Grampa Scrapple and Mrs. Butterworth

My husband and I have two dogs. Molly and Scrapple. They’re also known as Black dog and Brown dog. Or Grampa Scrapple and Mrs. Butterworth. They also have bad dog names. Rick and Ruth. But that’s only when we’re yelling at them which thankfully isn’t that often, because they’re awesome. Here’s a better picture of them.

Little known fact, Molly threw up in the car mere seconds after this picture was taken.

Scrapple is older and set in his ways, so he doesn’t really do hilarious things on the reg. That’s how he got the nickname of Grampa Scrapple. Hopefully when he’s older and senile he’ll start doing funny things again but for the time being he mostly sleeps, and barks when you’re holding ice cream until he gets some. He even knows the word ice cream. He’s a smart cookie.

Molly however, is right around that prime age where every day we have a solid 50% chance of seeing her do something adorable/hilarious. I don’t have the ability (aka – the money to upgrade this site) to post videos right here in the blog, but I’ve got a few in my back log so I might post some of the funnier ones when I’m bored, like tonight.

Here’s my first example, and it makes me miss warm weather. This past summer whenever the hose came out she went into attack mode. It wasn’t that she was scared of the hose. Nope… not so much. It was more that she wanted to get that vicious water! Thusly, I present to you, our dear dog Molly Mrs.Butterworth Baccala, attacking the water. There’s also a brief appearance in the video of our dogs favorite pal and OG chocolate lab in my life, Coach. His technical owner is my friend Stephanie but I like to think that he’s like my little doggy nephew or something. Enjoy!

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