The Grammy’s – Live Blogging a Day Late

Ok so I know I haven’t done the day 2 of Hollywood Week here, but that post is almost done… I just had family in town this weekend that was hogging my attention 🙂 So, in the meantime I wrote this little number!


So here’s the thing, usually on the Grammy’s I know roughly 1/3 of the people they’re talking to/about. It’s one of those things I kind of keep on but don’t really pay attention to. So anyway, I thought it would be interesting/funny to write down all the places I go on my computer while watching the show. I mean, maybe it is. Maybe it just reveals some inner psychosis about me? Who knows. Anyway… here goes.


6:48 – starting my Grammy’s pre-show coverage. Currently on Buzzfeed (via a google search of Game of Thrones valentines) to figure out which Game of Thrones hunk should be your Valentine (super distracted from buzzfeed to watch Pentatonix… they’re an odd little bunch of people). The thing with these GoT quizzes, you always pick so you’ll get the person you want, but I’m going to try to stay as objective as possible. I mean, as long as I’m not getting anyone from House Frey, I think I’m ok? Oh, and Greyjoy…. woof. But then I got Jaqen H’ghar.


So I have to take it again? Right? Meh… there’s an article at the bottom about reasons Sansa Stark is actually smart. I’ll read that instead. I wish more things were written in gifs.


6:54 – I cannot WAIT for that Royals show to come out! I feel like they’ve been hyping it forever. It looks like everything I want to see and I’m already wondering if Elizabeth Hurley would be on Andy to promote it when premiere week is here? She could be fun on the show, right? Oh hey Ed Sheeran! I can’t wait for his performance. That’s going to be fun! If you’re reading this and you haven’t watched his episode of “Storytellers” I recommend it. Has Ed Sheeran ever been on WWHL? I really need that to happen, but I do feel like he’s maybe been on before, but the internet has assured me he has not.

Make this Happen, Andy! You love a Gingey!

Make this Happen, Andy! You love a Gingey!

7:04 – And buzzfeed is back with something to make my avocado toast out of this world and the second I saw it I was like, yes. This. (ugh – side note I hate Chris Brown).


Everything bagel salt. Yes, this exists. And I pretty much need that YESTERDAY. Could I make this? I feel like it wouldn’t be hard, right? But buying it… I mean maybe that’s worth it?  Look at all the things it goes on: It goes great on pretzels, challah, coleslaw, bagel chips, popcorn, chicken, grilled corn, burgers, or avocado toast! The price is right on the verge… but it would make a good gift to give people if I did make such a thing, right? Yeah… I’m doing that.

Just overheard on television: We don’t go on hiatus. We go on “I hate us”. HA. What does that mean Dave Grohl? I hope you don’t actually hate your foo-brothers! I was just talking to some friends the other day about, if Kurt Cobain was still alive, would Nirvana still be a thing? I said no because Kurt would eventually still wanna go out on his own, and if not, Dave would’ve left the band because he needs more creative outlets. That’s what I think would happen.

Now I’m checking out this fishseddy website (see: everything bagel salt). Amy Sedaris apparently has a line with them #swoon and now I found this! How do I not own this?


7:15 – so should I be pumped about Katy Perry’s performance for the Grammy’s? I mean, she’s not going to top the Super Bowl. (Ad Fishseddy has a RBG mug. Just add that to my imaginary shopping cart). And when did Katy Perry get a nose ring? Has she had that a long time? ok she’s only had it since August so not bad for me not knowing… although I’ve seen her in a ton of interviews leading up to the Super Bowl so how didn’t I catch it then? Meh…

7:21 – and I’m back to buzzfeed. In the article that brought me the everything bagel salt… And looking up at the pre-show – damn does Jessie J look amaze. That glam cam thing makes me dizzy but it is a great dress, or what?

7:30 and I just binged through 3 different bizzfeed articles.

First I finished this one so I could close the tab.

Then I had to check this one out because my sister and I are not so closeted old-school Mary-Kate and Ashley fans.

And then there was an article about ISIS that I felt like I should read but decided to email it to myself. Maybe I’ll read it tomorrow. It’s a little heavy reading for during the Grammy’s.

7:30 – saw something Game of Thrones related was recording on HBO so I’m gonna watch that for a half hour. Be back later.

