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Avocado Egg Salad

I’ve found the most awesome new pinterest recipe. I’ve never liked egg salad. I abhor egg salad. More importantly, I abhor mayo, and egg yolks. That being said, I LOVE avocado. And hard boiled egg whites. I figured if anything was going to get me to eat egg salad, this would be it.

I went with this recipe. I’ve actually been reading this blog for a little while. I love the way she describes the process of her recipes. I can’t say I love all the recipes, but I love her writing style and the way she breaks down everything. She also officially taught me how to hard boil an egg. I know, I’ve cooked a lot of things but since I always hated egg yolks, I never really felt the need to hard boil eggs. But since I learned, I’ve done it 3 times already! I’m a hard boiling egg machine!

So anyway, I’ve made this avocado egg salad a few times. I don’t put the onion in, and I use the smart balance spread instead of mayo but other than that I used the recipe exactly as she listed.

The best part about this little dish is all the different ways you can make it. The first time, I made it with bacon bits and tomatoes, and ate it with tortilla chips. The second time I ate it as lettuce wraps with some shredded carrot and tomatoes. This time was the best though. I toasted an english muffin with some cheddar cheese, put down a slice of tomato and then put the avocado egg salad on top. It was so good! This last one must’ve been the best because it’s the only one I took the time to take a picture of.

Anyway, even if you don’t like egg salad, if you like avocado this is a must try. And check out that blog. It’s always a good read!

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Memorial Kayak

Kayaking is something my husband and I have been doing since we first started dating. He started long before me but he took me on our first kayaking adventure and we’ve been going ever since. His first Christmas present to me was actually a kayak! He got one for himself too so that I’d have someone to paddle with. He’s so thoughtful 🙂 With how expensive it is to rent kayaks, it’s really quite affordable to just buy one. They pay for themselves after around 8 trips, give or take.

So anyway, for the last few years (not consecutively but close), we’ve gone kayaking with our friends Joshica. They’re our kayaking partners in crime. This year, we went on a brand new adventure! Judging by the amount of other kayakers on the creek/river, it’s not an often traveled course but as always, we had a blast.

We got rain last night so the water was a decent height, and there were a minimal amount of times we had to portage (for non-boaters that means get up and carry your kayak over shallow water/trees/giant rocks that you can’t get passed). It’s something you always have to take into consideration when testing new waters. We usually have to do it at least once or twice on the rivers that aren’t travelled as much. There were also a few minor rapids to go through but they were fun, not scary. And I’m a wimp so if they weren’t scary for me, they won’t be scary for the novice, either. This was just enough to still be a lot of fun!

Here are the details if you’re a kayaker around Maryland, in case we care to give it a shot!

And don’t forget to get your permit!

Our Route

I’m not entirely sure the distance but with 4 people and a few little stops, it took us around 3 hours from start to finish (plus another 30 minutes for preparing the kayaks/shuttling the cars).

The bridge we started at (there’s parking here)

Here’s a view of the starting point from the water

The finish (more parking here)

And that was our trip. It was so much fun. If you like to kayak and/or you like an adventure, I highly recommend this paddle!

Can anyone name this thoroughly creepy looking spider?

Another great part about this trip, honeysuckle!

It wouldn’t be a trip without a picture of the ‘yota

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Grandma’s Tacos with a Twist

I’ve posted my grandmothers recipes on this site a time or two and this recipe is no different. Well, maybe it’s a little different. Not where it counts though. Not the most important thing. What’s the most important thing? I’m glad you asked. That’d be the taco shells. That’s the key to making them hers.

Maybe I should formally introduce you to my grandmother, first. World, meet Peggy:

This is my favorite picture. It was taken either on her wedding day or close to it. Probably just close to it. I don’t really know. Wasn’t she pretty? Pop, my grampa was a pretty attractive guy too. They made a cute couple. She cooked a lot, and he ate a lot. So as you may be able to tell, back in days of yore, my grandfather was in the Navy and my grandma’s favorite thing was to soak up the culture of wherever they were. And by culture, I mean cuisine. They lived in such exotic places as Guantanamo Bay, Japan, New Jersey, and Coronado. This recipe comes from the locals of Coronado. Thank god for Coronado. And my grandmother. I remember the first time my mom took us to Coronado and Old Town San Diego. It was after my grandmother had passed and we went to this little mexican restaurant and I was shocked. They actually made tacos JUST like my grandmothers! It was amazing. I hadn’t had them in years and it was so awesome to be brought right back to that delicious food memory. For an Irish girl she made some mean tacos.

It was shortly thereafter that I decided I would just have to try to make these for myself. How hard could it be? Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s a touch harder than you’d think.  And the key/difficulty was in the shells. I’m not gonna lie and say I made the tortillas or anything. I’m not THAT good.

