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American Idol – Let’s Hear it For the Girls! And Llamas. And Dresses.

Ok first and foremost, the dress is white and gold, and this was my favorite llama meme…

LiveShow02 - Llamas


And I don’t think anyone was talking about the real question from that… how much did that make me want a llama? IMMENSELY. It also REALLY made me wanna watch Emperors New Groove again and guess what’s available on netflix right now!?!?!?

LiveShow02 - llamas2


Ok now on to Idol. So here’s the thing. I did watch last night. Kind of. I saw a solid 4 performances. The rest were being talked over by some loud boys in my house (aka my husband and his friend) so I couldn’t really hear some of the other performances. I tried to find them OnDemand this morning but alas, they are not online and I can’t watch them on my DVR from work… because you know, that would be wrong. They had the guys on there yesterday so I find it pretty rude that the girls haven’t posted yet. Lucky for me, I found the performances elsewhere, no thanks to Comcast.

Ok so as for the girls, they’re a lot different than the guy performances.

LiveShow02 - Top12Girls

I’ve decided there are really only 4 I’d really like to see go through (and they aren’t totally the same as my Top 4), and I can’t really say I care what happens to the other 8 at this point. I can appreciate that the producers save the best contestants for last but I mean, the first 8 seemed somewhat boring save for one or two moments. Sometimes girls have the worst song choices (and Motown week is next… barf).

So, in honor of talking about my favorites, first, maybe we can just talk about the show in reverse order? haha.

Leaders of the Pack

Tyanna Jones – Lips Are Moving


I love Tyanna! I LOVE HER I LOVE HER I LOVE HER! She has performance skills for days, her tone, her song choice, her attitude, there is literally NOTHING I don’t like LOVE about her. And I kind of hat Meghan Trainer. Can Tyanna just replace her in fame for right now? But then go on and be way more successful because she’s amazing and so much better than Meghan? Kthanks. She’s just the most real personality on this show (she and Clark, that is). I’m gonna be SO crestfallen if she ever does get kicked off. Please stay on forever!


Jax – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

I have to say that when my husband is watching this show, he rarely pays attention. But on occasion, he gets quiet and actually listens to a performance… Then gives positive input and compliments song choice, and that’s when you know something is good. I’d never heard this song before (Zack had, which I think is what got him to listen) but I kind of loved it. I do hope Jax sings some more current stuff in her tenure on the show, but this was a great performance to make her own and really show off her MAD skills. I’m already thinking of all the other songs I’d love to hear her sing.

Sarina Joi-Crowe – Mamma Knows Best

I can’t deny that Sarina by far deserves to be in the Top 4 of the performers for the week. She’s just not my style. As such, I’m putting her in my top 4, because I can recognize talent… but not because I personally like her. And how different was this performance from Angie Millers of 2 seasons ago? It does make me think Angie Miller is better than Sarina. But Sarina has that grit that the song really needs. Angie could learn a thing or two from her in that regard.

Alexis Gomez – Gunpowder and Lead

A lot of people were ripping on Alexis’ song choice, but I thought that compared to her other country contestants, it was a perfect song choice. Her voice was great, she had a good attitude, and after the first 2 performances, this was one I actually really liked! I liked how she got the audience involved and while I thought Lovey was into her performance, Alexis really shows she knows what to do on stage and I can really appreciate that.

Middle of the Pack

Joey Cook – Somebody Like You

LiveShow02 - weird

I have to say the room actually stopped talking when Joey started performing (so she was one of the 4 performances I saw last night). I have to say that I pity Joey which is why she’s in this middle category. I definitely wouldn’t care if she went home to be perfectly honest, She’s just too weird for me. That said, I appreciate this kind of contestant (and did love how much her arrangement of this song differed from Keiths) so if she stayed on, I wouldn’t be upset. At least she’s not boring, and she’s NOT a bad singer. There’s a lot to be said for that. And just for the record, I don’t think you have any intention/will to turn off your weird, Joey Cook. I thought the performance was worthy of a standing O from Keith. Maybe I do like her? See, I just can’t decide. She’s like the Daniel Seavey of the girls for me. I just think she would be better suited for something like America’s Got Talent.

Katherine Winston – Safe & Sound

For all the energy and fun that Joey exhibited, Katherine exhibited all the fear and terror that a live performance can give out. I mean, if you could look inside her head, I think this is what was happening:


She wished she felt safe and sound on that stage. Poor girl. I really like her so I did vote for her, but this was not the right performance. It was definitely one of the worst of the night. Poor girl. I do hope she makes it through but I don’t foresee a good outcome there.

Adanna Duru – Rather Be

In further news of “people I regret voting for” I actually did vote for Adanna last night. The few seconds I heard, I thought I really liked. However when listening this morning, I’m regretting that decision. Something tells me my 10 votes for her aren’t really gonna do much help. I’m ok with that. Those sharp glory notes at the end were just like, daggers to her chances I think. No?

Maddie Walker – Love Gets Me Everytime

Maddie is the only one on tonights show that I really have ZERO opinion about. She’s fine. Bad song choice. Maybe I would’ve liked it more if she’d picked a different song? I’m going to bring back my favorite tag line of myself – she just doesn’t do anything for me.

“Eaten by Lions-Pack” 

or the trampled by wildebeest, as it were.

or the trampled by wildebeest, as it were.

Lovey James – Love Runs Out

I don’t know this song, first and foremost (that’s ok) but it was probably one of the worst songs she could’ve picked. It got a little better when she got to what I think was the chorus, and got a little more active, but overall this performance did nothing to impress me. And I haven’t really seen anything to date of hers that has, so she’s on my burn list. At least she had a good energy for the start of the show. I just wish her vocals matched her energy.

Loren Lott – Note to God

Ok I’ve officially made up my mind about Loren. She’s an actress who can kind of sing. She is not someone who should be on this competition (it keeps making me think of that part in Evita where the soldiers sing “And she’s an actress, the last straaaaaaaaaawwww”). She’s pageant-y and her face is entirely too theatrical. She can sing though (better than the 3 below her. Just not better than my top 4 list or half of my “middle pack”).

Shannon Berthiaume – Who Knew
and Shi Scott – Umbrella

I have the exact same opinion about both of these girls so I’m lumping them together.

In this particular case, the "bro" is American Idol.

In this particular case, the “bro” is American Idol.

You don’t have the experience, ladies! I will say I liked Shannons far more than Shi’s, who brought to mind Gerry from parks and rec. Either way, I still think they both need to just perform elsewhere for a year or two, and then maybe try to come back. Maybe. And yes, I should probably include Kristen in that group, but I like her more.

LiveShow02 - Idowhatiwant


So as for how I voted, I’d like to say I only voted for Tyanna. That’s what I should’ve done, but I was pity voting last night and it ultimately ended up looking like this:

LiveShow02 - Votes



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American Idol – Detroit City, Sans Rock.

So I thought this was a live show but was it really? Something tells me that maybe it was taped live but then edited? It had to have been, right? I know they were tweeting (the lady contestants that is) like it was live but it seemed somewhat edited to me. I’m sure Idol has the power to control twitter, right? 

LiveShow01 - Controlling

I was mostly happy with the show, and liked how filled with performances it felt, but I wish they just hadn’t let the judges critique and instead maybe let the contestants perform a little longer? I don’t wanna say the show would’ve been better if it were 30 minutes longer, but it did feel somewhat rushed. I get it though, Fox has a hit on its hands and they don’t want to cut in to that too much. Who knows where Idol would be if it wasn’t followed by Empire? Something tells me the last 10 minutes of the show are the most watched just because people are waiting to get to Empire. I know I’ve diligently watched the last few minutes of Grey’s for years while waiting for Scandal to start (when Idol isn’t running late anyway). Ok so anyway, lets get down to the contestants.

