American Idol – What Makes a Classic?

So for me, when I think Classic, I always think of Classic Rock, and Jazz because America is just clinging to the fact that they created the Jazz movement. I actually did a search of what bands are considered American Classics and made myself a little word cloud:

Top07 - Classics

This list doesn’t include foreign artists even if they were popular in America – IE – The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Radiohead or  even the Canadian songstresses I love so well, Celine Dion or Shania Twain. I’m not sure if Idol was thinking the singers had to be American but when I think of an American Classic or Idol Classic as it were, I think – Americans. I also think of a crap bag of songs! So, instead of guessing what the contestants will sing, I will guess/offer up who I would like to hear them cover. Also, just for the record I re-read this/added stuff from when I first wrote it a few weeks ago (thinking they’d do it then). Weirdly they’ve actually sung a few songs from my list in their live performances, already!

I’ll go easiest to hardest:


I really need to see Clark cover a Billy Joel song like, yesterday. I need to see him sitting at the piano belting out some Billy Joel like nobody’s business.  It’s not just me either. When Idol first announced the Classics theme WAY back in the first live episode, a lot of people wanted to see Clark do Piano Man or Scenes from an Italian Restaurant. I can’t disagree but I think Movin’ Out would be the ideal song for him. And since they’re covering two songs this evening, well, I think I’d really like to see him do an Eagles cover. Or maybe if he wants to step outside of his comfort zone, which I mean, it’s about time – how about a Michael Jackson cover? Or a Jackson 5 cover?


Ok I think we all know that I wanted his Prince cover yesterday, as well. Any song. I don’t care. And, just because sometimes obvious choices are the best choices, and because Jimi Hendrix isn’t American, his other option for me would be Lenny Kravitz. I think he could probably do a super cool but maybe also super moody version of Are You Gonna Go My Way. He’d probably kill American Woman (wait would Clark sing that well, too? Do I want Clark to sing Lenny? Maybe?)

Top07 - prince


Well now that the easy ones have come and gone, now comes the people I had to think about. I didn’t have to think too hard about Tyanna but I did have like, almost too many ideas. I’d love to see her do some Janet Jackson, some Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Diana Ross? There are just an abundant amount of things I want to hear her sing! I just want to hear her sing forever!

Top07 - forever

If I had to pick any specific songs I’d probably say River Deep Mountain High, Proud Mary, and if she really wanted to wow, I think What’s Love Got to Do with It would be in order. Just not Nutbush City Limits. That song just creeps me out.


I again go somewhat traditional for Rayvon. I mean, he needs to really accentuate that falsetto that he masters so well. And who’s good at that? I think Stevie Wonder is always a solid choice for him (although I don’t tend to like Stevie songs on idol as they’ve been done to death). He could do some Frankie Valli, Smokey Robinson (that might be my #1 pick). Tracks of My Tears anyone? I’d say Prince but I don’t want to jinx anyone else singing it. I demand Quentin singing him!


If I were being lazy, which I am wont to do, I’d just repeat Clark’s suggestions. They have a very similar tone so I mean, it works. However Nick seems a little more back and a little more Jerz. So I’m going to suggest 2 of Jerseys finest, Bruce and Bon Jovi. I lean towards Jon Bon because he was hotter and I think people can associate the two because of their respective hotnesses. Now, which song? Anything buy Livin on a Prayer or It’s My Life – they aren’t singing songs, if you know what I mean. Haha. He can’t do You Give Love a Bad Name but he could do Wanted Dead or Alive or BED OF ROSES!! YES!! ::swoon::

Also it should be noted someone said he should sing Matchbox 20 and to that person, I say, Shoot Yourself. And you’re welcome for me not calling you out to all 50 people who read this blog.


Joey joey joey… this took me a while because I don’t really think Cyndi Lauper is a classic, nor do I think she should go a cover after that last Cyndi problem… part of me thinks she could pick Madonna… but maybe there’s someone more her style. I don’t know. I don’t consider her style classic like I do Clark or Nick. Or any of the guys for that matter. I think I’m gonna go with Babs on this just because I mean, I feel like that’s someone Joey may look up to? Who am I kidding? That’s not true. Well, I mean she may look up to her for being a great female singer but that would be the extent of it. Is Tiny Tim considered a classic? I even looked up who Joey lists as influences and I haven’t even heard of half of them.

Top07 - joey

She did say that My Funny Valentine by Frank Sinatra is a fave song of hers, and he’s DEFINITELY a classic so I mean, I guess that’s a possibility but – um hi Melinda Doolittle – you can’t compete with this so don’t try!


UGH. I don’t even know. I’m sure if she saw the laundry list of folks that were recommended to her – seriously who are her fans recommending Demi Lovato? NOT AN AMERICAN CLASSIC! Can we agree you need to be at least 30 to be considered a classic? I mean, that’s how it goes with cars? I could also see her doing some kind of NY classic, since she’s from there. While I was looking up Joey’s influences, I looked up Jax’ as well and all of her favorite songs are DEFINITELY classics! Bridge Over Troubled Water (which I imagine she likes because of her dad being a firefighter and post-9/11 influence of the song), Bobby McGee and Don’t Rain on My Parade. If she sang any of these I’d pick Bobby McGee!

Ok so that’s it. I know the spoilers are out there but since I already wrote this I’m not going to look and just hope for the best with my picks!

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