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American Idol – Hell? More like helluva virus.

You know, what’s funny for me, is that I watch reality TV a lot – not the funny part – and usually I HATE group challenges, but for all the reasons I hate it on other shows, I love it on Idol. Yes, the “finding a group” part makes me really anxious for the poor actually nice souls, who can’t get a group, but once the groups are set, I’m all in and I’m ready for the realness. Maybe the real reason I love Idol Group night is because these are still kids so it’s ok for them to act this way (whereas it’s unbecoming of the contestants on Project Runway who are straight up adults). I also like htat you get to see a lot of the behind the scene idol staff get really pissed at these kids. And I’m not gonna lie, I like that part.


And this guy is the best.

Based on all the group night contestants, I think we got narrowed down from 190 last night to around 80ish tonight? Not bad. I honestly didn’t realize they cut that many yesterday but I guess they were just limiting showing that part. They certainly didn’t limit group night and I’m thankful for that. Instead of going through EVERY.SINGLE.GROUP. I’m just going to talk about my favorites. And then some notes on some of the other groups that I felt I needed to discuss.

And first and foremost, I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss Patient Zero, Trent Harmon. And since he wasn’t a group, lets talk about him first.

wayne mono

This guy definitely has mono.

He was by himself in a group anyway. Seriously… all I was thinking the whole show was, who is going to come into the final round before the live shows with mono? I realize Trent probably isn’t making out with everyone but still… ugh. It’s just gross. But then, to be allowed to sing by yourself because of your super contagious illness? Sorry but I feel like that’s a little unfair, no? He was good but is he going to win? I feel like that answer is no. I mean, I know he’s dealing with mono but that’s nothing compared to the stress of group night, and not having to deal with that (I feel) is going to ensure a better performance right off the bat. That said, I do appreciate that he stayed in the competition and performed under the stress of illness – but think about all the people he’s infecting. Every kid saying they felt like they were getting sick, I’m assuming now has mono.

And now that I have that out of my system, let’s talk shop.

For the record, almost all my favorites, aren’t because I liked the whole group, but moreso, a person in the group stood out to me.

Team: The Sistahs
LaPorsha Renae, Marlena Johnson, Tonie Starr
Song: Staying Alive

So where I had to listen to 2 relatively bad auditions of Renegades, I liked listening to Stayin’ Alive two times in a row. The first one being terrible and this one being the redeemer. This was so good. And of all the performances tonight, this was the only one that I had zero complaints about. This was the Candice Glover “Hit ‘Em Up Style” of this season and in case you need a reminder…

Man this kind of makes me miss Melinda! And I mean, god damn was Candice Glover good (I still follow both on twitter).

Team Blue Eyes (though Blurry did seem more appropriate)
Jenna Renae, Jordan Sasser, Kelsie Watts and Kory Wheeler
Song: Treasure by Bruno Mars

It’s not that I thought anyone was bad in this group, but being with Jenna, I just couldn’t help but think the rest might be out because she was just SO good. Her voice was above and beyond her group on EVERY level. Although maybe stop with the hat. I’m honestly amazed with ever step forward Jordan gets.

Team: Smooth Soul
Joy Dove, Daniel Farmer, Lindita
Song: Domino by Jessie J

Am I a little obsessed with “team player” Joy Dove? Yeah. I kind of am. Do I think she’s the best singer? Not really (especially after recently listening to Candice Glover) but she’s fun. I like that she’s gonna do Idol, and she’s gonna do it her way. She truly is a team player, which may hurt her, but I don’t really see her making it to the Top 24 as it is. As much as I do love her attitude and team player-ness. Is there any way we can just keep her on for color commentary or something?

Team: Rebirth
Manny Torres, Malie Delgado, Christian Easen
Song: Too Close by Alex Clare

After 2 super boring performances this was a welcome audition. Sure, it was still a song that we’ve heard 3 times now, but the other two times were shorter clips so I’m ok with it (and group night is kind of notorious for that anyway). And like I said, with their energy and good singing, I felt like it was just better. I think Manny is gonna prove to be a very good performer in this show. He has a great attitude. And I’ve decided, I will settle for nothing less than the whole package. I want performer AND singer!

impress me

Team: Unknown.
Chynna Sherrod, Terrian and 2 others

Song: Rather Be by Clean Bandit

I loved the last line where the girls were right in front of the judges. They were really good. I would be interested in knowing their team name though. Or you know, all the contestants names… maybe it’s not necessary.


I just wanted to mention one other thing too… did anyone notice that Scotty B is goatee-less this season? Does this mean that last season was evil Scott and this season is good Scott?


So, those were my favorites overall, but I did take notes on everyone else and that’s below if you feel like continuing to read 🙂

Let’s talk about the montages first. Was anyone else shocked with the good talent that got the montage treatment, because I was!

Montage of 3 groups:

Amelia Eisenhour, Lee Jean, Tristan McIntosh and 4th person (Too Close) – Fiddle girl is still good without the fiddle! Yey! Also, having recently started watching Real Housewives of Potomac, I think Tristan looks like Ashley from that show. The young one. Their voices are similar too.
Avalon Young, Colette Lush and 3rd person Group (DJ Got Us Falling in Love) – Still loving Avalon! Maybe if that’s the style she’ll be singing she can actually keep her style? Doubtful…
Jeneve Mitchell Group (I Need You Now) – Obviously they only needed to show her because she was obviously the star of her group. Though apparently her whole group, whoever they were – oh there’s that girl who rode a mule, now that’s a group that probably got along real well! Not sure who that 3rd girl was.


Jessica Cabral, Zach Person, Elvie Shane and John Wayne Schultz
Song: Too Close
Mackenzie Bourg, Kayla _________, Juno and Ashley Lilinoe
Song: Unsure
Cameron Richard and other group members
Song: Too Close?

Of all these people I was just glad that Jessica made it through, and I also think Mackenzie sounded better than I remembered. The judges really brought it as far as advice is concerned. Work hard! You think you’re exhausted now? Wait til your career starts. You fall? Get back up and keep performing! The song sucks? It doesn’t matter, make it your own.

Team Something with Brian 3 names, Josiah and Jaci are all out. I’m ok with it.

And now for the rest of the true group performances we saw…

Team: Milk and Cookies
Jenn Blosil, Lynnzee Fraye, Bri Ray and Sara Sturm
Song: Drag Me Down by One Direction (?)

I just love Jenn. She steals every part of the show for me. I do remember liking Sara too but I don’t think we’ve seen the other two girls before. They were all really good, especially making me not even guess in my wildest imagination, that this was a One Direction song. My favorite was obviously Jenn (are you shocked?).


