American Idol – Arena Anthem Predictions

When I think Stadium Anthems, I obviously think of John Denver.

Top06 - johndenver

No, I’m not thinking of him because I recently watched Dumb and Dumber. It’s because when I think of Stadium Anthems, I think of Thank God I’m A Country Boy in the 7th inning stretch of any home Orioles game. Closely followed by Sweet Caroline (Boston Red Sox) and  Cotton Eyed Joe (70% of the remaining teams). If you ask me, more baseball teams need an anthem besides Take Me Out to the Ball Game! That says stadium to me! Really anything you’d hear on a Jock Jams CD screams Stadium Anthem to me. What they don’t say is – here’s my proof that I’m a good singer. Even the lowly me can tear up a rendition of Thank God I’m a Country Boy on any given night of karaoke. And is that what we want to see? I don’t think so. No one wants to hear Seven Nation Army on the Idol stage (though I do support more White Stripes).

That said, I think American Idol’s ideas of Anthems are more of the style of Beyoncé, those that can sell out an arena. I’ve seen an arena show or two in my day. Kenny Chesney (my first), New Kids on the Block (their second time around), Kanye West, the Beastie Boys, the Spice Girls, Britney… the list could go on…  That’s not even counting the festivals… I wasted so much money in my youth… although the Spice Girls were totally worth it. Now I wish the show was just songs from bands I’ve heard live! Wouldn’t that be fun? It would, trust me.

So anyway, here’s a little list I made of tunes I think the idols would sing, or songs I just want them to sing. I’m looking at you Quentin!

Quentin Alexander – I figured I’d start with him since he STILL hasn’t done any Prince and if anyone can sell out an Arena… it’s Prince.

Top07 - prince

I would add to the Prince list, something by Jimi Hendrix or really anything from that era. Maybe Jim Morrison and a little Doors action? I think Quentin could tackle pretty much anything that was done at Woodstock. Maybe that’s what I want him to sing – something that was sung at Woodstock. It’s a lot to choose from so I think by being that vague, I’ll definitely be right about whatever Quentin sings. Haha. Or he’ll sing Beyoncé. Which I would also be fine with.

Clark Beckham – I also think Clark would do a great job singing anything from Woodstock but I do not see that happening. I do hope Clark uses this time to sing something a little more current, that’s for sure. I think this would be a good opportunity for him to do it just because whatever it is, there’s still a style to an “arena anthem” which makes a lot of them the same. I’ll tell you what Clark, do one old song and one new song. Fair? Maybe some Billy Joel and some Billy Joe from Green Day? Ok I don’t actually want that to happen… but I can’t think of any clever name pairings so… oh well.

Top06 - mortalkombat

Nick Fradiani – As I say most of the time with Nick, ditto to what I said for Clark. But do something different enough that we don’t compare you to Clark (which will be your ultimate downfall). Honestly at this point, Nick is just a poor mans Clark so it’s hard for me to think of ways for him to make me like him more than Clark. I have a feeling Nick will either go really traditional or really current. Like, he’ll pick a Beatles and a Rolling Stones song, or he’ll pick a One Direction and a Justin Beiber song. Ugh… I didn’t even really think of the really new sell-out arena artists are.

Tyanna Jones – So, since Tyanna has done Tina and Whitney both in recent succession and with mostly success… I’d kind of like to see her stay in that vein but maybe go a little more recent. Maybe Christina Aguilera or Florence and the Machine? Honestly if she wants to cover Tina again I won’t be upset.

Rayvon Owen – This one is a little tough because all of the aforementioned contestants have arena voices where Rayvon has like… a “appearing in Vegas” vibe ala Celine Dion, Elton John, etc. Although they can sell out an arena. I mean they sell out nightly in vegas. What am I even thinking? I think for Rayvon I’d pick someone like Chris Brown or dare I say past mentor, Jason Derulo? Is Sam Smith considered a person who can sell out an arena? I mean he’s not Adele folks. I think it’s pretty safe that he’ll be in the bottom again so I think it’s best if he just keep on doing what he’s doing. Though I have to say I don’t think he’ll get the save this week no matter who he’s up against. I was shocked he won last week. And honestly a little upset.

I’ll just take a little tangent to say that I thought it was the Top 10 that made it to the summer concert series… but then I read on TVLine that Joey didn’t make the cut and now I’m a little heartbroken for her. And for me. I mean, she isn’t the greatest singer but she’s one of the better performers. Same with Qaasim. I wanted everyone in the Top 10, or everyone after Daniel was kicked off, to be on the Summer tour. Now something I was looking forward to getting a ticket for, has be questioning if I even want to go, or if I just want to save up my money for when Clark starts touring by himself (or with Quentin).

Ok sorry about that… back to contestants. Well, the final contestant –

Jax – This girl definitely has the most to work with. She is a performer and I have a feeling (with the right song selection) should could straight up KILL tonight and really bring some fire to the episode. As for what I hope she sings… who even knows. I just hope she goes with something people aren’t expecting from her and really brings a moment to the stage. There are only two girls left and while they’ve consistently been my favorite of the girls, I think both are in jeopardy if they don’t have good nights. Though, against Rayvon I think they’re both definitely safe.

Ok so I guess I didn’t really guess many things for anyone to sing, I just wrote about what people they might want to sing… but, just to get out some more suggestions for the group, I also just randomly and not attached to any one contestant, wouldn’t mind hearing someone trying to cover a Queen song (not any of their anthems though, which is why I’m not suggesting anything in particular. No one needs to hear We Are the Champions), maybe some Nirvana (Quentin or Jax maybe?)…  I’d love to hear my current song obsession “Shut Up and Dance” – what I’ve dubbed – the song of summer. A lot of people have said they wanna hear some Fleetwood Mac but I’ve never been a big fan and I think they’re overdone everwhere. I’m still bitter about the Fleetwood Mac-centric episode on Glee… ugh.

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