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The Glee Project – Tenacity

So, I’m pretty sure the definition of “tenacity” as far as TGP is concerned, means injuring yourself and/or having a complete breakdown and still performing as if nothing is wrong, and possibly performing even better, if you’re going to win. Case in point:

This episode was almost as rough to watch as the one about weaknesses bullying. I felt a rush of people trying to say what things they’ve had to overcome using their tenacity. Nothing I haven’t heard before though, so it wasn’t as bad as the first time. All the contestants (all the girls, anyway) start talking more specifically about what makes them tenacious. Shanna’s response was my favorite – “I grew up being tenacious without even knowing that word… because my mom was on drugs.”

I thought that of the performances, Mercedes was the best. Beyonce next. Then maybe a few YouTube covers. Then this performance. Shanna was my favorite (x100). Her voice is just above and beyond anyone on the show. Vocally she’s definitely the one to beat. I also liked Blake (mostly on the second line). I thought Ali was ok, but those pig tails and the sweatshirt, the extra rosy cheeks – ugh. Girl needs a stylist. She looked like a weird doll. I did really like her in the warm up room though so I’ll try not to talk too much about what I didn’t like. Congratulations Ali!

I also really like that Nikki likes all the same people I do, and has problems with all the same people I do **cough cough Lily cough cough**. I did think it was super harsh of her to tell Michael that Blake hit that note though. Congratulations, you’ve officially caused Michael to have a “Blake hit the note” nightmares (Ryan wouldn’t help later on, but I have to say, Michael, you handled it like a true gentleman).

I don’t know how it was for everyone else, but watching them all tape that music video for Eye of the Tiger?? This freaking video was like one of those Rube-Goldberg machines the Mythbuster guys always build on their other show, Unchained Reaction. I didn’t go to the gym tonight but I felt exhausted just watching everything. Thirty-four takes? Really? By the 16th take I was over it. I was definitely over it by the time Shanna was throwing up. Really though, 34 takes? It’s a tv show for Christ sake. I guess they were just doing it to see how much the kids would really take. I wonder what time it actually was when it was all over? It is a competition after all. I bet Blake was ready to kill people (although if he was, he certainly wasn’t showing it). If I were him I would’ve given the little speech he gave to Ali, to Araham, Aylin and Lily! I mean, you can’t jumprope and sing? I’ve run up and down a flight of stairs 34 times!

Luckily, I think we all knew Blake had nothing to worry about. I thought correctly assumed the bottom 3 would be Lily, Abraham and Michael. Winner would probably be Ali, maybe Shanna but probably Ali (and Blake of course).

I was really happy when they were talking about how awesome Blake was because I feel like they never say great things about him, I mean, usually safe but never seems to be on top either. Only in my heart, I s’pose. Now, of the bottom 3, I thought Michael would definitely be the one to go home… but then there was all the Abraham debacle. W.T.F.

Michael – Brick – I realize they were beating up on him a little bit, comparing him to Blake (hard NOT to compare). He was like the black sheep. “Well you know, Blake wouldn’t have messed up” “Blake hit that note” “Blake is going to Harvard” haha. Poor guy. I thought he did amazingly well though. All Ben Folds songs seem to make me cry for one reason or another. They’re just filled with emotion. I felt drawn in immediately. I don’t know that he knew the song but I thought he sounded better than many other times I’ve heard him.

Let’s talk about Lily next. I’m not ready to discuss Abraham.

Lily – I’m the Greatest Star – Her performance was definitely stellar. I think had she had a bad performance, I would better understand her bringing up Aylins comments. I guess she felt she needed a defense when Ryan was asking why she was having jump roping/lip synching issues. I think she could’ve said she was thrown by a comment Aylin said, but to say Aylin said something mean? It wasn’t really mean, it was just a comment that you were offended by because that’s a trigger for you. How would Aylin know that? It’s not like you’re one for sharing your feelings. It’s just so clear they don’t get along. I almost wonder if that would want to make Ryan want to put them both on a show for next week. Wouldn’t surprise me. I’m sure that bringing up her little issues with Aylin was a nice little dig. I’m sure they’ll bring it up if Aylin is in the bottom 3 anytime soon.

