American Idol – Season 14 and the Winner Is…

This was a really interesting and entertaining finale.

I went in with a bad attitude. The performers seemed kind of lame. Either outdated or too new for met to have heard of. And then there were the remaining two contestants (who I tried not to even focus on because really they’re usually featured relatively little in the finale) were boring.

The show, I thought, was fantastic. It was one of the better finales with a myriad of great performances and that’s all I ever wanted in this show. So thanks for that, American Idol! I watched the finale and just kind of wrote out free thought style… so, enjoy!

So, all that said about how great the finale was… That first song…

brit kinda bad

Sorry, but that was just really bad. Really bad. The imperfections in Clarks voice were abundantly noticeable and the song… I mean, Fall Out Boy? Meh… Not a fantastic show opener, but the show would go up from there.

Tyanna Jones and The Jacksons 
“I’ll Be There/ABC/I Want You Back”

Ok so, I think Tyanna sounded as good, if not WAY BETTER than The Jacksons. I get that everyone sings with someone but I mean, I just like Tyanna. She didn’t really seem to fit in with them like I thought she would. I bet she’d fit Janet and Michael. Not these 3. I definitely think Tyanna has the best moves of anyone that was on Idol this year.

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1980:  Photo of Janet Jackson  Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Top 06 Girls with Nile Rodgers
“We Are Family/Le Freak/I’ll Be There/Good Times”

This just makes me MISS Sarina, and was Adannas voice really that good? And man do I miss Joey, that feeling hasn’t gone away. This is so good. If anyone could grab that lost look Maddie had at one point, I’d appreciate that to add to my gif cache (I got an image but it’s not the same). This grouping of songs was amazing. I hope they did that rap in as a tribute?

Top 05 Boys with Ricky Martin
“Mr. Put it Down/Living La Vida Loca/She Bangs/Cup of Life”

Ricky Martin is super hot, there is no denying. This song is crap. Thank god he likes a medley too! They’re like the sampler platter of music. And sampler platters are my favorite. I loved Quentin singing Livin La Vida Loca but when they were singing with Ricky to She Bangs, totes my favorite.

Adanna Duru with Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae singing my new favorite song! I love this Yoga song. The whole first verse is like, the best right now. Did you actually catch the lyrics?

Finale - 03AdannaJanelle

I knew a guy was gonna sing with her but he did not look like I expected. haha. I love this song so much. My favorite is when she’s like “So get off my areola” I mean, what a line. That’s writing, right there.

Prince Roy, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull
“Back It Up” 

I have never heard of Prince Roy (or is it Prince Royce? I couldn’t tell) but I like the name. Sounds fancy. Is it just me though, or does he sound like someone you’d hear on the new Finding Nemo movie soundtrack. It just sounds like a disney song. I liked it a lot more when JLo joined it in though. And it was definitely out of the disney category once Pitbull joined in.

Joey Cook with Echosmith
“Cool Kids”

Do I like this song? I kind of do. I see myself singing along to it occasionally. Maybe I do, but I don’t think it’s enough for the iTunes purchase (I’m out of the gift card money so I have to be more flexible). Do I like this song? I’d say about a minute and a half through the song I was over it. There’s actually some radio station that only plays the first minute and thirty seconds of songs. I think it’s a brilliant idea because most new songs are too long and most people now have way shorter attention spans. I mean, Billy Joel said cut it down to 3:05 but I say why not 90 seconds? This is 2015. But seriously, how much does this make you miss Joey? She’s so fun to watch.

Keith Urban
“Even the Stars Fall For U” 

Finale - 04Keith

Keith is the best. How can anyone not like him?

Rayvon Owen with Jamie Foxx 
“In Love By Now”

Um ok, so I think if I had to pick a favorite song tonight, vocally, it would 100% without question be this performance. What a great job. Jamie Foxx did way better than I thought he’d do. Although I never thought he’d do poorly, I just dont’ think I’ve really heard him sing anything slow. Plus next to Rayvon, I could see him sounding worse, but their voices blended perfectly. I really hope this one gets on iTunes because I’ll definitely get it!