Here’s how it works though. You need to get corn tortillas. Not the tortillas that are in the refrigerator section, the kind that are in the bread section of the grocery store. I don’t know what it is about the ones in the refrigerator section but they are NOT the same.

Then, you want to get a small skillet. Just big enough to fit the shells. You can use a bigger one but really it just wastes the oil. I like to use my little 8″ skillet. Fill that up with any oil, just not olive oil. I use canola or vegetable. Heat it up at medium high heat. You’ll know it’s ready when you can drop a little piece of the tortilla into the oil and it sizzles. ** NOTE – make sure you watch the oil and that it doesn’t burn. If it looks like it’s cooking too fast turn down the heat. The oil will remain hot and if it starts to cool down you can turn up the heat again but you do NOT want to burn the oil or you’ll be in for a world of gross tacos. 

Place the tortilla into the skillet and fold it in half, holding the top half above the oil with some tongs. Hold it there for about 30-45 seconds, and then flip it over and do the same thing again with the other side. Then you want to sit them folded side up on a paper towel (that is nowhere near your hot oil – we don’t want a fire). Sprinkle some salt on them and that’s it. There’s a fine line though between soggy tacos and perfectly chewy. The perfect taco is mostly crunchy but with some chew to it. You just have to try it a couple of times. I think I made this recipe two or three times before I really got it. It’s also nice to start just by making chips. And the chips are way easier.

For the chips, you want to just cut the tortilla into quarters, and drop them into the oil. Flip after about 45 seconds. When you take them out, pat them with a paper towel, then salt them, and that’s it. Also, make a lot of them. Your family is going to want to eat them en masse. They’re the best tortilla chips you’ll ever eat.

Now, here’s how I make this recipe my own. See, every time my grandma made the tacos it was exactly the same. Seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and salsa. It never changed. I made them this way all the time at first but then I discovered my love of the fish taco and I thought, yes, I must make grandmas tacos but with fish.

The best way to make a fish taco? Well in my opinion there are 2 secrets. The first, fish sticks. They’re perfect for tacos. The second, bloomin’ onion sauce. Yeah. I still add the lettuce and tomatoes but I don’t use cheese, sour cream or salsa. As for the bloomin’ onion sauce, it’s super easy. I used this recipe:

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise (I use the smart balance fake mayo)
  • 2 teaspoons ketchup
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon creamed horseradish

It’s delicious and the perfect compliment to the fish. And that’s it for the recipe. I hope you make them, and I hope you enjoy them.

And don’t forget the chips!

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The Final Results

Well, it’s been a great season that’s brought us lots of great things, but like all great things, Idol must come to and end, and so has the game. It was somewhat competitive, but Katie pretty much ran away with the lead somewhere around week 2?

Surprise, surprise though, of all people, my husbands love for Phillip Phillips (and Patti’s too) resulted in them tying for a win on the week with 17 points, being the only two people picking Phillip for the win, right from the beginning. Let’s check out how the picks broke down, one more time –

While Patti was the only one to have Phillip and Jessica in the Top 2, with Phillip winning, our first and second place winners overall, did have the Top 2 correct (they just has Jessica winning). They weren’t the only ones who thought Jessica should’ve won, even if they only wanted Jessica to win for sake of their own points. Next year we’ll have to take into consideration the WGWG (White Guy With Guitar) factor into consideration. It didn’t matter though, when all was said and done. Katie and Cindy both picked just about the correct line-up, and Katie and Cindy picked the correct contestant to go home a whopping 4 times! Good job ladies, but there could be only one winner (and just for reference, I’d like you all to notice I did at least crack the Top 3. And I’m still mad Skylar didn’t win). So, without further adieu, here’s the final breakdown!

Congratulations Katie. Something tells me 2012 is going to be a very good year for you 😉

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And the Winner Is…

I’m going to just kind of write this blog as I watch. I’m not going to go back and look at things, it’s just going to be free thinking all the way. I think that might make it best. I’m also going to include some twitter fun where necessary. And by where necessary, I mostly mean relating to Fantasia and Chaka.

I started the evening watching a little somethin’ something that Michael Slezak put together for me. It was a great way to get geared up for the night.

Was it just me or was everyone laughing at the first song? All the white, especially Jeremy Rosado being one of the first we saw. I will say Shannon Magrane is looking better than ever. Personally I’m just happy I still remember everyones names! I do like seeing the group together again but that styling is just – woah. I don’t even know what to say. Also, the girl dancer with the leg thing that brides wear (it’s escaping me what they are called – garter? Is that it?) but I genuinely thought her underwears were falling off at first. I’m glad that’s not the case.

