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Top 06 Results

So I don’t think anyone should be too shocked that the lovely Elise went home last night. I think we’re all ok with that. Judging by how many people had her in last place this week, I can’t say many of us were that surprised. I feel bad that she only really had one good week, but that’s the Idol stage. You never know what’s going to happen. With that said, lets see the results for the week.

As I said before, the bonus points were plentiful this week, which happens as we get closer to the finish line. Katie still won the week, as she has most of the weeks 🙂 And she’s running away with the lead, overall. Congratulations lady 🙂  And props to myself, for coming in second, because I can say that. It’s my blog. haha. I still can’t believe how well my husband is doing. I blame Phillip Phillips. Who I was surprised to not see in the Bottom 3. And for that I blame Colton being voted off last week.

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Spinach Meat(less)balls

As promised, I’m finally here with my recipe for the Spinach bites I made for my sisters wedding. With a slight modification this time, but pretty much the same.

This time though, instead of an appetizer, I used them as a meatball substitute. I like most Italian things, and I like most meats, but two things I’m not a fan of – are meatballs and meatloaf. So instead of making spaghetti and meatballs last night, I made spaghetti and spinach balls!

And they were as delicious as the first time I made them. I also made the same large recipe as I did the first time and froze half. Here’s hoping they hold up! So without further adieu, here’s the recipe:


4 cups of grated cauliflower
1 bag frozen spinach
1/4 – 1/2 cup of shredded parmesan cheese (I just used a handful or so)
2 eggs (or 3 egg whites)
1/2 cup of bread crumbs (I use panko)
1/2 onion, finely chopped
1 heaping teaspoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon Italian Seasoning
1/4 cup of melted butter, unsalted
dash of salt and pepper
3-4 slices of bacon, finely chopped (optional)


Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.

Putting this recipe together is pretty straight forward.  First, you cook the cauliflower and spinach. The spinach, as directed on the bag, and most importantly, DRAINED! The cauliflower, you just throw in the microwave with no water, and cook it on high for 6 minutes. Then you want to combine those two ingredients, with all of the remaining ingredients, stirring as you add the ingredients. As for the bacon, I only added them to half the balls because I had to convince my husband to try them and you have to throw bacon into anything that has spinach, or it’s a losing battle. So that’s what I did.

You want to ball these guys up, to about golfball size (it’s ok if the mixture is a little wet). If anything go smaller but not bigger. About this size… haha. Also notice I lined the pan with aluminum foil. I always do this for anything I’m cooking on a cookie sheet. Always.

Cook them for about 20 minutes but watch them because sometimes they go longer. You want them to have a nice brownish twinge to them, kind of like this:

And that’s it. Nice healthy spaghetti toppings! I hope you enjoy them!

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An Ode to Randy

Would it be wrong to write an entire post about Randy and his pins? The thing is, well, I’m a little obsessed with him. Why? Well, there’s a few reasons. First, I was cooking dinner for the first half of Idol because I had to go to the “gym” (barf) so I didn’t get to eat until late. So, while I cook, I have to have the hood fan on, so it makes it hard to hear the TV unless I turn it up really high and I’d rather not do that since I’m just gonna go downstairs and re-start Idol, when I’m done cooking dinner. So, instead, I focused on the visuals. And some of the songs.

Secondly, and I’m about to randomly nerd out on you all momentarily so just bear with me. First of all, the Randy pin jokes have come full circle. Why’s that you ask? Well, while checking out twitter this evening, I noticed this…

And then I clicked the link…

Randy is actually prompting people to talk about his lewk tonight. And of course, people did.

Even Matt Giraud got in on it. Love it! hahaha. Well, I’m actually going to be nice, because I can be nice sometimes, he is looking very slim tonight. And the blue looks way better than the purple last week. So, there are my nice things. But here’s my super nerd thing… See, I just finished reading Madeleine Albrights’ memoir (which was excellent in case you were wondering) but it reminded me of an interview I heard on NPR of her, discussing a book about the pins she wears. What’s it called? “Read my Pins” because she’s awesome. Here’s a little excerpt –

Before long, and without intending it, I found that jewelry had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal. Former president George H. W. Bush had been known for saying “Read my lips.” I began urging colleagues and reporters to “Read my pins.”

So, I got it in my head that sometime in the Idol off season, Randy must have read Madame Secretaries book, and taken it to heart. He would lay awake at night asking himself “How can I convey a message through my pins like the Secretary did?” “How can I be amazing like she is?” Here’s the thing though Randy,

So, did I cross a line of nerd-dom? Sorry folks. I am who I am. Let’s get back to Idol. At first I was a little mad we didn’t get mentor sessions, but I was really happy that we got the part of the season where the other Idols talk about each other. I like to learn more about all the contestants beyond their singing ability. It helps me to decide if I really like the contestants or not.

For example, after tonight, I think I like Elise just a little bit less. It bored me what everyone was saying about her. I would say the same about Phillip but he’s too dreamy to find his ambivalence annoying.  I also love Hollie and Skylar a LOT more. When they were going back and forth after Hollie called Skylar “Thick Boned” – hilarious. I love when you have the best of intentions but the words just come out completely wrong. And when Phillip was trying to pretend to talk like Hollie and basically just said “Blahblahblah”. I laughed out loud.  And while this wasn’t in the “talk about your friends” portion, I also loved how Skylar barged in on Joshua with her “12 standing O’s! That’s 12” haha. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that he gets too many.

We were privy to the set list once again except this time I didn’t guess too much except to read through it quickly and see who I wanted for various songs. I’ll throw those in below while I’m talking about my likes and dislikes.

Since I watched most of these after the fact and without commercial breaks, I didn’t write in between, just after everything was done.  Thusly, I will keep my notes about the contestants relatively short and sweet.

