American Idol – Channeling Channing?

So this week was really busy. I didn’t get a chance to watch the show live until today. I tried watching Wenesday but I was baking up a storm so I really wasn’t paying total attention until Tyanna’s second performance and even then I was just exhausted and fell asleep before the show ended – so I missed all the hype, I missed trying to vote for a save (and this was the first time the person I would’ve picked didn’t make it through – yes, I would’ve chose Joey over Rayvon). I also didn’t get a chance to vote for those that were safe – which makes me a little worried about next week because I would’ve liked the opportunity to give Quentin as many votes as possible. I’ll just have to hope that the world is on my side next week. Stranger things have happened.

I really liked the added Borchetta commentary. I thought his advice was so interesting. “Make sure you look people in the eyes and connect with people when you meet them” “It’s ok to have that attitude of ‘Love Me or Hate Me’ because people will always have their opinions” “It’s ok to do that [dip your toes in the weird pool]” though I wish I could’ve heard what he said to some of the others that they didn’t show.

Tyanna – Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

Just quickly – I loved her shirt and would love to know where she got it, ASAP! And I like her headband too Ok now to her performance – Her voice is great. The song itself…

snooze andy cohen

I hope the other song selections are a little more interesting. This just wasn’t the big show opener I wanted. Not that that’s Tyanna’s fault that she was called first.

Clark Beckham – Superstitious

Clark is just getting exceptionally hotter as weeks go on, no?

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.22.21 PM

I know this is from the second performance but it was the hottest of that nights performances, that I could find. I mean he’s like the puppy dog you can’t stop looking at, but hotter (only when he’s singing though… he doesn’t really do anything for me when he’s being interviewed). It’s funny in a way he’s a lot like Taylor Hicks but he’s hotter and with a better voice. They sing a lot of the same style of songs though. And now it makes me want Clark to cover some Sam Cooke and some Ray LaMontagne. Ray more than Sam, but both, please. But anyway, Superstitious was great. The great thing about Clark is that he is a performer. He’s so entertaining to watch (as many contestants this season are) but he just also has a level of talent instrumentally, that really push him over the edge for me, as leader of this pack of contestants. I just don’t see anything stopping him at this point in the show. Time will tell though. And song choice as always, is critical.

Jax – Piece of My Heart

 So, this is kind of a song that has been done like, a million times on Idol. Yet, no one really stands out to me as a version to top (although if I had to pick it would be Hailey because she just killed everything and she had that gritty tone that is just mesmerizing). Jax’ wasn’t either but I did think it was good. The only thing I didn’t like about her performance was the pink fringe on her outfit. And some of her facial expressions. Also now I really want to hear her sing Bobby McGee. Can you please make that happen for me? Kthanks.

Nick Fradiani – American Woman 

 Nicks performance was a lot like Tyannas to me. It wasn’t bad at all. It was perfectly fine. It just wasn’t – a wow. It wasn’t Clark (and honestly I’m surprised that he has been safe so many times when I feel like many of his votes would/should go to Clark. But, since they’re both safe – I’ll live with it. To compliment him I thought he was a touch more entertaining than when Tom Petty does this song. He’s a little more laid back than Nick here.

Quentin Alexander – Are You Gonna Go My Way

Well, it wasn’t Prince, but it was Lenny, so I’m happy. He did it exactly as I expected and really shined. I love how he just embodies the attitude of what he’s singing. I mean, this is the show I would want to go to, of everyone this season (Clark included). I mean, he’d have a Kanye level of performance. Just in that artistic level, that is. I mean, I saw Kanye in concert back when no one knew his opening act, Rihanna – and it was phenomenal. The guy can put on a show, and I’m sure Quentin can too!

I’m not gonna talk too in-depth about “the fight” because I think Slezak covered my thoughts on the matter, quite nicely.

Top07 - michael

And I mean, it’s all anyone who watched the episode is talking about. I’ll just say that I thought Quentin was totally justified in saying it sucked. Something can suck, and you can still be happy you’re in. It’s ok, Harry. And Quentin is an emotional guy. #teamquentin.

Joey Cook – My Funny Valentine

Well I guess her favorite song made it’s debut… and no, she was NOT Melinda. BUTT – this was one of her more… a true vocal. It wasn’t her kitschy voice. It was her real voice. It wasn’t great, but I appreciated the moment, if that makes sense. You could tell she was really emotional though (and this was only performance #1). This did remind me that the one thing I’m really glad about with this revised format, is how we don’t have contestants singing that wretched final song as they are led off stage and out of the spotlight. This is way better. So for that, I am thankful of the new format.