Team: Singing Out Loud
Lindsey Carrier, Ashley Lusk, Michelle Marie, Shelbie Z
Song: Undo It by Carrie Underwood

I didn’t know who Lindsey was and I don’t really like Michelle anyway, but I was kind of hoping that they’d only keep Shelbie. Her voice was above and beyond the rest.

Team: Chicken Noodle Soup
Kassy Levels, Dalton Rapattoni, and Anatalia Villaranda
Song: Treasure by Bruno Mars

I thought this group was really weird (not totally surprising) but they were fine singers. I really didn’t like the song for them, and I LOVE Bruno Mars. I did notice at this point, I feel like only like, 2 people so far, have been eliminated. Who are they cutting?

Team: Envy
Stephany Negrete, Andrew Nezerbakian and Sonika Vaid
Song: Problem by Ariana Grande

Based on the lead up, and their choice of team name, I was sure none of these people would go through (though I was really hoping Sonika would because come on, she’s legit the best of the last 3 groups – only because we weren’t really able to hear Jessica Cabral sing). After they were done I was just thinking – this group was WAY better than Team Chicken Noodle Soup. This is also where I decided I hated all the song choices for group night. Why have there been so many I don’t know? Am I that out of touch?

Team Trick or Treat
Marcio Donaldson, Kacye Hayes, Jon Klaasen, Kylle Thomason
Song: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

Ok Marcio, I’m kind of in for you bud. And now I have identified the mystery guy who was not under any circumstances touching Trent Harmon (Kylle Thomason). This wasn’t my favorite group but I think they were definitely in what I’d call the “better half”.


Team Las Varequas
Eliz Camacho, Gianna Isabella, Dana Ordway
Song: Hit Me Up Style by Blue Cantrell

This is a classic group night song! I mean, these 3 girls had to really show up because there is a high bar set… and thy name is Candice Glover (see above). I thought these girls were fine. I was shocked they kept Gianna with her word flubbing but she has been featured a LOT so maybe it’s not a complete surprise. Now, as for Regina George Eliz Camacho…I mean, you can’t really have that attitude with a voice like that. Gianna looked so confused and uncomfortable up there. It was definitely her worst performance to date.

Team Good Vibes
Joe Dahmen, Jessica Paige, Olivia Thai, and Alesana Tolai
Song: Me and My Broken Heart by Rixton (who?)

The was just bland x1,000. Joyless was a good way to describe it, H-dog.

Team ______________?
Jessica Baker, CJ Johnson,
Zach Joseph  and Jess Kellner
Song: Renegades by Ex Ambassadors

I.HATE.THIS.SONG. It’s right up there with that ex’s and oh’s song… all over the radio and nothing I want to hear. It’s just EVERYWHERE. I do like CJ though. I was a little surprised they let Zach go because I thought they were equally talented, but I’m also ok with less 20 y.o. white guys.

Team ______________?
Bryson Dunn, Joey Hendricks, Thomas Muglia and Thomas Stringfellow
Song: Renegades by Ex Ambassadors

And just as I mention the song is everywhere, 2 groups do it in a row? I realize group night can be repetitive with song choice but come on, two times in a row? Boooo… [pic]

Team Soul Cats
Drew Angus, Marshall Cunningham, John Arthur Greene and Laurel Wright
Song: Staying Alive

Well there’s always one (or three) groups like this, and this was that group. Shot lyrics, goofily running around the stage, it’s just not pretty. I’m honestly surprised they kept any of these kids.



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American Idol – Tens of Groups

190 contestants, one hour of show.


Just imagine the wildebeest are the contestants and little Simba is the Idol Crown.

Being that it was only an hour, I wasn’t surprised at the number of contestants we actually saw (24). It’s interesting that of the contestants we saw singing, besides the two montage of nos, most people we saw sing, made it through (20 of the 24).


So, if you want the list of who made it through from each group of 10 we saw, just see below. As for this, I’m just going to talk about a few people I loved and a few people I was really surprised they kept. Honestly though, I’m fine with keeping folks I think are bad, as long as we don’t lose anyone I thought was good, and in this case, that’s how it was 🙂

So – what I learned from Hollywood Week, Round 1…

1. As you may remember, I was on the fence about liking Dalton. I still am, but I do like him more after he was talking to Jaci about beating her on a bigger scale. Why did I find that endearing? Who knows. My heartlessness? Maybe because it’s pretty obvious he’s the better singer.

2. I’m still obsessed with Jenn Blosil. Or JBlo, which I now unfortunately for her, am going to call her forever. I really don’t think she’ll win this, just based on types, but that girl is going places, I’m sure of it (I also really like Olivia, who was in her group).  People I am also still obsessed with include but are not limited to: Jessica Cabral, Jenever Mitchell (who I’m still going to talk about), Sonika Vaid, LaPorsha Renae and Manny Torres.

3. Jessica Cabral is so good. Like, dreamy good. Like, so so so so so good.

Top08 - Love You

I think by far, she has the best voice in this competition. I mean, there’s definitely competition for her, but this is her fight to lose.

4. I loved LaPorshas performance as much as I loved her homage to Janet.

janetkey laporsha

I still hate the storyline of LaPorsha bringing her kid and putting so much emphasis on being a single mother (it’s not just her, it’s all the people with the backstories), but you can only hate on something so long before you just have to drop it because it’s not even them anyway – it’s the producers – and when they’re really good, does it even matter, really? No. It doesn’t. LaPorsha was so good. I loved her rendition of Roar! Though I’m curious to see how she pulls of a Janet song. Here’s hoping I get one of those before her run is over!

5. So Melaney Huber, the girl who overcame cancer to perform, did anyone catch her mom talking to her, post-dismissal? “I love you anyway” – um, what? So you would’ve loved her more if she’d made it but you guys you’ll love her still even though she’s not famous? I’m just going to chalk it up to being out of context or that she said it the wrong way and hope that I’m right.

6. Jeneve Rose Mitchell. Girl, I know I already said I’m obsessed with you once in this post but does it really hurt to mention it again? I don’t really care. I am. I’m so glad I put her in my Top 5 because she is SO deserving! I just love her and I really hope she succeeds. I think if I could personally pick a contestant for the live shows, I really think I’d pick her. She just looks like she can put on a good show. I want to see her in front of a band so badly! I hope she makes it to the showcase show and then kills it.

7. Does anyone think of Tracy Flick from the movie Election when they see Michelle Marie? Because I see a mixture of Tracy, Rachel Berry and Becky Johnson (the former two being Glee characters). Just google it. Or just trust that I’m right. Either is fine.