Bringing out the judges, and Ryan and thankfully they all look relatively normal. And by they I mean Randy. I see the “Yo!” pin is back. Fitting. It was definitely his most popular in the twittesphere. I will say that I like his tie a lot.

I love that the contestants actually get to sing with real performers in the finale. I wish they could do that more throughout the season (sidenote – I should’ve done a blog about who I think they should perform with… didn’t think about that. Oh well. Too little too late) but I understand it’s a special night so you want to save that kind of stuff for last. I also can’t help but think that John Fogerty should be singing with Skylar (although ideally she’d sing with Reba or Martina). My favorite of the little CCR pairing was Bad Moon Rising. Phillip underestimates his fast singing. I know he likes the slow stuff but he does upbeat so well. It has me jonsing to hear Looking Out My Back Door.

The montage from the auditions just makes me want to watch auditions again. Come on x-factor! You can’t come soon enough! Has anyone been watching America’s Got Talent? It’s not really my bag but I did hear Howard Stern made a 7-year-old cry? Why are 7-year-olds allowed on that show? What’s minimum age for public embarrassment?

I’m noticing there’s some kind of “sparkle” theme going on with the show tonight.

I was forewarned of the interesting outfit choice of Fantasia but seeing it in real life… wow.

I’d like to quote my second mother because I think she said it best (I also included her spelling correction just so you know she does in fact know the difference between your and you’re)

I think Joshua would’ve looked better in that outfit to be honest. No matter the outfit though, I’m glad that Fantasia and Mantasia got to sing together. Maybe she could go on tour with them. Something tells me she doesn’t have a lot going on right now. It’s amazing how different she looks from when she won. Wow. Drugs are bad, kids. I thought it might be fitting to see what Twitter had to say about this. It needs to be done folks. I only put my Top 3 favorites.



3. Which I only included because this is my all-time favorite Lost blogger that I didn’t even know watches Idol. She’s practically the smartest person I almost know. She went to Harvard. And she wrote a book. Which, I read. I didn’t really understand it, but I read it. And I love her.

I think the montage of Jimmy saying Jennifer’s name wrong was the best thing on the show for me. Hilarious. My crush on Jimmy Loveline is jut growing with every second of this montage. I loved it so much. I may’ve rewound it. Especially when Nigel was like “I’m gonna come out and punch you”. At least he realized they would do it. So funny. So so funny.

And now we have the ladies, sparkling in all their glory. Hollie though, dearest, you look naked-sparkly. But, your boobs look HUGE! I don’t even think you look bad, just a little naked. This montage makes me miss Erika. Man she got voted off too early. I also now can’t wait for Skylar to sing something on her own. I really hope they let her. They should let her. I think Elise’s dress is my favorite.

And now that Chaka is out, I think I know what’s on all of your minds

Fashion Police: Who wore it better: Cat suit Edition

Winner: Not America. Maybe Chaka because she’s almost 60 so bitch does what she wants? I had to google how old she was because I noticed the men were helping her down the stairs and I was thinking – man, does she need that because she’s old, because she’s on a bunch of pills, or because that cat suit is so tight she’s having trouble breathing/walking? It could be any of the above I think.

I fast forwarded through Rihanna. I just wasn’t feeling her tonight. I might go back and watch it later but I just saw her on SNL and I’m sure that performance was just as good.

Oh lord. Doth my eyes deceive me? Is Skylar Laine singing with Reba MacIntyre in what I’ve wanted to happen the entire season? I can’t even believe how exciting awesome thrilling this is!!! This song had BETTER be available for d/l tomorrow! This makes me so freaking happy I can’t even stand it. Can Skylar still win this thing? Please? You all should see the shit eating grin I’m wearing right now. So happy.

Are sloths the new Chihuahua in Hollywood? I do love the sloths though. You guy have all seen this, right?  How about this? Watch the second one. Just do it. There’s nothing better you could do with these 2 minutes of your life. I promise. Now, the guy kissing Steven’s “sister” – um… really? What would I rather see, that, or Fantasia in a cat suit again? Hmm… continue the gross make out sesh.

And now back to Jessica. Wow, Whitney… how original. Jeez. I honestly don’t need to hear anymore Whitney this season. Luckily I probably won’t. I honestly didn’t even watch this. I just replayed Kristen Bell sloth auto-tune. I find it far more enjoyable.

Ok, Neil Diamond time! Colton is kind of ruining it but I’m assuming Neil is going to pop up. Heejun isn’t doing Neil much better. Where’s Neil? Can he come out now? He always makes me think of Saving Silverman.  If you haven’t seen it, get on that. I quote it regularly “But tomorrow is casual Friday!” (because I regularly have to dress up for court on Friday and it makes me angry) Back to Neil though. Shockingly I think Joshua did the most justice to Neil. The harmonies were there at least so that was good.  And here’s Neil! In a sparkly jacket no less! I expect nothing less from him to be honest. Wouldn’t it be great if Jack Black, Steve Zahn, and Jason Biggs came out to sing too?