8:08 – Well I had some “in between stuff” I had to take care of so I guess I’m going to play catch up for the beginning. I really don’t know how I feel about LL Cool J. I wish he’d go back to that show where he lived in the garage or something? I’m curious the relevance of AC/DC opening the show? They played somewhere else somewhat recently and I hated it then. I only want to hear AC/DC at a sporting event. I hope they don’t appear on American Idol this year… I feel like that would be their next logical step from this performance.

Love that TayTay was out first (and her dress is gorg. I’m glad she didn’t follow the heavy cleavage trend). I hope she performs early too just in case I don’t stay up for this shizz. Why is there music playing behind her talking though? That’s a bit annoying.

Best New Artist: Rooting for HAIM but Iggy had the best video. Fine with the Sam Smith win, especially because I feel like a lot of “Best New Artists” only have that one good first CD. (spoiler alert – this was the only award I was happy/fine with seeing him win).

Anyone ever been to this website? Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

It’s my new favorite post-award show (and sometimes during award shows – ie this evening because the BAFTAs were also today) to check out all the best looks. I especially love seeing what it looked like on the runway and how it translated to the red carpet. It’s interesting.


8:18 – caught up to the live show. And I’m back on buzzfeed. Little to no desire to hear Ariana Grande. Kind of wish I wasn’t caught up and could ff this…

I was just in a discussion about whether Tom Jones was still alive. I wasn’t the definitive right person, but I was pretty sure he was. And aww… this song makes me think of Top Gun. I really wish they could have some planes taking off in the back of this performance.

Also Buzzfeed, can you please do a “things Jessie J’s hair look like” for me? I’ll start, lego clip on hair.

As I’m watching this performance I’m remembering that in the pre-show she said she had 6 changes in the night. This is clearly her second (both wins), but will she be performing 5 more times?

Best Pop Solo – As long as the winner isn’t Sia or Pharrell and I’ll be happy (pun intended). Obvs I’d love to see TayTay win. Ugh… I was not happy.


8:27 – It’s a commercial so I’m looking up what I was supposed to gather from that Game of Thrones thing on HBO. The only thing I actually gathered was that I think Cersei was in Dorne? And there was a bunch of fighting with Jon Snow. And maybe those people that Ygrtte was with were storming some village? I found this Reddit to help me through… Am I supposed to know who the High Sparrow is if I never read the book? Lets hope not.

8:33 – What is this Miranda Lambert song? I mean, she looks like fun and her voice is great IRL but what are these lyrics? Am I supposed to know what Tony Lamas are? Oh they’re boots? Year, I’m ok with not knowing that. My dad tried to get me a pair of cowboy boots one year for Christmas and I’m glad he didn’t. Waste of money.

Best Pop Vocal – Obvs rooting for Miley! 100% Ah damn… or Ed Sheeran. Please. But more for Miley. What is pop vocal anyway? Blarg. Sam Smith again. I hope this doesn’t happen too much tonight (read: it will happen all night). NPH is happy for him so I guess I should be too.

8:43 – (As a fan of the podcase SERIAL) I heard earlier today that Adnan ended up winning the ability to apply for appeal so I want to look that up. But got distracted by this.

So Kanye is up singing Only One… yeah, t-minus 2 minutes until I’m crying. If you’re curious why just watch his interview with Ellen. I wonder if he’d break into Hey Mama? That’s the last time he sang at the Grammy’s. Wow. I actually didn’t cry. I guess I only needed 3 good cries from that song before I got over it?

Next up is Miley and Nicki. I didn’t realize how deep Miley’s voice is. Introducing Madonna! Nice. I did hear she’d be performing. I like this whole Matador look. I think if Madonna had a winning look it’d be matador-chic. This performance makes me want to go to a Madonna concert just for the bull dancers. And the gospel choir.


Yes, I both favorited and re-tweeted this, because it’s true.

Best Rock Album – Hate Ryan Adams. The only good thing about him was that he was married to Mandy Moore. She was too good for him anyway. I’m gonna root for the Black Keys on this one. But I’d be happy if Beck won for nostalgia purposes (a statement I regretted making after listening to part of the CD).

Just found proof of that “Best New Artist Curse” sortof. Thanks to Buzzfeed. Obviously. It’s like they read my mind – but if you are reading my mind, then where are the Jessie J hair comparisons?

