Kree was singing Celine but this would’ve been perfect for that. I’ll also, in my “Say 3 nice things before saying anything mean” say that she looked SUPER hot tonight. I can’t deny that the pant suit and hair were sexy (that counts as 2 nice things because I said pants AND hair). I thought this was most certainly the better of her two performances of the evening but even this one lacked that “Idol Moment” that it could have possessed. This song has just been so many times on Idol. It only proves even more how stale Ambers song picking ability is. Ok so now that those were my 3 nice things (possibly with a few mean things interspersed), stay tuned for my next review of Amber later on.

Oh, and Jimmy, “She didn’t sound great, but she’ll be hard to beat” – what the EF does that even mean?

Candice Glover – Find Your Love

um no

Candice gave Amber quite the gift this week. It’s almost confusing but I guess if she’s a big Drake fan then it makes sense… but if Candice were smart with her positioning, she should have done another power ballad like Amber, just to prove to the judges how MUCH better she is than Amber. BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Here’s the thing with Candice, while I may not always agree with her song choices (or know her song choices), she does something with a song to make it her own, more than any other contestants in this show. While this may not have been my favorite performance of hers, I still thought it was original (after listening to what the original sound sounded like), very well sung, and showed absolutely zero vocal strain even though she’s clearly got a super bad cold (unlike contestants who may or may not have performed before her and strained their voice on the entire second half of the song). I also liked that she picked a song from the last 10 years (1 of a mere 2 times that happened tonight). How Nicki would call it old fashioned is beyond me, when Candice’s song was literally almost 20 years older, and that’s just when Celine sang it!

What I have to bitch the most about though goes by the name of Randy F-Bomb Jackson. Um yeah, “It can’t always be for church”? What.The.Freaking.Hell.

I’m sorry but when did he say that ever, to Joshua Ledet, or Jacob Lusk or even Fantasia for that matter? Why is he telling Candice this? Hopefully it’s just because he wishes he’d said it to those other guys. Gah. It just makes me angrier and angrier thinking about Candice and her critiques this evening.

Thank you Mariah and Keith for being somewhat, the voice of reason.

Kree Harrison – It Hurt So Bad


I only say not impressed because I would’ve liked something more current, something more interesting, something that wasn’t this song. Her voice was still as impeccable as always but clearly the judges are passed actual singing quality in their critiques now that they have a Top 4. The only reason I even remotely agreed with Nicki’s comments about people blowing smoke up her ass, was because I think to some extent Nicki is right that Kree should be worried to be in the bottom 2. BUT, that’s only because of their unwarranted praise of She who shall not be named. I still don’t think Nicki needed to be so negative though, especially on what could be Kree’s last night.

Angie Miller – Who You Are


Sure everyone was concerned when they realized Angie was singing yet another Jessie J. song. The good thing is, not a lot of people are super proficient with the Jessie J. songbook and as an artist she certainly hasn’t been featured on Idol much, if at all, before this season. For me, this was a perfect song for, and a perfect performance by Angie. I mean, if you’re going to give someone point for being hot and having a better than average ability to sing, give it to Angie, not Amber. She’s certainly the only one I think that was deserving of a Standing O’ of the performances tonight. All of them, not just the ones up to this point. This performance was everything it needed to be, to keep her in the Top 3, if there was even a chance she wouldn’t be in the Top 3.

I’ll mention that I was right on Mariah’s wavelength thinking that the powers that be picked this performance so that Angie would sing another original. but has anyone thought that maybe just maybe that was her only good song? It’s definitely possible. I still think that Ryan saying they had a big surprise for tomorrow, might have something to do with songwriting maybe, but I mean, if Candice and Amber stay, I don’t really see them as songwriters – but maybe that will give Angie a reason to shine? It’s certainly her chance to just build on the performance she had tonight.

Oh, and the only thing I love more than Angie and her performance? One clue…


Amber Holcomb – MacArthur Park 


mixed with a little bit of this


and finally a little bit of this

really bad

Oh Btitney, always the voice of reason. Things I thought about this performance: Bad. Strained. Off key. Old. Boring. That note she held forever that felt like it would never end… gahhhhhh.

But worst of all, and I do mean possibly, ok we’ll call this the second worst thing to happen tonight (I’ll get to the worst with Candice) was how Nicki, rather than critiquing ANYTHING just said she’d like to get to know Amber… and that you like how she takes chances? How is singing this drab old song with about as much enthusiasm as a wet mop, TAKING A FREAKING CHANCE????? I just don’t understand this? And for Randy and Mariah to stand for that performance? I mean, I gave up giving them any credit when they give a Standing O because they’re just so damn free with them to begin with, but what on earth were you standing for?????????????? Randy have you ever even HEARD Rihanna? How you compare the two ladies, I mean, you might as well compare waffles with oranges. They have THAT much in common. I dunno. That’s probably a terrible comparison but I’m angry and ranting so deal with it. Please. And thank you. Jimmy calling this performance corny was so beyond accurate that it’s even more infuriating that…. ok sorry, I’m going to Candice.

Candice Glover – Emotion 


Sure, Candice’s choice of One Hit Wonder wasn’t my favorite. Did she sing it well? Of course she did. Did she bring everything she could to what is unfortunately a drab song? Hell yeah. Would you know it from what the Judges said to her? Hell.No. I think Mariah was the only one who even gave somewhat of a critique while also mentioning Candice’s cold. At least she has a little bit of sympathy. I guess you can tell who the mother among the judges.

This performance just reminded me of that girl who came in to audition after Nicki and Mariah were fighting crying that she just wanted everyone to get along. First of all, Jimmy is completely entitled to his ACCURATE opinion. Secondly, you don’t need to comment/defend your opinion. Third, Keith, I know I already yelled at you for this but of all the times to bring up song choices, only to further inflame Nicki’s anger toward Jimmy and bring her argument back again. To say this entire “judgment” was overdramatic is an understatement. The only good thing was Jimmy affirming how much better Candice is as a singer than Amber. I think he did that. I don’t know, maybe in my anger I just made up what I wanted to hear and go to my happy place.

Kree Harrison – Whiter Shade of Pale

this concerns me

Kree, girl, I love you, but this was BO-RING.

She sang it so well, and if I needed a good little lullaby to sing me to sleep, this would be a great choice, but I really just did not love this. I really wanted to, but I didn’t. I’ll leave it at that.