Who else while watching this performance did the “So good, so good, so good!”? You’re not American if you didn’t, for the record.

And like Rihanna, I also fast forwarded through JLo. I mean come on. We’ve seen her 3 times now this season. Isn’t once enough???

Aw, marriage proposal on Idol? And you thought you didn’t remember who either of these people are. I did forget Diana had the southern accent. This is really the only acceptable time to propose on Idol though. When you were both performers from Idol. That’s the only way. But that was really sweet, even though he name dropped the designer of the ring to most likely get it for free (I would do that too, for the record). Still sweet. I teared up a little bit, how can you not? While it was entirely too long of a drawn out proposal question, it was sweet that his hands were all shakey.

And now we have Hollie. Eh. Didn’t love that Hollie while she was by herself. I wonder who her dream performing partner is. It can’t be Jordin Sparks, right? That dress is hot though, Jordin! That’s how you do it Fantasia, in case you were wondering. And for some reason Hollie sounds better now that she’s singing with Jordan. How does that work?

Well, this was the commercial break where I caught up. Blerg. I’ll try not to type too much during the commercials. Or else this thing could get REALLY long. Maybe I’ll just look for more pictures to add in (which I did. You’re welcome).

And now we have a BeeGees tribute. Wasn’t there supposed to be a Donna Summer tribute? Did I miss that? I think DeAndre is the man that can handle the BeeGee songs, of this group of guys. The guys together actually sound pretty horrible with this one. Seriously though, when was the last time we saw Phillip? Is he hooked up to an IV drip in the back? I’m just saying, this is the finale, I want to see just a little more of the final 2. And by final 2, I think you all know I mean Phillip.

It’s kind of amazing to see Jessica singing with the original singer of this song. I’ve heard this song so so so many times on Idol, on my Ipod, it’s nice to hear the real version. The version I have is from the movie Dreamgirls so it’s not Holliday singing it. I like her! She’s a fierce diva. That wig is moving like it’s not attached to her head. Jessica could learn a thing or two. And the faces she made. (Jennifer, not Jessica – haha). Hilarious. She looked like a mixture of a lion, Mr. Rogers, and a few other hysterical things. This sums up my feelings.

Luckily, shortly thereafter I found this. You’re going to need to watch that, immediately. Thanks. Do it now. I’ll wait.

Man I wish I could skip Aerosmith. Wait, I can, I can just watch this again for 3 minutes! Yes! Yes that’s right, I found the performance online within minutes. You should probably watch that too. I imagine that at this point in your morning you’re already bored with work so just do it.

Now it’s time for a finalist duet I see. Great song. I love the outfits for this one. And the choir in the background. We all know I’m a sucker for a choir.

Before we finish tonight, there are some things I would like to say, I know I bashed Jessica a lot, but I need to say something about Phillips chest hair. It just aint working folks.

And now, the winner issssssssssssssss…. Phillip? Please Phillip? This is so intense.


YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now go get those kidneys fixed before you die, please.

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Phillip Phillips, Le Panty Melter

This night is about the contestants so I’m going to refrain from talking about Randy. You’re welcome, Randy (but seriously, a sherbet colored jacket twice in the same month?). Anyway…

We’ve come a long way from this


To this

I’m not going to lie, this was the first picture I found of the top 2, but it was also my favorite because Phillip looks dreamy and Jessica looks… well… like Jessica. I can’t say I’m totally happy with the Top 2. I would venture to say I’m happy about 50% of it. As for what would be happening tonight, the judges were pretty tight lipped as you can tell from the picture of this weeks set list

Not exactly forthcoming.

But with all that, lets break down the music!

I thought it would be fun to look back at my first opinions of the two singers. We first saw Jessica, er, maybe we saw her before this but I first referenced her, in group week, and I had this to say

I had nicer things to say about Phillip

I do like that I’ve been calling him a panty melter on day 1 because well, I was calling him that more than once tonight.

Ok, let’s get to Round 1

Jessica Sanchez – I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston)

I don’t think it would’ve been fitting for her to sing anything else. This season has been an onslaught of Whitney, and this song has been sung on the Idol stage 7 times not including this performance (even this song was sung in the Top 13 week by Shannon Magrane).  It’s a good judge though because of the popularity on the show. I will say she sang it better than Shannon. I don’t know that she sang it better than JHud or Katherine McPhee. Probably better than McPhee. I don’t think the song stunned me in any way though. Ballads are just boring sometimes. Finish with a ballad but don’t sing ballads for all 3 of your songs. I imagine that’s the producers doing, and by imagine I know it is because Nigel Lithgoe himself picked the song for her.