Jessica Sanchez – I  thought it was blasphemous that Jessica sang “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The only thing ok about it was that she didn’t sing it that well so I’m hoping there’s some hope that maybe she won’t make it to the finale. Then I saw her second song of “Dance with my Father” and I was pretty blown away. HOWEVER, Jermaine Jones sang that song this season! Isn’t it a little soon to be singing it again? I think Jessica did sing it better than Jacob Lusk, but not better than Jermaine. Funny how everyone forgets when you’re singing for your father who’s getting deployed… ok ok. I’ll keep quiet. I do have  a soft spot for servicemen. Not for you though, Jessica. Servicemen.

Skylar Laine – I loved both “The Show Must Go On” and “Tattoos on this Town”, as per the usual. I didn’t know the second song but it reminded me of something my brother and sister would listen to. I just love everything about Skylar. Her performances are fun, she’s a great country singer, I can’t say anything bad about her.

Joshua Ledet – I really liked his Queen song, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” but I didn’t know the India Arie song, “Ready for Love” and after hearing it, I could’ve done without ever knowing it in the first place. Not in a “omg that was terrible” way, just in a “meh” kind of way. I definitely don’t think he needed all the standing O’s. Or how Ryan is always asking him how he’ll feel when he’s at the finale. I mean, he’s avoided it every single time you’ve asked, just stop asking.

Elise Testone – I thought this was a VERY mixed week for Elise and I definitely think she’ll be in the bottom 3. I thought her first song, “I Want it All” (while it always reminds me of a car commercial), was really good. One of her best performances of the season (minus her Led Zepplin song). The second song, for me, for you dawg, was one of her worst, and it’s never good when the second one was the lesser of the two. I thought it was a good song for her, I just didn’t like it that much.

Phillip Phillips – When I saw the set list on Facebook earlier today, I thought two things. 1. That Phillip BETTER be singing “Fat Bottom Girls” and 2. That if the _______  ______ Band was Dave Matthews Band, that Phillip would be singing that too. Technically I thought he’d be singing the Hendrix song but as soon as I heard it was Dave, I knew it would be Phillip. And what was nice about his song choice was that it was a unique song. It’s one you don’t hear all the time as a Dave fan. As for his Queen song, I was initially really happy he was the one singing it, but as a true Phillip fan, I have to say this was one of his worst performances. Maybe I’m just a bigger Queen fan than I am a Phillip fan? That must be it. He should’ve sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” instead. I could definitely see Phillip making his first trip to the bottom 3 tonight. Even with all those girls who aren’t voting for Colton anymore.

Hollie Cavanagh – And finally we have miss Hollie. I knew “The Climb”, would be her song. She’s pretty easy to read. However that song “Save Me”? It must not be one of Queens greatest hits because those are the CD’s I have of Queen and that song isn’t on it. I hadn’t ever heard it before but I thought it was ok. What was good for Hollie, besides going last, was that unlike Elise, she definitely had her better song the second time around. Good for her. Stay out of the bottom 3 little lady! At least for one more week!

Back to Randy now, just for a minute. Just because twitter is hilarious when Idol is on. Here are a few excerpts of my favorites. It includes a Slezak tweet (the OG Randy hater), and a few Random Randy comments. I had to throw in the last one because it’s how I feel every time Randy says his new catch phrase.

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Idol Week 7 Redux

Well, I can’t say I’m upset now that the night is over. LMFAO had a great performance, everyone I thought would be safe, was safe, and the person I wanted to go home this week, went home. I’ll say this was definitely one of Colton’s worst weeks overall. Obviously, since this was his first time in the bottom 3. I can’t say there was ever a time I really didn’t like him, until he performed Bad Romance. Something about the entire performance was just really wrong to me.

I’m content with him leaving and I’m happy Hollie is safe. I’m also content in the knowledge that Taylor Hicks was and is, clearly the worst winner of American Idol. Yes, I know Ruben Studdard was an Idol winner too, I still think he’s so weird. I fought for him to make it past the first round, but the further he went and the more I fell in love with Katherine McPhee, the more I hated him and couldn’t understand why he was on the show. He just bothers me.

With that, let’s check out the rankings for this week. Katie is pretty much running away with the lead at this point, but I’m still holding tight on 3rd place so I’ll take it 🙂 Going for the bronze this year, baby! haha.

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Cauliflower pizza

Let me just state this is NOT an original recipe. It was the first time I’ve made it and I have some comments about it, but it’s not my recipe.

I was under the impression that I hate cauliflower. I think it smells weird, and raw, I do hate it. Completely. However, I’ve heard a lot about this “cauliflower pizza crust”. At first I thought, bizarre and that cauliflower was vile. Then I had two friends on special diets that tried it, and loved it, so that made me start to consider it a little more. Then I made these spinach cauliflower bites for my sister bridal shower (a recipe I have yet to get you, which I apologize for). That recipe proved to me that cauliflower aint half bad when disguised with different things.

With that, I decided to make it, and hope for the best. I shopped a few recipes around like this one, which seemed good but I wasn’t familiar with this website so I continued searching. Then I found this one from sparkpeople which is a great website I’m a member of, but the fennel? That I know I hate. Fennel and Anise are two spices I just can’t get behind. Finally I saw this one. The Recipe Girl is my jam. I’ve made a lot of her recipes and she’s never steered me wrong so I went with hers. Plus, the pineapple and ham combo is a personal favorite as far as pizza toppings.

I will say that I tested my chops and made this entirely organic! That never happens in this household so I was kind of proud of myself! The spices might not have been but other than that. Here’s what we ended up with:

Yes, you’re seeing that right, I ate it with a salad! Usually I like french fries with my pizza but I am turning over a new leaf… for dinner tonight. We’ll see how long it lasts.

I made the pizza exactly as the recipe tells me to. With that, I have a few minor recommendations for you:

1. Don’t cook the cauliflower for 8 minutes. I know it says temps vary but I’m pretty sure my microwave was made before I was born and it doesn’t have a ton of power, and  I think 8 minutes was a little too much. I think 6 minutes max, is the way to go.