Angie Miller – Cry Me a River

i hate everything

I just don’t understand. Angie was my little beam of hope prior to hearing her song choice, which obviously wasn’t going to be a Justin Timberlake cover (which I would’ve much preferred). This song choice was just a barf. This whole theme ended up being a giant bag of crap. I don’t know if it’s the judges or the contestants that are to blame but I mean, where’s the Adam Lambert? Where’s the Blake Lewis or the Haley Reinhart or the Carly Smithson? All had such great song choices, whether original or one that was just perfect for the theme of the night – these contestants were just so good at it. But these contestants? The ones in season 12? Gosh… I mean, they couldn’t lack more song choice creativity if they tried. Thusly, I really hope this was the producers fault.

And with that…

stressful evening

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Picking the The Oh-Kneed-Ers

And the theme night of the masses was chosen to be:


Obviously, it was one of my suggestions. And Michael Slezak’s, And Entertainment Weekly. And probably millions of people around the world, hence the pick. I’m good with it. As long as no one sings the Macarena. Or any other “dance” for that matter #GanghamStyleI’mLookingAtYou. I believe that’s probably doubtful. I’m just glad they picked a theme where it isn’t specific to a single singer/type of music. One Hit Wonders is practically as broad as Contestants Choice (which is the other theme of the night). I won’t pretend to guess what the Contestant Choices will be since it’s way too broad of a selection but let’s look through what I think they should sing for One Hit Wonders because that’s a theme I can get behind!

Also, everytime I write One Hit Wonders I think of the bad, The Wonders from That Thing You Do and it always makes me want to write “Oneders” (pronounced Oh-kneed-ers. haha). Let’s just call this night the Oh-kneed-ers shall we?

I checked a couple of expert sources to figure out songs that qualify as One Hit Wonders: Thisthis and this. And this by accident, but it looks promising. I like the Wikipedia version the most because it gives me a few lists of the greatest One Hit Wonders. The problem is, the greatest “One Hit Wonder” songs, they’re kind of terrible. Especially for a singing competition. Seriously, look at some of these…


That’s practically a list of songs I do NOT want to hear sung.

I also like how the breakdown their definition which I think is the definition that Idol should use if they didn’t just create their own list and have the contestants pick from it, which I think is obviously what happens. The definition in general does bother me. For one, can you say someone is a one hit wonder when they’re relatively recent and maybe just haven’t released anything new? Wikipedia’s one hit wonders go up to 2012. I think that’s a little unfair to some extent. I mean really, how are The Wanted, a one hit wonder? Secondly, if I may bitch for a second at these “one hit wonder” creators – Blues Traveler is NOT a One Hit Wonder. As if. I have like, 5 of their cds and they’re full of hits. That also goes for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I don’t have any of their cd’s but I feel like they at least had 2-3 solid hits, no? And Weezer!! How the EF- do they have Weezer in a list of One Hit Wonders??? And for the song Beverly Hills no less? They had like, 10 hits before that song was even released. I’m starting to get offended by Wikipedia.

Other random thought – would they let the girls (any of them) sing I Touch Myself in honor of the recently deceased lead singer of the Divinyls?

Anyway, I’m using the multiple lists of Wikipedia to decide what I want all the contestants to sing, and I’m listing as many as I want to. I just have too many good ideas. I couldn’t be stopped:

Amber Holcomb

1. “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith
Wouldn’t it be fun to see Amber sing this? I know it’s more rap but she gives me kind of a
fancier Willow Smith vibe. Maybe she could mix it up or something? Also, while I’m
suggesting this as a song, you all should watch this.

2. “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People
While I don’t think they’re one hit, Wikipedia says they are. And Amber can kind of
rock a high note, and this would just be so out of her frame of reference that
I think it would really shock people if she could sing it well, and the risk could
really pay off. Especially with all the people sick of her picking songs they don’t know.

3. “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree
I think I recommended this for someone else, or maybe for Amber, back a week or
two ago. I think it’s a good song though and she fills the One Hit Wonder requirement.

Angie Miller

1. Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.
I just feel like this is the kind of singer Angie is. I could see her using the piano maybe,
too. She just seems to fit with that.

2. Bulletproof by La Roux.
I really like this song for Angie. I was looking through the newer lists of Oh-kneed-ers and as soon
as I saw this I was just like, Angie! Yes!

3. Boston by Augustana
I picked this because of the piano and the angsty singing, and she can give more
props to Boston which doesn’t hurt anything. Also it’s a great song and I hope this group
isn’t a one hit wonder.

Just please do NOT sing What if God was One of Us. If she’s gonna go religious
one hit wonder what about that Lifehouse song? Hanging By a Moment?
I think that’s what it’s called. They didn’t have more than a hit, did they?
If they did I don’t remember it.

Candice Glover

1. Blackstreet – No Diggity.
Yes. Wouldn’t this be so great? I feel like she has the PERFECT voice for this!! I picked this because of this (if you must, ff to 1:35):

2. “Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machine
Since Wikipedia is somewhat ridiculous and for whatever reason, thinks Florence and the Machine
are One Hit Wonders (blasphemy), she’d kill  this one too. Really I just want her to sing a BIG
song and I feel like this is big enough for her. And it’s like, fast-er without being a fast song.

3. “Criminal” by Fiona Apple
Because I mean, come on. I just feel like she has the voice for this.
Ok, ok. She has the voice for everything.

**I also LOVE Michael Slezak’s idea of her singing Crazy by Gnarls Barlkey (but I have to acknowledge that it’s his idea, not mine)**

Kree Harrison

1. “Walking in Memphis” by Marc Cohn
This is one of the more classic One Hit Wonders, and Kree likes a classic so I could definitely
see her singing this. It’s probably my top choice for her. She probably knows what it feels
like Walking in Memphis, right?

2. “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones
I see a lot of Norah Jones in Kree. If she wanted to step out of Country a bit, I feel
like this would be a good way to veer without going too out of her comfort zone.
Although, why this song is under the One Hitters is beyond me because I don’t even
think this was her most popular song. Wouldn’t “Come Away With Me” be more popular?
either way, it’s on the list so it’s on my list 🙂

3. “One Voice” by Billy Gilman
I really like the softness and innocence of this, but with a hint of belting
hiding within. I saw this kid sing live at the 9/11 Michael Jackson Tribute show
and he COMPLETELY stole the show singing this accapella. So obviously,
I think Kree could do this too.

4. “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol
Again this is just to shake things up a little bit. I just like picking
songs for Kree to sing 🙂

Oh and in case you were wondering, here are Michael Slezak and MJ’s Big Blog ideas. Both have some good suggestions. And they picked “Contestant’s Choice” also.



