American Idol – Quasi-Arena Anthems (as expected)

Ok so was it just me or did tonight kind of suck? When I finished watching last night, it was kind of a mix of the following emotions:

Top07 - Notcool

Know my Pain

I have to admit I was a little heartbroken that Quentin went home when I think it was clear that he’d be the better of the two to take on the tour…but then I thought about it a little more, and honestly, since Joey is also out, I’m thinking that the tour isn’t even where it’s at. It’s at [the party that is] the Quentin Alexander/Joey Cook concert! I mean that’s where the performances are. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Clark/Jax/Tyanna in concert, but I’d rather see Clark, maybe with Tyanna opening for him, and then a secondary concert with Quentin/Joey. I mean, no they don’t have the best voices, but they can clearly put on the best show. So, now I feel more at peace with them keeping Rayvon.

Top06 - believe you


Ok I’m lying, I’m really going to miss not having Quentin performing (and I missed Joey more than I thought I would). Quentin got the boot because he’s not going to acquiesce to cheesetastic group performances, in general. This show cannot mold to his idea of artistry and for that, he’s better without them. ::justbeokwithitKelly::

Tonights episode just felt different and not as enjoyable as a night of Arena Anthems should be. What struck me though – this season – is that we don’t have any of those big female voices along the likes of Candice Glover, Jessica Sanchez, Jennifer Hudson, etc, etc, etc. So I think I kind of knew going into this that I just wouldn’t be impressed with many of the performances and I was right – I wasn’t. Although I was more unimpressed with the song selection than I was with the singing. I wasn’t aware that Yesterday, Heaven or that Sam Smith song, were Arena Anthems. It’s to be expected though. It shouldn’t have even been a theme they tackled when no one is that kind of performer (this season, at this point. Sarina hasn’t been on the show in WEEKS). I know you think they’ll fill arenas (they will) and be great (meh), but they just don’t seem like – super power singers – to me.

Also just to hopefully cut down on words, I’m combining my critique of the performances. You’re welcome. 

Jax – Are You Gonna Be My Girl Guy/White Flag
Arena Anthems sung: .5

Are either of these Arena Anthems? I can’t say I consider Jet or Dido sell-out arena performers. But I digress (until the next performer). I don’t usually have a problem with changing lyrics but I did not like her saying guy. It really bothered me. Can’t say exactly why, but honestly that was all I could think about while she was singing this. I think it was the way she had to extend the word “guy”? I will say her energy was good to start the show with and when she did get to her second number, all was forgiven. White Flag was my performance of the night. It was wonderfully understated and simple and matched Jax’s voice perfectly. It was EXACTLY what she needed and she nailed it. And a piano never hurts #putapianoonit

Nick Fradiani – Harder to Breathe/Maggie May
Arena Anthems sung: 2.5

Way to be the only contestant to actually sing what I think are 2 arena anthem songs. I think Maroon 5 and Rod Stewart are definitely arena fillers. So as for the Maroon 5 song, Not bad. Predictable, fitting in his groove, and probably one of his best performances. Better than Jax’s first even. But for some reason, probably Clarks existence, Nick will just never be my favorite. But his song choices were my favorite tonight as far as “sticking to the theme” goes. And what a great choice Rod Stewart was! I hadn’t even thought about him but what a great pick. Why do I associate him with the NJ folks we were talking about last week? I’m like, 100% certain Rod Stewart is not from NJ. The accent is kind of a giveaway. But that’s the era, and Nick definitely owns it. I like that he’s found his zone. I mean, if you have to sound like an era, that’s not a bad one. I’m still not gonna vote for him though. Sorry bro.

Zacks Comment on Harder to Breathe: He’s better when the volume is lower ::as he turns down the volume::

Clark Beckham – Yesterday/Boyfriend
Arena Anthems sung: 3.0

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this was the first “this is not an anthem” song of the night. It also was probably definitely one of Clarks worst performances when it comes to pitch. If you want to see what it’s supposed to look like, check out Lea Michele. And Boyfriend was not only a bad song choice but a bad song. I mean don’t make me link to another Glee performance but Sam (whatever his real name is) sang it way better. Clark, I really like you but this was an off week and part of me wants to not vote for you just to punish you for this situation. I guess even the best can’t be “on” 100% of the time.

Tyanna Jones – Party in the USA/Heaven
Arena Anthems sung: 4.0

I think Part in the USA would qualify if nothing else than for the fact that I’m sure it’s on a Jock Jams somewhere. Who the F knows where Heaven became an anthem ANYWHERE. I actually really liked both of her performances. I think Party in the USA was the best of the first performances. While none of them really showed vocal ability, this one was a great performance which, on nights like tonight, I like the fun stuff and her singing wasn’t bad. That’s the most important thing. As for Heaven, the performance was fine but like,

Top05 - confused

How do contestants even pick songs they don’t know? What draws them to the song? And who suggests the song to them? The vocal coaches? Why would you suggest Bryan Adams for an Arena Anthem, and who even put that on the list of possible songs? No comprende.

Zack’s comment on Party in the USA: This isn’t supposed to be good, is it?

Quentin Alexander – Light My Fire/Shake It Out
Arena Anthems sung: 6.0

Well Quentin, way to be the only other person to sing 2 solid Arena Anthems. And SO SO well. Quentin picked two great songs. I didn’t know if he would perform them as great as I wanted, but he was one of the best combined performances of the night if you ask me. Light My Fire was fine, but Shake it Out was actually on fire. The only think that bothered me about any of it was stupid Harry at the end asking about auto-tune. STFU Harry. Come on. Ugh. I’m starting to really hate you. Don’t make me hate you.

Rayvon Owen – Something that wasn’t an anthem I’m Not the Only One/Go Your Own Way
Arena Anthems sung: 7.0

Honestly, when I knew Rayvon and Quentin were in the bottom I just wanted to hate Rayvon. Not for anything personal towards him but because I thought it wasn’t fair that Quentin was in the bottom mostly for his row with Harry last week. I mean I think we can all agree that’s the reason he went home, whether we want to bring it up or not. As for Rayvon, I didn’t love the first performance but the second one was hard to compete with. That falsetto proved he was literally throwing EVERYTHING out on the table to get that last save (enjoy it until next week, friend).

I guess 7 Arena Anthems out of a possible 12 isn’t that terrible, but I think I was being generous. It was really 6 plus 2 halves. Maybe I’m just crestfallen because I still haven’t heard Quentin sing Prince… one day!!

Top05 - fists


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