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This Is Why You’re Fat, Part III

The party… was epic…

My friends/family… are amazing…

My husband… pretty bad ass. Kind of.

See, for this party, the hubs told me I was getting a horse. A hypo-allergenic one that he could ride too. He said he needed to block off the dining room to bring it in, and that he needed a new truck/trailer to cart it around… that was where I was relatively certain he wasn’t being totally truthful. That being said, he’d use any excuse to get himself a new truck, and he does like getting me things that he can enjoy two (like the time he got me a kayak, and himself one so that would have someone to go kayaking with). Isn’t he the most thoughtful person ever? That’s not sarcastic though. He pretty much is.

Anyway, this was my horse…

Not exactly a horse. It’s more like a lion. As in, a lion bar. Wanna check out how good they are? Here’s a picture of an actual lion bar,

Here’s a nice little arrangement of pictures for you.

Isn’t she beautiful? She’s delicious too! Zack ordered it over a year ago from Charm City Cakes, a Baltimore legacy! Never heard of them? Are you sure? Do you recognize these guys?

They had that little show on the Food Network called Ace of Cakes? And who made my cake? Only two of my favorites, nbd.

I’ve never had the experience of a true cake from Charm City Cakes, just at this one event where everyone got sheet cake, which was good… but this was ah-mazing! It felt so personal, it had my favorite flavors (maple and chocolate). It was everything I wanted to be and I can’t thank them enough! Seriously. I tweeted them a few times to make sure they knew, and Elena, awesome as she is, even tweeted me back! Made me love her that much more! And miss her face on my TV. Geof has always been a favorite since I started watching the show and learned his last name was Manthorne. I just loved all his attention to detail making all those cakes of baseball stadiums and buildings. So intricate. So amazing. Elena is pretty cool too! She always does those cakes that you could see featured on like, some kind of halloween special. But she also seems like the type who would love to do a My Little Pony just as much.

So that was my awesome present from Zack.

Now lets get to the party. We had a few more people than usual this year since we invited some family members this time, and a few people I’ve invited in years passed, could actually come this year! It was super exciting!

This year Zack and I decided to do a sort of s’mores theme for our personal dishes. As such, we figured the only thing the fountain could be filled with, would be a marshmallow creme. Here it is in all it’s glory. We had to do it a little smaller than the regular fountain because of the thickness of the creme but it was deeeelicious!

In a future post I’m going to put up a few recipes for the things we made but for this one, I’ll just show you where we got the recipe since it isn’t really “ours” I’d feel guilty trying to pretend we invented it. We actually got the recipe from our other TV pal, James Oseland, of Top Chef Masters who edits for Savuer magazine. Their recipe for Marshmallow Sauce was the perfect consistency for the fountain.

And here’s what we had to dip in it –

Yum yum yum!

As for the spreads, they looked a little something like this:

1. Bacon Parmesan Twists brought by the Wheatleys
2. A trio of hot dog toppings – chili, mermaid bbq sauce, and peanut butter (made by us)
3. McNugget McMadness, complete with my fave Sweet and Sour Sauce brought by Julie(K)
4. A bacon and clam pasta brought by my cousins, the Browns

5. BBQ Pulled Pork Cinnamon Rolls brought by Abby (which were great for lunch, for multiple days later
6. What I called Cheesy Potater Tot Casserole

And that was about it for the savory stuff except for one that didn’t make it into the picture but I’ll bring that up in a minute, promise.

As for the sweet stuff, here’s the breakdown,

1. A 40lb Reeses Cheesecake, also made by Abby
2. Donut Bread Pudding, also made by Julie(K)
3. Chocolate Blizzard Bars made by my friend Katie
4. Bacon wrapped birthday cake made by my sister Katie (and her husband Taylor)
5. Popcorn cake from Kristina
6. A poptart cake made with brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, made by Jason (and my breakfast choice for a few days later)

Not pictured here was another dish that I’ll get back to momentarily…

So, this year, we had a few different prizes. As always there was Best Sweet, and Best Savory. This year, we added Best Drink and “Kelly’s Favorite” in honor of my birthday. We also added an all around for anyone who submitted more than one dish. First, there was a lot of taste testing…

So, let’s get to the winners, most of whom, are not pictured above. Winners were picked by popular vote (except for the final two).






Best All Around went to the girl who not only brought in, in regards to my favorite things, but also in that she brought something for every category. The winner was Julie(K) who brought the McNugget McMadness, Chocolate Donut Bread Pudding, and a drink she called Kelly’s Kollege Koncoction which was basically Capri Sun and Malibu Rum. Don’t judge. It was amazing.

Finally, the winner for Kelly’s Favorite, which was beyond difficult to pick, went to my food twin, Mr. Josh Goodyear, with a dish he called, “The Meat-clair”. Basically a small eclair, cut in half and filled with a hot dog.



We also did favors, like last year. Last year it was giant jars of assorted colored m&ms and skittles. This year, we made a delicious candy we call “Bacon Pops”. I’ll be sharing the recipe for them in the near future!




All and all, it was an amazing party and I can’t wait for next year. The ball has already started rolling!

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This Is Why You’re Fat – Idea Page

It’s getting so close to that time of the year! First and foremost, I realized when creating my list of least favorite foods, that I left a few off that should be mentioned, most notably cheesecake. Blech. Gross. So, here’s the new list –

Lease Favorite Foods:


Yellow mustard



Tartar Sauce

Blue Cheese

Sour Cream**



Raw onions

Breakfast sausage, Italian sausage

Too much cinnamon

New additions: 

Traditional Cheesecake (I only like the flavored ones that don’t taste like cheesecake, ie – peanut butter)


Italian style Meatballs (I do like cocktail meatballs and meatball subs)


Now, back to matters at hand… When talking to my dear friends, most of my topics of conversation have been something like this:

Friend: So, do you know what you’re making for the party?

Me: We sure do, or at least, the idea is set. What about you?

Friend: We’re tossing some ideas around but haven’t firmed anything up.

Some people knew months ago what they would be making, but others are having some trouble. Well my friends, I am nothing if not filled with ideas! Thank you pinterest for your abundance of ideas! I’ve broken it down to Savory and Sweet. It’s not hard to think of ideas when you’re hungry and don’t really have sweets in your house at the moment. Not. hard. at. all.

So under savory, here are some thoughts (just click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe) –

Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites via Food Gawker

Gnocchi Poutine with Short Rib Ragu and Gremolata via Closet Cooking

Hush Puppies with a Spicy Honey Drizzle via SpoonForkBacon

Fried Lasagna via Pass The Sushi

The Bacon Taco via Man Made DIY

Brown Sugar Chicken Wings via DamnDelicious

Tennessee Honey Corn Pudding via Twirl and Taste

And now for the sweet (of which there are obviously more):

Cafe Latte’s Turtle Cake via Cafe Latte

Gooey Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies via Texan Erin

Oreo Pudding Poke Cake via The Country Cook

Snickers Fudge via Rebekah Dawn

Boozy Ice Cream Sandwiches via Buttercream Blondie

Twinkie Pie via Paula Deen

Reeses Stuffed Oroes via Cookies and Cups

Krispie Kreme Ice Cream via Kevin & Amanda

Swiss Cake Roll Cake via Taste of Home

Cadbury Cream Egg Brownies via Love and Olive Oil

So, hopefully this helps all of you get some ideas for the party! Enjoy and happy baking! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with 🙂

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