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Just some stuff from around the web tonight as everything finally starts to settle down. I don’t really have any ties to Boston and have been known to say that I hate many of them when it comes to sporting events, but all jokes aside, it was a day that showed what an exemplary job law enforcement can do. Congratulations to everyone involved in the capture and I sincerely hope that he is quickly and swiftly brought to justice for all the nonsensical violence he and his brother caused.

Here’s just a smattering of news and social media to commemorate the day.

From Twitter:


Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.46.53 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.54.09 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.47.46 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.53.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.52.43 PM


Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.20.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.19.49 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.38.22 PM

And my personal favorites:

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.17.55 PM

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.26.36 PM

From News Outlets:

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.00.42 PM
Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.13.50 PM
Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.14.12 PM
Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 9.37.10 PM

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Top 04 – One Less Country Girl

Ok so sorry this is late. I feel like I haven’t blinked since last night, I keep following this whole mess

But it’s probably a good idea to just get my mind off the whole thing at this point! So let’s talk about Idol shall we?


Obviously last night we lost Janelle to the great Idol gods. I wasn’t that surprised really. I think I was more surprised that Amber was in the Top 3, but it kind of makes sense if you think about it. The judges kept begging the audience to vote for Amber, and just praised Kree and saying how amazing she is. Not to mention, Kree and Janelle tend to split the Country vote so if half are voting for one, and half the other, odds are they’re getting less votes overall compared to the others. That being said, that was my theory of why Amber would be in the bottom – because her base was voting for Candice. Maybe all the Country singers were just busy worrying about that explosion in Texas and didn’t have time to vote? I mean, anything is possible. I’m really just grasping at straws. Why anyone wouldn’t vote for Kree but would vote for Amber?

What did make sense, I think, was not using the save on Janelle. I think it was smart for her to go home this week as far as who is left because then it makes almost certain (I HOPE) that I’ll get the Top 3 I want. I think Kree will get a lot more votes now that Janelle is out. And the good thing about Janelle going home this week, was that I got Top Billing in the pool this week. I’m still middle of the pack in the overall scheme of thing, but I’m tied for first this week, bitches! If this were the football pool I’m in, I’d be $50 richer! Alas this is a moneyless pool. Oh well. Bragging rights are nice too 🙂

As for the rest of the episode, I don’t really have anything to say about Clay Aiken. He’s about what I expected and I’ll note I was suprised dude can actually rock a five 0’clock shadow. I would’ve guessed he couldn’t grow facial hair. Now, as for Fantasia, while I’ll never like her voice (it sounds like Minnie Mouse singing to me), can we just talk about what a difference a year (and a makeover) makes? I mean, WOW.


Girl looks good! Congratulations Fantasia! Get it together girl.

So as for the pool, as I said, I kind of killed it this week 🙂 haha. Me and last place Carmen. That’s not saying much but this week? This week is ours Carm! Look at us go!


Oh, and one more little thing as to why I love Janelle? Well, when I saw her going away picture:


Well, that’s kind of my signature pose:


I’ll miss your spunkiness on the show, Janelle!

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Top 05 – Who Run the World?


It was a night of ladies and a theme only this group of ladies could handle – DIVAS! And “Year You Were Born”. Ideally I would’ve liked to have the latter theme be earlier in the season because I love to see early on what contestants will pick when given a relatively free range of song choices. DIVA’s though, was perfect for this group at this time! Unique enough, classic enough at the same time and fitting.

Overall I did enjoy the song selections and “Year Born” is still one of my favorite themes. I like seeing the families talk about their “Idol” and the potential for embarrassing family stories (is – Angie’s Sparkle song). I also really liked Ambers dad. He seemed like such a sweet heart.

i was right

I also liked that between both themes, I was right about two things – Candice possibly singing “Straight Up” and Janelle singing Dolly! It always makes me happy when I’m even remotely right about anything because it doesn’t really happen that often. I miss last season when they posted song lists and you had to guess who was singing. I don’t know why they aren’t letting that happen this season but at this point, I guess I’m over it. Sort of.

And sidenote, can I talk about some things that I just wanna get out about the judges?

1. Thanks Randy for constantly name dropping where you were or who you know, as often as humanly possible. If there was a drinking game that involved drinking once every time you said “Yo, dawg” and twice everytime you name dropped, I would be so shitfaced by the end of the episode I probably wouldn’t even remember the last 30 minutes.

2. Nicki – those boobs were outta control! How did they even stay in that dress all night? I don’t know who designed your dress but maybe they need a medal for construction!

3. While I wish most judges would talk less, I only wish Keith would talk more. After Ambers first performance when he said “We’ve got an Amber Alert – I wish I hadn’t said that”. I mean, you’re adorable.

4. Mariah, I don’t really have anything to say about you but I didn’t wanna leave you out. I think I got all the stuff I wanted to say about you out, last week. And I did feel like you talked somewhat less last night so thanks for that.

Ok so let’s talk about “Year You Were Born”



Candice Glover – Straight Up

Here’s the thing. I thought the performance was fine. It was great for Candice’s voice and her whole mood as a singer, yada yada yada… but I have to ask… why this versionnnnnn? I mean, this song could’ve been upbeat and fun and instead it was smooth jazz-y. I was waiting for Kenny G to pop up in the background to sax it up with you. Personally, while she’s still my favorite as far as the competition goes (especially after her second performance), this ranks around the bottom of my list of favorite performances by Candice. And I know a lot of people were barking at Jimmy but I agreed that I would’ve liked a song that showed more of her vocal range. Just something a little more Diva, maybe? But we always have the next performance which was totes diva worthy! So we’ll move on to that one (later).

Janelle Arthur – When I Call Your Name

This was the first of two somewhat bad, or maybe just not some of the best, song choices of Janelle’s. I usually really like her song choice and can appreciate why she picked the song but really… for one, I didn’t know the song. Secondly, if that song made her happy as a child, I really hope that Vince sings it differently because the way she sang, it made me think it was a sad song of a lost love or something. I can’t deny I’m a little worried for Miss Marshmallow this week. I did really like that she brought her ginormous guitar back though. She looks so adorable behind it.