Ok, I guess I just have to talk about it now…

Abraham – Man in the Mirror – Why on earth would Ryan ask that you don’t suck up to him? What the hell is that?? I don’t recall him acting completely desperate in prior episodes. I don’t even want to talk about that mediocre performance though. I just want to talk about Ryan comments. Let’s talk about the many things I agree with him on 0 for example, when he was talking about excuses though. I hate when people say “I’m not going to use it as an excuse” It’s the same as someone saying “It’s not my fault, but I’ll apologize for what happened” No! That’s an excuse/that’s not an apology. Different things! I totally felt what I think was Ryans anger/frustration in this episode. I also appreciated Ryan’s whole spiel about not rising to the level of his talent. And when Abraham came back out saying “either I win, or you write a part for me” – um, pal, Abraham, those are the same thing. It wasn’t exactly the ultimatum I thought he’d be going for. Not something I’d be bringing up when I was the worst performance of the evening. Which was why, obviously, he was the one to go.

No loss. Other thoughts, let’s go.

1. Lily’s singing was hilarious in the group number. I say that because they all seem to sing together fine in the homework challenge when they’re all singing at the same time, she’s not the only one you can hear.

2. Abraham is terrifying. I would really like to know if he waited until the end and then came back in, or if he just walked off after his, and then came right back out. Something tells me that’s how it really happened. I think Ryan Murphy only said those nice words about him, is because the kid has a bit of a some potential crazy going on, and better to have him off the show watching Ryan say nice things about him, as opposed to bashing him.

3. The song “Brick” always makes me think of my best friend from high schools father. I remember hearing this on the radio when he was driving us somewhere and was like “I wish that woman would just drown already” – in hindsight we all thought the words were something like “she’s a-breaking up/drowing slowly” – Now I know it’s “She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly” #misheardlyrics

4. Seriously, did we all see Blake with his shirt off in that picture above? Let’s be realistic, would we rather look at Blake, or Chord Overstreet? I’m gonna say Blake.

And with that, I leave you with the list of the contestants remaining!

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The Glee Project – Theatricality

Before starting the show, I just wanted to mention that I’m really happy with the Top 8.  There’s no one there that I think shouldn’t be there. I definitely have my favorites but I’m happy with all the decisions so far. Hopeful next people to be voted off? There’s the likely next off, and who I want off next but I feel like Michael and Nellie are on the aforementioned list. I wonder about Shanna too just because they haven’t talked about her much. She’s a great singer though so I feel like she won’t be on the chopping block anytime soon. You never know though.

Also, I was thinking about people on Idol that I think would be good on this show (although I assume none of them made it through to the Top because they were too Broadway for Idol. This show was practically invented for the Broadway Idols). I think the kid from Idol, Creighton Fracker, should be playing Mr. Schue’s brother.  I know I said he looked like the lovechild of Kurt and Karofsky, but I think I should’ve said Kurt and Mr. Schue. It just came to me.

They can introduce him and he and Emma’s wedding. It would be so wonderful.

Ok so let’s get to Theatricality! We all know Glee is nothing if not theatrical! Remember the episode from Season 1 called Theatricality? Does this refresh your memory?

I thought so. That’s a lot to live up to (but in true Glee fashion, they did have a similar task when the video challenge was announced). Kiss and Lady Gaga are hard to live up to though, so I think the contestants had their work cut out for them.

I think I mentioned last week, my hatred for Sebastian. And if you didn’t read, I’m sure it’s a hatred we share, so no need for me to focus on that little nugget. But, as much as I hate Sebastian, I love West Side Story, so maybe I wouldn’t have hated had I known him, pre-Glee. Who knows. Other things I love? Songs from musicals, so I was happy to see “I Hope I Get It” – and based on the amount of the choreographing she did, I really thought Lily would win this homework assignment again (which kind of bothered me because I didn’t want her winning two in a row).

Harder than anything though, is for me to say I really agreed with making Ali the homework winner. I thought she was really great. This was one of the first times I liked her voice and her face didn’t look totally weird to me (it did later though so I must’ve been going through a phase). But, congratulations Ali. You did a great job. Also, that tank top you were wearing didn’t hurt any straight male viewers this show might have.

