American Idol – The Final Countdown


Yes that’s right friends. The final days of Idol are upon us. We just had the final premiere which I’m sure is only the beginning of a long list of final things to happen in the next few months. I’m in a year of positivity, well, attempted positivity so I’m trying to stay positive about the potential contestants for this upcoming season. I also created a great new drinking game for the audition rounds, where you basically take a shot every time someone references the next time/season/audition/etc. By my count there were only 3 last night, but I have a feeling we’ll get a few more.

Denver and Atlanta were not disappointing. I had a bit of a difficult time deciphering which auditions took place in which cities… but nevertheless, it was enjoyable. And that kind of stuff you can figure out later, if it even mattered at all. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t.

By my count there were 18 auditions plus Kanye (who I have to say *please don’t shame me* I really enjoyed seeing. Maybe it’s because I know Ellen likes him, that I feel like he can’t be that bad a guy, but he seemed really adorable and goofy while there. I’m sure he only did it as a favor to Seacrest anyway).  Am I the only one that liked him? It wouldn’t surprise me. The group I chat with while I watched certainly wasn’t entertained but what can I say, I’m easily amused 🙂

So of the 18 auditions there were 3 that I think we could see again on that live stage, if things go right for them. There were a lot that I think will make it through to group night and then there was really only one that I had to ask myself why they would take them.

So my Top 3 for the evening were as follows (in order of best to 3rd best)

Jeneve Mitchell, 15 years old from Denver, CO.
Song: Chainsaw by The Band Perry

I have to say I was drinking the haterade pretty strongly on this girl, pre-audition. You really ONLY turn your power on for American Idol? How is that even possible? And why did everyone you were with have beautifully blow dryed hair? Maybe you’re just taking advantage of the luxuries of the big City and so I’ll take it, but the whole generator only to watch Idol thing… the only thing I can think is that they didn’t live off the grid when the show started and when PapaBear said they were going off grid she was like – ONLY if we can still keep watching Idol. Anyway, let’s talk about her audition. She surprised me with a pick like The Band Perry. I feel like when you live off the grid you’re only listening to music on your record player and you come out singing Loretta Lynn (which I would’ve been ok with) but you picked a current band and pretty much crushed the song. You know I love a character and I love a musician and this girl hits all those notes. As most characters, I’m going to assume she makes it to group week and then can’t find a group that gets her and ends up leaving shortly thereafter, but I’m really hoping she does make it to the live show, only because I’m team “interesting people who can sing” this year, not just “people who can sing”.

It really hurt me last season when all the good characters got voted off one by one and the same old drab 20 year old white boys ended up in the top 2. I know I was a huge Clark Beckham fan but I honestly regret it. I think the finale (and corresponding tour) would’ve been SOO much better had the likes of Quentin and Joey made it. Jax was the only saving grace of that top 3. You were robbed girl. PS – have you heard her new single La La Land? I really like it. And I liked the message. I wonder what the Idol folks think of it?

Joshua Wicker, 25 year old from Jacksonville, FL
Song: Stay by Rhianna 

Ok I realize what I just said about 20 year old white guys. But I mean, when one is good you can’t count them out. They probably have a better chance by birth, than 60% of the rest of the idol contestants. If he should’ve got a no from anyone, it’s that wife who has to be home with the baby until he’s done on Idol. I mean, if he wins, great, but if he doesn’t, he just missed the first few months of his kids life. Was that really worth it? I’m not gonna say whether it is or not, that’s his call. I just know if I was that lady I’d be like – sorry for your luck pal, no auditions while I’m home with the babe. Maybe his wife’s just nicer than I am. She’s certainly hotter than I am. haha.

Sonika Vaid, 20 year old from Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Song: Look at Me by Carrie Underwood 

If you weren’t paying attention this audition could’ve been forgettable. It didn’t have any stupid kitsch. There was no gimmick. It was just a girl with a great voice, singing a song that was perfectly picked, and doing it very well. She may go against my better judgment of wanting interesting people, but maybe she’s just shy and hasn’t opened up yet. She could be super interesting and with a voice like that I’m definitely willing to listen again, both for more lovely tunes, and something interesting that would make her star worthy!

As for the people I think deserve an honorable mention, in no particular order they are as follows:

Shelbie Z – I don’t totally know that I would’ve remembered her had she not sung Last Name, but as soon as she opened her mouth, I remembered. The Voice, Season 5. And she sang the same song. That was actually what bothered me the most. I just wanted to hear something different. Sure it got you onto The Voice, but honestly that already bothers me (just try out for Idol, or The Voice. Don’t try out for every TV singing competition you can find).

Michelle Marie – Sweet girl. And a better voice than I thought she’d have (but how could you not immediately assume she’d be in what with it being the first audition of the last season? We aren’t stupid!). I just didn’t get her always wearing homecoming dresses.

Josiah Siska – He was fine, but we’ve had Scotty McCreery. It’s been done.

Reanna Molinaro – I mostly liked that she handcuffed Harry. Sometimes I wish someone could handcuff his mouth shut. I was worried she’d just be a gimmick because of the cop stuff but I actually liked her Patsy Cline performance.

As for the rest, we’ll see if they make it to be seen again on the TV and then maybe I’ll mention them there.

Just some thoughts on the first show though:

  1. Ugh that guy that brought his fan club or whatever that was with him. What a skeeze. Was it just me that thought he was skeezy?
  2. What did everyone think about watching a future divorce take place on live television?Awkward-Unique
  3. Confession. That yodeler, Sylvia Walker, that everyone was making fun of for her stream of consciousness talking… I just have to say that if you ever meet me, or know me, you know that when I get into story telling mode (most notably with my bosses for some reason), I am practically this girl. No accent, but this is basically me. I feel like I’ve seen that look on Keiths face, in the eyes of both my bosses when I get on a roll. What can I say? I’m an enthusiastic talker from time to time.
  4. I hope those of you that read this thought the same as me when Billy Bob got the no vote (the first of the night) and were thinking that Mr. Narrator Seacrest missed an opportunity…

    billy bob crier
  5. And as an addition to #4, do you know what Billy Bob is looking like nowadays? A lot healthier! Good on ya, Billy Bob!

billy bob

And with that, we move on to Audition Night Dos.

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