Joey Jo-Jo

So, as I mentioned previously, I used to dog-sit, a lot. And while Moe and Curly were the only ones to get a calendar, my friends Jane and John’s french bulldog Joey, definitely was the most photogenic. I mean look at this guy:

His handsomeness knows no bounds. This little guy made me fall in love with the bulldog. Weighing in around like, 20 pounds? Who knows, I just know that he’s a little wee tyke. He also has the prettiest eyes, he’s a little ball of energy for a solid 15 minutes before he passes out and begins his familiar snores, and finally, he’s a fantastic snuggler. What’s not to love about this guy? The answer is nothing. He also likes to be held, which I’m a big fan of because my dogs, are kind of impossible to hold in the same way, since they weigh in at a whopping 60+ pounds a piece.

Look how happy this baby is? It’s probably because he lives with an awesome family on the beach in Delaware, which is why we don’t get to see him like we used to. Luckily, he has a little sister Clara now who’s even smaller than he is, to keep him company. She’s adorable too but you’ll just have to take my word for it since I don’t have any pictures, because we haven’t met her in person… yet! Some day soon I’m sure though. Until then, we’ll just marvel at the adorableness that is Joey Jo-Jo. That’s just what I call him. I think his parents prefer Joey Dog. Who knows. All I know is that I love this little guy so much. How can you not with a face like that?

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2 thoughts on “Joey Jo-Jo

  1. Jane gaw

    John and I think this was Great! We miss you so much and you are the very best dog sitter anyone could ever ask for! We will let you know when we are back in town or better yet come for a beach visit! Moving soon to our new home built by Johnny G.

    Love to your precious pup and Zach.

    Xoxo Jane, John, Joe and the lovely Clara ( lol she controls us all)

  2. That’s my sweet friend, Jane Ann’s, dog!!! Adorable!!!

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