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Sunday Dinner – Salad Dressing Machine

So while perusing my recently purchased 5 in 5 Cookbook, there was this fun little recipe for Turkey Cutlet with Brussels Sprout Salad


I’m still weaning Zack into the world of brussels sprouts (and myself for that matter) and I’d never made a dressing per se (marinades sure, but never a dressing) so I was a touch worried about how everything would turn out, but like any other recipe, as long as you follow the directions, you’re usually safe. Well, the vinaigrette salad that went on top of the salad drove Zack to eating seconds! That almost never happens with him and vegetables so I knew this had to be a success.



I couldn’t find the recipe online and I don’t want to be infringing on any kind of copyright so just do yourself a favor and get the book. It’s worth the money, I promise. Or, check out this website with vinaigrette variations… it’s got a great list of recipes is full of great variations, and I’ve made 3 so far. All delicious, but my favorite is the parmesan-pepper. It’s great on a pasta salad. It’s so much cheaper than regular salad dressing, and a lot of them make great marinades. Plus you can make just as much as you need, and not have salad dressing bottles hogging up your fridge door (even though they still do at the moment).

So, anyway, as I was eating the brussels sprouts I was thinking about all the other things this dressing would be good on, and I kept coming back to thinking it would be good on some fish. It seemed like a perfect combo, with a few modifications. So, I bought about a pound of cod (for Zack and myself, but it could’ve served a 3rd) and made up the following recipe:

Dressing turned Saute Sauce: 

1/4 cup sherry vinegar 
3 tablespoons of whole grain mustard 
2 teaspoons of garlic (or 3 if you’re like me and like a lot of garlic)
1/4 cup fresh chopped tarragon
1/2 cup butter** 

Instead of using a whole cup of oil which is what the dressing would call for, I just used about half a stick of butter. Maybe a little less. I thought a cup of oil sounded a touch ridiculous in anything other than a dressing.

I should mention first and foremost, since I rarely recommend gadgets/appliances, that there is one that I consider one of the best devices ever:


I think it’s called some kind of “shaker dressing mixer” or something to that effect. It’s by all the kitchen gadgets in Bed Bath and Beyond, and I even saw them at Dick’s for mixing protein shakes or something. They have prettier ones too. I wouldn’t set mine out at the table after making a dressing, but the prettier ones? I totally would. So, onto the recipe…

– Heat up a skillet, and melt the butter on a medium heat.

– Take the non-butter ingredients and toss them into the shaker and mixed it up for about a minute (or pour all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk), pour the mixture in with the butter in the pan.

– Add the fish. and turned it over a few times to get it covered in the mixture.

– Lower the burner to med/low and put a top on the fish for about 10 minutes.

It’s kind of hard to time fish but mine was a pretty thick, so mine took around 10-15 minutes to cook but it varies a lot based on the thickness of the fish. It’s important to just cook it until it flakes apart. It’s one of those things you just have to try until you get it right. And make sure it’s never translucent in the center. Hopefully it won’t take you too many tries to get right! haha. I mean worst case you throw it back in the pan and cook it a little longer.

I served the fish with some green beans and carrots (ok so it also had pancetta, and garlic). I kind of wish I’d made some rice too, but it was really good either way!



So anyway, hope you all enjoy!

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