2. Don’t cook the pizza crust for 15 minutes and THEN look in to see if it’s done. I set my timer for 13 minutes and the edges were already a little crispy. So, my recommendation is, got for 10 minutes, and when the edges start to get a little twinge of brown, take it out to add your toppings. Once you put it back in the oven, the crust is still going to cook for another few minutes so it won’t be undercooked, I promise.

3. Make your own sauce. Come on! Do it. You know I did.

4. Definitely make sure to use at least 3 cups of cauliflower. It shrinks down a lot. While I’d say this recipe is enough for 2 people with a side, that’s about it. I’d make two if I was cooking for more people.

Those are my only recommendations though, and I think they’re minor. Other than that, this was DELICIOUS. You couldn’t even tell it was cauliflower and my husband was proof. He knew it was something different, and did ask why our kitchen smelled like broccoli, but that was all he noticed.

One more time, here’s the Recipe Girl recipe. I highly HIGHLY recommend it!

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Music is the Soundtrack of Your life

‎”Music is the soundtrack of your life.” – Dick Clark, who passed away today at the age of 82

First and foremost, Dick Clark passed away as we all saw. I feel like Seacrest is somewhat of a protege of his so I thought he’d have more to say on the matter but I guess simple and sweet is fine for Idol night. Who knows if those kids under 20 even know who he is really besides that weird guy from the New Years Eve show that they always cut to. For me personally, I never saw Bandstand live (although I did like the show American Dreams, if that counts), so that part of his life never really effected me, but I know he was a magical TV icon. Radio too, obviously. I do remember listening to him a lot of Saturday mornings on the radio for his Top 10. Or maybe it was Top 25? Either way, it’s a good memory. I’m sad he’s not with us anymore. At least he lived a nice long life.


So as seems to be a bit of a norm now, they released the set list early

…so of course I had to guess who would be singing what. It’s super hard this week though. Some of the songs shoot out to me (Fantasia will obviously be sung by Joshua, I mean, for all the times they’ve referenced Mantasia?),  there are others I can’t see anyone singing (Usher?? It’s not going to be Joshua so I don’t have a clue who’ll sing that besides knowing it won’t be Colton), and then there were a few that I thought could be any number of people singing (that Adele song and either of the Alicia Keys songs). As for the “then” songs, I feel like any of them could sing any of those songs. I just have no clue, at all except for maybe one or two… So my list looks a little like this


And with that lets get to the critiquing.

Hollie – Rolling in the Deep – Wow. I don’t know if this is her karaoke song or something but it’s like she’s been singing this song her whole life. I don’t know at this point what her second song will be but if it’s anything like this song, she could take the night. I know, those are big words that I could completely regret after the next 6 people go. I’m saying it though. She really rang true to the Adele version and I thought it was amazing. It was like she was a different person compared to when the lights went up. Also, Randy, eat a penis. Pitchy? Not a CHANCE. Haley Reinhart also sang this song (quite well in my opinion) but it put her in the bottom 3. I’m hoping the same won’t be true for Hollie.

In my second “I hate Randy moment” (well, second and a half since I also hated on his outfit when I saw him). When Colton sister comes up and Randy complains that she just has to try out next season? Ugh. Come on asshole. Something tells me you weren’t the one championing her to stay, in the Vegas rounds.

Colton – Bad Romance – Obviously I didn’t think he’d be singing Bad Romance (although he did sing a lady song like I thought he would) and after hearing him sing his first song, I hope the little kids who vote for this him regularly, realize he’s nothing compared to what was Hollie’s performance. I’m not saying his next performance might be better, but I thought this was utterly TERRIBLE. It’s just not Gaga, he’s not Adam Lambert. He’s not even James Durbin with this song.  It did nothing for me in any way shape or form. I just think this was completely the wrong song for him. And in version 3.0 of hating Randy, how could you love that performance? I won’t hate on you completely only because the other judges agreed for some bizarre reason. BIZARRE reason. When Steven said he wasn’t sure what he loved more – the outfit, the band or the set? Did anyone else notice that he didn’t mention he loved the singing? Am I the only one that seems a problem with this???

Elise – No One – Jimmy is so right about Elise. It seems like she just has to fight harder than anyone else, every week.  I feel like she has been one of the most consistent performers and yet the judging/voting for her is just so back and forth. This wasn’t my most favorite performance of hers but I liked it a lot.  It was a little unexpected for her to sing an Alicia Keys song but I’m glad she didn’t sing the other Alicia Keys song. After this performance I think she’ll still be in the bottom 3. Hopefully with Colton.

Phillip – U Got it Bad – Seems that guessing Phillip would sing Usher wasn’t completely wrong after all? I’m not gonna lie, while it was a surprise, it was also QUITE a panty melter. The lyrics, the slow jazz background, the grey, the sexy saxophone lady (back again), it was all right for me. Musically, Hollie was still better, but Phillip… damn Phillip. If this was 8th grad you’d be on the front of my binder with that song in a hot second. Panty.Melter. What’s hilarious, is when you google image panty melter, a ton of grey shirts come up? Is that random/hilarious or what? I even screen captured it to prove it. Haha. Also Randy, you have slightly redeemed yourself – you’re right, we do have a true artist on the stage in Phillip. I have removed a single hatred point for you tonight (I’ll forget that every week you pick a different person to say that about). So far.

I don’t know if I said this about Jessica last week, but if I did, sorry, I’m saying it again. I think the only reason that she was in the bottom last week, was because 1. Everyone thought she was safe so no one voted for her, or 2. The magical producers said that they needed more attention for Jessica and the only way to do that was to put her last and have the judges dramatically save her so that people know to vote vote vote for their little golden treasure. Conspiracy theories baby. Ok, now that I’ve let my cynical out, let me just say that she freaking killed Fallin’. I don’t like Jessica, but I can’t deny it when I hear a good performance. I’m nothing if not fair. For the record, this is the second song of the evening, that Haley Reinhart did first. Ok, she wasn’t the “first” to sing Fallin’ but she was better than the two before her so we’ll forget that part. And I’m sorry Haley, but Jessica did this better.