Phillip Phillips – Stand By Me

Like the aforementioned song, this song has also been done on Idol a time or two. Luckily for Phillip, his version sounds absolutely nothing like Gokey, Archuleta or Bo Bice’s version. Maybe a touch like Bo Bice’s but gentler and softer. Also like Jessica’s, it didn’t totally blow me away but I did like it entirely more than Jessica’s performance.

As for round 1, I think Jennifer summed it up.  Do you want Jessica with an amazing voice, or do you want Phillip who has a soulfulness and originality… hmm… let me think about that in as long as it takes me to write “hmm”. I’ll take the soulfulness, thank you.  Another thing I noticed, Phillip is wearing a white/blue shirt combo. How on earth did they get him out of grey?

Round 2

Jessica Sanchez – The Prayer (Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli)

So this brought her into the Top 24, eh? I was wondering when she sang this because I didn’t remember it. I looked back on that night and I didn’t even write about her. That being said, I really liked this performance. I thought it was very touching. I loved her dress, I loved the song, all in all, I think this will probably be my favorite performance of Jessica’s for the evening.

Phillip Phillips – Movin’ Out (Billy Joel)

Sorry Phillip, I really wasn’t a fan of this song. I wanted to like it. I love Billy Joel, but as I’ve said about some of your tunes in the past, you just slowed this down too much. It just needed to be picked up a few notches. I liked the way he sang the song, he just needed to pick it up a tad bit.

For me, I think Jessica won this round so it would be a tie. I could only hope at this point that Phillip would have another “Volcano” moment and bring it out at the end.

Round 3

Jessica Sanchez – Change Nothing

I didn’t hate this song like I’ve hated past Idol songs but it just didn’t sound like a song she would sing. I liked the strings, and the piano, but the whole sitting on top of a piano, in pants? Come on Jessica, you love a shiny dress. I just wouldn’t think this would be your final performance. I don’t wish ill of you (despite what I may or may not have said about you in previous blog posts). I do like to hear  people sing that last song well. This was just really eh to me. Especially compared to your last song. I think Jennifer said it best – she didn’t bring the “waaah” to it. As much as I’m not a fan of the “waah” it’s Jessica’s signature and this song didn’t have it.

Phillip Phillips – Home

God. Damn. Phillip is officially a panty melter everyone. For anyone who doubted it, just know that you are categorically wrong.  If there was anything wrong with that song I was COMPLETELY blinded. I have nothing to say except that wow was that good. From the marching band, the light strumming on the guitar, the grit in his voice. I’m in love. If that’s not the song of a winner, I don’t know what is. And welcome back greyness. You may be wearing a black shirt but that’s a grey jacket if I ever saw one and I hope you wear grey throughout your Idol tour days. If you make it there. Have you guys seen the stuff on his kidney problems? Yikes! Holy painful batman.

I hope you win Phillip. This is my final plea. I have officially voted once for the evening, and it was for my main man.

Goooo Phillip!

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Judges, Hometowns and Jimmy, Oh My!

Well folks, it’s been a long season and we’re finally down to the bottom 3. Is it just me or do these last few weeks feel like they are taking longer than the first 5 episodes? Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge fan of the top 3. In fact, I’m only a quasi-big fan of Phillip. I haven’t really loved Jessica or Joshua at all this season. I do love Josh’s personality and when I see him on the show in the background clips and whatnot, but his singing is just eh to me.

I would like to thank Wikipedia for giving me a good laugh tonight. I started the show late so I checked Wikipedia to see what songs I missed and would be catching up on, and I saw this little update (notice anything weird) –

Maybe I missed that John Lennon song. Or maybe it was a love song written to Yoko? Who knows. Last time I checked I was pretty sure the song was called Imagine. Haha.

One thing I do enjoy about tonights show, is that we get “Judges Pick” and “Jimmy’s Pick” and those are always my favorite. For all those times they tell the contestants that they didn’t pick the right song, this is their chance to say – This! This is the right song! Honestly though, they’re usually right. And Jimmy, he’s always right, whether I like it or not.

Might I also mention that tonight, Jessica looks like a diamond between a sherbet and a homeless person. It’s not hard for her to stand out but she looked especially lovely to me tonight.  And Randy, well, he’s open to a lot of twitter fodder tonight, to say the least. Let’s take a gander at this outfit real quick. He lovingly tweeted one for me:

While the watch is obviously the main fault of this outfit (keep it in your pocket Randy) and the jacket just isn’t his color, I’m mesmerized by the boots. Gold? Yes please! I love gold! I started my twitter search and this was the first thing I saw:

And then I saw this which truly made me laugh out loud:

I will say though, that while I highlight the negative, a lot of people (with bad taste) were saying how much they liked his lapel watch. Probably only because they didn’t see his shoes (and because they have bad taste, like Randy) With that, let’s get on to the music.