Kree Harrison – She Talks to Angels

I LOVE this song. LOVE. Kree sang it in typical Kree fashion and vocally it was puuurrrrrfection. But. I hate to say that I agreed more with Mariah than Nicki in the critique of this performance (although laughed out LOUD when Nicki told her to “Simmer Down, Sir” – which only makes me think of one thing). I thought it was just weird how much Kree was smiling? It seemed off for some reason. I still (vocally) liked the performance probably the most, of the first theme songs. And just based on song choice.

Angie Miller – I’ll Stand By You

The first thing I honestly though when I heard Angie was singing this was – this came out AFTER “Straight Up”?? I would’ve totally guessed otherwise. I wouldn’t have even guessed this song came out in the ’90s. But I digress. Obviously Angie, the Massachusetts local, was going to get the standing O simply for her shout out to Boston, and that’s deserved I think. The performance was good for sure. Not her best, not her worst but emotionally, she was there. In keepin’ it real, I can honestly say I teared up thinking about the song and the people of Boston. And I don’t even like Boston in general. Well, Red Sox fans if I’m being specific. But I can appreciate anyone who takes immense pride in their city and I know Boston does that. Now, if you want to see a song that’ll really bring out the waterworks, check out the Boston Bruins game and the singing of the National Anthem:

Just watching it again I mean, ugh. I need to remember to not watch these things at work!

Amber Holcomb – Without You

Did anyone feel a Selena moment coming when Ryan brought that fan on stage? Super fans in any capacity kind of freak me out. I guess she seemed normal enough though. Also I thought her outfit looked like either a postcard, or one of those Wyland dolphin posters they sell at book fairs. Right? Do you have no idea what I’m talking about? Here, this:


Ok, onto performance. Amber, sweet sweet Amber. I don’t love you, I don’t hate you, but you are my least favorite of the 5 ladies left in this competition. You can sing, sure. But all the judges praising about how you’re the next Whitney, and how Beyonce better look out? Well, I just think, “What were you smoking?” every time they mention that. I’m glad they brought you back down to reality with this performance. When you sing in front of Mariah a song that is so famous to Mariah, I mean, you have to bring it, and Amber just didn’t do that tonight. Again, thank you judges for acknowledging that this was nooooo Mariah performance.


Moving on to the Diva portion of the show.


I liked who everyone picked for their diva moment and I thought relatively speaking they were all well suited, but all the songs they picked were just a bit on the lackluster side to me. I guess I just expected more iconic songs? Especially with the overall lack of originality in song choices this season. I wish they could’ve just conversed with me, told me who they wanted to sing and I could pick the songs. I’m good at that! That’s not to say I thought the performances were bad. On the whole I thought everyone performed better with this round than the previous round, I just think they could’ve picked more Diva songs. As in, the iconic diva songs:

Mariah – Dreamlover or Hero
Whitney – I Have Nothing or Greatest Love of All (god I would’ve killed to hear Candice sing this) or about 10 other songs
Dolly – I Will Always Love You or Jolene (personal favorite)
Celine – Power of Love, or It’s All Coming Back (I’d never make anyone sing My Heart Will Go On)
Bey – Halo was a good choice admittedly, but what about Who Run the World (hopefully they’ll sing that tonight. That or Independent Women) or Telephone (I would’ve LOVED that)
Barbara – Honestly how would anyone of these group of girls pick Barbara? I just don’t get it. Sorry).  With that, let’s talk about the performances. Why wouldn’t she sing Aretha or Diana Ross or Janet Jackson?

Enough wishing and hoping, here’s the reality…

Candice Glover – When You Believe

While this wouldn’t have been my song choice for Candice to sing (it’s got to be one of my least favorite Mariah songs), it was kind of not only the perfect song, but the perfect point in the show, to sing it. For one, she proved she can hold her own among the ranks of of both Mariah AND Whitney! Second, it proved how to really sing a Mariah song and sing it well! I mean, it’s one thing for Amber to sing it, but for Candice to sing it right after Amber and so much better, well it just goes to show you how amazing Candice really is (oh and it was also probably good that this didn’t reference how old Mariah was by it being under “Diva” and not under “Year You Were Born”). It did slightly weird be out because I’m so used to hearing the song be sung by 2 people but if that’s my only fault with this, I’d say that’s a big WIN! It was also nice for her to perform so well and yet be so humble in the act, where for some reason I feel like Amber lacks the ability to actually show her humility, even if she is in fact very humbled to be singing a Mariah song in front of her. Maybe it’s because she didn’t get the same outpouring of compliments that Candice got?

Janelle Arthur – Dumb Blonde

While I was happy to be right that Janelle would sing a Dolly song, I was somewhat disappointed with this one. Yes, I was thrilled she sang something upbeat, and the song was perfectly fine, but fine was all it was. For me it was underwhelming at best. Yes, I liked it but I didn’t looovveee it and I think at this point in the show, to make it to the next round, the audience has to love it. I did really like everything Nicki said to her about how well she’s performed and that even if she’s in the bottom tomorrow to be proud of how far she’s come.

Kree Harrison – Have You Ever Been in Love

I definitely never would’ve expected Kree to sing a Celine song for Idol night. I don’t know why, she just doesn’t seem “Celine-like” to me. The thing is though, Kree is such her own person, I don’t really associate her with any diva, so I guess she could attempt any diva, technically speaking. This also most definitely isn’t the Celine song I would’ve picked, either. I’m a big fan of a lot of her older stuff but this isn’t one of those songs. Oh well. She still sang the hell out of it. I loved Nicki’s quote about Kree not being “country, but worldly”. I agree. Well, at least about the part about her being a lot more than Country. She definitely has country in her wheel house but she’s so much more than that.

Angie Miller – Halo

I can’t lie. I can’t deny. Angie, I loved this song. I loved that you got a little Bey in ya with the head bump thing?


I just loved it. That is all. If I were to even mention that horribly Randy colloquialism, with that performance Angie was In it to Win It. What was that wretched dress though, and the face background? I mean, I suppose that’s something a diva can get away with, but that doesn’t mean it should ever be done. It was beyond weird!

Amber Holcomb – What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life?

Amber, dear, what are you doing? Because with songs like this, “Winning American Idol” will not be one of them. I mean, yes, you sang it well. Yes, you looked hot. But who even cares about this song? So boring. I know, I’m not a huge babs fan. I liked Funny Girl, yes. Who that loves Broadway didn’t? Maybe I would’ve liked it more if you had sung “Don’t Rain on My Parade”? I just don’t see anyone that isn’t Lea Michele aka Rachel Barry, singing Barbara and getting away with it. Or maybe if you’d sung No More Tears (Donna AND Barbara) but this just wasn’t it for me, no matter how well you sang it. Sorry dear. Mariah begging people to vote for you? It’s because of song choices like this. It doesn’t matter how well you can sing if you’re singing songs that don’t draw people in. Know what I mean?