For the video challenge this week, I really liked the idea of dressing up people with famous alter-egos but I really am curious as to how they picked the artists. For some contestants I thought it looked like they picked who they though the contestant was like, and for others, I felt like they picked them to challenge the contestant. The cast list looked a little something like this –

  1. Abraham – David Bowie –I think they picked David Bowie because they thought Bowie was a more out-there version of Abraham.
  2. Ali – Katy Perry – Makes sense. I can see it. Although that blue wig did nothing for her face.
  3. Aylin – Madonna – We get it.
  4. Blake – Boy George – No clue. I kind of wanted to see him as some kind of grunge rocker, possibly David Grohl?
  5. Lily – Cyndi Lauper – At least they didn’t pick Adele (spoke too soon on that one).
  6. Michael – Elvis Presley – Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know who I wouldn’t picked for Michael but Elvis wouldn’t have been it. I think they just went with recognizable for him.
  7. Nellie – Britney Spears – Challenge time!
  8. Shanna – Lady Gaga – Fun and quirky

Can we just talk about Nellie as BritBrit, and Shanna dressed as 20 lbs of Meat-Gaga. This might’ve been my favorite episode for certain costumes alone. I laughed so much at some of those costumes. And by some, I mean Nellie’s and Shanna’s. Also, I’m pretty sure Shanna is a vampire. Those were some big… incisors? Is that the word? Google says it’s the Canine. It should be the Dracula tooth. Either way, hers are big. Maybe the meat dress was appropriate. She seems like such a sweetheart though, I want to like her more than I do. I don’t know who my favorite girl is at the moment. They’re all pretty close. I still think Blake is my favorite.

Bottom 3 –I was with Lily – a little shocked that he was kept and she wasn’t. I agree she wasn’t super Lauper-y but she did do really well in the homework where Michael didn’t do well in either. I think she has a right to be a little miffed. I think they only kept Michael because they want to keep 2 guys on the show at least for a few more weeks. I do think the winner will ultimately be a girl either way, just because there were 2 guys that won last year. It’s a girls turn. And unlike Idol, the audience doesn’t get a change to vote. Ha!

Abraham – Stereo Hearts – I didn’t hate this performance but I never want to see Abraham rap, ever again. I also really felt for him. I got that he was offended/upset about being told to be androgynous. I could tell he didn’t take it the way the mentors meant it. To him, it was a word he was bullied with so I get his sensitivity, and I think Ryan did too. I was glad he didn’t take it too far though and I think once the judges explained themselves, he got where they were coming from. I was certain he wouldn’t be sent home (if for nothing else than the fact that there are only 3 boys left)

Nellie – I’m the Only One – Of all the times she sang tonight (including the final song that all the contestants sing when voted off, which I thought was amazingly amazing) I thought this one was the worst. Her voice is oddly not-like, but very much-like Melissa Etheridge in a super weird way. I just thought her whole performance was weird. I also think she was just getting the same comments over and over again and I think now that Charlie wasn’t there to distract the judges, they’d be eying her for the bottom.

Lily – Someone Like You – Ask anyone, Adele is the current kiss of death. If you don’t sing it perfectly, and/or completely your own way so that they can’t compare you to Adele, you’re done. It wasn’t even her performance that had me hating her all over again.  I know I said last week that she was growing on me, and I did enjoy her performance in the homework segment of the show. But that attitude. Sheesh! I get you think you want it more than anyone else, and you probably are at least more vocal about “wanting it” more than Michael. But seriously, how many times have we heard her announce how much she weighs? I get it, you’re fine with your weight, but are you, really? No. You use it like it’s your “thing”.  And don’t yell at Ryan. Nerves or not, don’t yell at him and disguise it as defending yourself. I mean, Mario got kicked off for that reason, they could kick her off super easily. By the time she went off stage I was praying it would be her. I mean, she claimed to be theatrical, but you can’t just claim you’re like the person you’re imitating and thusly, were indeed acting like them. And I thought her calling out the judges for not helping her would be a surefire vote off…

I was wrong. I’ll miss you Nellie, but I agree it was probably right to send you home.

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Outdoor Update

We started our garden a few months ago. It was a labor of lovethat I worried was destined for failure. Luckily, I was wrong 🙂

For the last week or so we’ve actually kind of had a harvest of sorts!