Skylar – Born this Way – I know I called this one, and I called it for the same reason Skylar mentioned to Jimmy – there’s a country version! Der! I just think she gets really into her songs. I was worried the judges wouldn’t like it and tear her apart but I’m glad Jennifer started the judges opinions. She is very boxer like in her singing. I also agree with Steven that she’s a crossover, she clearly does country/rock really well. I do have to mention though, that outfit (not Jennifers, I’ll talk about that later), is awful.

Joshua – I Believe – Obviously it wasn’t a surprise he’d sing Fantasia. I felt a little bad for him talking to Jimmy about how people just didn’t like him last week. I can feel me hatred lessening and my sympathy moving in at a rapid pace. I mean, I was one of those people last week, hating on him, but he does have some good weeks, and this one is one of them. I thought he was so so good singing Fantasia. Maybe there’s something to the Mantasia mantra because he’s 100% into that song. Usually I think it’s dumb when Jennifer cries (unless I’m also crying) but this time I got it. I get it… but I wasn’t crying.

Let’s move onto then now, and that mixed bag of soul train choices. I didn’t realize they were soul train songs when I saw the list but I guess that makes the random list, make a little more sense?

Hollie – Son of a Preacher Man – I was pretty sure Skylar would sing this song but I thought Hollie did a pretty good job. It’s wasn’t Adele but it was good. She’s slightly forgettable with this one but I hope people remember Adele. REMEMBER THE ADELE SONG PEOPLE!

Colton – September –I was pretty sure I knew this song and when I heard him singing it, I definitely know it. I have to separate out this song a little bit. I thought the version he sang of this song, was super cool. BUT, I really wasn’t a fan of Colton singing it. I feel like the judges were right in their criticism of this one, more right than they were with Bad Romance. Please be in the bottom 3 Colton. Pretty please.

Elise – Let’s Get it On – Does anyone remember Matt Giraud from Season 8? He sang this too and I remember being pissed it put him in the bottom. I think Elise did a better job than him though. In fact, I think this is the first of the “then” songs I really like. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a girl sing this song but the sultry in her voice makes it a perfect choice. Don’t even listen to those judges Elise (twitter agrees with me, as you’ll see later), they just have to narrow down who they want to go home. It has nothing to do with your actual ability. Randy – I’m giving you back your idiot points. Al Green?? Al Green??? Marvin Gaye sang Let’s Get it On! Ugghhhh!!!! UGGHHHHH!

Phillip – In the Midnight Hour – I’m not convinced Phillip is sleeping with the sexy saxophonist, but I’m 80/20 on the odds. Or she wants to sleep with him. It’s one or the other. I don’t think he sang this song badly by any means, quite the opposite, but it makes me want to hear him sing that song “My Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band. He makes me want to dance, singing this song. I do agree that Jennifer should’ve got up and danced with Phillip. That would’ve been fun.

Kris Allen – You’re just as dreamy as you were when you were singing Falling Slowly, on your season.

Jessica – Try a Little Tenderness – I cannot even concentrate on what she was singing. That outfit is wrong on 1,000 different levels. The pants, the necklace thing, the earrings? Zack even, who never comments on outfits, used the words “f*cking ridiculous” – and I’ve got to agree. And from what I did hear of the song, it just felt like she was yelling but mumbling at the same time. I’m back to hating her again. Right back like I forgot she even sang a different song earlier tonight.

Skylar – Heard it Through the Grapevine –  I think after her performance, and without yet having seen Joshuas, Skylar wins the night for me. She’s just so powerful and energetic. Whether she wins or not, she’s got a career ahead of her. She’s better than Lauren Alaina. I hope if she can make it to the Top 2, she can pull it out. She’s just my overall favorite. A Wild horse refusing to be tamed, indeed, Steven. Indeed (side note – now I want to hear her sing Wild Horses).

Joshua – A Change is Gonna Come – I can’t lie. It’s officially a Joshua/Skylar tie for the win tonight. I wasn’t a big fan of his but unlike Jessica, my hate is not coming back out. It’s going into a cave somewhere for the week. I actually really liked him a lot this week. Maybe it was the song? I do love it. Maybe it was my sympathy for him? I loved his performance too though. It was a touch wail-y but it was wail-y in a good way, this time. I think. Are my defenses just cracking? I re-watched Syesha Mercado sing this since it was voted as a top Idol performance (out of 64 so really it wasn’t “top” top), and it was damn good. I will say Joshua was better than Adam Lambert’s version, but I think with that song, that’s expected. If you want a great version, which I found on youtube while looking for Syesha, Lauryn Hill (disregard the Wyclef intrusion). And Seal (although his sounds almost identical to Sam Cooke’s version).

Overall, I think I’m about 100% wrong with my “then” song choices, but that’s ok. I was closer with the now songs and I’ll take that.

Onto something a touch more light hearted – while Randy’s pastel purple jacket is atrocious, along with the peace sign pin, it’s nothing compared to the gladiator/nude illusion-esque dress takes the cake for creepy/terrible this evening. To quote my friend Jess “Did she lose a fight with a beach chair?” Perfect! Yes! Yes she DID lose a fight with a beach chair! What in the hell is that? Is she just going to be naked at the end of the season? I’m ok with that, she’s an attractive lady. I’m sure it would help with the ratings. But back to clothing – Jessica wins worst accessory. Hollie is a close second with her necklace. It’s hard to hate on those ladies so much though. Let’s get in some more Randy hating 🙂

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Glee on Idol, What If?

