I Hate Leftovers

But they have to be eaten, because well, the only thing I hate more than leftovers is wasting money. Throwing food away is like throwing dollar bills away to me. So as a result, I have to dress up leftovers to make them look like some brand new thing. It’s a little difficult but I’m getting better at it. The best way to dress up leftovers? Let me introduce you to a little thing my neighbors and I (and by my neighbors and I, I really mean that’s what my neighbors call them and I liked it so now it’s what I call them)

Forgotten Potatoes

They’re a beautiful thing. A beautiful, very easy thing. My favorite 🙂

I know what you’re thinking, why call them “Forgotten Potatoes”? Aren’t they just roasted potatoes? Shut up. Yes. They are roasted potatoes. BUT, they are called forgotten potatoes because their best when they’re forgotten about in the oven and left to brown and get nice a crispy. Almost burned but not quite. Just nice and toasty brown. Usually around 40 minutes but going an hour is totally fine. I’ve gone longer but then you’re really playing with fire. Well, not fire, just burnt potatoes. My trick is, throw them in the oven, watch something on bravo, and they’re done!

The great thing about them is that you can make them with so many things, you just change up the seasoning. I’ve made an Italian version, a garlic version, a thai-ish version, and today, a Mexican version. Inspired by Rick Bayless, who taught me the beauty of potatoes being combined with Mexican food. His potato and chorizo tacos are phenomenal.

So here’s how we made the potatoes today.

Onion mix is one of those things that just makes everything better. I use it a lot. I mean, you can see on the box, it’s great in the slow cooker. What I did was opened the package of onion mix, and dumped roughly a tablespoon of cumin in there and mixed it up.

Then I chopped up a bag of red potatoes (probably around 6-8?) and an onion. I put them in a bowl, added about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and my cumin/onion mixture. Then I got my hands dirty and tossed it all up. It turned out to look a little something like this…

Then I sprinkled a little more cumin on, because really you can never have enough. Then you just throw it in the oven as I mentioned above…. anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour, at 400.

Now I know this whole title was about leftovers so you’re probably wondering what I mixed these potatoes up with… Well, to everyones shock and surprise, it was my mexican stew. I also added some peas for a little more nutrition, and for some color. It was delicious. And just different enough to trick my mind into not remembering that I ate a similar dish a mere 3 days ago.

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