In a few weeks times, we’ve gone from this –

To this –

Is that madness or what? It’s a massive attack of the tomatoes. And other veggies too.

Even Mr. and Mrs. Deer are getting crowded out

Anyway, here’s a little collage of all the growth!

It’s so great that we have all this wonderful greenery! We were such garden failures last year that it’s nice to actually have stuff to show off! That being said, we’ve also seen a bunny hanging around our parts. Hopefully he doesn’t get greedy with our vegetables! We’ve already been able to eat a green pepper and a few handfuls of tomatoes, and we can’t eat the herbs fast enough! That being said, I can’t wait to break into some cucumbers and eggplants! It’s going to be awesome!  

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The Glee Project – Fearlessness

How amazing is Jane Lynch? I’ve loved her since she was on Best in Show, one of my all time favorite movies. Second favorite role? The mother of Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights. And just to round out the top 3, her role as the attorney in The L Word. I’d add Party Down to the list but I’ve only been able to see 1 episode. I’m hoping to remedy that situation shortly. The woman is the queen though. If you look at her IMDb  page it’s like a best of TV Shows in the category of “Featured Part”. Meaning, she was only in 1 episode.

I think if there would be any one person I’d be super excited to see, from Glee would be Sue.  Sue or Blaine… or Coach Roz… or Kurt. Actually, I’d love Kurts dad but he’s a bit of a side character. I’m getting a little out of control. Obviously there’s a lot of people I’d like to see, but we’ll say Sue is definitely in the top 3. Just call this post a series of my Top 3’s.

For the record, people I don’t want to see as the mentor include but is not limited to… Mr. Shue, The former Mrs. Shue (but honestly why would she be there? She wouldn’t, so we’re safe on that one), Sugar Motta, and Sebastian. How on Earth is Sebastian going to really be a mentor? You know how there are some people that are so good at their characters, that you feel a real life hatred for them? Not hate because they are annoying (cough cough Jen Lindley cough Dawson’s Creek cough) but genuinely feel like they are bad people. Case in point – Dr. Romano from ER. I think I still hate him and I haven’t even seen his face in 15 years. Sebastian might’ve officially taken his spot though. Man that guy is a tool bag.

I digress. Let’s get to the homework song. It was 100,000% better than I thought it would be. It was pretty stellar and really fun! Heavy D is certainly not a Glee song, so I was also really happy with them picking something I haven’t seen on Glee already. I thought Blake was awesome and so was Anthony. The two of them, and Aylin were my favorites. I felt bad for Nellie, forgetting her lines the way she did (which would be the first of many times I would feel bad for her this episode), she did recover though by the end of the episode. I wasn’t really sure about Lily winning but she hasn’t won yet, so I’ll deal with it.

Then is was time for the video (“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” – Pat Benatar / “One Way or Another” – Blondie) and all the extras – A slushie fight! Bathing suits! Underwater singing!

I do find it ironic that Lily is more comfortable than Nellie is, in a bathing suit. It’s why she deserved to win this episode. It doesn’t really matter how you look, it’s about how you perceive how you look, how you feel in your skin and if you’re an inherently shy person, I could see you being utterly uncomfortable showing off that part of you. I’d also like to compliment Lily real quick – she seems skinnier when I see her in a bathing suit, as opposed to seeing her in her regular clothes and that’s a heck of a compliment because there are so few people of her size that you can say that about.

And also, let me just talk about Ali… well, not about her, but when she was having that little panic attack after the slushi pelting, the way the three judges were sitting there watching her like – is she ok? Is she breathing? I think she might be having trouble breathing. And yet they just stand there, holding their little ipad/camera thing. It was so funny to me. I had a genuinely awkward LOL there.

Also funny to me was the underwater singing. The faces you make underwater while you aren’t the one singing, if you missed it just go back, rewind and watch it again because it was great.

And if I had to pick a third hilarious thing, since I’ve been keeping it in the 3 family, well, I fail. I can’t think of a third thing. Sorry folks. How about three questions, that I can do –

1. Kelly, Who are you sick of, to date?

Well blog, people I’m over officially includes Aylin and Charlie? That couple, over it. Sooo over it. Moreso Charlie than Aylin. I don’t think I’ll hate her once Charlie is off. I know for a fact since I’ve now already seen the episode, that she’ll be way better without him. So much better.