8. Dude, Trent… I know this is a kissing disease but I really hope he was the last to use that mic because I feel like everyone would have mono otherwise. And what is the break like between Hollywood Week/Group Night and the next round? Is dude gonna have time to feel better before then? Because I mean, sometimes you’ve gotta medically inactivate people. Poor guy looked TERRIBLE. Did you see the black guy at the end talking to Trent?


He’s saying “Are you ok man?” – so funny. Like, I’m happy for you dude, but stay the F away from me.

And finally. I think the biggest question of all… why was Jimmy Kimmel holding a stone chair and a potato? I couldn’t get a screen gran on Idol but I did find the One Direction episode of Kimmel and there it was (and now I know the context). Oh also, the 1D Potato has a twitter.

So with that, we move on to the best night, group night! And as promised, below is a list of who made it through, of the people I saw.


Jordan Sasser
Dalton Rapattoni
Jaci Butler
Thomas Stringfellow
Olivia Rox
Jessica Cabral
Sonika Vaid
LaPorsha Renae
Manny Torres
Daniel Farmer
Sara __________
Lee Jean
Shelbie Z
Jeneve Mitchell
Gianna Isabella
Tristan McIntosh
Michelle Marie
Trent Harmon
Miranda Poh Scott
Emily Brooke

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American Idol – Top Auditions from Season 15

So, in case were wondering what’s going on in Maryland, well just consider winter this white walker, and Maryland is Jon Snow.

white walker

It did give me a lot of time to dick around on the internet though, you know, in between shoveling and trying to make sure my house doesn’t look like a food hoarder lives there. I saw a post over at MJ’s that I kind of loved. She actually has a ton of really great nostalgia posts that I highly recommend if you like the show. The one I’m talking about in particular though, was her list (I think) of the Top 25 auditions on Idol, over the last 15 seasons.  I’m not sure if she included this season because I didn’t see anyone on it from this season – but that said, of the 25 on there, I’m not sure anyone that auditioned this season, was worthy of that spot. But I also don’t think all the people that made it from Season 14 should be on there.

no shade

My personal reasoning for the list looking like that is two fold. One, it’s just easier to find auditions of more recent contestants. I’ve tried to look for a contestant from seasons 3 or 5 before and it’s just not there. Especially if you can’t remember their exact name, which can be difficult at times. I also think it’s because in the earlier seasons, there were more bad auditions than good and we often wouldn’t see the kids who made it to the Top 24 until they were revealed. I can’t tell you how many “Who are they?”‘s I let out in the early seasons. That’s definitely one plus of the newer years in that we got to see more talent early on and I do like that a lot. So I’ll just let it lie and be happy with the list. I mean, those were 25 solid auditions, and a fun way to spend yesterday, reminiscing – because in my snow induced haze, I thought Idol was on last night.

That said, I got to thinking about who my favorite auditions were from this season. First, I did a top 15 (a top 5 from each week of auditioning) and that you can find at the bottom. But I also picked from that, a Top 5 overall. These are 5 people that I’ll be supes upset about if they don’t make it into the live shows, even though I’m already preparing for the thought that only one or two might make it that far, because I know my type isn’t always America’s type…

 Hollywood05 - Disappointed

Don’t worry, NPH is always America’s type. He just had the right facial expression for my emotions. I digress. Here are my Top 5 and some more information about them, should you like them enough to investigate them a little more thoroughly.

Also, it should be noted that my top 5 for this are all female. Sorry dudes, you didn’t make the cut this time. If I had to pick a guy, it would be Dalton Rappatoni. Dalton, consider yourself in my Top 6. Honestly you might’ve made it to my Top 5 but in looking up some stuff on you I saw you’re in a boy band. Well, you were (or are you still?) in a boy band. A disney boy band. I just don’t know how I feel about that. I need some time to think about it.

This is in no particular order except for the order I wrote them down as I was thinking of them:


Wow do I have a type or what? Apparently I like white chicks that play instruments! haha. Whoops. Well, I likes what I like. What can you do?

  1. Jeneve Mitchell – As I mentioned in my original post about liking Jeneve – she fills a lot of my checklist for idol material – plays an instrument check kooky in a good way check excellent voice check! But with all quirky contestants, especially ones that maybe don’t have too much involvement with stress and big shows and no sleep and dealing with other people, maybe don’t do as well succeeding on. I do hope she makes it past group week though because she’s someone that I do think should be seen! On the plus side I did see that she has a website and has most of your standard social media accounts, so I think she’s a little less “off the grid” than we thought. I think that can only help her! Also it should be noted that there’s now another reason I like her – all the animal/dog posts on her facebook page! Maybe I should add “Animal Lover” to my checklist?
  2. Olivia Rox –  I go back and forth with Olivia. For one, she reminds me a lot of Jax (good and bad), she’s tried out for other shows (not my ideal but at least I’ve never seen her on another show) and she has a famous parent (I’ve stated my objections to this before) but the fact is, I like Olivia, I think she has a great voice and she clearly knows what she’s doing up there. I think she’ll be an excellent selection for this season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her well into the Top 10, if not the Top 5. The only thing she could’ve done better to woo me, would’ve been to play a good original song. The next best thing to that is to put an original spin on a song I’ve heard 100 times and that she did! Oh and Olivia has her own website too, in case you were wondering.
  3. Jenn Blosil – Oh sweet Jenn… how do I love you? Let me count the ways…
    jennblosil2I love Jenn. I really don’t see my love affair getting to last too long with Jenn, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. And I’m already following her on twitter so at least I have that. I also liked that when I looked to see if she had a website (and my gut said she didn’t) all I found were some amazing google image pictures, and a great selection of youtube videos of her original songs which I HIGHLY recommend you listening to (seriously, she wasn’t for sure in my top 5 until I started listening to her on youtube and was like – how is this chick not famous yet?)! Her twitter isn’t bad either.
  4. Jenna Renae – Jenna is kind of, unfortunately, one of my more forgettable Top 5-ers. I did like her a lot, and a lot of people had her as one of the best auditions but when I looked at her I still had to think – wait, who was she? But when I re-watched her audition and looked at the notes I did have down, I mean, she definitely deserves the Top 5. It was a toss up between her and Jessica Cabral but listening to both again, Jenna is the clear victor. Please retract my statement about Jessica being my A1 from Day1. It might be Jenna. Jenna also has a website but it’s far down the google search so I kind of wonder how up to date it is, but it looks current. Also by the google image search, I think there’s also a body builder with her name.
  5. Avalon Young – As yes, Avalon. The Laney Boggs to American Idols’ Zach Siler. The Eliza Doolittle to Professor Higgins. You get my drift. I love Avalon. I think the way she came in she’s a little forgettable but with a great name, and a look with a lot of potential, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of her this season. And if we don’t, well I hope I see a lot of her elsewhere because she’s pretty great. She also had my favorite website, in case you were wondering. It’s like a mix of music/social media/tumblr.

