American Idol – The Idol Returns

You know the best thing about a Kelly Clarkson-centric night? Listening to Kelly Clarkson songs all day to get ready! The Gold Standard American Idol. The thing about her songs is, when you think you have a favorite, another one comes on and you’re just like, oh wait, nevermind. I mean, the long and the short of it is, Kelly Clarkson:

Top08 - Love You

So, what I was going to do was guess what everyone would be singing tonight, as I am want to do… and did, I just hadn’t posted it… but then TVLine went and posted the song list and then I accidentally (ok purposefully) looked.

Top08 - So Sad

Not the song choices… just that I felt dumb posting my guesses when the right answers were already out there. Bumtown. Anyway, here’s the list of what the contestants are singing, should they make it through to the Top 08:

Top08 - Songs

So, I figured the fun thing would be to talk about the contestants song choices. The good thing with this is that I know all the songs! Why? Well because I have the entire Kelly Clarkson collection on my ipod, and I’ve been listening to my spotify playlist dedicated to her all day. Duh. I had to re-listen to Dark Side because it didn’t come to mind immediately. I don’t know how I forgot it when I listened to it, but it happens to the best of us.

So, in that regard, I think Quentin and Nick have the easiest chance tonight. Even the song Clark is singing (from the amazing Love Actually soundtrack). They’re all lesser known Clarkson songs that the lay person might not have heard. It’s always better to do a song people aren’t familiar with, as opposed to the gold standard. Notice that NO ONE is singing A Moment Like This! I don’t know how Amber Holcomb wasn’t thrust into the  bottom 3 or sent home over her atrocious rendition of the song. The fact that no one is singing it just makes me hope that Clarkson will sing it to open the show.


In that same vein, I think Joey, Daniel, Rayvon and Qaasim are going to have very critical nights. These are some of her most well known songs (minus her Victory song) and to me, if you can’t live up to Kelly, don’t even do it like Kelly! People like Joey understand this. People like Daniel definitely don’t. Unfortunately I think if Rayvon does perform, he’s going to do it exactly like the original and not fair very well. I definitely think he has the biggest uphill battle with his song choice. It’s not his sound, it’s nothing I would’ve picked (I thought he should sing I Surrender – which I know is a Celine song but I was thinking they would let contestants sing songs Kelly performed on Idol too, since they like to stretch their parameters). I am definitely glad they actually chose all Kelly Clarkson songs though.

I think overall the people with the best song choices are Jax and Quentin, which isn’t surprising. Beautiful Disaster is RIGHT in Jax’ comfort zone, and the same goes for Quentin but he has the added pleasure (as mentioned above) of most people not knowing his song. And the good thing about his song is that the lyrics really seem like they go with him. This will potentially be my favorite performance of the night. I should say Tyanna has a good chance to just keep on succeeding with Mr. Know it All. It’s definitely the right song for her voice. I just wish she’d picked Since U Been Gone. Or Breakaway. I think she’d be so much more memorable with one of those songs, but who knows – this could surprise me and be my favorite performance. Her performances are always close to my favorites anyway.

Also, in case you were wondering what I picked for the contestants song choices, you can check it out below:

Joey – People Like Us. It fits with her whole Kiwi motto. I think it’s kind of out of her comfort zone and just right for her to somewhat redeem herself from last week. I actually looked up Kelly Clarkson songs on the Postmodern Jukebox website and didn’t see anything, so no help there.

Jax – My Life Would Suck Without You or if she wants to go deeper, may I suggest Be Still, from the My December cd. I mean really if you’re going to go deep with a Kelly song, the My December cd is like, practically your textbook. That’s a lot of lyrics to learn though, for a song you’ve most likely never heard before.

Tyanna – I could also see Tyanna singing People Like Us or Gone. I think I’d like to see Gone more because I think it fits Tyannas voice more. I actually think Tyanna has the most Clarkson like voice (Clarkson is still better but ask me about Tyanna after the Idol tour when she has a little more experience).

Clark – It’s weird, I know, but I think Clark should try Wrapped in Red, yeah it’s kind of a Christmas song, but I think he’d do it really well (sitting at the piano, obvs). I also think Where is Your Heart would be a good one for him.

Quentin – Breakaway or Beautiful Disaster, if no one else takes it.

Rayvon – Have y’all heard the song Sober from the My December cd? It’s so good. It’s really an under-rated cd of hers. Many think it’s the worst but I think it’s the 2nd best (next to Breakaway). It would be perfect for Rayvon because it’s lilting but still deep and I know they’re trying to get Rayvon to have a little more depth in his performances. I think this is the way to do it. Or, if they’re being weird with their song choices, I’d love to see him cover I Surrender, a Celine Dion song that Kelly sang in her season.

Nick – Behind These Hazel Eyes (does he have hazel eyes? I hope so, that would be ideal)

Qaasim – Stronger or Since U Been Gone. He needs a song that is less singing and more entertainment.

Daniel – Beautiful Disaster – but only because that’s what I think of you on this season of Idol, Danny.

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