LiveShow01 - Top12Boys

With 12 contestants it was pretty easy to break it down into 4 favorites, 4 people I’m pretty sure I want to stay but would also probably be fine if they left and 4 people I want to go home like, yesterday. Ok maybe there are 5 I’d like to stay and 3 that I’m on the fence about. Either way there are definitely 4 I’m ready to be off the show.


Clark “Belt it Like” Beckham – When A Man Loves A Woman

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.29.37 PM

God damn I love this kid. I mean, do I need to say anything else? Did anyone else perform before him? because I don’t remember anyone else performing?


Me, if I were to be introduced to Clark, at this point in my life.

Rayvon Owen – Jealous

Clark is a tough act to follow. And JLo was correct that he probably should’ve brought a touch of grit to the performance. That said, I thought he was different enough to still be enjoyable (compared to Clark), and more importantly, someone people should vote for. I might only vote for people who performed after Clark. Time will tell. I’m going to pick 4 people to give my votes to, tonight. And I agreed with Harry, Rayvon really fit well in this motown vibe.

Nick Fradiani – Thinking Out Loud


This was a great song for Nick to sing, to push me over the edge and admitting I like the guy. Song choice (done well), does a lot to sway my opinions and this was a perfect example. I mean if anyone should be swooning over anyone on this show, it is 100% this guy.

Quentin Alexander – I Put a Spell on You

This was a fantastic performance. Let me get that out of the way first. I mean, this kid just oozes subtle theatricality. BUTT. I was just mesmerized by the gold squares in Quentin’s teeth! Is that permanent? Have I seen that since he’s been on stage? If I was one of the judges I’d immediately ask! I can’t move forward on this without knowing if those are stickers or what? Way to let me down Harry, JLo and Keith. You too, Ryan. Ok so I found teeth tattoos which very well could be what those are. I suppose I’m satisfied with that answer.


Adam E – I Wanna Rock

This kid just makes me wonder where Caleb Johnson is. There’s a reason I haven’t heard anything about him. It’s because this style of music just isn’t what the kids are listening to, so in what regard is this kid going to be different? Caleb won Idol and I don’t have any idea what he’s doing with his life at this point. As for Adam, he’s totally fine as a singer, I mean, nothing against him, but he’s just not for me. I almost feel guilty for not liking the guy. But unfortunately that isn’t going to make me like him any more than I do. 

Savion Wright – Soul Sister 

I’m not entirely sure how I felt about this performance. I was all in on Savion and am still mostly in at this point. There’s this thing I have about people who constantly pick Train songs… I think we’ll be ok as long as his next song isn’t Jason Mraz. I will say that his placement could’ve been totally clutch for him if he’d picked a song that he could’ve given a better performance with. Going after Michael and Adam was like giving you the performance on a silver platter and instead of doing anything with it, you handed the platter over to Clark. 

Daniel Seavey – I’m Yours

Well what do you know, couldn’t even make it to the end of the night without hearing some Mraz. Interesting how much the audience responded to Daniel. I think he and Michael will be getting a lot of votes on looks alone (probably Trevor too, for that matter). I also like how they’re trying to make him look older. Still though, so adorable. Talking about his mom being in the audience, I mean you’re the cutest 5 year old to ever be on the show. I hate you. I love you. I hate you. I love you. It’s a viscous cycle. I did hate this song choice though so you’re gonna need to step that up.  

Qaasim Middleton – Uptown Funk

LiveShow01 - virgin

Ah yes, the virgin. I hate on him because he was already famous but then I remember that and I’m like, eh, I think I’ll let the famous part slide. And I must say that I applaud he and Nick for singing songs released within the last 5 years. This kid has showmanship for days and I think that’ll carry him through maybe a little longer than necessary, but I can always appreciate a good performance over the perfect vocals as long as the vocals aren’t trash. 

And now for those final 4.

LiveShow01 - YouOut

Michael Simeon – How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

I will say Michael needs to shave his upper lip. Please and thank you, sir.Well the swaybots are back in FULL effect, swaying not even to the beat of the song… maybe they should be robots? Interesting that they have the two guys I have the exact same opinion about, up first? This guy definitely has a way with the ladies though. Even the ones on the show!

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.10.43 PM

Mark Andrews – The Weight

I really don’t like this guy. There’s something about him that makes me think he doesn’t even really want this. Or like, he’s the type of guy that’s always looking for the easiest way and quits when it gets hard. That said, I know nothing about this guy, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t like this, but if he gets too complain-y, I’m going back to my original opinion.

Riley Bria – Homeboy

Well the news cut in to say we might get an inch of snow and I basically missed this entire performance. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to it anyway. He probably would’ve been in my bottom 4 no matter what he performed. Sorry pal, you just aren’t my cup of tea. I think you’d be great playing back up guitar to Keith though!

Trevor Douglas – Best I Ever Had

i didnt enjoy it

Yes Trevor, you get the exact same gif as last week because I feel the EXACT same way about the performance. The pace of this song with the audience clapping was throwing me off. And was he out of breath or is that how he’s singing this because he’s super breathy and it’s pretty annoying. Either way, this wasn’t good.

LiveShow01 - LeaveNow


Ok so who did I vote for? Well I said to myself I’d only vote for 4, but there are genuinely 6 I’d like to see stay on the show, so you’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.09.54 PM

Something tells me that of the 4 I want to go home, I’ll be lucky if 2 go home. And I have a sinking suspicion I’ll be using this gif when they announce who’s actually going home…


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American Idol – Last Chance for Hollywood

Sorry, when I went to post the post for today, I realized I never posted the one from last Friday! Whoops. So here it is! Sorry about that 🙂 

Both literally and figuratively, ey? Sorry I’ve been reading about how terrible it is in Canada right now and it must be rubbing off on me. It’s certainly not terrible in Hollywood though! (I should also add that I spent a solid 20 minutes being reminded how hot Jason Momoa is. Thanks Buzzfeed!

Hello Beautiful.

Hello Beautiful.

Ok so back to the Hollywood Week/House of Blues finale! It was quite a night (and felt substantially longer and more filled, than Wednesday night). There were a few surprises and a few times where I wish I’d been surprised but I just know the producers too well!


But I do tire of shows that don’t surprise me/leave me hanging on a moment of “will they/won’t they” where I don’t already know the answer. For instance, I think we all knew Hollywood wasn’t going to make it through. We knew that from his Adele cover. I don’t know why they thought we would think they might let him through last night. I personally knew that was the end of his road. That said, I did think he had a good House of Blues performance and I thought he was very gracious when he was given the news, which is always nice to see. It made me like him a lot more for sure, and I do hope he goes on and continues to write music because he did have a great song. While I’m mentioning the folks we saw not make it through, I should throw out that the only one I was kind of miffed about seeing go, was Hunter Larsen. I really grew to like her on group night and thought she would’ve been a good addition to the group. Alas. As for Maddy, Jaq and Emily, better luck next time. I definitely think this won’t be the last we’ve seen of Emily!

Now lets talk about the folks who made it through. I’ll just talk about them in order tonight. So we’ll start with Joey Cook.

Joey “Kiwifruit” Cook – Sweet Pea

I like her performances for the most part, but I kind of hate how nervous/cry-ey she always is.