I know I already had 2 Glee/Idol crossover posts. But… I thought of another one, so I couldn’t deprive you. Glee does this to me. For this one I imagined, what would it look like if Glee kids auditioned for Idol? What would they sing? Would the kids who shine on Glee, shine on the great Idol stage? I certainly think the dynamic would be different. In my head, most members would clearly make it to the Top 10, without the bat of an eyelash. Finn is my exception. I think we all have to realize he’s never sung a thing on Glee that’s made me swoon. Sorry Miss Berry, I just don’t see what you see in him. In his defense if I was to do a Top 12, Finn would sing I Can’t Fight This Feeling. And because I said Top 12, Sam Evans would sing his version of Baby (and probably on the real show he’d knock Tina Cohen-Chang out in a hot second thanks to the voting population). In my version, they wouldn’t crack the top 10 though. I love too many other songs by other singers, to include them.

So, the top 10 that I would pick, would be as follows:

Artie Abrams
Blaine Anderson
Rachel Berry
Tina Cohen-Chang
Quinn Fabray
Kurt Hummel
Mercedes Jones
Santana Lopez
Brittany S. Pierce
Noah Puckerman

So the question is, what would the audition look like? What would their group songs be? Well, if we’re going by my favorite songs, which we are because this is my blog, it would look a little something like this –

Artie would go first because he’s probably the weakest of the group and needs a little push (like the push you get from going first). He’d sing “Dancing With Myself” which was one of my favorite performances on Glee, to date. I can’t even fast forward it when it comes up on my ipod.

Next up would be Quinn Fabray. While my favorite song of hers is a duet with Rachel, my second favorite sing she sings is her version of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World“. And that’s an Idol favorite so it would of course be a hit. I like her version because her voice is higher than most women who’ve sung this song, but I think she just slayed it. She was such a bad ass in Season 1.

The third position within the Top 10 can be a little forgettable so why not throw in someone who even Gleeks forget about, Tina Cohen-Chang. She’s one of the better, more unique singers on the show but this isn’t her season, next year though. She’s like the Season 10 Colton Dixon. To prove she wasn’t going down without a fight, she would sing True Colors, and everyone would love her for those three minutes.

We’d then go with our first show stopper of the night. Rachel Berry. I know, you’d think she’d be the show stopping end of the night lady, but Idol’s not her bag. This isn’t the show where she goes last. But she would definitely be top 5. Now, what would she sing? Well, the real Rachel Berry would sing something from Barbra, but in my Idol dream world, she would sing “On My Own” from Les Miserables. I know Randy doesn’t want Broadway (because he’s an idiot) but teeny boppers don’t want to hear Streisand, and they are the actual voters. Finally, lets be real, like she’d sing anything other than something from the great white way?

Then after Broadway, I think we’d need some sex appeal. That would be why Brittany S. Pierce made it into the Top 10. And what’s more sex appeal than “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha? She barely even qualifies as a singer which is what makes this song so perfect. It’s because Brittany, in my opinion, actually sings better than Ke$ha. Minus that whole part on Glee where she pukes at the end. That was barely her fault though. I’d blame Rachel.

Then we would hit it up with a slightly toned down but still sexy appeal, because she’s Brittany’s girlfriend and to be honest, a way better singer, Santana Lopez. Her best song, isn’t even a question for me. It would be “Valerie“, from Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse. This song was perfect for Santana. I think it might have been her first solo performance on the show in general. And for Idol purposes, it would be like Elise when she sang “Whole Lotta Love”. You never really thought she’d win but that song put her right in the running.

After all those ladies, we’d have to get some testosterone into the room. Who better than Noah Puckerman. That guy oozes testosterone. What song would he sing? My vote would be “Hot for Teacher“. It was by far my favorite performance of his. He’d certainly win a lot of ladies over with that song. And, he’d HAVE to play the guitar.

In the idol formula, we’d need another show stopper after Puck performs. Who’s the opposite of Puck? Well that would be Kurt. Picking a single song for Kurt to sing would be very difficult. I like SO SO many of his songs. The best I could do was narrow it down to two. New Directions Kurt Hummel, would sing Single Ladies because he looked FIERCE in that leotard. If this was Warblers Kurt Hummel, he would sing “Blackbird” and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house, especially if you remember him singing it on Glee. (Why there are no good videos of either of these performances is beyond me). I’ll go with Blackbird and leave Single Ladies for the Duet performances since “technically” Tina and Brittany were a part of the song too.

Next up would be Blaine and he’d be fun and current, rocking out to the first song he ever sang on Glee, “Teenage Dream“. It’s where I fell in love with him. It’s where everyone fell in love with him, including Kurt. How could it not be the song he sings?

Finally, our show stopper, THE show stopper, if Idol has any say. It’s Mizz Amber Riley, aka Mercedes Jones. And what would she sing? Well, what every diva wishes was their show stopper, “And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going” from Dreamgirls. It would be an homage to JHud. And if anyone can pay tribute to her, it’s Mercedes. She would kill it, judges would stand and wave, praising every moment of her performance and Randy would crown her queen, even though they were only in the Top 10.

Now, try to tell me that wouldn’t be an awesome night of Glee. I realize it would be a theme-less night but lets just pretend, since this is my dreamworld, that the theme is Glee.

As for duets,  and group performances, well this is where it’s difficult. For one because it’s impossible to pick just one song in which Rachel Berry is a part of. It’s impossible. What can I say? Some things just are, and Rachel is one of those things.

Let’s start with duets, which are always my favorite performances on Glee. They would probably look a little something like this, in no particular order:

Santana and Mercedes – Rumor Has It/Someone Like You (best song ever performed on Glee? Possibly)

Rachel and Kurt – Wicked Medley (Defying Gravity/For Good/Popular. I know they’ve never sung Popular but medleys are 3 songs so get over it).

Mercedes and Rachel – Take Me or Leave Me

Kurt, Tina and Brittany – Single Ladies

Santana and Brittany – Me Against the Music

The group songs would be:

Born This Way, by Lady Gaga

Marry You, by Bruno Mars

My Life Would Suck Without You (homage to Kelly Clarkson)

We are Young, by Fun.