Joshua Ledet

Hometown visit – Highlights – The lady with the eye patch. Did you miss her? I don’t know how you couldn’t but here – you’re welcome. What is it about an eye patch that always makes me giggle?

And this tweet could’ve been mine

It’s amazing just how many people came out for him at that hometown concert. That being said, if there was ever a local idol that didn’t suck, I would totally come out to watch them! He really is adorable. Personality wise, I do truly enjoy Joshua. I hope (as much as I wanted girls in the finale, that it’s Josh and Phillip in the finale).

Judges Pick – I’d Rather Go Blind (Etta James) – Josh was fine, as he always is, in this song, he just bored me completely. I guess you could blame Randy because it was his pick, and I like to blame Randy for things, but this has been a problem of Joshua’s a lot, in my opinion. Is it wrong that I was more entertained by the Kraft commercial about a head of lettuce that was shown post-performance, than I was with his Etta James cover.

Personal Pick – Imagine (John Lennon) – Sorry Joshua. There’s a problem with this song, and you singing it. Problem, thy name is Archuleta – one of the best Idol performances, ever. I was wondering if he could turn down the crazy and give a soft, soulful version of Imagine… he started that way but it kind of descended from there. Jennifer is just so smitten with him. Maybe it’s one of those things where you have to see him perform live? I don’t think so though. I agree he was more controlled than usual, but he wasn’t as tame as I would’ve liked.

Jimmy Pick – No More Drama (MJB) – Is this music the opening to a soap opera? Days of our Lives? It’s all I can think about because this song is awful. I’m just not a fan at all. No way shape or form. Sorry Joshua. The only thing I liked was Hollie’s reaction in the crowd. She had her hand up like he brought her to church.

Jessica Sanchez

Hometown – So, you were homeschooled? That makes sense. Yes. No one really liked you? Weird. I have no idea why… I think I would like her more if she could just get her teeth fixed. Please get your teeth fixed! Her home visit definitely looked like the most fun. Highlights from this visit – that would be Mr. Danny Sanchez. He is hot. I can’t deny it. I wish he was in uniform but he was hot, nevertheless. Look at those arms.

Judges Pick – My All (Mariah Carey) – I have to say, while this song is also somewhat boring, this is definitely a more tender song for Jessica to sing. I think it’s definitely better than her last few performances on the show. I didn’t hate it. That’s a compliment enough for me. Dull is a word that comes to mind though. That and that she should lay off the high ones (which makes me think of A League of Their Own. Mule! Nag!)

Personal Pick – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (Aerosmith) – This is the 7th time this song is being performed on the Idol stage. Playing on Steven Tylers emotions are we? This is actually the second Armageddon reference I’ve had today, oddly enough (how did that movie come out in 1998?? Sheesh). I can still remember Liv Tyler holding her hand up to the screen crying, in the music video/movie. So sad. I thought Jessica’s performance was ok and I loved the strings (they’re kind of like piano, they make everything better), but that last note made everything so much worse. It was awful. I do want to think back now on songs that people have sung of Steven Tylers to see if he really was critical. I can’t recall.

Jimmy Pick – I’ll Be There (Jackson 5) – I’m really glad at least someone was man enough to admit that he didn’t love this song (it must be the gold shoes that set him apart).  I didn’t love it either. I am also glad he reminded me that Mariah also sang this song. I knew it was someone. Also what is that outfit? I’m just glad that her being done always meant it was time for Phllip. What was that line Steven said to her about never being boring? It was something that rhymed but that’s all I remember, why? Because I was bored and barely listening.

Phillip Phillips

I do like Steven’s advice for Phillip to write his own music. He has to. He’s that type of artist. I almost wish (because I’m sure he has personal songs) that they would’ve let him sing a song he’s written. They probably wouldn’t even let him do that in the finale.

Hometown – I already know Phillips hometown will be my favorite. His talk of that restaurant makes me want to eat there like, yesterday.  Highlights – El Maya! (Yes, I will take the Phillip Nachos) Also, the large woman who grabbed Phillip when he got out of the limo at the pawn shop. Saying his parents are my favorite would be an understatement. They’re adorbs.

He also got the best place to perform, in an open air arena. That’s his scene for sure. I mean, how many times will Jessica perform on a battleship, really?

Judges Pick – Beggin’ (The Four Seasons) – I didn’t know this song which wasn’t a terrible thing but I wish Steven would’ve picked something I did know. Actually, Jessica had the only song of the three judges picks that I knew. That’s ok though. Back to Phillip – this was really good, but for some reason I wanted it to be louder. Also, my eyes were fixated on that vein in his forehead. I don’t know if I ever noticed it before but I noticed it tonight and I feel like it was all I noticed.

