American Idol – Your Final Top 24

I mean, they are “ours” even though we haven’t begun the voting yet. Honestly I’m about 80% happy with the top 24, now that we know who they are – though I have to say I think I only really knew about 6 of the contestants we saw get the boot and of the 6 I was really only even remotely upset about one of them.

I mean come on, was Jessica Cabral really not connecting so you just kick her off the show? No performance or anything?


How are we know since you didn’t feel like showing her performance, just telling us. How’s that for not connecting with your audience? I realize there were a lot of good females this season, but for me it just makes me think – do we really need an even number of guys and girls? Does that help anyone? Are the guys the ones that get the ratings? What is the rationale? This is the only point in the contest where you pick a certain number per gender. I just don’t get it.

don't make sense

Also, welcome to my new favorite gif. I say this all the time, thanks to a lady I encountered at a grocery store. I had no idea it was also in a movie. But I like it.

Anyway, let’s talk about the 12 guys and 12 girls that are our Top 24.

Jenn Blosil – The Eccentric 
23 from Brooklyn, NY

Emily Brooke – The Repeat
16 year old from Wellington, FL

Amelia Eisenhauer – The Fiddler
15 year old from Nashville, TN

Gianna Isabella – The Daughter
15 year old from Jackson, NJ

Tristan McIntosh – The Crier 
15 year old from Nashville, TN

Jeneve Rose Mitchell – The Off-the-Grid-er
15 year old from Crawford, CO

Stephaney Negrete – The Looker
21 year old from San Diego, CA

Jenna Renae – Who? 
23 year old from Williamson, NY

La’Porsha Renae – The Mother
22 year old from McComb, MS

Olivia Rox – The Jax 
16 year old from Agoura Hills, CA

Sonika Vaid – The Voice
20 year old from Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Avalon Young – The Tomboy
21 year old from San Diego, CA


Shelbie Z – The Country Singer
23 year old from Sumiton, AL

Looking at this list of girls, it gives me angst to think that there may only be 6 of them on the stage after this coming round. If I had to pick a top 12 I think it would be about 8 girls and 4 boys. Maybe even 9:3. I was able to bold the 6 I think should definitely make it to the Top 12. It’s a mix of wants and needs, and I know, Jeneve is not on there. Neither is the arguably best singer, Sonika. But look – I’m trying to be realistic. Jeneve was starting to falter in the last performances I saw and I worry Sonika doesn’t have the stage presence for the big show. So I made realistic cuts… but if I’m wrong, it’ll be fine with me (well, depending on the 6 or so that make it in). I will say that if I could pick 8, I’d throw in Jeneve and Sonika.

Mackenzie Bourg – The Hipster (but not as hipster as Stringfellow)
23 year old from Lafayette, LA

James VIII – The Eighth
23 years old from Orinda, CA

Trent Harmon – Patient Zero
24 year old from Amory, MS

Lee Jean – The Youngun’
15 year old from Blufton, SC

CJ Johnson – The Rocker 
28 year old from Memphis, TN

Adam Lasher – The Santana Relative
23 year old from Danville, CA

Dalton Rapattoni – The Green Day Boy Band-er
19 years old from Dallas, TX 

Jordan Sasser – The Soon-to-be-Divorcee
27 year old from Raleigh, NC

Thomas Stringfellow – The Newsie
17 year old from Bentonville, AR

Manny Torres – The Entertainer 
20 year old from Flushin, MI

Kory Wheeler – The Coffee Guy/Repeat
27 year old from Nashville, TN

I couldn’t even pick 6 boys that I wanted because I just don’t want 6 boys picked. But what can I say?


I will say that I’d put money on the other 2 contestants being Trent Harmon and Thomas Stringfellow. Both of whom I’m REALLY not liking. I can’t pinpoint why I don’t like Trent, besides all the scarves and the fact that he probably infected half of the contestant pool. And Thomas Stringfellow’s weird “upseak”/hiccup thing he does at the end of each line. That hiccup thing makes me want to gouge my eyes out. Or ears, as it were.

no no no

I would comment on performance but I felt like we really didn’t see a lot and the ones we did see, were from people we see a lot of and they did about as they have been doing, so I won’t.

The other thing that really bothered me about this episode was the judges telling the contestants whether they were in or out. They kept explaining it like it wasn’t their choice. I guess I wouldn’t say it angered me, so much as confirmed that I think the producers are the ones making the picks. Not the judges. Sure they have influence, and I’m sure they each had one contestant they fought for. And for the record I think they were:

Harry – Jeneve Rose Mitchell

Jennifer – Stephaney Negrete

Keith – Actually I think he just kind of went with the flow. He just seems like that type of person. I’m guessing his favorite was also a producer favorite.

But yeah, thanks Harry, for confirming you don’t really pick who is making it onto the show. I was probably naive for thinking it was the judges. At least post-Simon.

I did do some google research because I really had no idea where the show is going from here, this final season. Maybe I wasn’t even right that the next round goes to 12? I really have no idea. Turns out it seems we’re doing a Top 14!

Thanks for the info MJ!

Thanks for the info MJ!

So, we’ll know who the Top 14 are by the end of next week! Exciting stuff 🙂 Looking forward to the upcoming nights! And I hope the Thursday’s 2 hour shows actually have contestant performances because 2 hours with only mentoring and whatnot, that’s not anything I want to see.

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