American Idol – Please Define Gravy.

Tonight was interesting. Kind of annoying but mostly entertaining, which is what I like in a Reality Competition Show. I mentioned how the theme was kind of annoying and basically the most vague thing ever because it wasn’t even #1 songs, it was like, songs on Billboard from 2012 – present or something.

Top07 - Notcool

Also, when they were introducing the double-mentors tonight, Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo (talk about people I know nothing about), was it just me or was the stuff on Jason Derulo like, made up or something? The only thing I remember about him is that he dated Jordan Sparks, and when he came on Idol to help write a song or something and he had like, a full neck brace thing.

Top07 - neck brace

I think maybe he fell while he was breakdancing? I can’t remember… but something like that. I checked him out on the Hot 100 and he actually did have a hit with the song Whatcha Say (remember how I said there were songs I didn’t think I knew but when I listened to them, I realized I’d heard them – this was one of those songs). Turns out the only song I really know of his is called Riding Solo, which I’m not a big fan of. Florida Georgia Line has never had a Hot 100 hit, but I imagine they’re all over the Country charts.

So as for the song choices, I was literally half right.

Top07 - songchoice

Not as right as I thought I’d be, but right enough I suppose. And I was happy with most folks song choices so it worked out. Lets get into the actual performances, shall we?

Jax – Poker Face

Is it just me or is Jax trying to sing more and more like Joey? I don’t know if they just have somewhat similar styles with very different looks, so I didn’t notice it at first? Anyway, I hated this performance. Her voice is fine but I didn’t like this arrangement. Jax is a very polarizing contestant for me. I see her star power but I just don’t know if I like her or her voice.

Jen is very right in her comments that it wasn’t relatable and she didn’t connect to it. Also, her bun is really bothering me and I’m gonna need her to fix her hair immediately. A crawler? What the fuck is a crawler? I tried googling it and nothing even came up. However twitter was rife with comments.

top07 - thebun

Nick Fradiani – Teenage Dream

Well I knew he was singing this or Adele so there’s that. And here’s the thing Nick, you are not Blaine Anderson. I did like when you got a little more “rock” toward the end though which helped me separate the performances. So good on you for that. Also now I kind of want to see Chris Daughtry try this song on stage. Also can we just take a moment to remember the second time Blaine sang Teenage Dream in NY at karaoke night? Let’s just only let Darren Criss sing Katy Perry songs (and never let Harry).

Quentin Alexander – Latch

This was the biggest – Whaaaaa? – as far as song choice was concerned. I definitely thought Rayvon was going to sing Latch. But I will say, I really liked hearing Jason Derulo sing it so maybe he isn’t a terrible singer? You wouldn’t know it from his actual songs… But back to Quentin. I was pretty confident he could sing it and that it was something out of his comfort zone (although it sure seemed to fit in his comfort zone, didn’t it?). I liked it. There were definitely some off notes but they weren’t like, screeeeeech bad. They were just… well they weren’t great. The performance was wonderful though and I was totally fine with it. I love his opinions on art and style. It’s great. He truly is an artist. But seriously… those fingernails. If you thought twitter was talking about JLo’s bun? They were positively buzzing over Quentins weird ass nails.

Top07 - ew

Joey Cook – Wrecking Ball

I loved the crab hands thing that Jason was talking about. Joey “Crab Hands” Cook. It’s always bothered me that she does that and I’m glad he said something. And I hate her mouth… ugh. I think Miley did this better. Miley had so much emotion in her performance where Joey just did not. And how she was just holding her hand open instead of just clawing them up – it didn’t make it better. So anyway, Miley was better. And this wasn’t different enough.

Clark Beckham – Make It Rain

Top07 - excellence

I was saying it would be Tyanna or Clark when wondering who would be the next one picked. (and then my internal monologue went – God I hope Tyanna gets some votes. She had two not so great performances in a row. I’m scared) But back to Clark and his excellence. I’m also glad he did this performance. It was better, just as I thought it would be, than the original, by FAR. Hello best performance of the night, even without hearing anyone else. I had to rewind it and watch it again. This was just magnificent. Just keep doing what you’re doing, pal!

Tyanna Jones – Stay

Way to go America. I wanted it to be Tyanna and it was! As for whether I thought she’d sing Rihanna, obviously, I did not. I thought she did it very well though. I don’t know the Rihanna song well enough to compare the performance so in that regard, I probably like it even more. She did a really good job controlling her voice. And way to get back to a much better vocal performance! And then she was crying and then I was crying and then Zack was crying. Ok Zack definitely wasn’t  crying… or even paying attention. But I was, and it was emotional. Aw grammies. They’re the best.

So for the record, pre-performance I felt I was not going to vote. I was mostly fine with the idea of letting them go up for the live vote without my input. They both picked songs that played to their strengths, and they it was obvious they knew what they were doing with their respective performances. They brought out all the stops they had left as the only two contestants who have currently been saved on the show.

As for Rayvon, singing Adele – Rayvons voice is just like butter. As he was singing, I was just like – yeah, I’m definitely voting. When he kind of loosened up at the end it was what I needed it to be. The thing is, Outkast, that isn’t a song you have to sing. You don’t have to show off your voice. You’re just performing, which Qaasim is so good at! He might be the best performer on the show next to Quentin. So, spoiler alert: I voted for Rayvon. Multiple times. Because ultimately this is a singing competition. Not a performer competition.

With 2 minutes to spare in the voting, Qaasim had over 1K votes more. With no minutes left, he had about 500 less votes. 4,800 to 4,300. So you could say I was more than surprised when I heard that Qaasim was going home, as I was in the act of coming to terms with Rayvon going home. But I was happy to see Rayvon safe for another week, however I feel like it will be his last safe week, unless he has an even better performance that he’s hiding from us?

So with that, here’s who’s left! And who I voted for 🙂

top07 - votes


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