American Idol – It’s Not Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Man was it just me or was this a bit of a lackluster episode? It’s weird, I always think the 2 hour episodes are too long, but the hour long episodes just don’t have enough. Maybe it’s because shorter episodes don’t have as many wow moments so they just seem more lackluster? Maybe it was Clay Aikens fault? Sabotaging the show with his contestant picks? I was just shocked at the end to hear Harry say there was a good chance we’d see someone from Philly in the Top 10. I mean lets be real here, Philly hasn’t seen a Top 10 anything in a long time. Especially when it comes to competition.


By my count there were 6 golden ticket winners (and 3 powerball winners). I’d talk about my favorites but I don’t really think I had any… So lets just talk randomly about all of them, I guess.

Gianna Isabella – 15 years old from Jackson, NJ 
Song: House of the Rising Sun

You know when someone has a famous parent, I always wonder why they’re auditioning in the first place. It’s one thing to try and make it without their help, but she’s clearly had her moms help so that can’t be it. To me, she wasn’t bad at all, but she wasn’t great. Do I think she deserved the ticket? Meh… sure. Do I think she’ll make it through to the live shows?

um no1

Issac Cole (McNanny, like an Irish babysitter), a 15 year old from Smalltown, PA.
Song: Love Like Crazy 

Ok first off I just have to say that I didn’t realize this was a song and thought he’d written it, and that the lyrics were kind of terrible… then I realized it was a real song, so I won’t blame that part on Isaac. But anyway, Isaac is someone that I do think deserved a ticket and really just based on odds, I think he has the best chance of the Philly people I saw, to make it to the live shows. That’s only because of his obvious Beiber resemblance. That said, are girls even still into him? Is that a look that people still find attractive? As someone who I guess was too old to ever find the Beibs attractive, I can’t really answer.  I also got mad that Jen said he sings about heartbreak but hasn’t experienced any. This was a big problem last season with MANY contestants, and I just don’t understand why you would talk for a few minutes on how people aren’t ready, and then you still let them through. I’ll never understand that. With all the contestants that ARE ready, why let people through who clearly aren’t? It’s going to be Daniel Seavey all over again.

Sara Sturm – 18 years old from Chantilly, VA
Song: My Lips are Moving

I actually think Sara was my favorite audition. I can’t say she had the best voice, but I just liked her the most for some reason. The reason escapes me but I do hope to hear her again, and  I hope she does a good job. Also I spent most of her audition talking about weathermen because I thought her last name was Storm and I was thinking that you really are destine to be a weatherperson with a last name like Storm.

I’ve also not been talking really about people who didn’t make it, but I think I need to talk about Mr. Ellis Banks. Yes, his audition was over the top and that outfit was not necessary. But I think had he come in without all that, he might have had a better chance. That said, I really liked him in the outfit. I thought it fit the song and the show he was going for. I do think there’s a place for him somewhere and I hope he finds a stage for himself because he does have a presence. I just don’t know where that is.

Jenn Blosil – 23 year old from Brooklyn by way of Utah
Song: Radioactive

Ok first and foremost, I loved that Ryan had to reiterate that he liked Brooklyn, giving the impression he could give two shits about whether Jenn did. I honestly wonder how far this chick will go. She’s the quirk of Joey last year, but with less going on upstairs. I did enjoy her. The thing about Jenn is, well, you know I love a quirky girl. My favorite comment from twitter was:

jennblosil taco

and in case you were wondering, Jenn’s favorite tweet was:


I do hope this girl has the mental toughness to make it on this journey because she is very interesting and I like interesting people (whose voices aren’t terrible) to be on the live shows.

Harrison Cohen – 17 year old from New City, NY
Song: Original called “No Time”

Why I liked Harrison? Well, I think it’s obvious…


John Greene – 27 year old from NY by way of Raleigh, NC. 
Song: Somebody Like You

Was it just me or was this one of the most bizarre back stories to show? I mean, I don’t think they would’ve shown it if the guy wasn’t good so I was pretty sure he’d be through. Honestly, he was one of the better singers/musicians, but man… I just don’t know. His whole story left me a little gobsmacked. I also wonder if the judges heard his story or if he just told the cameras and the judges will find out later? It’s hard to say. Part of me wonders if he didn’t say anything about the story and then when the producers were googling him and realized what happened and then said, look, you have to tell this story because if it comes out later, it’s going to be even more awkward. I don’t know, it was just weird. All around. A very weird note to end the episode on and that’s really when I’d wished there was another hour to go so I wouldn’t have to end on this guy.

Alas… but tonight IS 2 hours so we’ll see what we get out of that 🙂

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