I just wanted to get some thoughts out, because trying to do my actual job is proving somewhat difficult today.

I’ve only really been associated with Baltimore through the Orioles for most of my 32 years. But in the last 7 years, I have been an employee of this City. I work in a department that is working it’s hardest to better this City. To eliminate the blight that has been plaguing it for decades. We aren’t the police, we aren’t the mayor, we are just a small department doing our best to make the City a better place to live. That progress felt like it got knocked back 40 years yesterday.

To watch the news and see what has been happening the last few days, I don’t even want to believe it’s my city. But unfortunately, we know it all too well. These issues have been hovering beneath the surface for years. Many residents of Baltimore have had violent encounters with criminals, and what seems to be an almost equal number, violent encounters with police. I hate to know people in either situation, but more importantly, it’s hard to deny this culture when the stories are shared every day. All it takes is a spark to ignite the anger, and you end up in the situation we have now arrived at.

Many have said that they haven’t seen this kind of violence in Baltimore since the 1968 when Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. The thing is, back then, there were laws that were on the books that we could (and did) change. Now, this is not about law. This is about morality and you cannot legislate morality. That last part is an indirect quote from Barry Goldwater, regarding the Civil Rights Act, ironically. Coincidentally? I never know… but I liked the quote and it feels to sum up feelings I have.

Anyway, I just wanted gather some articles that I think are worth reading, before you go making assumptions about what is going on in Baltimore. Please read these articles and maybe, do your best to understand what is happening here and more importantly, why it is happening.

The ‘Other Baltimore’ Breaks Through

Non-Violence as Compliance

Gang Members: We did not make a truce to harm Police.

A Message from Ray Lewis

This video shows the passion that the people who care about the City. This is the
message of the people who work in Baltimore, the Congressmen and women, and
Councilmen and women of Baltimore, not just Ray Lewis.

Witness the Clergy that came together to stop the violence.

I also urge you to follow people who genuinely care about the outcome of this situation:

Councilman Brandon Scott

300 Men March

Dan Rodricks

Melech E. M. Thomas


And finally, if you want to help, here are some places you can go!

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