Sing by My Chemical Romance

Finally, if they made it to some kind of round where famous people came to sing with them, we would see:

April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth) and Rachel singing Maybe This Time (which is another song I refuse to fast forward, ever).

Jessie St. James (Jonathan Groff) and Rachel singing Rolling in the Deep

The Spanish Teacher (Ricky Martin) and New Directions singing Sexy and I know It (because he is and he does).

And anything Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) wants to sing, because she’s amazing and she’s never sung a song I haven’t liked. If I could pick, I’d probably say I Dreamed a Dream, or Poker Face, both with Rachel.

I’d like to add an Uncle Jessie song but he never sang anything with the group that really won me over. That can also be said of Rachel’s dads.

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Surprise Surprise

Well, what do you know, Idol can still surprise me. Well, the voting audience can. I have to say that if Elise was switched with Hollie, that would’ve been my bottom 3 too. I knew even before Steven proclaimed it though, that the judges would use their save tonight. It wasn’t hard to tell AT.ALL. Then they said Jessica was in last place, and I knew FOR SURE the judges would use their save. It wasn’t even a question, so in that regard, it wasn’t really surprising at all. That being said, I’ve never been a fan of hers, and the song she started to since, really wasn’t that great to me. She did kind of seem that she was in a bit of shock mode.

I hate how much the judges like her though, to go up and make her stop singing, I mean, really? What I did love about the judges standing on the stage though – 1. Jennifer has a seriously hot body. 2. The way Steven Tyler stands is so weird. His legs might be skinnier than JLos. Those pants just make them look even skinnier.

So with that, here’s what the results are looking like tonight.

Here’s the standings:

And here are our weekly and overall totals. Katie and my husband of all people win the week and but Katie is still in the lead, with Cindy close behind her overall. I would’ve given points had anyone picked Jessica to be last but most of us have her at the top. I don’t even know why… ugh. It was pretty sweet to see her in the bottom, even if it was only momentarily.

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Songs from 2010+

Well fortunately for Randy, he looked pretty good tonight – someone must’ve got to him and said (in his language of course) “Yo dawg, I just want you to know that for me, you’re looking terrible. I think if you really don’t look like you gotta have it. I think it’s time to change your look”. The person who didn’t get that message tonight, was JLo. That was a bizarre outfit.

The mentor was Akon. I know he sang some song with Gwen Stefani, I’m pretty sure he spent some time in jail, and I read on Wikipedia he owns a diamond mine in Africa, but denies the existence of blood diamonds. There’s something you don’t see every day. As fas as his mentorship, I thought it was mostly on Jimmy tonight but that never really bothers me. I liked what he had to say about most of the contestants so he was fine overall. And he’s not a bad looking man either, if I may say.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how the night went. Why? Because while no one sang the songs I picked, they did sing 3 songs from Glee! 3! Yeah baby! I’ll take it. The people I don’t like, I still didn’t like. I think someone must like them because they are still on, and I really (unfortunately) don’t think they will be going anywhere after tonight. I truly believe that unless Hollie is voted off this week, the judges will use their save. I think besides her, they really love everyone else. And since they can’t use the save after week 5, next week would be the week they use it.

So let’s get the night started.


Skylar Laine
“Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” (Kellie Pickler) 

There’s something I love about a really little kid with a thick southern accent. I also love subtitles on people speaking English. As for the performance, I thought it was great. What’s really, really rare for me when it comes to Idol, is for me to like a song that I’ve never heard of, when someone on Idol sings it. In fact, I don’t know if it’s ever happened (I think because usually it’s a genre thing) but Skylar totally hooked me in and it genuinely makes me want to download the song like, right now. I loved the guitar too.

Colton Dixon
“Love The Way You Lie” (Skylar Grey)

His hometown didn’t really do anything for me. Pretty average, nothing adorable like the little kids with country accents. As for the song, I’m glad he chose this song over whatever his other song was. I thought it was a good choice… well… a decent choice. It at least gave him a chance to do the two things that he does best: 1. Play Piano, 2. Stare at the camera with his puppy dog eyes (and all girls younger than him agree).  More on him later.

Phillip & Elise
“Somebody That I Used to Know” (Gotye ft. Kimbra)

I didn’t know I loved this song until… I heard it on GLEE. LAST NIGHT!! YEY! I think Phillip did this song really well because he has an almost Phil Collins quality about him and I think this song has that too. Elise, she did well too. I was mesmerized by her skirt, which I loved. Overall she picked the right song for this duet. It was a fun and quirky choice. I like unique choices when they’re good. And this was good.  I know I said Colton would sing it better but I think Phillip and Elise most definitely proved me wrong. I don’t think Phillip should stand near Elise too often though – he is REALLY pale! Haha.

Jessica Sanchez
“Stuttering” (Jazmine Sullivan)

I do like Jessica’s enormous family. Coming from a large extended family, I like to see large families hanging out together. Was it just me or did Jessica look like she’d been crying for hours, when she was in her meeting with Jimmy and Akon? This was another song I don’t know but unlike Skylar, this song wasn’t one I feel the need to immediately download. I hated the way she said “stuttering”. Well, specifically the “stuh stuh” part. She does have better puppy dog eyes than Colton though. I bet her Dad does anything she asks of him. Does that sound weird? I didn’t mean for it to. You know what I mean. Also, did she almost fall off the piano? Yes. The answer is yes.

Joshua Ledet
“Runaway Baby” (Bruno Mars)

I felt like his city got a little cheated but I did like the little girl I assume was a relative, at the beginning of the show, who told us all to vote for him. She was a cutie! I don’t know if it was just me but I felt like the song was kind of lacking in Joshua too. I saw a lot of the band, a lot of that dancing girl, and a little of Joshua repeating the word “Runaway”. This (again) is a song I don’t know. I guess I’m not hip to current music unless it’s been on Glee – and by “I guess I’m not”, I mean “I most definitely am not”. What can I say, I listen to NPR. All day, in the car, on the weekend. I’m that person. I do know some Bruno Mars though, and besides his look tonight,  this wasn’t really what I was expecting. He did put on a good show and I’m sure that will distract everyone from choosing not to vote for him.