Ok well that’s it. Sorry so late but it’s been a busy week! Hope you all enjoy and we’ll see what happens tonight!

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Top 05 – A Theme for Lovely Ladies

Ok so the theme for this week is pretty stellar! Divas, and Year You Were Born.

Let’s start with Divas. What is a Diva?

Screen shot 2013-04-15 at 10.08.20 PM

That’s Bey’s definition. Not mine, but I think it fits. I’m not picking songs, just the diva I most associate with the ladies. That’s as close as I’m going to get to picking anything for them in that category. I’ve ordered them from biggest Diva to least Diva.

Candice Glover – I’d love to see some Adele, but if we’re going to go classic, no one in this group can pull off Aretha like Candice could pull off Aretha! She could also be the Tina, the Diana, the Chaka, the Mary J.

Kree Harrison – Well, according to VH1, Shania Twain is a diva, and if Kree were to be called a diva, she’d be the Shania of divas. Maybe the Faith Hill of divas?

Amber Holcomb – This is Ambers chance to prove she’s this young Whitney that judges want her so badly, to be.

Angie Miller – Lucky for Angie, Jessie J. played at VH1 divas so I guess that counts? Angie just isn’t a diva. I mean, Janelle isn’t either but Angie too. They’re loosely defined divas, but the girls can sing. Maybe Angie could be the Florence Welch diva? t’s hard to say.

Janelle – She is the Cher of the divas. Or maybe the Dolly Parton? Meaning she just seems like the most fun! I’d count Reba as a diva too, so maybe her for Janelle.

Oh and also, for group night, they have to sing “Diva” by Beyonce, right? Glee did it so well!

Ok now lets move down to Year You Were Born, my favorite category to pick!

Of the 5 contestants, there are actually only 3 birth years. And they’re all depressingly not that long ago. We’ve got

1989 – Candice and Janelle
(I know, Kree is younger than Janelle, who knew?)

1990 – Kree  

1994 – Angie and Amber

Thankfully, those were all covered by last years “Year You Were Born” so I’ve got my list of songs released that year already. For a recap, lets take a little reminder look –

Award Winners from 1989
Record of the Year, Song of the Year – Bette Midler for “Wind Beneath My Wings” (Just mentioning that song, and the movie Beaches, practically makes me cry). I should also mention that NKOTB released a number of songs that year as singles – Hangin’ Tough, Covergirl, The Right Stuff!

Top Songs of 1989
Like a Prayer – Madonna
Eternal Flame – The Bangles
Love Shack – The B-52s
Miss You Much – Janet Jackson
Forever Your Girl – Paula Abdul

Taking a look at the full list of songs, I’d love to see Janelle Arthur sing “Eternal Flame”. Incidentally I read that “The Dance” came out in 1989. If only she’d waited a week! If she wants to do country I saw that “Song of the South” came out and that could be fun. I also saw that Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire released songs in ’89 so I’d be happy seeing her sing either of those ladies. Ultimately, I’m going with some Alabama for Janelle because she has a great twang for it.

I don’t think I’m lucky enough to see Candice Glover sing Black Velvet? I think my pick for Candice though, would be Straight Up, or If I Could Turn Back Time. I mean, she rocks so many other Divas, why not rock the Diva that is Cher? And two divas in one night? I mean, where’s the hurt in that? Donna Summer also released some songs this year so that could be awesome as well. My top vote is still “Black Velvet” though. I would love to hear that, with her own Candice spin of course! Ugly it up girl!

Award Winners from 1990
Record of the Year – Phil Collins “Another Day in Paradise” (Phitting that it’s a guy named Phil!)
Song of the Year – Bette Midler “From a Distance”

And Best New Artist, you may wonder – Well it was Mariah Carey (Vision of Love) of course! Who says the Best New Artist goes nowhere! (2013 Idol update – And now she’s a judge. Well look at that!)

Top Songs of 1990
Nothing Compares to You  – Sinéad O’Connor
Vogue – Madonna
Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
It Must’ve Been Love – Roxette
Honorable Mention – Step By Step – New Kids on the Block

For Kree Harrison, I’d love to see her sing “From a Distance”. I think she could probably rock some Bette Midler (a Diva herself, so maybe later, or maybe twice?). I’d also like to see her do some “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You” I like the amount of belting it requires. I also saw “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi in the list which I think Kree could kill, for some reason. MJ’s BigBlog recommended she sing “Nothing Compares 2U” and now I’m pissed I didn’t think of it but I think that’s a great choice for her!! So we’ll say Bon Jovi or Sinead. Your call.

Award Winners from 1994
Record of the Year – All I Wanna Do, Sheryl Crow
Song of the Year – Streets of Philadelphia, Bruce Springsteen

Top Songs of 1994
Streets of Philadephlia – Bruce Springsteen
Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex Remix
Without You – Mariah Carey
Basket Case – Green Day
I Swear – All 4 One

Ok so in light of all the stuff going on in Boston, I could see something that Angie Miller just finds to be personal and reminds her of her City (she was tweeting all yesterday about her hometown). It’s too bad Boston the band didn’t release anything in 1994. Were they still a band at that point? Wow. Who knew? Apparently this was their Top Hit in 1994! I’ve never heard of it. What she could do is sing “All For Love” (the song from 3 Muskateers) which would be fitting, or “Without You” if she so dared sing a Mariah song, to Mariah. Also, I should note that “All That She Wants” by Ace of Base came out that year as well. Honestly I could hear her sing like, 80% of the songs on the list for 1994, but I’m going with “Take a Bow” by Madonna. And if she could go with a bull fighter motif for her outfit, that would be great.

As for Amber Holcomb, while I’m relatively certain she’ll sing something along the lines of Mariah Carey, or would she dare try “Circle of Life”? Not after J.Hud, right? If she wants to surprise me she could totally sing some Boyz II Men who came out with “On Bended Knee” in ’94. But what I’d really like to see her sing is Des’Ree, “You Gotta Be”

So that’s my list. We’ll have to see what ends up happening tomorrow but those are my picks 🙂

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Top 05 – It’s a Girl

AMERICAN IDOL: Lazaro Arbos. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

I’m not going to lie. For a lot of reasons, I feel a LOT of joy today. It may be rainy, I may’ve spent over an hour in traffic this morning, but all is right with the world.

