American Idol – You’ve Got to Steal the Show

Well, I have to say as far as this season is concerned, this was one of my favorite episodes. It was filled with fantastic music (I’m beginning to wonder if other people shouldn’t be picking the songs for the contestants more often?)

Top03 - Focusgroups

And by focus groups, I mean me.

To me it just makes sense to have people who know what they are doing, to help steer the contestants toward the right song choices. Or give them a better list of songs! I think either would be helpful. I thought all the picks were completely spot on tonight though as far as the judges and Scott Borchetta’s picks. So without further ado, let’s talk about the night, and who thought the winner of each round was!

Round 1: Borchetta Pick


Winner: Jax – My Generation

This was a perfect song. I’ve been thinking about it and I feel like Borchetta is really rooting for Jax. I think he sees her as an artist he can definitely work with, and who fits his model unlike some of the other contestants*. That’s just me personally.


And with the perfect song choice – I think Jax definitely won round one. She stands out from the boys which is always a plus! It was definitely a perfect song for her. She does gritty (and broken down) better than anyone else on this show. She just throws so much emotion into her performances unlike the remaining contestants, and I really appreciate that.

*I think he would’ve liked to see Tyanna or Quentin do well, too. 

**Side note – I would also like to take this time out to recognize Scott for being 1 million times the mentor that Randy Jackson was. He’s no Jimmy Iovine (who will always be my number 1) but thank god he’s no Randy Jackson either. 

And final note, did Jax’s key necklace remind anyone of anything?


Runner Up: Nick Fradiani – Because The Night

I seriously love this song. For so many reasons. None related to Nick (obvs) – did you know that Jimmy Iovine produced it? True story. The Patti Smith one, not the 10,000 maniacs one. I heard the 10,000 maniacs one first… unfortunately also a true story. I thought Nick did a great job. Nothing completely standout but definitely and solidly second best of this round. If he did nothing else, he brought an energy to the early part of the show, which I appreciated.

Rayvon Owen – Want to Want Me

Did I say he should sing a Jason Derulo song? Because I think I did. Also, I don’t know if ever thought I’d say these words… but I’m over the falsetto. It makes me feel like he’s a one trick pony and he keeps pulling that trick out at the end of his number. It’s almost annoying to me at this point. He needs to go at least one song tonight without it. Preferably 2. Actually, ideally it would’ve been 3 but obviously that can’t happen now.

Clark Beckham – Beautiful Day

“I wanna be comfortable being uncomfortable” – sorry brah, but I don’t see U2 making you uncomfortable. Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, any kind of heavy metal – that is what I see making you uncomfortable. U2 is practically what you already sing. and I could actually see him singing day to day. The bigger problem – I seriously hate this song. And most of U2 (anything that isn’t on the Joshua Tree album). I was in the vicinity of a U2 concert once in Baltimore and all you could hear was Bono talking! No one wants your opinion on crap AT A CONCERT. Do it in an interview. Not while you’re on stage. People paid good money (for some reason) to hear you sing, so how about you do that? I do think Clark did a fine, tied for 3rd best job in this round, except for that one note he held for a second too long (twice). Other than that it was great.

Round 2: Hometown Pick 


Winner: Nick Fradiani – Guilford, CT – Back Home

Was it just me or was the Mayor of Guilford, CT or the Governor of CT? Who was it? It doesn’t matter (It was the governor, Dannel Malloy). He looks like a more rugged version of Stephen Colbert to me. I’m probably totally wrong. Shit I can’t even remember if it was the Mayor or Gov? I love that Nick plays with his dad. I’d never heard the song Nick sang, but I really liked it! Again with a fantastic song choice. I still consider Nick somewhat average, but he had the best song choice and a good enough performance to put him in as the winner for me.

Runner Up Also Winner: Jax – East Brunswick, NJ – My Immortal

I wish she would’ve sung “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” but My Immortal was lovely. I read earlier she was dedicating it to a classmate. These songs remind me that Jax actually has a really great voice. I thought this was a great song. This maybe should’ve been the winner and really it was probably tied for winner. I mean, it had piano, it had great vocals, it had emotion… it had every single thing it needed to have. Bravo Jax. You are 2 for 2, lady!

Clark Beckham – White House, TN – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

“I have a dream… to do music… for the rest of my life” – Clark Beckham

Isn’t that poetic? haha. Not exactly MLK. Anyway, I really liked this performance. I think Harry fights for Clark because Harry is a lot like Clark. They have an older genre that they have to make sound new. I’m with Keith wanting to hear angst. I loooooove angst.


Rayvon Owen – Richmond, VA – As

So, I was basically an hour or so from where Rayvon was on Saturday. I only realized it when we were at a gas station and I saw a headline in the local paper about it. I thought about trying to convince my husband to take a detour but was all “landscaping this” and “vegetables that” and “we’re already 3 hours from home” – we were on our way home from here – and decided against it. I’m just curious what it would look like to see it in person… Maybe another time. Though it seems I could’ve met Elliott Yamin, and he was a favorite of mine, mostly for this.  So anyway, this performance was fine, but kind of forgettable. I did like that he seemed a little more into his performance, which I think could’ve really helped him if this wasn’t the Top 4 but maybe around the Top 8.

 Judges Pick


Winner: Combo – Clark with a Rayvon chaser.

Clark Beckham – Earned It

Well, the song was called “Earned It” and I think it’s what the judges were kind of insinuating to Clark that if he wants it, he has to earn it. Clark definitely earned it. Wow. Well, you earned enough of my love to win this round. I don’t know that it earned you the victory of the night, but having a strong last song is more important than having a good first two songs (as long as they aren’t wretched performances). And the suit didn’t hurt. Did he sing any Adele this season? Because I feel like a good way for him to show he’s modern, is to sing some Adele. He kind of seems like he wants to be a male Adele, a bit like Sam Smith… maybe he could sing some Sam Smith but that’s too close a comparison and Sam Smith’s voice is better so it wouldn’t work. But he should sing that Adele song “Don’t You Remember?” What’s great is that that is an angsty song, so just by singing it he’s halfway to the angst we all desire.

Rayvon Owen – You Are So Beautiful

This was perfection. I knew from the moment I heard the first notes that I was going to love this. And I looooved it. I luuurrvved it. I wanted to make out with it. The guys are just bringing the panty melters late in the game. Clark was one thing but then Rayvon so closely after? I mean come on… this is too much too soon.

Jax – Misery Business

Ok so does Ryan always have a back-up blazer? He must, right? This was fine but it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I really wish she’d finished on a higher note. I mean, it wasn’t bad for me, just the weird lilting parts of it. It didn’t fit for me. Maybe it was the acoustic piece? Would I have liked it more with a full band? Maybe… We’ll never know I guess. But JLo’s advice was on point. You’ve Got to Steal the Show (at the END of the show). This was just such a weird arrangement and she seemed weird on stage with it. It wasn’t like she sang poorly at all, it was just a bad song. Judges, sorry but you were the weakest link this round.

Nick Fradiani – I’ll Be.

Keith Mother F-Ing Urban – who has watched Idol and hasn’t heard this song?




This was only the perfect song because I think it should remind everyone how average this song is and how average a Nick Fradiani concert would be. I mean, he’s still average for famous person talent levels, not normal person talent levels. It’s a different category that he’s in but he’s still average among the famous and even that’s tough. Does that even make sense? I think it does?

 And with that, we said goodnight to Rayvon and we move on to a pretty solid Top 3. I’m pretty pumped about next week and I hope the song choices don’t let me down!

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