American Idol – Day 2 Auditions

Sorry, couldn’t think of a clever title. Not sure why. I guess it’s just because it was a pretty run of the mill episode. Lots of good talent, over dramatic judges stealing the show, same old. The nice thing, as was brought up by said judges, was how many awesomely talented females that San Francisco and Arkansas had! If the auditions continue to go like this, we’re gonna be in for one heck of a season. And if they don’t, then something tells me the winner is going to come from Arkansas or San Francisco!

I will say, even with all the talented ladies, of my top 3, a guy did happen to make it. Though if I had picked a top 5, there would still probably only be one guy. So with that, let’s talk about my favorites. I couldn’t put them in order this time. I don’t know if they were all that good or just that none of them were good enough to warrant me declaring them my favorite. Or maybe it’s just because I liked them all for very different reasons.

Let’s talk about the boy first.

Dalton Rapattoni – 19 year old from Dallas, TX
Song: Phantom of the Opera

Dalton was great. When I hear vocal coach, I usually assume it’s someone who tried to make it but maybe didn’t have that kind of luck. This guy was different. And he proved that with his song choice. Taking Broadway and giving it the American Idiot treatment? And then doing it really well? I mean, that’s a win win win to me. I’m not sure how far the guy is going to get, but the fact that he brought such an original song choice makes me hope he’ll make it to the live show. At least for the time being. Things could always change the more contestants I see.


Olivia Rox – 16 year old from Agoura Hills, CA
Song: When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

So apparently this little lady was also on Americas Got Talent, but since I don’t watch that, I’ll forgive her for trying out for multiple shows. And honestly I’ll forgive her just because I liked her so much! Obviously I love a musician and she somewhat proved she can play multiple instruments. She really did remind me a little of Kelly Clarkson (minus the being from a quasi-famous musician family). I will say that I think of everyone I’ve seen so far, I think she has some of the most potential to make it to the live show. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her.

Tristan McIntosh – 15 year old from 
Song: Why Baby Why

Ok so I know, there was her whole story with her mom and all. I’d be lying if I said tears weren’t shed. How can you watch those homecoming surprises and not? I mean those things are just the sweetest. But I have to say that usually people with those kinds of stories, I tend to not like – just because – why need the story? But luckily for Tristan, she was freaking great. Plus she played the piano. I really can’t decide if I like Tristan or Olivia more… but I guess I have time to work that one out.


And now for some honorable mentions:

La’Porsha Renae – There have been so many good versions of this song on this show (and by contestants post-show), so obviously I have to compare. I think she definitely held her own in that it was different enough and still good. I’m just not a huge fan of the runners. But for a runner I enjoyed her. She did the runs better than anyone I’ve seen so far this season.

The montage singers (Jessica Clarke, Ameet Kanon and Kayla Mickelson) – I thought all of these girls seemed really good, but since they were montaged together I feel like I didn’t really get to form an opinion. As such, I will continue with my lack of  formal opinion, until I see them again.

Brandyn Burnett – Ok for one, I really liked his original song. Sure the lyrics were a little amateurish, but I couldn’t have written that song. And honestly I was a little jealous of Harry being able to hold him while he played piano, even though I did think it was supes unprofessional for Harry to do that but, it is what it is at this point.


Some other thoughts on the show:

  1. People, stop bringing your babies. I get it, you’re proud of your kid. Maybe you think they give you a better shot because who wants to tell you no, when you’re holding a cute little baby (lord knows they can’t say no when you bring your Larger than Life American Idol fan parents to the audition). It’s annoying. The sob stories can be bad enough but we don’t need your baby there.
  2. Also, don’t bring live animals. I feel like that should just be a given anyway, but apparently it’s not so lets just make sure we all get that memo.
  3. Finally, ladies, and yes, Brook Sample we’re all looking at you. Please, repeat after me: Sorry, not sorry. Stop apologizing! Is it to get more compliments or is it a lack of confidence? I really can’t tell. Brook, if you’re reading this, which I suppose is possible since I’ve had an Idol or two google their name and find this blog (for better or worse), please read this article and then please stop apologizing. I think at this point it’s just like a vocalized pause for you, and not an actual apology, but you really shouldn’t.
  4. Finally, Cameron Richard (pronounced Rish-aah-ed). You’re so cute. I don’t know how far you’ll go, but I can appreciate you audition, and what I basically wanted to point out is that Harry was spot on. Check out Young Paul McCartney next to Cameron:


And with that, we have until next week when we see another round of hopefuls! Cheers.

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