Let’s talk about all the great things that happened last night, shall we?

1. Lazaro is off American Idol

2. I really liked all the ideas the
world is coming up with for the
Idol Theme contest!

3. The Orioles beat the Red Sox

4. My fnephew accurately predicted
the birth of his brother
(not to mention predicting that he’d
be having a brother in the first place).
I’m going to ask him what my lottery
ticket numbers are ASAP!

5. And most importantly, my beautiful
friend for life, Jessie and her hubs Rob
had a beautiful baby boy last night!
Congratulations love!!
Can’t wait to meet my newest fnephew!

I mean seriously. Ok, I realize only two of those is Idol related. But they’re all important. And all worth mentioning! I seriously can’t wait to see all the millions of pictures that I’m sure Jess will post (*that she better post since I live like, a million hours away from her and can’t visit. Yes, pity me. Or purchase my plane tickets. Your choice).

Ok so let’s talk about last night briefly. I knew as soon as they did the groups that Laz and Amber were in the bottom. The groups were pretty much perfect in my personal opinion. I did think that Kree and Candice were the Tops (and always will be in my Top 02). And while I probably would’ve switched Janelle and Amber, I was ok with what the world picked. Especially since Lazaro was finally out.

Remember when Jessica Sanchez was voted out and the judges didn’t even let her sing and just gave her the save? I kind of thought they’d do the same thing with Laz but opposite – Seriously dawg, no singing necessary. We aren’t saving your ass. Alas, they did not do that, but it’s ok. I’m fine with a swan song, especially when I know it’s the last time I’ll ever have to listen to him. I thought Jimmy put his critique of Lazaro perfectly – “Last night’s performance hit me like an ambien milkshake.” hahaha. And that is why I love Jimmy. Oh and also when this little exchange happened:

Jimmy: If I had to chart him, I’d put him 10.
Person off camera: Jimmy, there’s only 6 performers left.
Jimmy: Yeah, I know.

I’d still put him in 10th place too. Really, I wish that it wasn’t Paul that had been the one needing the Jimmy vote when it came down to picking the Top 10. I wish it had been Laz because I genuinely think that Jimmy would’ve vetoed that kid in a hot second! Seriously though, seeing American finally do the right thing? Well, at my house it looked a little something like this…

dance florence

Another thing I loved about the night was Kelly Clarksons clear infatuation with Mariah Carey. Is she not the most adorable fan? God I love Kelly Clarkson. OG Idol for sure! I mean, she’s the reason I’ve stuck with this show, more than anything else. I want the next Kelly Clarkson experience. I just love her. Although her eye shadow was painfully terrible and hard to look at, her singing was just as impeccable as ever!

Ok now I really wanna talk about the #ATTIdolTheme contest. What a great list of ideas! In case you missed it the possibilities are as follows:


I’d seen most of the suggestions. The only one I missed was “Dedicated to Someone” which I do think is a really sweet idea. I’d be happy with any of these themes and I only hope that the Producers remember that these are the type of things that the world wants to see – not your ridiculous “Bacharach/David Songbook” or “Motown” theme nights. Please remember that Nigel!

Finally, I forgot to upload the winners list for this week but I promise to do it as soon as I get home from work! If I recall correctly the winners for the week were Susan, Jessie and Rob, in that order. I’ll let you know as soon as I can though, for sure!

**UPDATE** Here are the scores for the week 🙂

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 10.13.12 PM

And just to remind folks what peoples picks are, they look a little something like this:

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 10.13.54 PM

Next Week – Top 05 Theme

I’m already excited for next weeks theme – Songs from the Year You Were Born (yey!!!!) and Diva’s. How freaking appropriate.

Oh and in case you were wondering, or just wanting to feel really old, here are the years all the contestants were born… (who would’ve thought Janelle and Candice were born in the same year?)

Amber Holcomb – 1994

Angela Miller – 1994

Candice Glover – 1989

Janelle Arthur – 1989

Kree Harrison – 1990

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Top 06 – And I Didn’t Hate It!

Things I need to bring up first:

1. Keith should always wear that t-shirt.

2. Why do they ever let Mariah or Randy start the comments? It should always be Keith/Nicki. Those are the only critiques I need to hear, and Mariah talks for about 3-15 minutes too long, every time she opens her mouth. Follow-up – Did Mariah at one point glitter-bomb Candice at the end of the show?

3. I will only be referring to Nicki as Onika Tanya Maraj from this point forward.

4. Of all the people listing out things that the world might not know about them? Most peoples were fines. Kree loving Rodeo’s made me love her even more, and further stereotype my idea of everyone that lives in Texas. But most notably – Janelle, why would you say the thing the world might not notice about you is that you played a boy in a school play, when later you drop the bomb that you’re allergic to feathers while wearing “a 4 foot death necklace full of them” (thanks Jess for that quote). That’s entirely more interesting to me personally. Just throwing it out there.

5. Did anyone catch that Randy had his weird bead pins back? I did!


I also noticed a little instagram that Ryan posted saying he was stealing Randy’s style. Note to Ryan, rich as you are, you aren’t going to get women with Randy Jacksons style. I’m going to assume you were just mocking and belittling him. I hope that’s what it was.

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 7.48.11 AM

6. I can never decide if I like Kree or Candice more, but I think this week, it was Candice FTW. Right? I think we can all agree with that.

Ok now lets get to the contestants….

Angie Miller – Anyone Who Had a Heart

I thought Angies performance was lackluster at best. That’s my critique. But. Ok. So here’s what I found ironic of the judges critique of her:

1. Keith saying that she lacked emotional connection to the song – maybe because it’s older than her parents? And secondly, you didn’t really say that to anyone else and yet, I don’t think a single person except for maybe Candice and Kree (obvs really) showed any kind of emotional connection to their song, so why only give that critique to Angie?
2. Onika Tanya Minaj saying that the song sounded old fashioned. The song is 50 years old. It IS old fashioned. I get she didn’t need to sing it that way because Candice certainly made her performance current for an older song, but I just found it funny to call it old fashion when the entire theme (a season 1 throwback, I might add) is old fashioned! Are we ever going to sing songs from this decade?

I did agree with the overall whole of the comments was that at this point in the competition, you can’t just phone in a performance and that’s ultimately what Angie did with this. This was a cruise ship performance if ever I saw one.