2. Who did you start out not liking that are now growing on you?

If I had to pick someone it would probably be Lily. I could easily go back to hating her though. It won’t take much. She’s on thin love-ice with me.

3. Is there anyone that you never fell out of love with?

Blake. Hands down.

Let’s get down to brass tax now. And by brass tax I mean the bottom 3. Charlie, Aylin and Nellie. I really thought it would be Michael and not Aylin but I wasn’t against them picking her. It made sense.

Just from the song choices, I was thinking they wanted Charlie to go home. I say that because he most definitely got the worst song. I thought Nellies song was difficult but only because I didn’t know it and I figured she wouldn’t either (I’ve since downloaded it because damn, that’s a good song!), but since she does, I could see her staying on. Ryan might have a problem with her not being able to shed her skin a little bit. Charlie and Aylin are really good at that and that might be reason to keep them. You never really know what Ryan is going to think, though.

Aylin – Take a Bow (Rihanna) I think we can all agree that the trifecta of Rachel, Mercedes and Tina were entirely better than Aylin. Rihanna too for that matter. That being said, I thought she did a pretty good job. I liked the issue that Ryan brought up to her, that he didn’t feel bad for her. I get that. I’ve pretty much felt bad for everyone on Glee at some point or another.  While I get that he didn’t feel bad for her when getting slushied, I do think she conveyed that when they did the bullying song, so I don’t think she’s incapable of that. And he is right in that she is a game changer. I think her character idea is definitely original and somewhat of a unique.

Charlie – It’s Not Unusual (Tom Jones) I couldn’t agree with Ryan more, it’s not about what you bring to the performance, it’s about how you are during the week, as well. You can only march to your drummer so much in Ryan Murphy’s creation. I equal parts liked/hated his lyric change/running over and sitting with the judges. Part of me thought it was cute but the other pat of me was screaming GET OVER YOURSELF!

Nellie – If I Were a Boy (Beyonce) She definitely has what Aylin doesn’t in that you can’t help but feel her insecurity and feel bad for her, and she can get over that and get empowered. I think that was clear in her sexuality performance. She definitely got the speech. You know, the one where they tell you the things they think  you need to hear for your career.

I was happy to be wrong. I think they picked the right person to go home. 100%. I’m glad I don’t need to see Charlie and Aylin make out anymore. I had about as much as I could witness of that disaster.

Random thoughts regarding the episode overall – I’ll go with 3 things, how’s that sound?

1. I love how when they were in swimwear they had those jackets like Olympians have.  Really? Was that necessary? It was THAT could? I remember last season when they were all freezing it was a little crazy. I thought they were over reacting but I guess maybe it is that cold.

2. I want one of the homework songs to be Call Me Maybe. I’m obsessed. I can’t help it. It’s part of my brain this summer. Please? Please do it?

3. Can we at least get a Kurt’s dad cameo? Come on!

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Traveling Around my Favorite Town, Part I

I have been jonsing for some time in the District of Columbia, for a while now. I can give a tour of the city (city meaning the areas that have memorials/museums) like no ones business. I’ve been to most of the museums and monuments but I have a few to cross off my list. I’m lucky to have grown up in the shadows of this city and throughout my childhood, I’ve had a fair amount of field trips to the area with school and camp. Since I’ve grown up, I’ve taken my own adventures around the city and I’m pretty good at monitoring newly opened ones so that I can go to them, too. It must be the history nerd in me. Today I’m going to focus on the National Mall and the places I haven’t been. I’ve been keeping this little personal list of sites I need to go to and places I’ve been so far.

I have tried to get over to the FDR memorial for a few years now but I’ve never had the right opportunity to go. It’s not exactly in the same location as the rest of the Mall.

And it’s a bigger area than you’d think. Then, my husband had to fly out of National Airport and I had to go pick him up, and guess what monuments are right over in that direction? Well, the FDR Memorial for one. In a nice little turn of events I realized from my map that the Roosevelt Memorial was right by the Jefferson and newly constructed Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (and the George Mason Memorial if you’re interested). I decided to make an afternoon picture taking adventure out of it. Walking from MLK to Jefferson was roughly a mile, and I figured since it was almost 100 degrees out, a nice leisurely walk of 2 miles would be just enough walk for me.

