American Idol – #IdolRequest

I actually really like this theme. I’m not saying the American Idol viewing audience is super original in their suggestions, but I like themes that involve me, or make me feel like I have an input. I read each contestant will do 2 songs so I’m wondering if there will be some kind of secret theme or what. Will only 5 be the peoples requests and the other 5/6 will be electoral college requests? Nothing like a little voting humor to get you through the day! It’s funny.


Ok so anyway, the show songs come at the request of the people! Thusly, I have scoured twitter for answers. What are the people requesting? I didn’t personally put any requests out. Fear of rejection I suppose. The suggestions were interesting though. Mostly typical, but some good original suggestions. I figured I’d include a little synopsis of what I saw, along with my personal suggestions, although it should be noted that most of my suggestions are just suggestions from twitter that I saw and liked. They aren’t original ideas unless otherwise noted.

La’Porsha Renae

What you’d expect: Literally everything you’d expect. Comically expected. Patti, Aretha, Tina, Diana, “that song from the Dreamgirls soundtrack”.

Things I liked even though they were a little obvious: The Circle of Life, Lady Marmalade

What you wouldn’t expect: Florence and the Machine, Purple Rain, Skyfall, Kiss from a Rose.

What I’d like to hear: I really liked that Purple Rain suggestion, but personally I was thinking Tracy Chapman, Fast Car. Wouldn’t that be good?


Trent Harmon

What you’d expect: Sam Cooke, Maroon 5, John Mayer

What you wouldn’t expect: Kenny Loggins (3 cheers to this person), Nick Jonas, Phil Collins.

What I’d like to hear: Who cares what I thought! For the sake of Kenny Loggins, I’ll say Danger Zone!

top gun danger zone

MacKenzie Bourg 

What you’d expect: Every hipster band I’ve never heard of. And Justin Beiber. Also a fair amount of original song suggestions.

What you wouldn’t expect: Peter Gabriel (props to that person), Dust in the Wind (technically this person just asked that Dalton or MacKenzie sing this), Billie Jean.

What I’d like to hear: The Only Exception by Paramoure. I also saw some Lady Gaga suggestions that I think could be good.

Sonika Vaid

What you’d expect: Mostly Celine Dion, a fair amount of Christina Aguilera, and then a Demi Lovato or two. Ariana Grande.

What you wouldn’t expect: Nothing really.  This was kind of proof to me that people don’t really think about Sonika as a contender. She had the fewest suggestions and no original suggestions. I still think she can do one of the “expected” songs well though.

What I’d like to hear: I actually think Lady Marmalade could be good for her. Maybe. It would at least (hopefully) take her out of her comfort zone. I also saw a suggestion for Bittersweet Symphony that I really liked the thought of.

Dalton Rappaton

What you’d expect: Overwhelmingly, Panic! At the Disco, followed by My Chemical Romance, and an original song, Stop. I hadn’t heard it but I checked it out here, if you’re interested.

What you wouldn’t expect: Bon Jovi, Audioslave (which was suggested a lot – is he more metal than I realize?), Dust in the Wind by Kansas (?!?), the Sound of Silence cover by Disturbed.

What I’d like to hear: I can’t really decide. He unfortunately doesn’t interest me enough, clearly, to think of something I’d want to hear him sing. I thought about it for a solid 10 minutes, nothing came to mind.

Tristan MacIntosh

What you’d expect: Someone actually suggested “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing”. I mean what does that even mean? Did she not sing that as a duet last week? Sara Bareilles – is she considered country?

What you wouldn’t expect: That hardly anyone suggested country songs. Isn’t she supposedly a country singer? And no one is suggesting country songs for her?

What I’d like to hear: I heard a few suggestions from one girl, for a couple different Jewel songs, and I feel like that could be a good spot for her, musically, to rise to the occasion. I mean, if not now, when? Or I want her to go home. Those are my options.

LiveShow01 - LeaveNow


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