Personal Pick – Disease (Matchbox 20) – I love this song. “You left a stain on every one of my good days” what a great lyric. And what’s a Phillip performance without the sexy saxophone! Haha. I hope she goes on tour with Phillip. His girlfriend won’t last long if that happens. Great performance Phillip. I look forward to seeing you into the Top 2. Shut your mouth Jennifer. It doesn’t matter what you say, you aren’t winning this one. Phillip WILL be in the Top 2. I need it to be so.

Jimmy Pick – We’ve Got Tonight (Bob Segar) – I love this song SO MUCH! SOOOO MUCH!! I could tell within the first 5 seconds that this would be the performance to beat of the evening. Again, the strings never hurt (they’re way better than a sexy saxophone). I agree it was definitely one of his best performances to date.

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Sausage Pepperjack Pasta

It’s been a while since I did a recipe. Things have been busy. My sister got married, I joined a gym… I’ve mostly been eating salads. Tonight was different though. Tonight I was inspired by wanting to try this new chicken sausage I bought. I perused some recipes but didn’t really have the right ingredients so I just tried one of those “refrigerator dump” recipes. And it looked a little something like this:

So lets get on with how I made the magic happen.


1 chicken sausage (polish/kielbasa style), sliced about a half inch thick
Half bag of frozen mixed peppers*
Half a bag of frozen chopped onion*
1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes, undrained
1 tablespoon of garlic
1 cup of water
1 cup of shredded pepper jack cheese
2 tablespoons of butter
vegetable oil
*if you want to use fresh it was the equivalent of 2 peppers and a medium onion


First we cook the sausages. Take a saute pan and pour about a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil , on medium high heat. Throw in the sausages and cook on each side for about 2-3 minutes. Just make sure you watch it so that it doesn’t get too burned. Crispy is ok though (and in fact, delicious).

Once you take off the sausages (set them on a plate for the time being), start boiling the water for your pasta. While you’re waiting for it to boil, take the peppers and onion and put them in the saute pan you used the sausage for, for about 5-10 minutes, until the water starts boiling is a good amount of time.

Add in the pasta into your boiling water, and add the garlic, the can of tomatoes, and the cup of water. Then add the sausages back into the saute pan also, lower the stove to low heat and cover the sauce.

When the pasta is complete, drain it about put it back into the same pot. Add the butter and pepper jack cheese and stir until it’s melted. Then place the pasta in your dish and put the sauce/sausage on top of the pasta! Voila! All done. Enjoy!

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It Should Come as No Surprise

That the lovely little Brixan (yes, I invented that word. Do you like Texish better?) who faced the bottom 3 more than any other contestant this season, finally got the boot…. probably to no ones surprise, really. No one except league leader Katie, who was the only one to have Hollie as going home this week in their rankings (which again should come as no surprise). Props to you my dear. Props to you. As for who still has their top contestants still in, it’s all picks for Jessica and Phillip. And in fact, most of you have Joshua in the bottom. I know I do! Let’s see how the season is winding down:

As for weekly totals, we’ve got Katie in first, then Cindy and then myself. Go team! One of these years I’m going to come in first! haha. Top 3 will do for now though 🙂

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I’m Officially in love with Phillip

Before I start anything, I just wanted to share my current obsession. Have any of you heard the Gotye song, Somebody That I Used to Know? If you have ears and a radio (or watch American Idol), I’m sure you’ve heard it. This is a quasi-cover I saw on my favorite Bravo show and I’ve watched it like, 5-6 times since I saw it… 2 hours ago haha. Watch it. I promise, you will like it. If you don’t love the kid in the black hoodie, you don’t have a soul. haha. Here it is – Enjoy!

So I got home a little late, hungry, so I didn’t start Idol until around 9:00 and as I logged into twitter and my other forms of social media, I was a little surprised…

Randy? Right? What’s this? How can this be? I guess time would tell… and then I saw these, and these? Didn’t surprise me at all… haha.

Clearly not everyone in the twitterverse is crazy, so maybe Randy was right about something. Time would tell. Oh, and speaking of the “yo” catchphrase and his “yo” pin, I found out who makes them, all thanks to twitter! And it doesn’t look shady at all.

Now, lets get back to the music! Here’s the set list and what we had to look forward to!

It was a list I was digging, for sure. You certainly don’t see Damien Rice on an AI set list often, if ever. So let’s delve into how they did.