In an even greater stroke of luck, thanks to the 4th of July holiday, I had a half day worth of time to visit. No, I didn’t go on the 4th! That’s madness. I went on the afternoon of the 3rd, and it was EMPTY comparatively. You know DC is empty when you can find parking in less than a minute. That.Never.Happens. It was glorious.

So here’s a small review of the 4 memorials I went to and the walk itself!

As I previously mentioned I started at the newest Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. The Dedication was done on October 16, 2011.

I love that from most places in DC, you can get a glimpse of the Washington Monument. It’s quite lovely to feel so surrounded by history. See it there, peeking out?

You can also get a glimpse of my ultimate goal/halfway point in my trek around the monuments

Back to the MLK Memorial though. One thing a lot of the monuments have, are famous quotes, or speeches engraved around the monument, and many of the ones I visited today had that feature. You can see on this side of the monument it says


and on the other side, it reads


Who doesn’t love a good marching band reference?

I have a few quotes in frames around my house and I like to interchange them when the mood strikes me. I have a feeling some of these will be making it into the collection. Some work better than others but they’re all important to remember. What’s pretty cool about the MLK memorial is that along the back of the monument, there’s a giant wall of quotes to walk along, bookended by two little waterfalls, which I wish I’d got a picture of. I did take pictures of some of my more favorite and memorable quotes on the wall, if that counts.

[1] [2] [3&4]

And of course a personal favorite



That man was nothing if not a motivator.

With that, I walked onto the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. It was the one I had been wanting to see for a long long time. It has a special importance to me. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is cool and all but the real reason I was excited about this memorial? It’s twofold. Their names are Eleanor and Fala.

Me with my girl, Eleanor

Me and Fala, the Scotty dog

You see, the FDR memorial is not just a memorial to him, but a memorial to his time in the Presidency. It’s the only monument that has a wife of a president, and the presidents dog! Come on, how could this not be my favorite monument? I was really in for a surprise though. This was so much more beautiful than many of the other monuments. It was so natural and inviting. It’s just a beautiful non-traditional monument and I loved it for that.

The whole monument is divided into his terms in office and each has it’s own special pieces. There’s a lot of nature around it, various waterfalls and lots of stone.

Not to mention, important quotes.

[1] [2] [3] [4]

I still have more pictures from the other two monuments I visited but this post was getting long enough. I’ll bring this back next week for the second half of my DC adventure.

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The Glee Project – Adaptability

Last night we had Adaptability. I imagine it’s one of the most important themes of the season. This is one of those shows where I’m sure your lines change with the weather and the songs as well. Or at least, who’s singing various parts of songs. I thought picking Kevin McHale as the judge of the homework assignment was a pretty good pick. Having to adapt to being in a wheelchair when you’re fully capable of getting up and walking around. I do love when he has dream sequences where he’s walking/dancing. And, as you heard Ali say, he’s never cheated and moved his legs.

As far as the actual homework assignment though, how is Alanis Morrisette “You Oughtta Know” a particularly difficult song? Just curious. I would’ve liked to see them actually sing their parts as solos. I get they wanted the song to flow and not have the contestants look crazy, but I think it could’ve been funny watching people sing individual words, and single lines. So funny. Can’t you imagine? As far as the actual song, it was good but I guess they had to change the lyrics in order to gloss over people forgetting/screwing up their song.  That’s how you can tell these contestants are young. I mean Shanna, any girl over the age of 25 knows every single lyric to that song, and probably most of the Jagged Little Pill cd. I still liked her though, forgotten lyrics or not. Then there’s Ali though. Have I mentioned how terrifying Ali is? Her facial expressions really bother me. I’m glad Kevin McHale acknowledged it, I knew it wasn’t just me. She’s as terrifying as Blake is boring. Extremes people.  Blake makes up for it in his acting/screen time. Ie – not knowing what the song “Price tag” was – I know I didn’t. The winner of this challenge was Aylin. I guess she put all that “flirting with Charlie” effort to good use. She’s definitely my favorite character concept of everyone on the show. Really she’s the only one besides Mario with a clear cut character concept. Her’s might even be a little more unique than Marios. I don’t see Mario going very far as it is.