Get yourself together, girl! Luckily she still has a good stage performance and doesn’t let her nerves show there which will hopefully help her out for the live shows. I could kind of see her being one of the first to go home in the live shows. I loved Harry calling her the kiwi of the bunch. I thought that was really cute and an excellent way to relate to her as a contestant. She’s definitely a kiwi. Also, I’m kind of obsessed with her bird jumper.

Katherine Winston – Rhiannon


This girl has kind of been middle of the road for me, but I really loved her House of Blues performance, and I loved her Wild Horses performance from earlier in Hollywood week so I’m definitely glad she’s through. She kind of gives me vibes of Mama Sox and Haley Reinhart, so I’m both really excited and kind of nervous for her. I really hope JLo doesn’t hate on her throughout the season. I definitely think she’s in my Top 5 of the Top 24 now (she can replace Rocky since he’s no longer in the competition)

Alexis Gomez – Better Dig Two

Am I the only one who has a hard time not calling her Alexis Grace? Remember her? Anyway, I really need to remember Alexis as her real name because I’m really liking her and her song choices. I love The Band Perry and doing the little partial Spanish part, it was perfect. I was worried when they showed Quentin going through before her. I thought that meant she was done. I was really happy when I was wrong! Although she’s still a middle-of-the-pack-er to me.

Quentin Alexander – Youth

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Quentin and Qaasim are fighting for the same votes. Have we ever had a real “Lenny Kravitz” style of contestant? Quentin is so much more than a lot of people that have been on this show, as far as artistry. He’s almost like a completely different version of Adam Lambert that is equally good at putting on a show? Does that make sense? I so believe he’s worthy to be on this show.

Savion Wright – I Don’t Trust Myself

I think I’ve finally let go of being mad that Savion didn’t make it through last year because he’s so much more together this year and I think he really shows he’s worked hard and deserves this time on Idol. I hope he does the most with it!

Mark Andrew – Take Me to Church


I’m so over this song and it makes me like Mark less than I did. He’s never been my favorite but he’s more towards the lower part of the pack than the higher.

Trevor Douglas – Burning Love
i didnt enjoy it

If Mark is close to the bottom of my list, Trevor is most certainly down near the bottom. I just don’t like the guy. I wish it had something to do with his singing but it’s really just him. I just don’t like him. If he’d pulled out some great song that I love, it might’ve been fine and maybe I’d like him more… but he didn’t, so he is still at the bottom for me (along with Michael Simeon and Adam Ezegelian).

Nick Frandiani – Drops of Jupiter

Nick is pretty much dead center for me as far as my opinions of the Top 24. I don’t love him but I definitely don’t hate him. I did notice that his “girlfriend” wasn’t there when he was talking to Ryan with his mom which I think solidifies for me that they broke up.

Sarina Joi Crowe – Big White Room

I honestly thought this was going to be another let down for Sarina. While I’ve liked her a lot in past performances this season, her last performance didn’t leave me wanting more. I genuinely thought she’d be walking out the door upset, yet again. I guess the judges decided to finally let her through and let the world decide if she deserves to be there.

Qaasim Middleton – Satisfaction

this concerns me

I’m still on the fence about Qaasim due to the fact that he’s kind of already famous. I think to be fair, he’s a good performer but I mean, he’s already been paid for being a performer. On TV. Does he really need Idol? I just don’t know.

Riley Bria – Love This Pain

Ok here’s the thing with Riley and whoever that other guy was. Ricky Dale? Oh right, the guy from the same town as the Duck Dynasty guys. Just like yesterday, since we hadn’t really heard of Ricky since his first performance, I was now certain that Riley would make it through if for no other reason than his affiliation with Keith. Luckily this time, I did think Riley had the clearly better performance.

Shi Scott – Higher Ground

Finally, this was a pairing I really wasn’t sure about. The first two were obvious but Jelly vs. Shi? We’ve seen both of them a fair amount (Shi more than Jelly). My gut said it would be Shi but I think Jelly was the better performer. She’s real. Michael Slezak and his partner in crime, Melinda Doolittle, both think Shi is more of a copycat than a real performer, and while it never really bothered me, per se… seeing them perform, it does make me think that Jelly should’ve been the one going through. Not to say Shi was bad, but she really doesn’t do anything unique with her performances like a lot of the other contestants do. And she’s a touch too quirky for me (but with time that part could grow on me. I guess we’ll see now!). I am glad Jelly had such optimism and I really hope we see her again!

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American Idol – House of Judgment

I was really excited about this weeks rounds, before the show started. I liked the idea of watching the contestants perform in front of an actual audience to see how they handled it. The show itself was just a little weird. I have to say it left me a little disappointed.

Hollywood05 - Disappointed


I guess I just expected it to be different from the last pre-live show rounds, than it actually was. To me it was almost identical to the other seasons, except that they were performing in front of an audience instead of just the judges. Do I think that’s important? Sure. I absolutely do. However from the whole episode, we never saw a full performance (I do understand time restraints) and most of the times they showed the performances, they were talking over them or were just using them as a background to their story.

All that said, for all that I didn’t like about the episode, I was mostly really happy with who they kept and who they dismissed.


And really they only showed a dismissal of a handful of contestants. We saw 12 go through and only 7 dismissed. But of that 7, I only knew 3 of them, so I really didn’t feel too let down. I also really wasn’t personally attached to any of the 7 they did drop, so in that regard, I’m definitely ok. The hardest to watch so far, was Rocky Peter. Every other ax that dropped, I was mostly ok with. Shoot if anything, I think I was more mad about the people they kept!

Ok so let’s talk about who I loved and who I thought should’ve got the boot. I think I can pretty much go back and forth on this so let’s try that and see if it works out.

Clark Beckham (Georgia on my Mind)

Hollywood05 - Clark

If you couldn’t tell by my posts from last week, I’m still obsessed with Clark Beckham. He slayed it once again with a KILLER vocal/performance! I mean just absolutely killer. If I could’ve crowned him the winner tonight, I wouldn’t even have thought twice about it. I’m not gonna lie, I like him 100x’s more behind a piano, but that growl… I love it. I’m almost mad I didn’t like him immediately. But I think I liked him early enough on, that I’m ok. Oh also, there’s this  BeltItLikeBeckham. ❤

Michael Simeon (Classic)

Ok first and foremost, I thought the song (which I’ve never heard before) was saying “Baby you’re so plastic” so obviously this came to mind.

Hollywood05 - Plastic

Then I realized the lyric was “Classic” and I was just ambivalent about the whole thing. Here’s the thing, I think I should feel something for the performances. When I don’t, I’m ready for the person to be gone. And while the rap didn’t hurt him, I don’t think it helped anything.

Tyanna Jones (Love on Top)

I feel like the last time we saw Tyanna perform (on group night) she was the best of a bad group, but still wasn’t her best. Tonight we saw that spark that made me like her in the first place (besides looking like my boo, Carmen). She’s another one I’m all in on. I feel so bad for all the pressure she feels for her family. I don’t want the pressure to get to her and that makes me a little nervous. That said, if all her performances go like this, she should have NOTHING to worry about. She also has a charisma that I really enjoy watching on stage.

Loren Lott (My Heart Will Go On)


Do you get my Titanic reference? Man was this bad. I mean, I saw Michael Slezak gave it a B- but I wonder if he was maybe distracted or somehow hearing something different than what I heard? I have no idea. Never sing a big diva song, if you are not a big diva. Loren, you are not, honey.

Rayvon Owen (Lay Me Down)

I’d have put him higher on the love list, but I do think I need to hear a little more of him. What I heard was great (as always) but I need more! You know what they say!


