American Idol – The #1 Idol and a Twitter Twist

Ok so, I tuned in like, 2 minutes late… maybe it was 5. I was doing dishes so I was kind of watching but I didn’t start listening to the show until Rueben Studdard was walking out, which I was like – oh that’s cool. I wonder what song he’ll sing? – I mean, they let the Hoff sing last week for a solid 5 minutes, so I’m sure they would let an American Idol winner (besides the guest of honor) belt out a tune, right? – Yeah… not so much. Seems the producers were thinking “We’re not going to actually let a winning Idol contestant sing. I mean we already have Kelly performing, who else do we need?” I mean to me it seemed a little rude (to both Ruben and Candice!)

I got over it pretty quickly though after Ryan mentioned the twist we’d all been waiting for. I guess I wasn’t paying attention last week because I don’t remember anyone talking about a twist, and part of me was just thinking – is this going to be some kind of elaborate April Fool’s prank? So, the twist… I didn’t know how to feel about it. Has there ever been a live reality tv show vote? I’ve never seen it in my days of reality tv watching, and I watch a lot of reality competitions.

It’s somewhat of an ingenious trick for the Idol producers. You’re telling the fans they have to watch LIVE so they can make sure their favorite performer is saved? This is going to get a whole lot more weird for my life. This is supposed to be a bit of a closeted obsession after all. Who am I kidding? I’m talking about Idol all the time. Everyone knows where I stand. This isn’t about me (although it is about the times I DVR and don’t watch it until it’s been on for an hour… I guess that will have to stop. It wasn’t that regular of a thing to begin with. What it made me wonder though, was:

1. Will people join twitter that don’t have it, in order to vote?

2. Would this help me or hurt me as it relates to Daniel Seavey?

3. Will people on the west coast be bitter they aren’t able to watch/vote? Will they vote just based on who they like even though they haven’t seen the performance?

4. At what age does one acquire a twitter account? I mean, Daniel Seavey has one so I assume you can get twitter whenever you get a phone… whenever that is… ugh.


So anyway, I will talk more about the Idol save at the end. For now, lets talk about who was safe for the night!

Nick Fradiani – Catch My Breath

Nick had a great performance last week so it didn’t totally surprise me that he was safe this week. This song was always kind of blah to me and I’d usually skip it if it came up on my ipod, but hearing that he did an acoustic cover with his band made me think I could be into it. Post song though – I was not into it. And looking at it in retrospect, I barely remember it compared to other performances of the night. It was utterly forgettable.

Side note – I HATE Jens eye shadow tonight. What is that??? Is she trying to have a “Girl on Fire” moment? This summed up my feelings.

Top08 - Jlomakeup

Jax – Beautiful Disaster

Crazy that Kelly didn’t have notes for her and gave permission to diss the judges should they not like her performance. The more I thought about it, the more I thought that if she nailed the song, it would really fit her. So when she actually got on stage and started singing – Um Yeah.

Top08 - practically perfect

And I mean, I still think Kelly singing it is perfection too (more, really). I just loved it because she made it her own but still kept most of the integrity of the song. It just worked. The whole thing worked.

People Like Us – Group

This just makes me think that they’ve got a little way to go before they out on tour and I’m surprised to hear them say it was better than it was in rehearsal. Glad we didn’t hear that one. Yikes.

Tyanna – Mr. Know It All

I kind of understand how they were talking about a “dark moments” in the song and whatnot, but to be honest I never heard that when listening to the song. I always imagined a “I’m so much better than you” Cher kind of attitude singing that song? Either way, I didn’t think this was Tyanna’s best performance. It wasn’t Circle of Life bad, but it felt disconnected to me. She wa so close to having the attitude for this song. It just wasn’t totally there, unfortunately.

Joey Cook – Miss Independent

Yeah. I’m into this. I’m into it. I’m dancing along. I love the horns in the background.I really loved everything about this. I thought the take on it was very original (and I assume it was her arrangement this time? I didn’t hear her credit anyone else). I liked Harry’s take on jazz music. I feel like that’s kind of silly, though. I mean, that’s Joey’s style. She’s dressed like that and given that style of performance for her entirety of the show, so why bring it up now? If I were him I’d just blog about it, post show. No need to bring it up on the show.


Top09 - KellyClarkson

THE.BEST. She’s just the best. I love her. She’s everything. I mean she’s the reason I loved the show to begin with. She’s what got me in to this whole mess 🙂

Quentin Alexander – Dark Side

I love Quentins look tonight. And I want a duet of Quentin and Kelly like, yesterday (and a Clark/Kelly one too for that matter). She’s right about how he portrays emotion with his eyes. Man is she right. As I said before, a ton of people do not know this song, so Quentin could really make it like his own song. I didn’t even think about Kelly singing the song while listening to Quentin. And I mean, talk about songs I’m going to be downloading (and I have an iTunes gift card so, win win). I mean, can he just kind of morph into Prince? I need him to do a Prince cover before this season is over.

Top08 - prince

Qaasim Middleton – Stronger

Qaasim Qaasim Qaasim… man was I surprised to hear your name. I guess folks really weren’t ready for you to go home like I was. I did really liked this version of the song but as far as his vocals – nope. not quite dear. Yeah, I did not like this.

Clark Beckham – The Trouble With Love Is

Top08 - perfection

Ok so this is kind of like the Falling Slowly equivalent of me loving a song. I love this song because of the movie Love Actually. I love his style. And you wanna talk about eyes that just make you melt. Clark is it for me. His voice – stellar. Those eyelashes – overwhelming.



Daniel Seavey – Breakaway

So he has laryngitis. Poor kid. I think maybe this is a sign from god that your time on the show should come to an end? I didn’t think this performance was great. I mean, maybe it was better than Lazaro when he sang it, but to me, singing Lazaro songs just make me think that you shouldn’t be here, even more. I also didn’t have any sympathy towards his laryngitis. This was just lackluster to me, to say the least.

Rayvon Owen – Since U Been Gone

Sorry but this song just isn’t a slow song for me. Your voice though, you’re like, the Maserati of voices where Daniel is… not a Maserati. And for that, I shall vote for you sir. I still think he’s bottom 2 material but he definitely deserved it more than Daniel tonight.

So, interestingly enough, I checked out twitter while this whole “IdolSave” was going on. I was intrigued. I never saw either #Save______ hashtag trending, but Idol was, and my personal newsfeed was FULL of people voting (mostly for Rayvon thankfully). As it stood right before the announcement, it was pretty obvious to me, who was safe… Rayvon was winning by a solid 3K re-tweets, not even including people who just tweeted on their own.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.00.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.00.34 PM
It was a little surprising that they were re-tweeted only around 12K times. I don’t know how much more I thought it would be, but I thought it would be more than 12K. I mean, tens of millions of people watch the show. So it was just interesting. And now I wonder how many more will tweet next week, or if the level of tweets will go up based on who is in the bottom?

And now, in case you were wondering who I was voting for (post the #SaveRayvon tweets I was sending out:

Top08 - Votes

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