Have you Ever Seen the Rain – CCR
Is it just me or has there been a lot of CCR this season? Not that I’m complaining but I think this is the third or fourth CCR song. Nevermind. I just looked it up, it’s only the second. The first was last week. I digress. Did anyone notice the sexy saxaphone was back? And, noticably missing? Phillip’s guitar! I liked it. I mean, I like the guitar, but I like that he doesn’t need to have it to perform well. All he needs is the grey shirt, and the sexy saxaphone.

Faithfully – Journey
The guitarist looked like Nick Miller from New Girl. Just wanted to throw that out. I couldn’t get a picture of it because I was too lazy to get up and take a picture with my phone but take my word for it. As for Hollie’s performance, I thought it was really good. I usually hate Randy shout outs but I do love when they reference his time in Journey. Mostly because I remember that when he was in Journey, he looked like this:

Tell me that’s not amazing. Amazing. Look at all those 7’s! It surprises me he doesn’t have a 7 pin in his collection!

Your Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
They sang this song at my grandmothers funeral, so I feel like I can’t acurately judge this performance because I just sob whenever I hear it. That and Here I Am Lord. Sobbing mess. I wasn’t a complete sobbing mess for Joshua but it certainly made me teary. Damn hormones. I agreed with Jennifer though that I liked when he got raised up on the platform. Nothing like living the metephor. I was surprised they kept calling it a Josh Groban song and not just like, “traditional” or something (I guess it was so that it would fit into the “California Dreamin'” theme). While his version doesn’t even compare to the incomperable Josh Groban, it was pretty good.

Steal Away – Etta James
Is it a good thing that the growl isn’t a new thing? I still just think Jessica is weird. I partly wonder why I don’t like her, what it is about her that I’m not a fan of, but to this day she has always bothered me. Maybe it’s how young she is? And when Randy was saying how he doesn’t know how she’s able to tap into pain? I really don’t think she can. I don’t think she brings the emotion that the judges seem to think her voice conveys.

As for the duets of the evening (which I was anxiously awaiting after hearing twitter blowing up about the Randy ciricism) If I can say anything about the boys duet, I agree it was the perfect mesh of soul and pop rock, as JLo said. An unexpected treat. Unfortunately, the twitterverse was right. I can’t really say anything nice about Eternal Flame. I’d venture to say Randy was right. And you know that’s a rarity. Don’t ruin Bangles songs for me ladies. Jessica just doesn’t know how to sing with other people in my opinion. I’ve hought that in every duet she’s sung. I did like when the guys started swinging on the swings.

As for the group song, it was fine. I think that’s all I need to say.

Phillip Phillips
Volcano – Damien Rice
Remember when I fell in love with Kris Allen because he sang the song from Once? No? It’s a lot like my feelings for Phil, for singing a Damien Rice song. Ever have one of those nights where someone just cheated on you/broke up with you/broke your heart and you just want to cry into your pillow listening to super sad music? Well, yeah, that’s Damien Rice that you want. And I have to thank my dear friend Stephanie, for bringing me to his concert and making me see the light and the darkness that is Damien Rice. My favorite Damien song? That’d be 9 Crimes (don’t be fooled by the female that starts the song. She’s just his duet-er). When Phillip said that he just loved the lyrics… yeah. With Damien, it’s ALL about the lyrics. All about the lyrics. That’s it. I’m officially in love. Phillip for the win. Phillip and Damien Rice. I also like that he sang it because he is beyond different compared to Damien so I think that is always a good thing when you can sound completely different from the song someone loves, and still be really great. And who needs a sexy saxophone when you can have a sexy cellist.

I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt
I thought Hollie sang this really well (minus how she said “patronize” which just sounded more like patronus, than it did patronize). I don’t know if she did that completely amazing job like Jimmy said she needed to, but she can’t be upset with what she did tonight. If she goes out this week (which I have to imagine she’s poised to do) she still has to be happy with what she put out tonight. Was it just me or, when she was done did she just look like she was thinking “ok, rip me a new one, I’m ready”. I will say I don’t agree with the judges. Hollie may not have expressed the right emotion but you can’t say she did when you said Jessica did, because I don’t think either of them conveyed the emotion.

It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – James Brown
This was beyond a perfect song for him. I have to say I kind of loved it (when I don’t look at his face because that just makes me laugh). His voice was great though. The performance was great, vocally. And did anyone see Randy looking a little like he was having a mild seizure while watching? I think he was just bobbing his head in a bizarre way but it was a bit of a mild seizure look to it.

And I’m Telling You – Jennifer Holliday
Didn’t someone just sing this? Maybe I’m just thinking of when I was comparing Idol to Glee? That must be it since it hasn’t been sung this season… I definitely think this was better than her previous song but it was a little heavy on the growling. And for the record, I still think JHud did it better. I just wish she would move around. You’d think she has cement blocks on her feet in that performance the way they were hidden by the fog. Also, I’m over the standing O’s judges.

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