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Baseball Playoffs and Halloween

So, if you weren’t aware from reading this blog, I’m an Orioles fan. I have been my whole life. Born and raised (on the playground with O’s shirt was where I was – most of my days)

I delayed this post until after Halloween, as much as I REALLY wanted to talk about it during the playoffs, but it was for an important reason for which you’ll find out. But lets get back to what a big O’s fan I am, right?

In years past, I’ve been very dedicated. No matter who I’m with, be it my husband, my family, my friends? We always have a good time!

I’ve gone to every bobble head game I’ve been able to go to, for years!

I have most of the collection on some shelves in my den. I also have an array of floppy hats, and various other giveaways, and purchased gear (I’m happy to pay for my O’s gear but some of my most cherished has been from giveaways). My friends and I are so dedicated, we’ve been there in heat and snow! Seriously, that picture below on the left, it’s blurry because it’s THAT hot. Like, handing out free ice at the game, it’s that hot!

That’s not a lie about the free ice, either.

I’ve been on TV a few times as it relates to the Orioles (although I’ve never actually seen myself on the jumbotron! Travesty!!)

Specimen #1 (disregard that we don’t look like we’re paying attention from the TV view)

Specimen #2 (at the Mayor’s rally for the O’s held before the first game at Yankee Stadium)

This brings me to the meat of this post. I figured with the World Series done, I’d start with a little reminiscing about the dream that was this Orioles season, the amazing event I’ve waited 30ish long years for! I got to go to my first TWO Playoff games (all thanks to the amazing and wonderful friend Stephanie). It was thrilling. Beyond thrilling. I don’t know what I expected but it was everything I wanted it to be and more. My friends and I are always the type to be loud and involved in O’s games but to see a whole stadium of very loud, very involved fans, mostly wearing orange? Let me just say it’s exhilarating to say the least.

The last time we were in the playoffs (Division Champs) I was was 15, and the time before that I was 1. So, currently it looks like the good lord is granting me a good season every 15 years. Hopefully we can step up that timeline just a bit in the future. I certainly have hope! The playoffs though, they were magical. I loved all 18 innings that I was present for. The Texas game gave me horrible heartburn and anxiety but we won. I was sick for the entire playoffs but I still stuck with it. No illness was going to keep me away! It was worth sitting in super cold temperatures, blowing my nose in very thin napkins, and waiting out the rain delays! Of which there were many.

Now all this excitement, and delay in this post is to say that my pal Stephanie came up with the greatest Halloween costume idea in the history of epic costume ideas. In honor of my favorite team, we decided to go as Orioles Magic. Not familiar with Orioles Magic? Let me show you –

Thrilling, is it not? So this Halloween, we got out our craft scissors, I made a tutu and we got down to making the Orioles Magic happen! It was everything I wanted it to be and more!

Stephanie went with a “witch” type of magic while I went more “tinkerbell” magic.





And thus ended what I would call a magical Orioles season!

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