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Big news here on my small little blog. I’ve got a guest writer today! I’m hoping she’ll write more because well, after you read this, you’ll wanna read more. I promise. I’ve tried to get her to start her own but maybe posting on mine (and at her other blog gig), she’ll realize she’s awesome enough to have her own. Until then, I will pass off her thoughts as my own. Or at least, on my own blog. Here’s what I have to say about her, and what she has to say”

My friend Stephanie and I may quite possibly, share parts of our respective brains.

She asked me the other day why there wasn’t a Princess Bride musical?
“Yeah,” I thought, “why isn’t there one? It would be perfect. Spam-a-lot was great, why wouldn’t this be”.
Her response “That’s exactly what I was thinking! I even wrote a blog about it”

See how we share a brain?

So without further adieu, here’s her idea. Maybe this will be like Smash and we’ll collectively come up with the next brilliant musical. I’m sure rights wouldn’t bethat hard to acquire, right?

Princess Bride: The Musical

So I can’t sleep. And when I can’t sleep my mind wanders into these realms of who knows what. Last night it was “how can we live in a world where The Princess Bride hasn’t been made into a Broadway musical”. Let me explain. No, that will take too long, let me sum up. TPB is in everyone’s top 5 favorite movies and if it isn’t then clearly he/she should be banished to Gilder. It’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with a wine release, quote alongs where MLT’s and ROUS’s are served and a spoken version was recently performed in L.A. Spamalot was hugely successful and people who love to to quote Monty Python love it when the mutton is nice and lean. So clearly there’s an audience.

Alas, I’m not a musician, or a lyricist by any means. But here to get started is The Princess Bride as sung to Steve Miller’s Take the Money and Run. Not sure why this song came to mind, probably because it tells a story about two young lovers. Guess what! It took me a little less than half a hour to write this. Wow I need Ambien.
The Princess Bride as sung to Steve Miller’s Take the Money and Run

Grampa brought over a story ’bout buttercup and Westley too.
Two young lovers separated by Humperdink and his crew
Death cannot stop true love, that they both knew.
Inconceivable! But the man in black knew what he had to do

Defeat the giant, serve Iocane powder as Vizzini’s death dish.
Best the Spaniard in swords with a strategically placed swish
Find the princess, hide identity while waiting for a kiss.
Safe in the fire swamp! My love, as you wish



Go on, storm the castle and have some fun
Go on, storm the castle and have some fun

6 fingered man is the prince’s main guy.
With the albino torture is his passion, science is the ‘why’
Dread Pirate Roberts got the gate key on the second try.
The last thing Rugen heard was my name is Inigo Montoya prepare to die

Miracle Max’s pill worked and Westley saved Buttercups breasts.
The mawwiage was stopped, in the pain Humperdink was vomitous
On 4 white horses the crew rode off into the sunset.
Of perfect kisses this one ranked as the best

Go on, storm the castle and have some fun
Go on, storm the castle and have some fun

Ok I’ll stop this rhyming now I mean it.

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