Side note – I am officially 100% over Randy’s “Gotta Have It” phrase. Over it.

Side Side note – Joshua’s dad is adorbs. For my Lennar friends, did anyone else see a fat black John White? I think it was just the mustache.

Side Side Side note – Did I hear Ryan say the sparks/romance rumors continue to fly with Skylar and Colton? Three words – No.F*cking.Way. Saying Scotty and Lauren were sweet on each other last year was one thing but I could never ever see Skylar and Colton making out. Let’s be real here. I liked that Coltons reason for not dating her is because she owns a gun. I think the real reason is because she could kick his ass.

Colton & Skylar
“Don’t You Wanna Stay” (Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson)

I thought this song was kind of lame. I did really like Skylars dress tonight though. (Also, I’ve called Skylar, Lauren, just about every time I’ve written her name, unbeknownst to you thanks to the backspace button). Colton is only good at love songs when he’s singing to the audience. He just exudes hubris to me for some reason. And they are just such an odd pair. I see Elise and Lauren Phillip (what is my problem – everyone is Lauren tonight!!!) together. I see Joshua and Jessica singing together. I just don’t see Colton and Skylar together, musically.  I just don’t see Colton singing with others I think. Nothing was wrong with the song, it was just the performance. I was glad Skylar rocked some Kelly Clarkson though. Since I said she should sing Kelly Clarkson J

Hollie Cavanagh
“Perfect” (P!nk)

I think it’s hilarious that Ryan calls the girl with the British accent, the hometown girl from McKinney, TX. That makes me laugh. But onto Hollies song choice. And why do I like Hollies song choice? Well, that would be because… IT’S A GLEE SONG! Yey J I know I said I wanted Elise singing Pink but I really liked Hollie’s version of it. Her dress was a little Bjork, but we won’t hold that against her. I kind of wanted her to get really bad ass Pink on us, but I guess that just wasn’t the version we were getting tonight. I think Hollie could do it if she put her mind to it. I would’ve also liked to see some Pink acrobatics, but Pink is the professional, so I guess that’s more her thing. I did agree with Randy that it was awkwardly quiet for Hollie tonight. I don’t foresee good things for her.

Phillip Phillips
“Give a Little More “ (Maroon 5)

I love LOVE LOVE that people are trying to buy his things from the pawn shop, and then you see someone (was it Phillip?) carrying a giant turkey? I’d tell kids that was Phillips just to get rid of it. I really liked Jimmy’s line about “don’t be different for the sake of being different, be great for the sake of being great”.  Also, I like that Phillip doesn’t seem to be “after the female vote” like Colton (I think) is, but Phillip, and I’m talking to you, you have this females vote and you are way hotter to me, than Colton. As for this Maroon 5 performance, the lady saxophone player was a touch weird to me. I didn’t mind her in the background but when I saw her on stage she really bothered me. Was she really playing? Part of be thought she was just fake playing and was there for decoration.

Last side note – and I know this won’t happen – but I’d really like to see Adam Levine as a mentor on this show. I guess that’s what the Voice is for.

Josh, Jessica &Hollie
“Stronger” (Kelly Clarkson)

I’m not gonna lie, I like Josh a little more after seeing how adorable he and Hollie are together. And, I kind of like that Jessica is the third wheel with them… sorry. I can’t help it. She did kind of show them she’s now third wheel, in the songs performance. Secondly, WE HAVE ANOTHER GLEE SONG J This is a song that should be on the tour though. I really really liked it. Hollie makes me like Josh and Jessica more.

Elise Testone
“You and I” (Lady Gaga)

Three miscellaneous Elise things – 1. Her friend is awesome. 2. I love Jason Segal so much. Him and Elise. 3. What in the hell is Elise wearing right now? Now onto her singing. I said I’d like to see Jessica or Skylar sing some Gaga, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see Elise sing her. I should’ve remembered how Haley Reinhart sang this song. I see a lot of Haley, in Elise. And she couldn’t sing Pink or Kelly Clarkson because both have been done tonight, so Gaga is the next logical step really.  I did think Jimmy and Akon were right with regards to the drums. She’s no Reed Grimm. She doesn’t need to bring an instrument like the drums to her performance. I mean, look where he is now – not on the show. And look at Gaga, she’s a piano player, everyone likes the piano more! I know this isn’t a Glee song, but something tells me it’s only a matter of time. I really liked Elise’s version of the song. I thought she did really well. It wasn’t as good as two weeks ago but it was way better than last week. It started off well, got slow when she stood up from the piano but then broke it down for the last half of the song so all was right.


Overall I think dear little Hollie is the one that will be in trouble this evening. As for bottom 3, I know I’m going to be mad with whoever besides Hollie is there, since I seem to be in the slight minority when it comes to not liking Jessica and Joshua. Time will tell.

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Glee vs Idol

Theme 2 – American Idol-ers vs Glee

There have been well over 50 songs that have appeared on both Glee and Idol, so I narrowed it down to songs that have been performed by over 3 contestants on Idol, which narrowed it down to a pleasant 15. Lucky for the Idol contestants, they didn’t have a lot of Rachel Berry performances (or my favorite girl, Santana Lopez), so in some cases I actually did like the Idol version better. Not many but hey, the Idol kids aren’t being paid to sing yet either. Let’s check out the list.

1. A House is Not a Home by Dionne Warwick. Performed on Glee by Kurt Hummel and Finn Hudson while dealing with the trials of their parents shacking up. This song was also performed by Idol’s season 2 winner, Rubin  Studdard, and my least favorite season 10 contestant, Jacob Lusk. The best performance though, including Glee as an option, was Tamra Grey from Season 1. It was breathtaking.