Adam Ezegelian (Here I Go Again)

He’s entertaining enough I guess, but he looks just like Chris Sligh and I think Chris was better so I just don’t really get why they’re keeping him. That said I don’t feel like I’ve heard much from him so maybe there’s something I’m missing? Much like Michael Simeon, I was just totally ambivalent about him.

Jax (You and I)

You and I is a hard shoe to fill. Luckily for her, where Loren failed big time, Jax really rose up to the challenge. This is one of those songs that I don’t even associate with Gaga, but with Haley Reinhart. It was a performance of a lifetime for Haley, but Jax did well enough for me not to totally remember how much better Haley was/maybe is. But don’t you miss Haley? I know I do. It also reminds me of the reason I hated JLo at first. And still might, come season end. I really just hated that entire judges panel. Oh also, I hated that pause thing that she did. I know she said it was for effect but maybe don’t do it ever again, ok Jax?

Lovey James (Wings), Adanna Duru (It’s a Man’s Man’s World) and Maddie Walker (Big Girls Don’t Cry)

Ok so the above 3 I didn’t like and thought didn’t really deserve their tickets. Now I’m to the point where I just didn’t care that they got tickets, and thusly, am pretty sure they probably won’t crack the top 12. I should also mention that I was relatively certain Maddie would be through when they brought her back to compete with Rachel. I mean, this was the first time I’d ever heard of Rachel and it was my probably 4th time seeing Maddie, so I was relatively certain she’d get in.I actually thought vocally that Rachel was better in round one, but they were pretty equal in round two. I just hate these sing-offs. They’re so uncomfortable for everyone involved and I don’t know why the judges don’t just stick to their decisions and live with the consequences. Maybe if they did that more often, they’d make better choices! I guess I should be glad this is the only one we’ve seen and I really hope it will be the only one we see, from now until forever.


Shannon Berhtiaume (Piece of My Heart)

I have to admit this was not Shannons best performance by a mile. She also falls into the “maybe you might not be experienced enough” category, but I like her and I’m glad she’s through. And while I think her performance could’ve been better, I think for her first time it was really good. Although it was pretty much Tyanna’s first time too and she did way better, so in that regard, something tells me Shannon won’t be long for this competition.

Cody Fry (Viva La Vida)

I’m only putting this kid in because he was one of the two I was a little surprised to see go (the other being Reno). I thought he did pretty well and the judges seemed really into him in the earlier performances. I wonder what finally turned them off? I guess it was a lack of showmanship based on the judges comments but I don’t know if for sure, that’s it. I think this guy has a future as a singer somewhere, though. Good luck Cody!

Daniel Seavey (Straight Up)


I know. I know. I love Daniel. I do. I just don’t understand why they keep him when he’s basically as many years younger than the oldest contestant, as he is to a newborn. Don’t you find that a little bizarre? I do. I can’t take away that I like the kid but his age is unnerving to me and I don’t see him in the Top 12 unless suckers like me who find him adorable, keep voting for him. I swear I’m gonna accidentally get that kid voted into the Top 2 and then be mad that he lost. I just see it happening.

So with that we wait for tonight when we see what happens to the other half. That would include to my recollection, Savion, Alexis, Sarina Joi, Shi (for better or worse), Qaasim, Quentin, and another 10 or 20 I’ve never heard of.

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American Idol – Last Call for Hollywood!

Ok so just a couple of points before we get into the show…

I was going to say that with the start of this episode, I was going to bring fresh eyes and forget past performances, and base everything as if tonight was the first time I was seeing these kids. Then I decided that’s impossible for this round. So, instead I decided to do that for this coming weeks episodes at the House of Blues. It’ll be their first time singing in front of a live audience, so I think I’ll try watching with fresh eyes in these coming episodes, and not with this episode.

Let’s talk about my Top 5 from tonights roughly 18 performances**

Hollywood - ClarkBeckhamClark Beckham – Try a Little Tenderness

I knew Clark was probably going to be good when they gave him an interview clip. I think they’re doing interviews for people they want us to like more. Well, just so you know Idol, it’s necessary. I’m all in on Clark Beckham. I mean, look at the long history of famous Clarks and tell me he’s not worthy of their company?

Hollywood - Clarks

I like him more, every single time I hear him sing (and the piano/Billy Joel feel this time didn’t hurt)

Hollywood - DanielSeaveyDaniel Seavey – I See Fire

This kid. It’s the same way every time (this performance was where I decided I can’t make un-opinionated remarks). Whether this was the first time or the 10th, I hate that he’s competing this year. I just really think he’s SOO young! I think if he’d waited two years his odds would be so much more promising. But mostly,


I love how adorable he is, and for 15 he has fantastic musicality. I fucking love him and I hate myself for it.

Hollywood - LorenLott
Loren Lott – Skyfall

If I were watching Loren for the first time, I’d consider her a serious contender. Having seen her a few times, my opinion has been that she’s a person trying to be an actress who was trying to be a singer. If she can just try to seem a little more genuine and a little less Kenya Moore, it would be appreciated.

Hollywood - QuentinAlexander
Quinten Alexander – Riptide

Loved it. I love him and I loved his performance (and intro with the coat) so more power to ya, Quinten! You have style and personality for days along with a great voice that I can’t wait to hear more of!

Hollywood - JaxJax – Let it Be

I thought it was a little weird how she was singing to her parents. I genuinely think this girl is a straight up front runner. I just don’t know if she’s in my top anymore. I’m more on the fence about her than I was at her first performance (mostly due to her off stage antics/friendships). She definitely deserves to live show-it, though!

Then there were the folks I’m genuinely still on the fence about.

Shi Scott – All I Can Do is Try
I like Shi when she sings with a group, I don’t know how I feel about her on her own. I’m definitely liking her more than I used to but I still feel a bit on the fence. I definitely worry about her song choice for the show (it’s important, to me), and I worry about her nerves more than anything. She’s also another one whose attitude I’m not totally sure about. Like the whole “genuine-ness”. I just don’t know if she’s presenting who she really is, up there.

Nick Frandiani – Babylon
This performance actually made me like this kid a little more. I didn’t like him in his original performance (enough to keep him anyway) but he’s seriously growing on me. I’d also like to know for sure if he’s still with his girlfriend, which I’ve been suspecting he’s not.

Mark Andrew – Skinny Love
I definitely still like Mark. I’m glad they let him go through for sure. Harry clearly wasn’t impressed though. Gotta watch out for that.

Joey Cook – Across the Universe
I would like Joey so much more if I stayed looking at my computer. I definitely think she’ll be the weird one that makes it. Well, her and Quentin, but he doesn’t even seem that weird. He’s just hip. There’s a big difference.

Maddie Walker – Don’t Ya and Trevor Douglas – Unsure…
I thought both Maddie and Trevor had good performances. Maddie is growing on me a little but Trevor is still definitely not anywhere near my top picks. I was more mad that Ryan’s voiceover is just like – and more  two more through are Maddie and Trevor, before they even started singing. I suppose it was fine since they were through.

Michael Simeon – Try
I didn’t really love this song, but his voice isn’t bad. I’ll be pretty surprised if he cracks the Top 24, but I think he deserves the Top 48.