Amber Holcomb – I Say a Little Prayer for You

For me, if Kree’s performances can be likened to a delicious waffle, Amber’s are the frozen shrimp. How on earth was Onika Tanya Minaj so excited for that performance?


I felt like if they bashed Angie for a lack of emotion how are they not bashing Amber? The only thing I can think is that Michael Slezak is right – they’re just listening to the producers and trying to get Amber to get more votes because no one is voting for her.  Orrrrrrrrrrr, they’re building her up so much to better emphasize how much Lazaro sucks balls. I mean, why else put Laz in the middle of Amber and Kree anyway? Either way though, the praise of Amber with this performance was just a little ridiculouso.

Lazaro Arbos – (They Long to Be) Close To You

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 8.55.25 PM

Ok so I want to talk about his performance, obviously, but we need to talk about that suit.


What.The.Ef. Since when did Randy become a designer on the show??? Which was worse? The suit or the performance? Man, talk about a toss up. As in, tossing up my cookies over both. My two favorite comments regaring Laz’s performance were as follows:

“You haven’t been my favorite all season, but that was the worst performance of any of them so far” – Randy Jackson

“Lazaro has NO musicality and has no business being a singer. Sorry NOT SORRY.” – MJ’s BigBlog.

What bothered me most is that the kid is going home this week, really? 10 minutes of a review? SHUT UP MARIAH. Lets be realistic here people. The only comment he really needed was, “When the band changes keys, you need to change keys with them”. Oh and also, stop being a whiney bitch.

Kree Harrison – What the World Needs Now

Um, can we all say Aca-mazing. When she started singing, I fell in love with her even more. She’s beautiful. She brought that emotional connection that every other contestant so far tonight, has lacked. And I actually loved Randy’s comment about how great it was to see her after seeing Laz because “she can really sing, AND THAT is what this competition is all about!”

Janelle – I’ll Never Fall in Love Again

This might be Janelle’s worst performance. Not that she’s the worst of the night by any STRETCH of the imagination, but I hated it. I do like her hair straight though. And I like that she’s “not trying to be a one trick pony”. And really this category sucks anyway so she just needed to make it through this to get to a song she really wanted to sing. Right? There was a version of this song that I liked a little better…

Candice – Don’t Make Me Over

Amazeballs. I wondered if she picked this performance after seing Amber Riley perform it on Glee? She doesn’t seem like the type to really watch Glee but maybe. Anyway, the way she brought new life to this song, she really is some kind of black Adele to me. I don’t think calling her a black Adele is too far off base, right? I dare say I like watching her even more than Adele.

Why I love Michael Slezak



Now lets get to the theme  that I really cared about. Nothing against Mr. Bacharach, but this was the better theme of the night. It was songs the contestants knew and wanted to sing and appreciate and have emotional connections to, unlike anything in the aforementioned theme.

Angie Miller – Love Came Down by Kari Jobe

Ok so I knew it would be a Jesus song. No surprise there and certainly nothing wrong with that, as long as you sing it well,  which you definitely did. Was it just me (according to the people I was talking to, it was) but the dove background was really distracting. I mean, I loved her performance, I loved the piano, I loved the voice. But the dove was just like – go away dove and let Angie sing! I did like that by picking this song, one that most of America probably doesn’t know, was really smart. It’s kind of like she was playing an original all over again. She certainly showed the emotional attachment the judges were asking for, like she did when she sang her original song, and we all like that.

Amber Holcomb – Girl On Top by Beyonce

What is this jacket she’s wearing? Hot like Beyonce? Not so much. I will say, as #OnikaTanyaMinaj said, the stallion legs is poppin’. But onto her singing – I was happy to see she’d be singing a song of her own choice that wasn’t a ballad. But I really, any time you’re singing Queen Bey, you have to bring it like she can and I don’t think Amber achieved that. I’ll say I liked this performance a lot more than her first (but that comment could be said for every single person competing tonight).

Lazaro Arbos – Angels by Robbie Williams

In case you were wondering what a good performance of this song looks like, I give you Exhibit A, B and C.

That’s not even including the original.

Kree Harrison – Help Me Make It Through The Night by Kris Kristofferson

I’d never heard this song either but I do love me some Martina McBride! This song was perfect for Kree. She made me believe that she did write this song the way it just seemed to be her. I don’t know, maybe it’s because of what we know of her family history but some of the lyrics “Let the devil take tomorrow. Lord, tonight I need a friend.” So good. So delicate.  Such great lyrics. I loved every single thing about this performance. I feel like I felt her heartbreak in it. And congrats on finally showing some legs, Kreedom!

Janelle Arthur – The Dance by Garth Brooks

I.LOVE.THIS.SONG. And I love Garth Brooks. Well, his music. He seems a little bizarre in real life. Although, he’s married to Trisha Yearwood so he can’t be all that bad. Anyway, I liked this Janelle performance so much better than her previous one. So much! I was worried after her last one that she’d be back in the bottom, and realistically, she probably will be, but here’s hoping she won’t go home and it’ll be Laz in the bottom of the barrel. At least there’s still the save if necessary! What’s really killing Janelle is being positioned between Kree and Candice. Specifically after Kree.

Candice Glover – Love Song


Did I like this?

hint yes

What did I think of it?


two snaps for you

Yup. That about sums it up.

But, I do have to mention… Ok so I watch the show with people all over the East Coast. And towards the end of the song, people started commenting about some demon song. I didn’t hear it so Bobby, a friend of mine, sent me a clip from his phone and it freaked me the ef out. For those that might not have heard it, you can check it out here. It’s definitely weird and creepy. I hope Candice didn’t sell her soul to anyone to get where she is or anything because the devil might be looking for payment now, or something. So weird!!

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Old Themes, Hopefully Better Song Choices

Ok so before I talk about this coming Top 06 week, can I just talk about Post-Idol Reveal last week? As in, when I was watching New Girl and The Mindy Project. Holy awkward turtles batman. What was that? Talking to Burnell post-episode? How weird was that? The weirdest thing Idol has ever done? Possibly. Have they been doing this all season and I just didn’t notice? The whole thing creeped me the hell out and I hope they never do that again, if in fact this has been going on unbeknownst to me, prior to last week.

Moving on, let’s talk about the Top 06, or better put, the Top 05 and Lazaro. I can already see my reaction to this weeks theme/song choices.

bored with this


This week is half “sort of exciting” and half “definitely depressing”. I always like themes where the contestants have more options so a category like “Songs You Wish You’d Written” are always fun. They did this theme last year with the Top 04 where Jessica Sanchez did her first rendition of And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going, and Phillip Phillips made me fall even deeper in love with him by picking Volcano by Damien Rice.

