I’m Learning to Sew!

Ok so last Christmas, er, technically it was Christmas of ’10… but anyway, I got this bad boy from my very thoughtful Mother-in-Law… I haven’t decided what her name is yet. The sewing machine, not my MIL. I’m leaning towards Peggy. That was my grammas name and she was an expert sewer.

I’m definitely into most things crafty. I like to crochet, I have a scrapbook or two, and I love making Christmas ANYTHING, so this is really the next logical step. Unfortunately, my MIL doesn’t really live close to me, and a lot of my friends recently got sewing machines but aren’t to the point where they can teach me anything. I gave it a few shots but all those buttons were just  a touch intimidating. I pretty much just made a bunch of straight lines through an old pillowcase.

Luckily, that MIL of mine was pretty smart, and this Christmas, she got me sewing lessons at the local Joann Fabrics! Like I said, she’s nothing if not thoughtful! So I’ve gone through 2 classes now and my third is scheduled for next week! I’m moving on up the ranks. You may ask, what do you learn in sewing class? Well, not how to make anything, YET.

This first class I took was “Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine” where I learned things like:

1. How to thread the thing (the correct way)

2. What the different types of presser feet are, and what they do

3. And finally, what happens when you sew things at different stitch lengths

Then in my second class, we graduated to more difficult techniques, and sewing some real things. Well, more specifically, parts of real things:

1. Sewing on a curve

2. The different ways to stitch a collar (top stitching/under stitching)

3. Sewing on a pi-vot and making a pocket (disregard the non-matching thread, it’s just so you can see what you’re doing better, an excellent learning tool to say the least)

Oh also, I splurged a little on a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ because as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine. What is it you ask? Oh, just a pin cushion slap bracelet! Yeah! Disregard my pale-ish arm, but do notice the awesomeness of the slap bracelet.

So that’s it. Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day! I’m cooking dinner with my hubs and it’s gonna be good.

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One thought on “I’m Learning to Sew!

  1. That pincushion is awesome! Just don’t stab yourself, haha.

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