So those are the 5 that I’m desperate to see make it to the live show, and below are the other 10 that I’d be super pumped to see in the live show, but will understand if they don’t make it, even though I’ll most likely believed they were robbed and the likes of Johnny VIII, that guy with 3 first names or that guy who’s probably getting divorced. But here’s hoping for a solid Top 24!

Top 5 from Week 1 – Jeneve Mitchell, Dalton Rappatoni, Olivia Rox, Sonika Vaid and LaPorsha Renae

Top 5 from Week 2 – Jenn Blosil, John Wayne Schultz, Chris “CJ” Johnson, Thomas Stringfellow and Amber Lynn

Top 5 from Week 3 – Jenna Renae, Manny Torres, Amelia Eisenhauer, Jessica Cabral and Avalon Young

I almost tried to pick a top 24 but I honestly couldn’t. I think I could pick 20 I really liked but 24 was like pulling teeth. Why don’t they just do a Top 15 and then go from there?

So who are your Top 15? Does anybody have some favorites that I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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American Idol – The Final Auditions

You know it’s funny. I was thinking about how this last audition day would be. Would they try to bring back some of the OG audition contestants? The traditional ones you used to see every year. Like, spaced out hippy chick, person who doesn’t speak english, bikini girl… you know the likes. I also wondered if any old judges would come back for the final round of voting. so we could all reminisce about days of yore?


But I guess I was the only one with those kinds of dreams. Because this was basically like any audition the last 3 seasons, minus the judges talking about how it was the last one at the end of the episode – which to me really didn’t even sound all that genuine. Sometimes I wish they’d just kept the show with the original judges. To me the only one who really should be allowed to reminisce about Idol days of yore, is the one who’s been there through it all – Mr. Ryan Seacrest. And we didn’t even get to hear the guy talk about his time (thankfully he’s actually been doing some interviews so I have kind of heard his thoughts on the matter).

The one thing I really did like this episode, was truly how much talent there was. If I thought there was a lot last night, tonight just doubled down. I wouldn’t say that I think everyone will make it through, by any means – but I think some of the ones who did will most certainly be in the Top 24. At least, they better. Because I am S-M-I-T-T-E-N. I did have a clear Top 4 though (couldn’t narrow it down to 3). So, without further adieu, lets talk about those folks!

Jessica Cabral – 21 year old from Worcester, MA
Song: Brand New Me 

Ah Jessica, my A1 from Day1. As in, from the first time I saw you, even though you were the first contestant, I knew you’d be my favorite from the night. And I really hope Harry didn’t jinx her by saying that he’d be shocked if she didn’t make it VERY FAR. Because if she doesn’t make it very far, Harry…

your fault

Zach Person – 18 year old from Houston, TX
Song: Next-Door Neighbor Blues

I’ll just mention that as per my last post, my next 3 were a tie. I couldn’t decide who I like more. To be honest, my next 4 were kind of a tie. I just liked different things about all of them. As for Zach, well I’ve always had a thing for Zachs. haha. But seriously, his musicality was great. He made me want to pay attention to his performance and I can always appreciate that. I don’t know how far he’ll go, but I’m glad I got the opportunity to see him.

Manny Torres – 20 year old from Flushing, MI (I think?)
Song: This Love

Ok so I really didn’t think I was going to like Manny. His pre-interview stuff was a little too much for me. But he was entertaining. And I really loved his performance of This Love. It was pretty original and he sang very well so I knew he’d have to be in my Top 3. Why not book end the first contestant and the last, right?

Avalon Young – 21 year old from San Diego, CA
Song: XO (Beyonce) 

Ok here’s the thing with Avalon – was I the only one that saw the Impending “She’s All That” theme? You know, where the girl who no one notices, the tom boy or the nerd, whatever, gets found by a person who just changes a few things about her, takes off her glasses, dresses her up a little bit and then bam, she’s a bombshell whose getting everything she ever wanted. Trust me, it’s a common movie theme. The thing with these movies though is that secretly the girl was pretty the whole time and filled with talent but no one saw it because she had glasses and overalls on. Come on people, see through it! But anyway, I do hope this happens for Avalon, without having to get the makeover, because I liked her tomboy looks. But something tells me Idol is going to have a field day with this one. I just hope it ends well for all parties, because I think Avalon has tons of talent and potential.

And an honorable mention will go to 15 year old Lillian Glanton. Her voice was fine but what I really liked was her song! That’s the only reason I don’t think she should really be in my Top 5. So I only had a Top 4 with Lil as an HM. But her song was great. And I think if you sing well enough as a really good song writer, you’ll get your message out there. I definitely think Lillian is going places!

And now for a few final thoughts.

  1. How many times DO you think Ryan was hit in all those 15 years? Like, how many times has he been hit/attacked/tackled? I bet it’s a lot. More than the average job. Shockingly, this was the only even remotely close picture when I googled “Ryan Seacrest Attacked”


Way to go Kathy Griffin. It also reminded me of this, though:


  1. I loved Harrys comment about the entertainment business when that chick with the star dress came in. He said “where else are you going to get a job interview dressed like that?” (ironically too – I think – was that she didn’t “get the job”) but man, as someone that has sat on her fair share of interview panels, it had me thinking how great interviews would be if they were more like idol auditions, come in, tell me a little bit about yourself, and then sing a little number to prove you’re worthy of this job. A girl can dream. I should also be glad interviews aren’t like that because I cannot sing.
  2.  To a one, Mr. Brian Dale Brown – please please please, don’t ever do that Scooby Doo impression again. Harry was better and he just gave it a try (bad sign). I was fine that they let him through to be auditioned by the judges…


Fine. I was lying. He was just too much schtick. Sorry Brian. I do appreciate your love for the show and am happy you finally got in front of a judge, but that is where my happiness for you ends.

And there we have it… moving on into the world of Hollywood Week, Group Night and all that other fun stuff. Feeling pumped!

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American Idol – And We Have a Contender!