I also officially have someone I really don’t like that made it through, and thy name is Big Ron (Let’s Get it On). I mean, he’s definitely a good singer, but is he right for the competition? I’m gonna say no… mores because of his attitude with Ricky Minor. And then post-finish, you’re hating on him again? “That short man thing” – who are you Ron? A nobody. Who is Ricky Minor? The best band leader on television. That’s who. I hope Ricky sabotages that guy. Gah. I’m just totally over him.

what is your problem

Adam Lasher – Free Fallin’
I really like Adam. But he’s freaking related to Santana, and while I don’t think you should use famous connections to get places in life if you’re not talented, when you are talented, why wouldn’t you do that? I hope he’s just doing this to spark some interest and then he can move up the ladder with the help of Santana.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.22.30 PM

Katherine “Cat Lady” Skinner – Alone
Man how am I supposed to hate her when she starts off talking about how her cat just died? I mean sure… I don’t like her, but I’m not HEARTLESS. But really, you let her screw up 3 times already? Or was that the 3rd? It doesn’t matter. She shouldn’t have made it out of the first hollywood round.

Things that really bothered me tonight:

A. **It should be noted that I didn’t feel fair picking either Tyanna Jones (Try) and Rayvon Owen (Try a Little Tenderness) as my favorites because they got mashed together with a third (Lovey James – You Light Up My Life)in a little one minute montage. Whomp Whomp. I wanted to see what seemed like clearly amazing performances by Rayvon and Tyanna! At least we’ll get to see them again, next week! I’m sure they were amazing and worthy of my top picks. #teamrayvon #teamtyanna

B. If you’re doing interviews with the judges, show all of them. Why was the first interview we were seeing, the 5th performance of the night? That kind of bothered me. But I did like the interviews we saw, but I want more of that. Maybe they’re saving that for the House of Blues nights?

C. And what happened to that line up of 10? Find a format and stick to it. “Well, first we’re gonna show you some folks and have them come out in a group of 10 so we can choose. Then we’re gonna have people come out individually and tell you who makes it as they go, and maybe once in the hour we’ll show a single interview, maybe two if you’re lucky. And now we’re gonna go back to rows of 10, just for shits and giggles.”

So, just for shits and giggles, I’ll let you know my favorite of the groups we saw, to see go through was the group had Shannon Berthiaume, Alexis Gomez, Clark Beckham, Mark Andrew, and Katherine Winston (I think that’s about everyone I recognized).  The only thing that made me mad was that we only got to see 2 of these performances. What an excellent little set of musicians. The only person I noticed that went home (Naomi) was fine with me.

D. Letting people through that keep forgetting the lyrics. I know there’s a lot of pressure here but it’s getting old for me.

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American Idol – Hollywood Groups

Ok so as you know I was a little late on this weeks episodes. I mean I’d like to say I watched but lets be real, I was talking and hanging with cute little boys that I haven’t seen in far too long. So I just decided to re-watch.

Also I decided to sort my blog by how much I liked each group.


BLVD – Since U Been Gone
Cody Fry, Rayvon Owen, Piper Jones and Kelleyann Rogers

So I am aware of this little Belmont group because Melinda Doolittle was tweeting about them. She went to the school and is familiar with most of the contestants from there (at least Cody and Rayvon) But I mean, if you’re going to root for anyone, this was definitely the group to root for. I loved them! I did have a “flip it and reverse it” situation slightly with this group because Cody is starting to grow on me, and that high note that Rayvon attempted was…


But it was just a slightly bad moment in an overall amazing performance. They were definitely my favorite for the group rounds. And a walking advertisement for that school, no?


LKYCO (Please) – Story of My Life
Trevor Douglas, Qaasim MiddletonDaniel SeaveySavion Wright

This was a really smart group. I mean it’s definitely 4 of the folks the judges seem to favorite. The only one in this group I’m still on the fence about is Trevor. I definitely like Savion and Qaasim (although I still feel like he was already famous). And there’s still my remaining love/hate for Daniel. It was a great group though and worthy of the all through.


Jess Lambs Group? – All About That Bass
Carla Davis, Lovey James, Jess Lamb and Kory Wheeler

I thought this was a really great take on All About that Bass. At least when they were all singing together, the individual parts were pretty good though. I was only hoping to see Jess go through, of that group. Lovey was pretty good too, so I was fine with that.


Sal’s Gals – Drive By
(Jax, Sal Valentinetti, Alexis Granville, Kelley Kime and someone else)

Obviously from my last post I saw enough to see that Sal was going home. And while I’m not sad to Sal be going home, I’m really surprised Alexis isn’t with him. There’s no way she’s making it through that next round. Definitely glad to see Jax go through but I’m now definitely questioning her judgment as far as who she’s calling her friend. At least it’s all individual stuff for her after this round.


3 – 1 Brunette – A Little Help From My Friends
(Emily Brooke, Riley Bria, Some guy, Kerry Lynne Roach)

I thought this group was definitely middle of the pack, of the groups of 4 all going through to Hollywood.


Katherine and Marks Group – A Little Help From My Friends
Katherine Winston, Mark Andrew, Vanessa Andrea and Alex Shier.  

I like Katherine Winston more when she has a guitar in front of her, but it’s nice to see her without it to make sure it’s not a crutch for her. Especially so early on. I really liked the entire group, but if two had to make it through I was glad it was them.


Violet Vixens – Somebody to Love
Joey Cook, Krista BettevyShannon Berthiaume and Naomi Tatsuoka

I felt bad for Joey a little bit for not being able to remember words… until I heard the song. Then I was just mad at her. Of these ladies I just wanted to see Shannon go through. She reminds me of Pennsatucky from OITNB (post-teeth fixing). Also Joeys teeth were really starting to bother me. That red lipstick is not flattering.

Soul Connection – Grenade
Sarina-Joi Crowe, Erika David, Adriana Simon and Heatherle Spires

I know Heatherle was cry-ey and terrible but she actually wasn’t bad. I was a little surprised she didn’t make it through. I didn’t even recognize Sarina with her new look. She is a master of disguise. She’s definitely a performer though. I think she should’ve probably been the only one to have gone through.

Vital Signs – I Want You Back
Adanna Duru, Camille Peruto Denise Natoli and Cindy Maslov

The only person who should go through here is Adanna. I didn’t think the rest of the girls needed to go through. I guess the two big personalities both make it through. They still look like they hate each other.

Team Rocky’s Crew – Come and Get It 
Tanya MacKenna, Rocky Peters and other guys

Poor Rocky. I don’t even know what else to say. I hope Ryan can do something for him… I feel so bad for him. So much for seeing him and Rayvon in the final two 😦

Garrett’s Girls – Done
Garrett Miles and 3 Girls

Sad to see Garrett not go through with the rest of his team, but I felt like all the talking his dad was doing, he wouldn’t make it through. I feel like they should’ve let all of them go through though, personally.

Team No Sleep – Grenade
Hollywood AndersonLaurel Taylor TauntonAmber Kelechi, Monica? and another girl 

I hate this entire group and I want none of them through. And that tall girl was terrifying. Surprised to see even Hollywood make it through. Also not 100% sure which one is Monica.

Side notes: 

We also saw Alexis Gomez, Loren Lotts (She is the Kenya Moore of this show, you watch) and Quentin Alexander make it through, who knows about the rest of their group. I didn’t recognize anyone in particular.

By Maddie’s group (45 minutes in and the 4th time?) I had officially decided I didn’t want to hear Grenade anymore. And yet I do like hearing everyone sing the same song, just to really prove someone’s chops. I never know what I want. What can I say?

Do you think they just showed that thing with JLo to see her bra?