Unfortunately, this song choice alone, is also why the theme this year is less exciting. I know that none of these contestants is going to pick such a fun and unique song choice. Maybe they will I suppose… but I highly doubt it. I checked out what the contestants listed as their favorite artists – Selena, Celine Dion, Jessie J., Jazmine Sullivan, Eva Cassidy and Patsy Cline – you can so easily guess who belongs to which contestant (except for maybe Janelle and Kree, where basically you have a 50/50 chance). These contestants just aren’t that original with song choices in general so the thought of them picking some great song well, I just highly doubt it.

I also have a feeling based on this set of song picks and the second set of song picks for the night “The Bacharach/David Songbook” is going to mean 2 solid hours of ballads. I mean, we even had a ballad in a category that specifically said “no ballads” so I think it’s safe to say we’re going to end up with a minimum of 8 ballads tomorrow. And that’s me being conservative. The only time Burt Bacharach should even be mentioned in pop culture is when referencing his brief appearance in Austin Powers, which is to only acknowledge when he actually WAS popular. One might think that having Bacharach as a theme is ok because Idol has done it before, but that was 12 years ago as it is. Wasn’t that long ago too? Why bring it back? I just don’t see this particular theme going well for anyone because all the songs are cheesy.

Either way, I checked out the list of songs myself, and here are my picks for what they will sing, as banal as they are, for the Bacharach/David Songbook:

Amber Holcomb – I think it’s pretty safe to say Amber will be singing something by Dionne Warwick. I could see “A House is Not a Home”, or maybe “Walk on By”

Angie Miller – My guess for Angie is, “I Say A Little Prayer for You”, because I think she’ll remember it from My Best Friends Wedding (this same pick suggestion goes for Kree and Janelle). I think this could be a fun piano version, no? Like she’s entertaining at a party or something?

Candice Glover – I assume Candice will also do a Dionne Warwick cover but while looking through the songlist I saw something by Chaka Khan called “Stronger Than Before” which I think fits her voice better, so I’m going with that.

Janelle Arthur – I’d like Janelle to sing “That’s What Friends are For”. But when looking through the song list I saw that Kenny Rogers has one on here called “They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used to” and I could see her picking that because it’s got a country twang to it.

Kree Harrison – I want Kree to sing something you wouldn’t expect her to sing and do her own take on it. Something like “The Look of Love” or something. I think she could rock that. Maybe? As “rock that” as you can with this song selection.

Lazaro Arbos – Ok this pick is the same as Michael Slezaks but I couldn’t help it. It’s pretty spot on for a guess – “What’s New Pussycat?” – Perfect, no? What worries me about Laz is that I want him to just be so cheesy that people are forced to not vote for him, but the other part of me worries that he knows a lot of these songs and he’ll sing something really well. God I hope not! At least if he doesn’t know any of these songs, he can’t use it as an excuse this week because really, how many of the Top 06 know a wide array of Bacharach/David songs?

More than anything I just hope that no one sings Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head. Please.God.No.

Now as for the Song They Wish They’d Written. I wanted to pick something from whoever they said was their favorite singer, but I also just picked something that I think they probably like in hopes for some small iota of originality.

Amber Holcomb – So Amber listed her favorite performer as Celine Dion. Shocking, I know. Because she isn’t very original and because the song was freaking HUGE, I’m gonna guess she’s going with “My Heart Will Go On” because why not tackle iconic songs that no one else could sing as good as the original singer, right? If we want to stick with Celine though, I’d like to see her sing “Taking Chances” or “Where Does My Heart Beat Now”. I think either of these would do great with her voice. They’re more her than any other Celine songs, I think.

Angie Miller – Angie lists her favorite singer as Jessie J and Beyonce. I can’t really see her singing either on the stage because if it’s a song she wishes she’d written I just feel like it’s something that went double myrrh. Since I’m not familiar with songs of the Jesus variety, I just checked out her  youtube channel. I saw that her most popular viewed song was “Home” by Phillip Phillips. I’m sure she wishes she’d written that! Plus if you wanted, you could kind of give it religious undertones, no? “Make this place your home” – like, I dunno, church? Heaven? “Don’t pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear”. Come on.

Candice Glover – This lady’s favorite singer is Jazmine Sullivan, who doesn’t really have the biggest songbook and her biggest song (I think) was already sung this season by Breanna Steer. Also after listening to a few of her other songs, I don’t think she has really the same voice/style as Candice anyway. Since she does so well with songs that other Idols have performed well, I’m going to pick “Unthinkable (I’m Ready) / Empire State Of Mind” performed by Alicia Keys herself on the Idol stage.

Janelle Arthur – So Eva Cassidy, Janelle’s favorite singer, was mostly a cover artist. Therefore the songs are kind of all over the place, but mostly in the folk genre. I think of all the songs I found, I’d like to see Janelle sing “Ain’t No Sunshine” or “What a Wonderful World” which I’d love to hear from a country singer. Realistically, I could also obviously see Janelle singing some Miranda Lambert as I do feel like I remember her saying how she wanted to be like her in a previous performance. With that, I’d like to see her sing “The House that Built Me” – orrrrrrrrrrr, if you want to do Kacey Musgraves like I want Kree to do also, I’d pick “Follow Your Arrow” or “Blowin’ Smoke”. I like Follow Your Arrow more, but I think you’d sing Blowin’ Smoke better.

Kree Harrison – Ok so this is totally personal, and if she wants to sing Patsy Cline, her personal favorite, that’s fine. i’m sure she’d do a great job with Walkin’ After Midnight (even though she’s totes not Megan Joy) but I really want to see her sing some Kacey Musgraves. I need more Kacey Musgraves in my life. And wouldn’t it be great for her to sing a song that so many are praising such a well written new song? So please, Kree, let’s sing “Mary Go Round” or “Silver Lining”. Thanks!

Lazaro Arbos – “Bridge Over Troubled Water” would be the obvious choice, no? Butt. Since I assume he won’t sing that for a 5th time (he’s sung it that many times, right? I certainly feel like he has and will whenever/if ever he has to sing for his life).  So Laz loves Selena. Not surprising. She is wonderful #RIP. From the Selena collection I’d like to see him sing Como La Flor. I’d like to see him sing in Spanish if nothing else. And maybe he knows the worst.

And here are Michael Slezak’s picks.

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