Tonight felt like a really great episode. Maybe it’s because I watched it late and with fast forwarding through commercials the whole episode only took me about 20-25 minutes to watch. And the contestants were really good! In fact, I have my first Chorus Line moment of the season. I hope she gets it, god I hope she gets it. She being Jenna Renae and it being a spot on the live show! There were a lot of really good contestants though, most of which I’d be happy to see move on to the Top 24 (I have to imagine at least 3 will get in from this batch, that’s my guess). And in a suprise similarity to previous episodes, my top 3 this week are again, all females!

bitches get stuff done

And I do really hope that these ladies get stuff done because to be honest, I’m partial to a female winning the final season. It’s only right to bookend it with another Kelly. Or Carrie. Or even Fantasia. So anyway, lets talk about my Top 3 of the night, and then mention a few others:

Jenna Renae – 23 years old from Williamson, NY
Song: She Don’t Love You

Jenna was just wonderful. Her singing just completely drew me in. I also liked the note about how her parents used to listen to show tunes with her. It’s always a solid start to a musical background, no? I think it is as long as you aren’t too theatrical, which she definitely wasn’t. She was just the right amount of attention grabbing in a very good way. On the whole,


My second 2 are a tie. I really don’t know who I like better.

Emily Brooke – 16 year old from Wellington, FL
Song: Careless

Emily was great. I didn’t recognize her face but I did recognize her name and then when they flashed back to her audition last year I realized who she was. It’s amazing how different someone can look in just a year! Then, like I did with John Wayne from last episode, I re-listened to what I could find of her from last season and I have to say, you’ve come a long way (in a year) baby! Although her voice is just as good, she just seems more composed and more ready to take on the season. She’s still young, don’t get me wrong, but I do think there’s a big difference from a just barely 15 to an almost 17.

Amelia Eisenhauer – 15 year old from Nashville, TN
Song: Many Rivers to Cross

So the reason for my tie between Em and Am, is that Em has kind of already had her chance, while I think Am might be a little too young to get her first chance, as she is only 15 at of this moment. Well, as of the moment this was taped. She could be 18 by now for all I know. Either way though, she had an aggressiveness about her audition that really drew me to her. She seemed very… commanding. Which I think is rare for a young performer. It’s one of the reasons you don’t want a 15 year old on stage, but since she lacks that problem, I’m fine with moving her into my Top 3 position.

As for honorable mentions the only thing I can say is that I really liked Mackenzie Bourg‘s medley. I didn’t really like him, because to me he was just 1,800 other auditions I’ve seen. He didn’t really stand out to me beyond the excellent compilation of songs, which I still support him doing, just maybe not being the one who sings them. He was also kind of a whisperer, which I found very odd.


Some final thoughts:

  1. Ugh Clay Aiken – who knew you’d be on so much of the final season after all that hate you spewed about the show that made you a D-Lister… Was Aiken really the best that Idol could get for that job? I just feel like there are so many better options. But I guess the better people are busy with their better things. So I guess it makes sense. But to try and be Simon with that half-shirted guy? I mean come on. You are not, nor will you ever be, Simon Cowell.
  2. If I were handing out awards for make-overs, Adam Lasher would not be on my list. How did you go from cool rocker to looking like a crooner from the 30’s? It may be someones look, but it’s not mine. I say stick with the Santana vibe, personally (but again I go back to Brenda K. Starr’s offspring – if you have a famous parent/relative, why are you coming to Idol in the first place? I mean playing the nepotism card works pretty often.
  3. Finally, of all the “tough decisions” the judges have had to make this season, none of which they’ve really even argued about – did you really have to use the blind guy are your example of good people who aren’t “good enough” when you keep every 15 year old who walks through the door? Mario, I think you were robbed! Sure you might not have made it to the live show, but you had more of a chance than a solid quarter of what I’ve seen go through.  And while I would be angry and need justification, I then remembered – didn’t this guy try out for The Glee Project? I feel like he was eliminated early from that too… so if Ryan Murphy didn’t think he’d succeed in that space, I’m ok with Idol not taking him.

And with that, we move on to tomorrow where we’ll have the LAST audition episode EVER for Idol. I wanted to make a bunch of “penultimate” references on here, because it’s a word I love, but Slezak used it in his headline and I didn’t wanna look like I was copying – so I’ll just say that I hope Slezak and I are just similarly minded. I mean, we definitely are. He just hasn’t noticed me yet… haha

crying rain

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American Idol – Wasted on the Young

Listen, if I had a choice, to only pick people in their 20s or only pick people in their teens on my final season, I’m sorry but I’ve got to go with the 20 year olds. They’ve put in their time. They’ve committed to this passion, and to some extent, they’ve probably spent some time trying to make it on their own before they decided that maybe the only way to get that big break, is on Idol.

Sure, maybe that also means they were never good enough and that’s why they are in their 20s with no record deal, but I’d argue that’s not the case. The thing with teenagers is proven time and time again, there comes a point where it’s proven that they just aren’t ready. Sure I will see a 15 year old from time to time that I would definitely beg to put through, but just let me be mad about you not letting them through. I will probably forget their name within the week anyway.


It’s really not that big a deal. Think about the past winners. Even when they lowered the age you could try out, we’ve still never had a winner younger than 17. There’s a reason for that. And even with those numbers, only 3 of those contestants were under the age of 20. At this point it’s pretty clear that Idol won’t learn from their mistakes, but to all you young children who get kicked off the show, just know that it’ll be ok. You really were just not ready, as the judges probably told you when they let you through anyway. So with that, lets talk about some of my favorites from last night.

There were 14 ticket winners and I couldn’t pick a top 3. I went with a Top 4.5 instead which I think you’ll just have to deal with. Also where last time I picked almost all girls, I think it was mostly for the guys last night. I only had 1 girl in my Top 5 (though I think Mary was close).

Amber Lynn – 28 year old from Provo, UT
Song: Unaware
James VIII – 23 year old from Provo, UT
Song: Sun Comes Up 

So Amber Lynn is my for real Top 5, while James is the half I spoke of. For a first audition, I thought Amber was going to be very tough to beat. Her voice was wonderful and she has a sweet quality that reminds me of Molly Syverson from the first season of Fargo. Like a hipster version of her. Or troubadour version of her?  The thing about James is that when I wasn’t looking at him I liked him a lot more. Maybe he can be Ambers guitarist on her tour? I mean, he’s a solid back up vocalist I’m sure. And definitely deserved the ticket in his own right. I just think it was a little difficult going after Amber because she was great. An excellent way to start the show!

Thomas Stringfellow – 17 year old from Bentonville, AR
Song: Give Me Love

This kids look needs some work, but I’m not going to hold it against him. It’s mostly just that his hair reminds me of the Joker or something. I can’t put my finger on it. What he really reminded me of is a character from Newsies. He’s like a really colorful newsboy. But anyway, I thought he picked a great song and he played it quite well. I know, another teenage white guy, but he was good. I can’t discount him.

John Wayne Schulz – 27 year old from Salt Lake City, UT
Song: The Dance

I did remember him and I thought I liked him but looking back at my notes, I couldn’t find anything about him so maybe I didn’t, but if it came down to you and McCreery and he won, you couldn’t have been that bad. I think he’s a perfect “come back” contestant and I do hope he lasts a little longer this time! His song was super great. I even looked back at his first audition for comparison and this one was definitely better. I think it was the guitar he brought with him this time. His look certainly hasn’t changed a bit!