Rayvon Owen – Long Train Running

I think by now Rayvon is fine in this final moment – maybe it’s even giving him an edge? Just in that he’s ok with being in that position after 3 weeks of being in that position. He clearly has way more of a fanbase than I thought he did. I have to say though, this was his worst performance in my opinion. I mean, the Doobie Brothers? I just don’t see it for you.

brit kinda bad

And now, we have performance #2 round: 

Clark Beckham – Moon River 

When I saw this song choice I was like – really? Moon River? What a drab song. And it was a drab song… except for this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.22.21 PM

Sorry did I already post that? My bad. But I mean, is he trying to channel Channing? It’s mostly the hair and the eyes and the suit for me, I think. And he’s playing at the piano? I mean come on. How can it be boring when he’s sooooo dreamy? 

Top07 - swoon

And to be honest, it wasn’t boring. I’m guessing that’s because of the piano… but still, it was more entertaining (and just as well sung) as I thought it would be.

Tyanna Jones – Proud Mary 

I’m on the fence about Tyanna’s second performance. This was a little slow for my liking and I kind of wish the whole thing had been fast. But she sang it SO WELL! I just like when she gets into a performance so I either want a slow song, or a fast song, but I don’t want both in the same song. I think that’s just a preference thing though. Ultimately I liked it and overall I thought she had a solid night.

Nick Fradiani – Only the Good Die Young

I associate this song with somber matters. I feel like I’ve heard it at more than one funeral and so while it should have a jovial meaning of a guy trying to get a girl to go to the dark side – for me it’s not quite like that, so in that regard, I did like his take on the song. It has more meaning to me, sung Nick’s way – than it does the regular way it’s sung. It was everything I needed in a Nick performance that the first one didn’t give me. This was one of the best arrangements I’ve heard this year, and definitely the best I’ve heard from Nick.

Quentin Alexander – The Sound of Silence

Who knows, maybe it was my anger at Harry earlier in the night and my defense of Quentin, but I thought this performance was quite good. Quentin just does a moody ballad so well. I’d never pick a Simon and Garfunkel song but this was great and I think it was a lovely performance. He gives good emotion, what else can I say?

Top07 - emotions

And I’m definitely more mad at Ryan than Harry.

“I thought you were gonna hit him”
“I was raised way better than that”

Excellent response. I’m sure Quentin has a great mother! He’s an artist. A lover, not a fighter – why would you say that? I liked what he said in an interview post-show “I’m glad that people understood because those are the people I am trying to reach”

Jax – Beat It

This was ok for me. It wasn’t my favorite. It wouldn’t be in my Top 5 of Jax’ performances. It was another “fine” performance, and I can appreciate an upbeat song, especially from Jax. It was just – I don’t know, I wouldn’t have picked the song and I just… meh. It just wasn’t singing to me. It’s the same reason I didn’t want Nick singing Livin’ on a Prayer. MJ is definitely a classic though!

Rayvon Owen – Always On My Mind 

Does this song remind anyone else of Practical Magic and this creepster?

Top07 - goran

Anyway, Rayvon is just that guy. When it comes down to the line, he gives the performance that he needs to give in order to be safe. It’s so hard to vote against him when his pitch is just perfection in every way. I’m almost glad I didn’t have the chance to vote because it would’ve been really hard to decide who to save. His voice is just exceptional.

Joey Cook – Somebody to Love

This performance was much more Joey than her first performance. And really, I think this is the way I want to see her. I can’t say that I didn’t like her showing she could sing the real way, but I think it’s just more fitting (did I just say that?)

Top07 - really

and a good final performance to see her. Unfortunately for Joey I think as second performances go, Rayvons was better but for the night, I think I would’ve voted Joey. I don’t know. It’s hard to look back on what I would’ve done. But where Rayvon has the voice, I think Joey has a good enough voice, and can really give a performance. I think she’ll have a future, if nothing else. So that’s good.

Yeah so anyway, I didn’t vote for anyone this week, but here’s what the twitter was looking like at the end of the show, in case you were wondering how close it was –

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.21.19 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 10.21.30 PM

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