8:59 Best r&b – Obviously you root for  Beyonce. and of COURSE she gets the CENTER stage when she wins! I hope that was written in somewhere. All hail the Queen (yes I know I just seem to be throwing the term around tonight but if any two deserve it, it’s her and Madonna).

Who’s the guy who introduced Ed Sheeran?

Most excited for this performance. This song is just the best. So romantic. It kind of reminds me of a Joe Cocker song.


No offense to ELO but I liked it a lot more when Ed Sheeran was singing. Can we mix that up a bit?

Gwen and Adam singing a Maroon 5 song. This look is so much better than Gwen’s red carpet look. I’ve been loosely on twitter because I like watching things and reading tweets along with whatever that thing is. And without having to do a search for who’s watching the grammy’s because bam – all my actual twitter friends are watching it! Thanks Billy Eichner and Kathy Griffin!

9:25 – The Take Me to Church band is on and I’m just wondering if and when Taylor is gonna perform because HuffPost tweeted something to that effect and I was expecting this to be her… so um… anytime now. I mean this is fine but haven’t we had a few too many ballads tonight? I need upbeat music if you expect me to stay awake for this. A girl has gotta work in the morning. Oh hai Annie Lennox. I honestly don’t think Taylor is even performing tonight so I should just chill and watch Annie Lennox. But… I really wouldn’t mind seeing Missy Elliot pop out or something. Ok but seriously though, I see all you people tweeting that Annie Lennox won the Grammy’s but I mean, she didn’t win it like Missy won the Super Bowl. That’s all I’m saying.

Best Country Album – I didn’t realize that last band was considered country, but that’s also the only song of theirs I know. I don’t care who wins this. I guess Miranda Lambert if I had to pick (winner winner).

And is Pharrell really performing? What? Happy? This is Happy? Ok it is happy… and my toe was tapping before I knew it. God damn this catchy song! Pharrell should work more with Outkast. I feel like they’d collaborate really well together. I mean really, see how fun this is?

So Hans Zimmer was playing with him? Like, composer of the Lion King, Hans Zimmer? It seems like there’s only one, online so I’m going to assume that was him. That guy is great. Never knew he was a guitarist but I guess when you’re a composer you can probably play most instruments?

9:44 OBAMA! Good message. Violence against women is wrong. Violence against anyone is wrong but against women it’s extra wrong. This lady, while I mean, message definitely important, but is she a beat poet? Am I horrible person for saying that? Her talking is just weirding me out and distracting me from her actual message.

Katy Perry and another ballad.

bored with this

9:52 – I got sucked into a sporcle quiz about things that happened in 1992. I’m doing pretty good so far… helps I’m mid-book about Madeiline Albright and a lot of things from this list are mentioned in her book! Also Barcelona was one of the best Olympics! And who doesn’t remember the Velvet Revolution?


Now who is that composer???


I like this Gaga/Bennett thing way better than the Jessie J and Tom Jones

Clearly over the Grammy’s now as I’ve just played about 5 sporcle games instead of watching the Grammy’s and also talked to Zack for a few minutes while Rihanna was on with Paul McCartney and Kanye and maybe some other people? I don’t know. Either way I didn’t hear it and I don’t plan on rewinding.

Beck had the perfect reaction to meeting Prince, no? But Prince is the best EVER!


Listen as much as I want to listen to Beyonce… it’s 10:47 and I can barely keep my eyes open, so I’m going to close them, in my bed.

Ok fine I’m still awake and Song of the Year is up. I really like all of these songs. I don’t wanna root against Sam Smith but… of course it’ll win. As it did. Figures. Do the Kardashians have a say in the winner of the Grammy’s now, too? Sheesh. I’m angry I even stayed up.

And seriously isn’t that Robin Hood commercial the best? Probably not the best in that I don’t know what it’s for but I love the little animals and the Robin Hood song!

Ok and now that it’s post-grammy’s, some things:

1. Saw Kanye this morning and while I thought he was a dick last time, I agree that Bey should’ve won this time. Who the fuck does Beck think he is anyway? I mean come on… boring.

2. Bey was great. I also loved John Legend… and Common was fine.

3. I really think Kim K was my best dressed. My Top 5 were definitely her, Jane Fonda, TayTay, JessieJ, Rita Ora and Rihanna. Ok fine that’s 6. Whatever.


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