2. A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley. Performed on Glee by Will Schuester, Brittany S. Pierce, and Mike Chang in the episode that Ricky Martin appeared in. I barely remember the song because all I want to remember from that episode was Ricky Martin singing “Sexy and I Know it”. Points should be given to Schu for its bi-lingual flair, but truth be told, I’m not a huge Schu fan when it comes to singing. This song has a close tie with two Idol contestants in the form of Lee DeWyze and a personal favorite contestant, Daughtry. I think we all remember him!

3. All By Myself by Eric Carmen/Celine Dion. Performed on Glee by Sunshine Corazon (Charice) and a second time by Emma Pillsbury.  I’m not going to lie, Pia Toscano did pretty well singing this song, but if you’ve ever heard Charice sing? You know she KILLED it, as she does all things musical.

4. Alone by Heart. Performed on Glee by April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth) and Will Schuester, in the first appearance of April Rhodes on Glee. I think we all know that Kristen Chenoweth is one of the best singers of all time when it comes to the great white way. It’s a great version of the song but it features Schu so it’s no surprise that there are some hot Idol contesters. Two amazing versions of this song have been performed on Idol and they were by Allison Iraheta, and Season 4 winner, Carrie Underwood (and when you see her hair in this performance, you’ll love her even more).

5. And I’m Telling You, I’m Not Going by Jennifer Holliday. Performed on Glee by Mercedes Jones (at “Sectionals,” of course). This is an odd song on Idol  having been performed 5 times and all 5 of those times were in the semi’s. What does this mean? It means that while all of those performances were decent, NONE compare to Mercedes. That being said, an American Idol contestant did sing it in her Oscar winning performance for “Dreamgirls” and if anyone did it better than Mercedes, it’s JHud. It just wasn’t on the Idol stage.

6. Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. Performed on Glee by Rachel Berry and Will Schuester. This song was weird on Glee because it’s where Rachel develops a crush on Mr. Schu, so it’s just a little creepy. The only reason I’d say the Glee version is better is because they get to do it as a duet which is how this song should be sung. And really no one notable sang it on Idol either, but I’ll mention that it’s one of the few times on this list that we see a performer from this season in the form of recently booted DeAndre Brackensick. Like I said, no one notable. So, we’ll move on.

7. I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly. Performed on Glee by the New Directions.  This was a great song on Glee as part of a mash-up with the song “Fly” by Nicki Minaj. It was for Regionals so you know the New Directions brought it. Again, there was no one notable from Idol who sang this song, so we’ll say the New Directions in this round.

8. (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Performed on Glee as a mash-up as well (with Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That”) by New Directions. While the New Directions version was fun, and I love a mash-up, the best performance of this song, was Season 1 winner, the amazing Kelly Clarkson. And check out her outfit while singing this song. You’d think the first Idol was from 1991.

9. I’m the Only One by Melissa Etheridge. Performed on Glee by the dreamy Noah Puckerman. And his performance was dreamy! Not to mention, it was one of my favorite episodes of Glee (“I Kissed a Girl”) since it heavily featured Santana. I did really like Lauren Alaina’s version of this song last season but I still think Puckerman wins this round. It helps that his hotness knows no bounds. Sorry Lauren. It’s probably why you lost Idol too (although I don’t feel that way about Scotty).

10. Imagine by John Lennon. Performed on Glee by New Directions and the deaf choir they competed against. Really, when you perform with a deaf choir, how can anything Idol puts up, compete? Well, you compete with a tiny little soft spoken boy named David Archuleta. That’s right, the first song I ever downloaded off itunes after hearing it on Idol, was his version of Imagine. It was perfect. I think I shed a tear in both shows performances of this song. Archuleta wins though. I think it’s the piano.

11. My Funny Valentine by what we’ll call “Original Broadway Cast” because everyone has covered this song! Just look at the “Notable Recordings” section of Wikipedia. Performed on Glee by Tina Cohen-Chang in the “Silly Love Songs” episode. Tina is definitely one of those overlooked voices on Glee. I could even see a girl like her auditioning for Idol being overlooked (especially if Simon was still one of the judges).  I’m so glad she’s going to get more screen time this year and next since she won’t be graduating this season. The only way Tina loses this match would be if she competed in Season 6, when Melinda Doolittle covered this song in the Semi’s.

12. Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland. Performed on Glee by Noah Puckerman and Will Schuester. Technically Puck and Schu sing the Israel Kamakawiwoʻole version of this song, which I actually like more than the original, and the only person to do that version on Idol was Jason Castro and that was fantastic. I loved that dirty hippy. As far as the Judy Garland version though, Katherine McPhee actually sang this in the Finale of her season (I’ll still never understand how she lost to Taylor Hicks). Simon Cowell picked the song for her and that guy knows his stuff. Wow.

13. Smile by Charlie Chaplin. Performed on Glee by the New Directions.. I don’t need to know who sang this on Idol because this is an overall favorite song of mine from the Glee Soundtracks. The only version I’ve ever liked more was when Veda sings it in My Girl 2. And maybe Michael Jacksons version. Maybe. Oh and Josh Grobans verison. Maybe I just really like the song. Winner – New Directions.

14. True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. Performed on Glee by Tina Cohen-Chang and New Directions. Maybe it’s just because it’s more fresh in my mind but I really liked Creighton Frakers recent version of this song when he sang it in the semi’s of this season. I thought it was so sweet and totally fit his style of song. Just like it did Tina when she sang it on Glee.

15. Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. Performed on Glee by Rachel Berry, and smaller parts by Finn, Jessie St.James and Puck. It’s a rough song for Rachel as she realizes she’s lost all the guys who kind of liked her in the first place. And lets be realistic, if Rachel was on Glee (if she could make it past Randy complaining about her “broadway voice”) would win American Idol ten times over, so we all know she’d be the real winner no matter what. I’ll say Carly Smithson had a pretty good version but nothing really compares to Rachel Berry.

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