American Idol – Season 14 Finale – Part I

I have to say, watching the first five minutes, I was pretty ready to turn off the show. In fact, let me just vent out some re-tweeted twitter feelings and my own personal feelings as I was watching the opening of the show… These people kind of sum up a lot of my feelings.


Finale - Tweet02


And as for what I tweeted out at the results of the instant elimination:

Finale - Tweet01

The truly worse part was that I tried switching to the O’s game instead and they were losing 10-2… my night was turning into a very literal lose-lose scenario. Not to mention having to fight with one of the guys I watch Idol with because they tried to say that Nick and/or Clark were just as creative as Jax….

eye roll

The thing people don’t realize is that as they’ve voted off the contestant that gave the best show (of the remaining 3, and arguably of the season), while they were saving people “just good enough” – they’ve wound up with 2 pretty attractive guys who are utterly BORING. The shows been getting progressively more boring as the entertaining acts have been voted off (Joey, Quentin, and now Jax) and we’re left with a guy stuck in another era, and a guy who sings karaoke versions of bad songs.

I know, it’s hard to believe that I’m talking bad about my boy Clark. I did like him for a looooong time, but over the course of a few months, he’s done nothing with song choice to show any kind of sense of modernity, and while hotter, is showing signs of being the next Taylor Hicks. Nick is basically just a really good karaoke singer. He is Kris Allen, David Cook, Lee Dewyze and to some extent, he’s Phillip Phillips. The list goes ON and ON. And what do all of these guys have in common (excluding Phillip Phillips), they’re some of the least successful winners in Idol history, and this upcoming Idol, he will fall right into that trap as well. The great thing about Jax (and Quentin and Joey) was her originality and her artistry. She created and had a vision for a show. I don’t think Clark or Nick have that originality in their pinky finger.

no shade

The only hopeful caveat is that Nick never sang any of his original music on Idol. Maybe it’s unique. Maybe he’s some great songwriter that we just don’t know about… but I mean, can’t we all agree that if the songs were good, he would’ve tried to debut a few? Ala the contestants from last season? Maybe the producers said “no original music” this season – I can’t, off hand, think of any live shows that featured original music – although this season, are there that many original songwriters? Did any of them bill themselves as such? I mean I’m sure they’ve all written songs but were they any good? In case you are interested in hearing any of Nick’s original music, you can look here (oh hey Mumford and Sons knock-offs).

Anyway, I’ll try not to be too bitter as I go through each round:

Round 01: Clark “Georgia on My Mind” and Nick “Bright Lights”

Winner: Nick (barely) and definitely NOT the audience.

I HATE repeat song choices as a theme. That’s why I say that we the audience lost. And while they may not have done it 3 times like they did last season, they still did it twice, which is still too much for me. How many songs are there in the world that they would ever need to repeat a performance? But that’s not the fault of the contestants.

Clarks version of George On My Mind was one of my favorite performances of the season. It reminded me of a lot of what I loved about Clark early on in the competition. Disguised amongst a bunch of other contestants he seemed flawless, and early on he was… but his problem is that he never grew and this song this time, it was just a reminder that he was good. This performance wasn’t as good as the first, but it was good. As for Nick, it was a better performance for him that it was on the Top 05 week (which is why I decided to give it to him). It was still a shitty song by a quasi-shitty 90’s band. I mean these two with their song choices… you’re KILLING ME. I mean, fine you sang it well, but I need songs with meaning and with emotion. Now’s a good time to bring up an article I read about how White Dudes with Guitars Ruined American Idol.

Finale - UltimateIdol

Round 02: Clark “Aint No Sunshine” and Nick “I Won’t Give Up”

Winner: Clark-y boy.

It’s interesting that Clark got off the piano and stepped up to the guitar, but it was a good move. It honestly made me like him more. Maybe he wouldn’t be a terrible Idol? Yes. Yes he would. I can’t discredit a good performance but I can say he wouldn’t be a good American Idol. Not without a few more years of solid experience. And mostly it was better than Nick because I consider Jason Mraz to literally be the WORST song choice and anyone who picks him, I know I’m going to hate. No shade to Jason Mraz. The shade only goes to the guys who wanna be him. Guess what guys, he’s already him. And it’s just all terrible. That’s the only way I see it. He might as well have sung I’ll Be.

Round 03: Clark “Champion” and Nick “Beautiful Life”

Winner: Nick by a LANDSLIDE.

The thing is, Clarks song was SO bad. I mean really really bad. Those weird like, talk-y pauses… I don’t even know what to call it. It just wasn’t right. I don’t think it had to be a terrible song, the lyrics weren’t too bad, but like, the way he sang it I just didn’t get it. It was so weird and terrible. As for Nicks song, it was way better. Was it good? Yeah. Was it boring? For sure. Will it get him the win tonight? Probably.

And now, we move onto the Idol Finale, Part II to learn who will not make American Idol any money…

bethanny fell asleep

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