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American Idol – Swing and a Miss

Well, last night I had the pleasure of watching Idol with some of my favorite people. Unfortunately, that meant I did very little paying attention. In fact, this is literally all I wrote down:

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.07.22 PM

And really that’s about all I gathered from the episode, and while I’m sure it would be fun to re-watch it this afternoon, we instead decided to do something a 2 and 5 year old, would find entirely more entertaining, which was to listen to a bunch of Disney soundtracks that they have clearly never heard and now, I feel the need to educate them about the beauty that is the Disney cartoons, prior to Cars and Frozen.

I’m back on Sunday and off on Monday so let’s just say we’ll combine the episodes and I’ll post about both of them on Monday 🙂


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American Idol – Group Love on Hollywood Week

Yes, I know this is late. My apologies. It’s been written, but now it’s posted. 

Ok so tonight was to be the start of my favorite of nights in the American Idol Live Show Lead Up!


But first, we had to go through another round or two of the 10 and a time contestants. I’m not going to talk about everyone from this round but there are a few people I feel I should mention.

I guess I can’t be mad they kept “forget your lyrics” Gabby, since they also kept my girl Shannon who I’m casually rooting for (not Gabby. Shannon).

The only person who really caught my eye in this portion was Katherine Winston. Probably because she sang Wild Horses. That’s one of my favorite songs in the history of song writing. My friend Rachel used to slay the song in karaoke and it always makes me think of her. The other thing is that she sang it SO WELL! I mean way to not miss a beat Katherine!

I also thought Alexis Gomez did as well as she did in her first performance. She’s still not a favorite and I don’t think I’d totally care if she made it or not, but I mean, I’m fine with her being there. I think I’ll add Cody Fry and Qaasim Middleton, to that list as well. I’m still quasi-on the fence about Maddie Walker. Vocally she’s there 110%, but I care even less about her. She just looks too Hollywood for me. She’s prepared to be a star but is she prepared to be a singer?

And then there was Andrew Annello. How did they let 2 “Sal”-type characters to this show? At least now we’re down to only one of them. Definitely 100% my least favorite of the night and that includes the montage of actually bad singers.

Now lets talk about some lovehates (I’ve made it into one word because it’s often wrapped up into single contestants).

I have to say I was a little taken aback but in a good way, with Loren Lott. She was a love/hate wrapped into one contestant. Her confidence and attitude toward the competition, is something to take note of.

“I’m gonna bring Idol a lot of money”

“I’m gonna bring Idol a lot of money”

Well girl, you’re speaking the producers language! And she’s not bad so I think her confidence isn’t unwarranted. Her scream at the end though… I didn’t need that part.

Is it just me or does her excitement seem like, false in some way?

Is it just me or does her excitement seem like, false in some way?

Then there’s Shi. The only thing I have to say about Shi, is that shi is annoying. Don’t make me like her just because she’s from Maryland. That’s not enough. My home state loyalty only goes so far. Luckily, a love was right after her!

I swear I really thought I saw Rayvon on Day 1 of Hollywood week and was really surprised to see him. Maybe I was just sure he was in Day 1 because he was so good, how could he not have been? I think he definitely proved he should’ve been performing on Day 1 with that Day 2 performance. It was everything and more than what it needed to be. He’s the best! He still stands as one of my Top 2 favorites! I mean straight up panty-melter. I love him. I’m ready to buy everything he wants to sell me! Where should I throw my money? I’m already stalking his website.

Final love/hate: Love: Clark Beckham. Hate: Daniel Seavey (but maybe I love him?). The thing is, Daniel probably wants to be considered sexy… Clark, dude, for a name like Clark, you’re pretty hot. And with a name like Clark, you’re in good company (I mean, Superman, Mr.Griswold… what else do you need in life?). And really I only hate that Daniel can’t control his hornball emotions because to be perfectly honest, I do want him to be on the show. I like him! I don’t want to. It almost hurts me to like someone so young who I don’t think is ready, but I do!! GAH! It’s just something I’ll have to talk about in therapy one day. And maybe he’ll become like any other young contestant and I will end up actually hating him come time for the live show… if he makes it that far.

And finally we’re to group night, where it’s been shown once again that the crazy cat girl is still in the competition. Her Jeopardy answer would be “Who are, contestants we won’t see after this round?”  That said, the groups are looking good. It seems like there are at least one or two promising groups (Sals group not being one of them. How does he get a whole little singing segment? How much vomiting do you want me to do, Idol?).

Hollywood02 - doublestuff
Team Double Stuff – Signed Sealed Delivered
(Clark Beckham, Jesse Cline, J. None and David Oliver Willis)

While I don’t think Jesse should’ve made it through with another group, I’m fine with it at this point because it was a good single performance. Honestly the only person I see going through here, is Clark and maybe David – but I think we all know I don’t support “multiple year contestants” which David might hold the title for.

Hollywood02 - sheba
Sheba Squared – PYT
(Andrew Bloom, Adam Ezegelian, Big Ron Shi Scott)

This performance made me not totally hate Shi, but I did think it helped Adam E. showed much improvement from his Day 1 Hollywood performance. Also PYT is one of my favorite MJ songs, and I also loved it when Artie sang it on Glee. Poor Andrew, but I agree. Big Ron seems pretty upset (but something tells me we won’t see him by the live show anyway)

Hollywood02 - dreamteam
The Dream Team – I Want You Back (I think?)
(Maddy Hudson, Tyanna Jones, Steffi Ledbetter and Reno)

Ok well clearly the person to compliment in this group is Tyanna’s mom! And I love how great her mom is! It just makes me like Tyanna even more. That was kind of a disaster of a performance though, no? I’m pretty sure they should’ve only kept Tyanna, but it’s cool.

Hollywood02 - dimples
Team Dimples – Rude
(Nick Fradiani, Hunter Larsen, Jaq MacKenzie, and Michael Simeone)

This group was certainly adorable, quite possibly because of the dimples. Who knows. What are these songs that the groups are picking though? I think this is the first team to pick a song from this decade, no? I wasn’t a big fan of this performance and of this group the only one I would really like to see go through is Hunter. But I do think Michael Simeone has a big future in a boy band or possibly as a performer on some kind of Disney show.

Finally, as far as groups are concerned, I don’t know how Jax wound up as part of “Sals Gals” but if he jeopardizes Jax getting into the next round, I will never forgive him. Or whoever helped Jax to decide she should be on his team, because that was a clearly terrible idea. My only hope is that she’s the only one that makes it through of this bunch. The panic attack folks are never ready!

Hollywood02 - jaxim

Finally, in the “other news” department… I would be remiss if we didn’t talk about Qaasim and Jax. Look Qaasim, you may leave without a victory, but you may also leave without your virginity if you play your cards right. I mean, when a leader of the competition as it stands now, shows she’s interested, go for it brotha! But also, wasn’t this kid the one from Nickelodeon or something and is already kind of famous? Maybe? Yes?

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The Grammy’s – Live Blogging a Day Late

Ok so I know I haven’t done the day 2 of Hollywood Week here, but that post is almost done… I just had family in town this weekend that was hogging my attention 🙂 So, in the meantime I wrote this little number!


So here’s the thing, usually on the Grammy’s I know roughly 1/3 of the people they’re talking to/about. It’s one of those things I kind of keep on but don’t really pay attention to. So anyway, I thought it would be interesting/funny to write down all the places I go on my computer while watching the show. I mean, maybe it is. Maybe it just reveals some inner psychosis about me? Who knows. Anyway… here goes.


6:48 – starting my Grammy’s pre-show coverage. Currently on Buzzfeed (via a google search of Game of Thrones valentines) to figure out which Game of Thrones hunk should be your Valentine (super distracted from buzzfeed to watch Pentatonix… they’re an odd little bunch of people). The thing with these GoT quizzes, you always pick so you’ll get the person you want, but I’m going to try to stay as objective as possible. I mean, as long as I’m not getting anyone from House Frey, I think I’m ok? Oh, and Greyjoy…. woof. But then I got Jaqen H’ghar.