CJ Johnson – 28 year old from Memphis, TN
Song: Dreams Come True

Here’s the thing, that whole spiel earlier in this post, it was for Chris. To me, this is the guy that American Idol is about. Well, one of the contestants. He does remind me of a lot of winners (Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze, David Cook) but on that same note, I guess maybe that’s why I figured he’d be a shoo-in. I mean, he’s been practicing this craft a while and he’s got stage presence. He doesn’t seem like the type that would freeze up on stage or forget lyrics. Those are the contestants I appreciate.

I’d like to give an honorably mention to Tank Jackson as well. I think had he not done all that dancing first, he probably would’ve sounded a little better (being that he seemed really out of breath when he started). Although, you do have to do some dancing on stage so maybe it’s good to get a little workout in before you sing to make sure you’re up to par?

Finally, just some little notes to mention/thoughts to leave you with as we get ready for a 3 day weekend…

  1. I’m a little surprised we didn’t just cancel Idol altogether last night to pay tribute to Alan Rickman and just rewatch the entire Harry Potter series. It’s something I’m considering doing this weekend. Or just an Alan Rickman marathon since my favorite roll of his isn’t Snape anyway, it’s Metatron from Dogma. Obvs. But the only character I ever loved was Snape. Always.
  2. If I HAD to pick an under 18 year old, I’d pick Ethan Kuntz. He looked like a human version of Bobby from King of the Hill and I can appreciate that.


    I also wonder if it was just that he had a baby face that made him seem so much younger. I mean, don’t get me wrong – he IS young, but I also think he looked younger than he is, compared to other boys his age.

  3. And then I just need to talk about Mary Williams really quick. She was very good. Like I said, she was probably my 5th or 6th pick. But honestly, her audition was almost lost on me (I had to rewind) after her line about “I’ll ride anything, I mean, #YOLO”. I know that’s out of context (she was talking about how she rode a foxtrotting mule) but it made me love her so much more… I just find her very amusing and I hope to see her again, since I won’t get to hear that girl that wouldn’t stop talking about her chickens.

And with that, we are complete week 2 and I believe (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) that the auditions conclude next week and then we’re on to Hollywood Week! Things sure are moving quickly for this abbreviated season (which will probably still feel like what a season is supposed to feel like and not some kind of long drawn out madness that it usually is)!


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American Idol – It’s Not Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Man was it just me or was this a bit of a lackluster episode? It’s weird, I always think the 2 hour episodes are too long, but the hour long episodes just don’t have enough. Maybe it’s because shorter episodes don’t have as many wow moments so they just seem more lackluster? Maybe it was Clay Aikens fault? Sabotaging the show with his contestant picks? I was just shocked at the end to hear Harry say there was a good chance we’d see someone from Philly in the Top 10. I mean lets be real here, Philly hasn’t seen a Top 10 anything in a long time. Especially when it comes to competition.


By my count there were 6 golden ticket winners (and 3 powerball winners). I’d talk about my favorites but I don’t really think I had any… So lets just talk randomly about all of them, I guess.

Gianna Isabella – 15 years old from Jackson, NJ 
Song: House of the Rising Sun

You know when someone has a famous parent, I always wonder why they’re auditioning in the first place. It’s one thing to try and make it without their help, but she’s clearly had her moms help so that can’t be it. To me, she wasn’t bad at all, but she wasn’t great. Do I think she deserved the ticket? Meh… sure. Do I think she’ll make it through to the live shows?

um no1

Issac Cole (McNanny, like an Irish babysitter), a 15 year old from Smalltown, PA.
Song: Love Like Crazy 

Ok first off I just have to say that I didn’t realize this was a song and thought he’d written it, and that the lyrics were kind of terrible… then I realized it was a real song, so I won’t blame that part on Isaac. But anyway, Isaac is someone that I do think deserved a ticket and really just based on odds, I think he has the best chance of the Philly people I saw, to make it to the live shows. That’s only because of his obvious Beiber resemblance. That said, are girls even still into him? Is that a look that people still find attractive? As someone who I guess was too old to ever find the Beibs attractive, I can’t really answer.  I also got mad that Jen said he sings about heartbreak but hasn’t experienced any. This was a big problem last season with MANY contestants, and I just don’t understand why you would talk for a few minutes on how people aren’t ready, and then you still let them through. I’ll never understand that. With all the contestants that ARE ready, why let people through who clearly aren’t? It’s going to be Daniel Seavey all over again.

Sara Sturm – 18 years old from Chantilly, VA
Song: My Lips are Moving

I actually think Sara was my favorite audition. I can’t say she had the best voice, but I just liked her the most for some reason. The reason escapes me but I do hope to hear her again, and  I hope she does a good job. Also I spent most of her audition talking about weathermen because I thought her last name was Storm and I was thinking that you really are destine to be a weatherperson with a last name like Storm.

I’ve also not been talking really about people who didn’t make it, but I think I need to talk about Mr. Ellis Banks. Yes, his audition was over the top and that outfit was not necessary. But I think had he come in without all that, he might have had a better chance. That said, I really liked him in the outfit. I thought it fit the song and the show he was going for. I do think there’s a place for him somewhere and I hope he finds a stage for himself because he does have a presence. I just don’t know where that is.

Jenn Blosil – 23 year old from Brooklyn by way of Utah
Song: Radioactive

Ok first and foremost, I loved that Ryan had to reiterate that he liked Brooklyn, giving the impression he could give two shits about whether Jenn did. I honestly wonder how far this chick will go. She’s the quirk of Joey last year, but with less going on upstairs. I did enjoy her. The thing about Jenn is, well, you know I love a quirky girl. My favorite comment from twitter was:

jennblosil taco

and in case you were wondering, Jenn’s favorite tweet was:


I do hope this girl has the mental toughness to make it on this journey because she is very interesting and I like interesting people (whose voices aren’t terrible) to be on the live shows.

Harrison Cohen – 17 year old from New City, NY
Song: Original called “No Time”

Why I liked Harrison? Well, I think it’s obvious…


John Greene – 27 year old from NY by way of Raleigh, NC. 
Song: Somebody Like You

Was it just me or was this one of the most bizarre back stories to show? I mean, I don’t think they would’ve shown it if the guy wasn’t good so I was pretty sure he’d be through. Honestly, he was one of the better singers/musicians, but man… I just don’t know. His whole story left me a little gobsmacked. I also wonder if the judges heard his story or if he just told the cameras and the judges will find out later? It’s hard to say. Part of me wonders if he didn’t say anything about the story and then when the producers were googling him and realized what happened and then said, look, you have to tell this story because if it comes out later, it’s going to be even more awkward. I don’t know, it was just weird. All around. A very weird note to end the episode on and that’s really when I’d wished there was another hour to go so I wouldn’t have to end on this guy.

