American Idol – What’s in a Theme?

So, as some of you may know, we’ve been a little preoccupied with things in Charm City. Going into tonight, I had no idea what the theme would be, and I honestly wasn’t sure it would even be on because of all the “breaking news” interruptions. Anyway, at first I was bummed that I haven’t even had the energy to do anything fun in the last few days.

Anyway, I missed most of the intro to the show because the Police Commissioner was giving a press conference and I thought that might be a little more important to watch.

My friend Stephanie and I sitting in front of the Commissioner at Opening Day

My friend Stephanie and I sitting in front of the Commissioner at Opening Day

Although it really didn’t provide new information so that was a bit of a waste… if anything it’s just frustrating. I was back when the singing started though (and still checking back for updates on CNN during commercials – maybe commercials are good for something).

Ok so the theme as far as I could gather was – “Judges Hometowns” and “Songs that represent Gravy”?

Also, just to quickly mention who the contestants met at Big Machine Records – A Style Icon lady, A&R, PR and Marketing… Ok first of all I still don’t get what A&R is after the explanation. The audio image? What does that even mean? I feel like even though Scott brought these 4 contestants to 4 other people and yet to me they seem like they all do the same thing. I mean, if nothing else, I think it all falls under PR, right? The only thing I gathered from talking to any of these people was Scotts concept of “Start with crazy and walk backwards”. I love that kind of advice. I think that might be my new “ideas motto”

Clark Beckham

A song for NY (which really has to be the easiest, right?) – Living for the City

Clark, listen, I really like you. And I see how Stevie Wonder fits your voice just wonderfully… but how many Stevie Wonder songs have you done now since you started auditioning? I’ll tolerate it this time because you do it well (the piano always helps), but you worry me with these song selections that you’re going to turn into Taylor Hicks when I’d rather you go the way of Timerblake. You know? Let Justin be your spirit animal! I still want to like you the most but you’re losing me.

Gravy Song: Your Man 

Ok just quickly – I LOVE RASCALL FLATTS!! Listen Clark. The thing about this song is that, it’s been done. While you’re quite different from Scotty McCreery, Scotty’s is the only version I want to hear. I want that deep country voice telling me to lock the door and turn the lights down low.

I was really put off by Clark saying “If this song loses me the competition, then I don’t want to win it” – that kind of turned me off. I’m totally with Scott saying he’s on the fast track to the Holiday Inn because I mean, where’s Taylor Hicks right now? Furthermore, I really didn’t like anything about this performance. I mean, it was sung well but it lacked any kind of desire… which I think Scotty brought to it (as much as he could). I’m also with JLo wondering how this was his Gravy song because I don’t see how this song is what Clark is at his core.

(just calling that she’ll obvs do a NY song as she’s from there)

A(nother) song for NY: Empire State of Mind Part II

I never knew that there was a Part II to Empire State of Mind… Is this just Alicia Keys version on her own cd? I mean, I think Jay-Z did it a bit better… there’s a reason I know that one and not this one. I don’t think I really liked Jax’s performance but I think it had more to do with the song. I did like the raspy-ness that her cold gave her (or whatever she was ill with). I think I would’ve just rather her perform the Hova version. What’s unfortunate, for both Nick and Jax, is that they apparently have dogs named Jeter… so I feel like I have to hate them (even though they’re from NY which is usually the only acceptable yankee fan). I guess at least they aren’t named Rodriguez.

a rod roids

Gravy Song: Human

This was my favorite performance of the night (since Quentin and Joey didn’t break in to sing their own songs… which would’ve been great). My only complaints would be the one really loud background singer, and that kind of really long pause that she had in the middle. I can’t say a single other bad thing. Oh and also she looked really uncomfortable at the end when the song was over.

Top04 - Jax

Nick Fradiani

A Song for ______ – Bright Lights

Is this a NY song? Nashville? Wikipedia says they’re from Florida? (and here we go again with themes that don’t fit…) It’s called Bright Lights so maybe it’s about NY? Is this the first Matchbox 20 song? It can’t be (Just checked. It’s the 3rd thanks to Sam Woolf and Phillip Phillips). I thought this performance was fine. He’s like, a better hotter version of a few former Idol contestants. I mean, he’s enjoyable but he’s just not a showstopper to me and I hate that he’s now peaking. I can’t deny it. JLo is right. It’s just that like, for me, he’d be a great show opener. That’s kind of how I feel about him. And then maybe he becomes a Rob Thomas or like, John Mayer but then there’s all those Ryan Cabrera’s who like, maybe have a career maybe they don’t. Maybe it’s that he reminds me too much of Kris Allen? I can’t figure out why I don’t like about him. WHAT IS IT? I think it’s just every song choice is so expected. He lacks any kind of surprise to his performances (ok I’m really starting to miss Quentin now).

Gravy Song: What Hurts The Most

This was another fine song choice for Nick. Still not totally surprising but maybe a little more since it’s technically a country song? He just never changes anything. I’m gonna be so mad when he’s in the Top 2.

done with you


I like him so much more without a hat on. I hope the marketing lady said “you should take that stupid hat off”. If I were marketing him, that’s most definitely the first thing I’d say.

(Finally) A Song for Nashville – Need You Now

This song was gorgeous. There’s no denying that Rayvon has the best voice of anyone on this season of show. It’s impeccable. He’ll make a great 4th place (or 3rd if Clark keeps letting me down). If Nick is the Rob Thomas of this season, Rayvon is the Kenny G.

Gravy Song: Believe

The thing I really liked about this performance was that it really felt like this was Rayvon. To me the song Believe is like, kind of a love letter from Justin Beiber to his fans, and if anyone deserves a love letter from Rayvon, it’s his fans keeping him there through 4 saves and a vote to stay in this week. This was my favorite performance and my favorite vocal of the night. And when he said he dedicated it to his mom?



Ok so – 1. Did they let her pick which song she’d sing or was this her song for the Judges City, in which case – did no one have a song about New Orleans (besides Harry)? 2. Couldn’t they have just let her perform her song first? Would that have been that big of a deal?

I’m not sure how I feel about going back to the voted off contestant singing after being voted off – BUT – I mean at this point you have to be kind of proud of the position you’re finishing in. You’re on the tour, and Tyanna – she picked a PERFECT song to leave on (whether she feared going home or not). She made me excited. She almost made me forget she was voted off minutes ago. I think I would’ve preferred to hear at the end of the night, but doing it in the middle, I guess at least there’s still more show? It’s less sad? I don’t know…

And with that, we move on to the Top 4! Pretty excited for next week 🙂

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