So I have to take it again? Right? Meh… there’s an article at the bottom about reasons Sansa Stark is actually smart. I’ll read that instead. I wish more things were written in gifs.


6:54 – I cannot WAIT for that Royals show to come out! I feel like they’ve been hyping it forever. It looks like everything I want to see and I’m already wondering if Elizabeth Hurley would be on Andy to promote it when premiere week is here? She could be fun on the show, right? Oh hey Ed Sheeran! I can’t wait for his performance. That’s going to be fun! If you’re reading this and you haven’t watched his episode of “Storytellers” I recommend it. Has Ed Sheeran ever been on WWHL? I really need that to happen, but I do feel like he’s maybe been on before, but the internet has assured me he has not.

Make this Happen, Andy! You love a Gingey!

Make this Happen, Andy! You love a Gingey!

7:04 – And buzzfeed is back with something to make my avocado toast out of this world and the second I saw it I was like, yes. This. (ugh – side note I hate Chris Brown).


Everything bagel salt. Yes, this exists. And I pretty much need that YESTERDAY. Could I make this? I feel like it wouldn’t be hard, right? But buying it… I mean maybe that’s worth it?  Look at all the things it goes on: It goes great on pretzels, challah, coleslaw, bagel chips, popcorn, chicken, grilled corn, burgers, or avocado toast! The price is right on the verge… but it would make a good gift to give people if I did make such a thing, right? Yeah… I’m doing that.

Just overheard on television: We don’t go on hiatus. We go on “I hate us”. HA. What does that mean Dave Grohl? I hope you don’t actually hate your foo-brothers! I was just talking to some friends the other day about, if Kurt Cobain was still alive, would Nirvana still be a thing? I said no because Kurt would eventually still wanna go out on his own, and if not, Dave would’ve left the band because he needs more creative outlets. That’s what I think would happen.

Now I’m checking out this fishseddy website (see: everything bagel salt). Amy Sedaris apparently has a line with them #swoon and now I found this! How do I not own this?


7:15 – so should I be pumped about Katy Perry’s performance for the Grammy’s? I mean, she’s not going to top the Super Bowl. (Ad Fishseddy has a RBG mug. Just add that to my imaginary shopping cart). And when did Katy Perry get a nose ring? Has she had that a long time? ok she’s only had it since August so not bad for me not knowing… although I’ve seen her in a ton of interviews leading up to the Super Bowl so how didn’t I catch it then? Meh…

7:21 – and I’m back to buzzfeed. In the article that brought me the everything bagel salt… And looking up at the pre-show – damn does Jessie J look amaze. That glam cam thing makes me dizzy but it is a great dress, or what?

7:30 and I just binged through 3 different bizzfeed articles.

First I finished this one so I could close the tab.

Then I had to check this one out because my sister and I are not so closeted old-school Mary-Kate and Ashley fans.

And then there was an article about ISIS that I felt like I should read but decided to email it to myself. Maybe I’ll read it tomorrow. It’s a little heavy reading for during the Grammy’s.

7:30 – saw something Game of Thrones related was recording on HBO so I’m gonna watch that for a half hour. Be back later.

8:08 – Well I had some “in between stuff” I had to take care of so I guess I’m going to play catch up for the beginning. I really don’t know how I feel about LL Cool J. I wish he’d go back to that show where he lived in the garage or something? I’m curious the relevance of AC/DC opening the show? They played somewhere else somewhat recently and I hated it then. I only want to hear AC/DC at a sporting event. I hope they don’t appear on American Idol this year… I feel like that would be their next logical step from this performance.

Love that TayTay was out first (and her dress is gorg. I’m glad she didn’t follow the heavy cleavage trend). I hope she performs early too just in case I don’t stay up for this shizz. Why is there music playing behind her talking though? That’s a bit annoying.

Best New Artist: Rooting for HAIM but Iggy had the best video. Fine with the Sam Smith win, especially because I feel like a lot of “Best New Artists” only have that one good first CD. (spoiler alert – this was the only award I was happy/fine with seeing him win).

Anyone ever been to this website? Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

It’s my new favorite post-award show (and sometimes during award shows – ie this evening because the BAFTAs were also today) to check out all the best looks. I especially love seeing what it looked like on the runway and how it translated to the red carpet. It’s interesting.


8:18 – caught up to the live show. And I’m back on buzzfeed. Little to no desire to hear Ariana Grande. Kind of wish I wasn’t caught up and could ff this…

I was just in a discussion about whether Tom Jones was still alive. I wasn’t the definitive right person, but I was pretty sure he was. And aww… this song makes me think of Top Gun. I really wish they could have some planes taking off in the back of this performance.

Also Buzzfeed, can you please do a “things Jessie J’s hair look like” for me? I’ll start, lego clip on hair.

As I’m watching this performance I’m remembering that in the pre-show she said she had 6 changes in the night. This is clearly her second (both wins), but will she be performing 5 more times?

Best Pop Solo – As long as the winner isn’t Sia or Pharrell and I’ll be happy (pun intended). Obvs I’d love to see TayTay win. Ugh… I was not happy.


8:27 – It’s a commercial so I’m looking up what I was supposed to gather from that Game of Thrones thing on HBO. The only thing I actually gathered was that I think Cersei was in Dorne? And there was a bunch of fighting with Jon Snow. And maybe those people that Ygrtte was with were storming some village? I found this Reddit to help me through… Am I supposed to know who the High Sparrow is if I never read the book? Lets hope not.

8:33 – What is this Miranda Lambert song? I mean, she looks like fun and her voice is great IRL but what are these lyrics? Am I supposed to know what Tony Lamas are? Oh they’re boots? Year, I’m ok with not knowing that. My dad tried to get me a pair of cowboy boots one year for Christmas and I’m glad he didn’t. Waste of money.

Best Pop Vocal – Obvs rooting for Miley! 100% Ah damn… or Ed Sheeran. Please. But more for Miley. What is pop vocal anyway? Blarg. Sam Smith again. I hope this doesn’t happen too much tonight (read: it will happen all night). NPH is happy for him so I guess I should be too.

8:43 – (As a fan of the podcase SERIAL) I heard earlier today that Adnan ended up winning the ability to apply for appeal so I want to look that up. But got distracted by this.

So Kanye is up singing Only One… yeah, t-minus 2 minutes until I’m crying. If you’re curious why just watch his interview with Ellen. I wonder if he’d break into Hey Mama? That’s the last time he sang at the Grammy’s. Wow. I actually didn’t cry. I guess I only needed 3 good cries from that song before I got over it?

Next up is Miley and Nicki. I didn’t realize how deep Miley’s voice is. Introducing Madonna! Nice. I did hear she’d be performing. I like this whole Matador look. I think if Madonna had a winning look it’d be matador-chic. This performance makes me want to go to a Madonna concert just for the bull dancers. And the gospel choir.


Yes, I both favorited and re-tweeted this, because it’s true.

Best Rock Album – Hate Ryan Adams. The only good thing about him was that he was married to Mandy Moore. She was too good for him anyway. I’m gonna root for the Black Keys on this one. But I’d be happy if Beck won for nostalgia purposes (a statement I regretted making after listening to part of the CD).

Just found proof of that “Best New Artist Curse” sortof. Thanks to Buzzfeed. Obviously. It’s like they read my mind – but if you are reading my mind, then where are the Jessie J hair comparisons?