Alas… but tonight IS 2 hours so we’ll see what we get out of that 🙂

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American Idol – Day 2 Auditions

Sorry, couldn’t think of a clever title. Not sure why. I guess it’s just because it was a pretty run of the mill episode. Lots of good talent, over dramatic judges stealing the show, same old. The nice thing, as was brought up by said judges, was how many awesomely talented females that San Francisco and Arkansas had! If the auditions continue to go like this, we’re gonna be in for one heck of a season. And if they don’t, then something tells me the winner is going to come from Arkansas or San Francisco!

I will say, even with all the talented ladies, of my top 3, a guy did happen to make it. Though if I had picked a top 5, there would still probably only be one guy. So with that, let’s talk about my favorites. I couldn’t put them in order this time. I don’t know if they were all that good or just that none of them were good enough to warrant me declaring them my favorite. Or maybe it’s just because I liked them all for very different reasons.

Let’s talk about the boy first.

Dalton Rapattoni – 19 year old from Dallas, TX
Song: Phantom of the Opera

Dalton was great. When I hear vocal coach, I usually assume it’s someone who tried to make it but maybe didn’t have that kind of luck. This guy was different. And he proved that with his song choice. Taking Broadway and giving it the American Idiot treatment? And then doing it really well? I mean, that’s a win win win to me. I’m not sure how far the guy is going to get, but the fact that he brought such an original song choice makes me hope he’ll make it to the live show. At least for the time being. Things could always change the more contestants I see.


Olivia Rox – 16 year old from Agoura Hills, CA
Song: When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

So apparently this little lady was also on Americas Got Talent, but since I don’t watch that, I’ll forgive her for trying out for multiple shows. And honestly I’ll forgive her just because I liked her so much! Obviously I love a musician and she somewhat proved she can play multiple instruments. She really did remind me a little of Kelly Clarkson (minus the being from a quasi-famous musician family). I will say that I think of everyone I’ve seen so far, I think she has some of the most potential to make it to the live show. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her.

Tristan McIntosh – 15 year old from 
Song: Why Baby Why

Ok so I know, there was her whole story with her mom and all. I’d be lying if I said tears weren’t shed. How can you watch those homecoming surprises and not? I mean those things are just the sweetest. But I have to say that usually people with those kinds of stories, I tend to not like – just because – why need the story? But luckily for Tristan, she was freaking great. Plus she played the piano. I really can’t decide if I like Tristan or Olivia more… but I guess I have time to work that one out.


And now for some honorable mentions:

La’Porsha Renae – There have been so many good versions of this song on this show (and by contestants post-show), so obviously I have to compare. I think she definitely held her own in that it was different enough and still good. I’m just not a huge fan of the runners. But for a runner I enjoyed her. She did the runs better than anyone I’ve seen so far this season.

The montage singers (Jessica Clarke, Ameet Kanon and Kayla Mickelson) – I thought all of these girls seemed really good, but since they were montaged together I feel like I didn’t really get to form an opinion. As such, I will continue with my lack of  formal opinion, until I see them again.

Brandyn Burnett – Ok for one, I really liked his original song. Sure the lyrics were a little amateurish, but I couldn’t have written that song. And honestly I was a little jealous of Harry being able to hold him while he played piano, even though I did think it was supes unprofessional for Harry to do that but, it is what it is at this point.


Some other thoughts on the show:

  1. People, stop bringing your babies. I get it, you’re proud of your kid. Maybe you think they give you a better shot because who wants to tell you no, when you’re holding a cute little baby (lord knows they can’t say no when you bring your Larger than Life American Idol fan parents to the audition). It’s annoying. The sob stories can be bad enough but we don’t need your baby there.
  2. Also, don’t bring live animals. I feel like that should just be a given anyway, but apparently it’s not so lets just make sure we all get that memo.
  3. Finally, ladies, and yes, Brook Sample we’re all looking at you. Please, repeat after me: Sorry, not sorry. Stop apologizing! Is it to get more compliments or is it a lack of confidence? I really can’t tell. Brook, if you’re reading this, which I suppose is possible since I’ve had an Idol or two google their name and find this blog (for better or worse), please read this article and then please stop apologizing. I think at this point it’s just like a vocalized pause for you, and not an actual apology, but you really shouldn’t.
  4. Finally, Cameron Richard (pronounced Rish-aah-ed). You’re so cute. I don’t know how far you’ll go, but I can appreciate you audition, and what I basically wanted to point out is that Harry was spot on. Check out Young Paul McCartney next to Cameron:


And with that, we have until next week when we see another round of hopefuls! Cheers.

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American Idol – The Final Countdown


Yes that’s right friends. The final days of Idol are upon us. We just had the final premiere which I’m sure is only the beginning of a long list of final things to happen in the next few months. I’m in a year of positivity, well, attempted positivity so I’m trying to stay positive about the potential contestants for this upcoming season. I also created a great new drinking game for the audition rounds, where you basically take a shot every time someone references the next time/season/audition/etc. By my count there were only 3 last night, but I have a feeling we’ll get a few more.

Denver and Atlanta were not disappointing. I had a bit of a difficult time deciphering which auditions took place in which cities… but nevertheless, it was enjoyable. And that kind of stuff you can figure out later, if it even mattered at all. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.

By my count there were 18 auditions plus Kanye (who I have to say *please don’t shame me* I really enjoyed seeing. Maybe it’s because I know Ellen likes him, that I feel like he can’t be that bad a guy, but he seemed really adorable and goofy while there. I’m sure he only did it as a favor to Seacrest anyway).  Am I the only one that liked him? It wouldn’t surprise me. The group I chat with while I watched certainly wasn’t entertained but what can I say, I’m easily amused 🙂

So of the 18 auditions there were 3 that I think we could see again on that live stage, if things go right for them. There were a lot that I think will make it through to group night and then there was really only one that I had to ask myself why they would take them.