As for the main song, as you may’ve seen above, was “Price Tag,” a song I am in no way familiar with. I know the chorus a little and that’s about it. If it weren’t for Perez Hilton, I’m not sure I’d even know who Jessie J is.

Breaking down the filming, I couldn’t help but hate Mario and Charlie.

“My vibe is girls and money”

Really Michael? He thinks sitting quietly with a blank stare conveys a rich boy image of girls and money? It might be a little Stevie Wonder but at least Stevie was always smiling. He’s from Maryland, I want to like him but he’s driving me nuts… Let me pretend I’m talking to you one on one since I know you don’t read this – When you say “I am a good actor so I don’t know what they mean” you aren’t serious, right? You’re just trying to feign confidence? I’m sure no one has ever thought you were terrible. Are you going to trust people in po-dunk Southern Maryland telling you you’re good, or professionals in Hollywood telling you that you need work on your acting? I say po-dunk Southern Maryland with the utmost respect. I have nothing but love for my state.

Speaking of which, Charlie, don’t think you’ll win over my Maryland love by showing attempting to show you might know cities in Maryland. I will never like you. I promise. You look like Finn crossed with the Joker. And not Heath Ledger’s Joker, Jack Nicholson’s Joker. I didn’t like his little character idea at all. The only thing I liked is that I was hoping by showing in the music video that you don’t fit well in groups would come to my advantage and they’d put you in the bottom 3. I certainly had my fingers crossed. I’m ready for him to be gone like, yesterday.

I wasn’t at all sure who else would be in the bottom 3. I was kind of hoping for Ali just because, as I previously mentioned, she creeps me the hell out. I was pretty surprised when they put all 6 people in the bottom 3 but I get that whole adaptability curve, and singing in a duet practically screams adaptability. You have to work with someone who may not be the same style as you and make it work. Let’s go over how the three groups did!

Blake and Nellie – Waiting for a Girl Like You – I thought I knew this song but they really threw me off when I was listening to their version. They sing it like it’s a song I’ve never heard before (and I mean that as a compliment). Ultimately, I did know the song (Come on people! I know all the songs!). What a great, great song. It was like watching an actual scene from Glee. And they would make a super cute couple. I agreed with Ryan, that was an opera more than it was an audition. I’m glad Blake knew the song. He can only get by for so long on his dreaminess. He was definitely lucky to be singing with a girl, and not Charlie. He won me over that much more though, I must say. Such a sweet guy… that I would like to make out with.

Abraham and Ali – Last Friday Night – They definitely got the best song for their voices. Ali, still terrifying. Her voice is like a squeak toy and her facial expressions are like Britney Spears circa nervous breakdown, with a touch of Ramona eyes.

Maybe that’s something she can learn to correct. I only really notice it when she sings. The rest of the time she looks pretty normal. I also thought Abraham was fine but I think that might’ve been because I was completely distracted by crazy-face.

Mario and Charlie – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – Talk about a group destined to fail. That being said, “Charlie’s Group” is practically an oxymoron. He doesn’t work in groups. He does his own thing and doesn’t care what you’re doing. Mario seems a touch the same way. He’s probably had to do a lot by himself in his life so I kind of get it and respect that with him, not Charlie. Secondly, I’m over the judges crying. At least Blake and Nellie were romantical. What is with Zach tonight? Come on. Which one is the pregnant one? You or Nikki?

When everything was said and done and the judges were discussing the bottom 3, Mario was like a politician when stating his case to his fellow contestants as far as why he should stay. The judges made it sound like they are giving general feedback which would assume he was going home. Charlie was definitely, well, seemed definitely optimistic and they really didn’t seem to talk about Abraham except to say he wasn’t good this week, but it was his first time in the bottom 3 and they really have no problems with him overall. I don’t feel like I know enough about him to send him home at this point anyway. I think it has to be Mario. Or Charlie. But, probably Mario. And then they revealed that it was Mario, who seemed to walk away with so much non-emotion. Hopefully he was acting?

Bye Mario. I’m sure you’ll find your talents can be used elsewhere.

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