American Idol – The Rush to 8

So here’s where I would usually write what I think everyone will be singing based on tonight’s theme. But in last weeks episode they didn’t mention anything about that. Just that we’d go down to 8 next week.

not how this works

In past seasons, by the Top 08, we’d have already seen at least 3 different theme nights. Sure, usually they were crappier/vague ones like “Motown” or “The 60’s”, but by the Top 08 we’d really start getting to songs that mean something to the contestants. In fact Top 08 is usually one of my favorite themes – Songs from the Year You Were Born. But more importantly, by the Top 08, we’d be nestled right in the middle of kind of knowing the contestant and getting a better idea of their style, what we’d like to hear them sing, what they shouldn’t sing, etc. I mean, by this point we’d have seen them sing probably at least 4 times or so. With these particular Top 10, we probably have seen snippets of them performing 5 times, but that includes their auditions, not just them along on stage in front of the audience.

This season, rather than getting to know the contestants through their song choices/ability to sing said song choices, they seem to just be singing whatever the hell they feel like and then we decide if we liked it. I mean, if I wanted to be watching The Voice, I’d be watching The Voice (which I do, but I prefer American Idol, for many of the above referenced reasons). This is not what I signed up for. I want theme nights. I want them to have to sing songs that aren’t in their wheelhouse. I want them to delve deep out of their comfort zone to wow us with a performance we didn’t realize they had in them (that’s not to say that hasn’t happened once or twice this season, but it could happen more).

How are we supposed to see who can survive under the pressure? I mean sure there’s pressure. Their lives are all going to change over the next few weeks, I’m sure. But that doesn’t mean I’ll end up loving them by the end of the season, like I’d prefer. I need to be woo-ed. I need to find out our common interests, both in music and in life. I’m not getting these things this season and it’s kind of annoying. Not only that, but we’re also getting spoilers of song choices for this week, which I know was always available for those who wanted to find it, but now it’s just out there, not even hidden to find. I miss the days when Ricky Minor would just post a set list and you had to guess who was singing what. Or we just heard what theme night it was and everything was a complete guess. It made the show more fun for me.

I guess I just don’t understand why you would change so many things about a show in the final season, when it’s the final season.


You barely changed anything substantial in the first 14 seasons (besides maybe the credibility of the judges) but this, it’s final year, you’re going to make shorter and more terrible than any other season?

don't make sense

And yes, this is slowly becoming my new favorite meme.

Anyway, if you would like to be spoiled and know what the song list for tonight is, you can read here. For the record, I haven’t looked at the song list because I like to keep what little excitement I have.

Or if you’re just sad American Idol is ending like this and feel like crying, watch something that’s worth crying over. I swear I can just look at her face in the beginning and start crying all over again. Oh Kelly Clarkson you sweet angel, you.


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