I loved seeing Clark and Nick giving the cars to their musical mentors. I love seeing that kind of stuff. Always makes me tear up a little bit.


Daniel Seavey with New Kids on the Block
“Step By Step/Hangin’ Tough/The Right Stuff”

Daniel playing with 5 grown up better singing Daniels – it’s like they’re playing with 1991 Joey McIntyre… so that made it quite fitting that they opened the song together. This is just getting my teenage heart RAGING. There’s something about seeing Jordan on stage that just makes me swoon, to this day. Daniel who? Their moves have kind of slowed down a little bit but that’s ok. They literally played all but one of my favorite songs so how can I be mad? (But I mean, if you could’ve played Tonight, that would’ve been great).

Quentin Alexander with Vance Joy

I wonder if people ever get to request acts to play with them or if it’s just first come first serve of who’s available? I don’t see why Quentin would pick Vance Joy but I could see a producer looking at a list and thinking they’d be good together. Maybe he said he wanted to sing with them – I have no idea. Either way I really liked it.

Chris Brown and Pitbull (oh was Qaasim Middleton there too?) 

Is the background music for this Beat It? Also when Pitbull came out did anyone think that the last time he was out it was a different person? I feel like he looked really different performing with JLo than he did when he performed with Chris Brown. It was him both times, right? I didn’t really feel like I heard Qaasim sing anything but that’s ok. I hate Chris Brown so I was trying to not even really pay attention, to be honest.

Jax with Steven Tyler
“Love is Your Name/Piece of My Heart”

I just… his voice reminds me of my childhood. Well, high school. I know I wasn’t obsessed with early Aerosmith at first and I certainly can’t claim to be because most of the stuff I liked came out when I was in middle school/high school, not when my mom was. Basically from Get a Grip on, although when Nine Lives came out, I started going in reverse order. That was also when we saw them on tour. I think they only sang like, 2 songs from that album. haha. Rightfully so. It’s not a bad album though. Ok so back to Steven and now with Jax – I loved them singing Piece of my Heart and it just made me mad that Jax isn’t in the running, all over again. I also really enjoyed Jax’s weird walking in front of the judges – again, gif makers, if you would… maybe I need to figure out how to get in the gif making business.

Clark Beckham with Michael McDonald
“Takin’ It to the Streets”

I’m glad Clark is having fun with this (even though it’s a repeat song… which now I’m sure means Nick will also be doing a repeat song). I do like the kind of dueling pianos feel. The only thing I like more than one piano, is dueling pianos.

Finale - 05pianos

Nothing modern but I can’t say it was bad. I did enjoy it. I think he’s… actually I wonder if he’s really who anyone wants to win? I mean, Nick is the hotter of the two. But Clark is the one you bring home to dad. But Nick feels that way too sort of, I mean, he’s hot so dad should be fine with him…

Nick Fradiani with Andy Grammar (aka – Nicks doppelganger) 
“Back Home/Honey I’m Good”

Ok so Nick, what did I say about repeat songs? REPEAT SONGS NICK. At least it was just a little bit of repeat. I’ll allow it. Only because i’m having a hard time telling the difference between Nick and this lead singer. They could be brothers. How do so many people know this band/this second song? I’ve never heard of this band. First time was when Nick sang it the first time. This was an entertaining little performance.

*Side note, it really is nice to see how much fun the contestants seem to be having tonight.

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.
“Diamonds/Locked Out of Heaven”

I wasn’t sure I’d like the judges performance after last years weird weird weird… (what other word could you use?) performance… Locked out of heaven was my fave.

And now, the massive moment, a culmination of a season of hard work – according to Ryan.

And the winner is………………………..


Finale - 06Nick

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