So my Top 3 for the evening were as follows (in order of best to 3rd best)

Jeneve Mitchell, 15 years old from Denver, CO.
Song: Chainsaw by The Band Perry

I have to say I was drinking the haterade pretty strongly on this girl, pre-audition. You really ONLY turn your power on for American Idol? How is that even possible? And why did everyone you were with have beautifully blow dryed hair? Maybe you’re just taking advantage of the luxuries of the big City and so I’ll take it, but the whole generator only to watch Idol thing… the only thing I can think is that they didn’t live off the grid when the show started and when PapaBear said they were going off grid she was like – ONLY if we can still keep watching Idol. Anyway, let’s talk about her audition. She surprised me with a pick like The Band Perry. I feel like when you live off the grid you’re only listening to music on your record player and you come out singing Loretta Lynn (which I would’ve been ok with) but you picked a current band and pretty much crushed the song. You know I love a character and I love a musician and this girl hits all those notes. As most characters, I’m going to assume she makes it to group week and then can’t find a group that gets her and ends up leaving shortly thereafter, but I’m really hoping she does make it to the live show, only because I’m team “interesting people who can sing” this year, not just “people who can sing”.

It really hurt me last season when all the good characters got voted off one by one and the same old drab 20 year old white boys ended up in the top 2. I know I was a huge Clark Beckham fan but I honestly regret it. I think the finale (and corresponding tour) would’ve been SOO much better had the likes of Quentin and Joey made it. Jax was the only saving grace of that top 3. You were robbed girl. PS – have you heard her new single La La Land? I really like it. And I liked the message. I wonder what the Idol folks think of it?

Joshua Wicker, 25 year old from Jacksonville, FL
Song: Stay by Rhianna 

Ok I realize what I just said about 20 year old white guys. But I mean, when one is good you can’t count them out. They probably have a better chance by birth, than 60% of the rest of the idol contestants. If he should’ve got a no from anyone, it’s that wife who has to be home with the baby until he’s done on Idol. I mean, if he wins, great, but if he doesn’t, he just missed the first few months of his kids life. Was that really worth it? I’m not gonna say whether it is or not, that’s his call. I just know if I was that lady I’d be like – sorry for your luck pal, no auditions while I’m home with the babe. Maybe his wife’s just nicer than I am. She’s certainly hotter than I am. haha.

Sonika Vaid, 20 year old from Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Song: Look at Me by Carrie Underwood 

If you weren’t paying attention this audition could’ve been forgettable. It didn’t have any stupid kitsch. There was no gimmick. It was just a girl with a great voice, singing a song that was perfectly picked, and doing it very well. She may go against my better judgment of wanting interesting people, but maybe she’s just shy and hasn’t opened up yet. She could be super interesting and with a voice like that I’m definitely willing to listen again, both for more lovely tunes, and something interesting that would make her star worthy!

As for the people I think deserve an honorable mention, in no particular order they are as follows:

Shelbie Z – I don’t totally know that I would’ve remembered her had she not sung Last Name, but as soon as she opened her mouth, I remembered. The Voice, Season 5. And she sang the same song. That was actually what bothered me the most. I just wanted to hear something different. Sure it got you onto The Voice, but honestly that already bothers me (just try out for Idol, or The Voice. Don’t try out for every TV singing competition you can find).

Michelle Marie – Sweet girl. And a better voice than I thought she’d have (but how could you not immediately assume she’d be in what with it being the first audition of the last season? We aren’t stupid!). I just didn’t get her always wearing homecoming dresses.

Josiah Siska – He was fine, but we’ve had Scotty McCreery. It’s been done.

Reanna Molinaro – I mostly liked that she handcuffed Harry. Sometimes I wish someone could handcuff his mouth shut. I was worried she’d just be a gimmick because of the cop stuff but I actually liked her Patsy Cline performance.

As for the rest, we’ll see if they make it to be seen again on the TV and then maybe I’ll mention them there.

Just some thoughts on the first show though:

  1. Ugh that guy that brought his fan club or whatever that was with him. What a skeeze. Was it just me that thought he was skeezy?
  2. What did everyone think about watching a future divorce take place on live television?Awkward-Unique
  3. Confession. That yodeler, Sylvia Walker, that everyone was making fun of for her stream of consciousness talking… I just have to say that if you ever meet me, or know me, you know that when I get into story telling mode (most notably with my bosses for some reason), I am practically this girl. No accent, but this is basically me. I feel like I’ve seen that look on Keiths face, in the eyes of both my bosses when I get on a roll. What can I say? I’m an enthusiastic talker from time to time.
  4. I hope those of you that read this thought the same as me when Billy Bob got the no vote (the first of the night) and were thinking that Mr. Narrator Seacrest missed an opportunity…

    billy bob crier
  5. And as an addition to #4, do you know what Billy Bob is looking like nowadays? A lot healthier! Good on ya, Billy Bob!

billy bob

And with that, we move on to Audition Night Dos.

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Honey Cheese Bread ala Mulligans

Back in days of yore, I worked at this bar called Mulligans. It closed shortly after my friends and I left college, as college bars do from time to time. The good thing is, the two things they made well, honey mustard sauce and honey cheese bread, I learned how to make, so they can live on! If I ever saw the sous chef again I’d kiss her right on the mouth for teaching me the recipes (thank you Miss Loretta!).

I haven’t really formulated a true recipe for their honey mustard sauce because it’s kind of one of those “little bit of this/little bit of that” type things. I’m working on it.

The honey cheese bread though? I’ve perfected that bad boy. So without further adieu…




  • 2 10-12″ hoagie rolls, sliced in half lengthwise*
  • 3 tablespoons of salted butter (if you want to use unsalted, just add about a teaspoon of salt after the butter is melted)
  • 2 heaping tablespoons honey
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese**
  • 1 cup shredded swiss cheese**

*Feel free to try to fancy it up with French bread or Italian bread, but the hoagie roll is what Mulligans used and I think it’s the best.

**You can buy the shredded cheese but don’t buy that fancy really tiny shredded cheese. You want a bigger shred, which is why I prefer to just shred it myself.


  1. Melt the butter in the microwave, then add the honey to the melted butter and stir together.
  2. This is the crucial part so pay attention – Spoon the honey butter mixture onto the bread but as you’re doing it, kind of push the spoon into the bread so that the honey butter mixture really soaks into the bread. Then let it sit for a minute or two. This is usually when I shred the cheese, so I know I’m giving the time for that delicious honey butter to really permeate the bread.
  3. Combine your shredded cheeses and top the bread. It’ll look like a lot of cheese but it’s really not once it’s melted. Each slice should have a 1/2 cup of cheese on it and it’ll look pretty piled up.
  4. Place the bread on a cookie sheet because odds are some of that cheese is going to spill over.
  5. I cook it in my toaster oven on toast (level 5) but you can also put it in the oven at 350 for about 3-5 minutes. Just watch it until it looks like the level of toasty you want it. I like mine a little toastier so I leave it in closer to 7 minutes.
  6. Then take it out, slice it up (or don’t) and enjoy! It’s that simple 🙂
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