8:59 Best r&b – Obviously you root for  Beyonce. and of COURSE she gets the CENTER stage when she wins! I hope that was written in somewhere. All hail the Queen (yes I know I just seem to be throwing the term around tonight but if any two deserve it, it’s her and Madonna).

Who’s the guy who introduced Ed Sheeran?

Most excited for this performance. This song is just the best. So romantic. It kind of reminds me of a Joe Cocker song.


No offense to ELO but I liked it a lot more when Ed Sheeran was singing. Can we mix that up a bit?

Gwen and Adam singing a Maroon 5 song. This look is so much better than Gwen’s red carpet look. I’ve been loosely on twitter because I like watching things and reading tweets along with whatever that thing is. And without having to do a search for who’s watching the grammy’s because bam – all my actual twitter friends are watching it! Thanks Billy Eichner and Kathy Griffin!

9:25 – The Take Me to Church band is on and I’m just wondering if and when Taylor is gonna perform because HuffPost tweeted something to that effect and I was expecting this to be her… so um… anytime now. I mean this is fine but haven’t we had a few too many ballads tonight? I need upbeat music if you expect me to stay awake for this. A girl has gotta work in the morning. Oh hai Annie Lennox. I honestly don’t think Taylor is even performing tonight so I should just chill and watch Annie Lennox. But… I really wouldn’t mind seeing Missy Elliot pop out or something. Ok but seriously though, I see all you people tweeting that Annie Lennox won the Grammy’s but I mean, she didn’t win it like Missy won the Super Bowl. That’s all I’m saying.

Best Country Album – I didn’t realize that last band was considered country, but that’s also the only song of theirs I know. I don’t care who wins this. I guess Miranda Lambert if I had to pick (winner winner).

And is Pharrell really performing? What? Happy? This is Happy? Ok it is happy… and my toe was tapping before I knew it. God damn this catchy song! Pharrell should work more with Outkast. I feel like they’d collaborate really well together. I mean really, see how fun this is?

So Hans Zimmer was playing with him? Like, composer of the Lion King, Hans Zimmer? It seems like there’s only one, online so I’m going to assume that was him. That guy is great. Never knew he was a guitarist but I guess when you’re a composer you can probably play most instruments?

9:44 OBAMA! Good message. Violence against women is wrong. Violence against anyone is wrong but against women it’s extra wrong. This lady, while I mean, message definitely important, but is she a beat poet? Am I horrible person for saying that? Her talking is just weirding me out and distracting me from her actual message.

Katy Perry and another ballad.

bored with this

9:52 – I got sucked into a sporcle quiz about things that happened in 1992. I’m doing pretty good so far… helps I’m mid-book about Madeiline Albright and a lot of things from this list are mentioned in her book! Also Barcelona was one of the best Olympics! And who doesn’t remember the Velvet Revolution?


Now who is that composer???


I like this Gaga/Bennett thing way better than the Jessie J and Tom Jones

Clearly over the Grammy’s now as I’ve just played about 5 sporcle games instead of watching the Grammy’s and also talked to Zack for a few minutes while Rihanna was on with Paul McCartney and Kanye and maybe some other people? I don’t know. Either way I didn’t hear it and I don’t plan on rewinding.

Beck had the perfect reaction to meeting Prince, no? But Prince is the best EVER!


Listen as much as I want to listen to Beyonce… it’s 10:47 and I can barely keep my eyes open, so I’m going to close them, in my bed.

Ok fine I’m still awake and Song of the Year is up. I really like all of these songs. I don’t wanna root against Sam Smith but… of course it’ll win. As it did. Figures. Do the Kardashians have a say in the winner of the Grammy’s now, too? Sheesh. I’m angry I even stayed up.

And seriously isn’t that Robin Hood commercial the best? Probably not the best in that I don’t know what it’s for but I love the little animals and the Robin Hood song!

Ok and now that it’s post-grammy’s, some things:

1. Saw Kanye this morning and while I thought he was a dick last time, I agree that Bey should’ve won this time. Who the fuck does Beck think he is anyway? I mean come on… boring.

2. Bey was great. I also loved John Legend… and Common was fine.

3. I really think Kim K was my best dressed. My Top 5 were definitely her, Jane Fonda, TayTay, JessieJ, Rita Ora and Rihanna. Ok fine that’s 6. Whatever.


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American Idol – Hollywood Week Begins!

Hollywood01 - BestofTimes

I had what I’ll call a love hate relationship with last nights episode. It was really frustrating. It was like a back and forth internal monologue throughout the show.

Hollywood01 - Lovedit01


I saw all my Top 5 in the first group. Nice to know they’ve made it through Round 1 with flying colors, at least of the 4 that we saw singing. I assume Rocky was great as well.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit01


That people who clearly sucked from that first group, still got the benefit of the doubt and were allowed through

Hollywood01 - ImWatchingYou

Shannon, I loved it, and I’m glad you got a second chance, but I’m watching you!


That people I wanted to go through but had a bad performance, will get a second chance.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit02a


Some of the new arrangements. In this case I’m looking at Jax and Hollywood. I liked Jax’ performance a lot more than Hollywoods, but I still hated both arrangements, and thus, both performances. I mean, I do like originality and mixing up a familiar song to make it your own, but I can’t promise I’m going to like your specific arrangement more than the original.

Hollywood01 - Lovedit03


Seeing Garrett Miles again! I forgot how much I liked this kid. I’m going to put it out there that he belongs in my Top 10. He’s the only one I saw tonight that I thought was worthy of a top spot that I didn’t give one to yesterday.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit03

Hate (no “d” required because I still hate it):

Sal. I didn’t think he should’ve been allowed through to Hollywood and I stand by my previous statement that he belongs in NYC restaurants singing for tips, not on a stage on TV. He got about 30 more minutes of stage time than I needed to see. He was like herpes all over this episode. Just popping in to bother everyone.

Hollywood01 - Lovedit04


TYANNA! My girl brought it! And while I like to compare her to my favorite from last year, Malaya, I have to say that at least this performance, was way better than Malaya at this point in the competition. I see big things for this girl! Bigger than when I was just hoping she got through because she looked fun to hang out with and like the clone of my friend Carmen.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit04


How many short performances we saw. I think we only saw maybe 3-4 full performances, and a lot of other great people we only heard a single line from. I’m ok with this as long as they continue to go through, but if they get cut without me seeing at least one more solid performance, I’ll be a sad panda.

Hollywood01 - Hatedit05


Sorry, I’m out of these. Let me think.

Nothing beats a fail but a try. Oh Randy. DRINK!


Seeing Amber Kalechi break down. It was HEARTBREAKING! And SUPER uncomfortable. I totally get her not wanting to go back to the ghetto. To protect her family. But her performance wasn’t good. This is why I don’t really want to hear her story. Especially if she doesn’t make it past Hollywood week (and I have a feeling she won’t). See, now that I know her story even more, and her fear of her neighborhood, I feel bad she won’t move on. But does she deserve to move on? Not really. Can Ellen Degeneres step in and just help this little girl? That way I don’t have to feel bad? Thanks!


Loved (I thought of another one!):

 I loved that all the people I really liked, and even most of the people I only kind of liked, I didn’t see go home. Sure there were a lot I just didn’t see, so maybe they went home, but I mean, in that regard I’ve probably already forgotten about them.

And with that, I think I’ll end on that “loved it” note. Pretty pumped about tomorrow and as always I’m pumped about group night, whenever that starts! #bestpartofidol

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