American Idol – ‘Cause This is 80’s Night!

This night started out really rough, I have to say. I thought it was going to be a BRUTAL episode. Not only would I have to suffer through a DOUBLE elimination (and began immediately hoping Daniel would at least be ONE of the two). But then the Hoff came out (which I was fine with) and sang a 10 minute song medley that I could’ve done without for the rest of my life. I mean doesn’t he know it’s the Germans who like his music, not Americans? Was he considered 80’s? I mean, Baywatch was only on in the very last year of the 80s. This is my issue with a lot of 80’s stuff. It’s that it’s actualyl 90’s stuff because when we think 80’s we think people born in the 80’s, but us “born in the 80’s” folks, we’re 90’s kids. We don’t know shit about the 80’s except from movies and VH1’s “I ❤ the 80s” and references our older siblings may’ve made. Siblings I didn’t have, so I’m definitely a 90’s kid. And to me, the Hoff is a 90’s guy. Then I have to remember that Knight Rider was a thing and maybe ok he was famous in the 80s. Fine Knight Rider. He’s still only famous in Germany. The long and the short of it is that it was a bad way to start the show. Boy George didn’t help much either. I was hoping they were only singing Karma Chameleon because someone else was going to come on later to sing Do You Really Want to Hurt Me… but that didn’t happen so it just turned out to be kind of lame performance. And as I was thinking that the only thing that could make the show start out worse, was if Daniel Seavey was the first one picked… and Mother Fucking Fuck.

Top09 - joy theif

Daniel “Officially Lazaro” Seavey – You Make My Dreams Come True

Daniel, the reason the judges are hard on you, is because while an excellent musician, you are NOT a good singer YET. I’m sure you will be one day, but this is not that time. I mean he’s been in the worst slots for people, historically, and yet there he is, safe again. And yet again, a terrible performance. There’s always one. Luckily this year there really is only one. I just hope America comes to it’s senses and stops getting tricked by the people saying the judges are hard on Daniel or how all he wants to do is Make people happy. The judges were ENTIRELY too nice to you tonight. Just because his vocals were better than last week, doesn’t mean they were good this week.

Top09 - lies

I mean, I guess it’s fine to be kind of nice to the kid, but you need to be realistic with him too. And Harry, when the other judges can’t be, you have to be that guy. The good and the bad of Daniel getting picked first, was that at least I’d just finished watching the worst performance of the night, now I just had to worry about which two would be going home! While nerve racking, I have to say the order in which people were getting picked left me feeling like there was hope for this season and that at least one of the right people would be going home tonight.

Quentin Alexander – In The Air Tonight

Ok so maybe this was one I wanted . So first of all, that jacket – it’s kind of like, everything that Mugatu was thinking when he had the Derelique campaign. Right?


But that’s not important. What’s important is this performance. Artistic, well done, excellent vocals. It was lovely. This kid conveys more emotion in his performances than the next 5 contestants combined. That’s not to say he was my favorite performance of the night (but it was my second favorite). I was also glad to see him finally picked up early on in the show so I didn’t have to worry about him, because I DO worry about him! I think he can make Top 5 though for sure. I definitely hope so!

Joey Cook – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ok so you know how I was saying Joey hasn’t really done anything that hasn’t impressed me, yet? Ok I guess I jinxed her.

brit kinda bad

I couldn’t agree with Jens comments more. It seemed like it would fit, but it didn’t fit. I really thought after she said she was “Madonna in Space” that she’d sing a Madonna song (which I have to imagine would’ve been a better idea) I mean, it’s always nice to try new things and Joey is pretty much the queen of trying new things. This just unfortunately wasn’t the right thing this time. I think she’ll be safe for sure, I hope she will. I gave her the votes just in case 🙂

Tyanna Jones – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I was kind of surprised when I heard Tyanna say she was going to do a Whitney cover. I really thought that if anyone was going to do one it would be Adanna (who looked like, had she performed, it was going to be to Thriller, based on the bustier) but then I thought, well, if she does one of the more upbeat songs, I could TOTALLY see it! As for this song, it’s been done like, 4 times on Idol in the past but none of them stood out to me when looking at who sang them. Most of the times it was in the semi-final round anyway, which are performances I tend to forget anyway. This one wasn’t exactly forgettable, but it wasn’t super memorable either. To me, it was more “safe” than anything else. After last week maybe she thought that was what she needed? Or maybe Whitney was just one of the only artists she knew? That’s going to be my guess. And she finished this performance on a very strong note so I think that should help people remember her when it comes voting time. I know I did!

Jax – You Give Love a Bad Name

So whether you know it or not, there have actually been some stellar performances of Bon Jovi on Idol, my favorite probably being Melinda Doolittle singing Have a Nice Day. But if you’ll recall, Blake Lewis did a great version of You Give Love a Bad Name both for Bon Jovi week, and in the finale. The great thing for Jax was that hers was barely comparable! It’s interesting because they both did very unique versions and yet they were so different. What I liked more about Jax’ was pretty obvious. THE PIANO. I’ll always chose piano over beat-boxing.

Nick Fradiani – Man in the Mirror

This was very boy band-y to me. Not in a bad way, but maybe in a bad way? I know some people look at that as insulting. I mean, it kind of is, but whatevs. I do think this was SO much better than Nicks last performance and overall one of his best. You’re heading in the right direction, Nicholas! I wish he’d go by Nicholas. I’d like that more. I always thought that when Nick Markakis played for the Orioles (oh how I miss him already). I just like that name more than Nick.

Clark Beckham – Every Breath You Take

Ask.Believe.Receive. When I was looking at who was left to be picked, I just kept thinking “Be Clark. Be Clark. Be Clark” and then it WAS! I have to say I was pretty pumped that Clark was in. Had they picked Maddie/Qaasim/Adanna I would’ve LOST.MY.SHIT. But anyway, this song was perfect. I know Me = SUCKER. Pianos man, I should just marry one or something. Actually, I should just make Zack learn to play the piano. And maybe take some voice lessons? Or maybe he can just hire someone to play piano for us while we eat dinner? That’s probably my ideal situation. I wonder if Clark is available? haha. And Clark did great job taking a creepy song and make me forget how creepy it was. He made it seem so much more romantic, no? This was above and beyond, my favorite performance of the night and put Clark right back at the top of my favorites list.

little rascals

Qaasim Middleton – Addicted to Love

Ugh. I was definitely kind of hoping that America would show the judges they were right the first time, and pick Rayvon in this slot, but alas, they did not, and I did get really sad for a few minutes that Rayvon would most likely go home. I honestly didn’t even remember much of his performance so post show I had to go back and re-watch it, since I couldn’t stop thinking about how Rayvon was definitely out because America wouldn’t vote off 2 girls in one night, right? But I’ll talk about that in a minute. Let’s talk about Qaasim for now. Actually all I really wanna say is that I think the judges wasted their save on him and I don’t think this performance did anything to prove otherwise to me.

Rayvon Owen – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Once again, the ask.believe.receive. mantra has prevailed once again! My boy Rayvon is through even though just minutes ago I was preparing for them to say Adanna and for me to be pissed but understanding. I feel bad for Maddie and Adanna, but man I’m glad Rayvon is through! I thought Rayvon did a pretty good job minus that wonky note at the end that definitely could’ve been better. And this was a far better performance than Stayin’ Alive, last week. That was just blah blah blah. This at least had some pizzazz. And for the most part, I liked it a lot. And I’m still glad America picked him, and not the other two girls. But I mean, look what we’re left with:

 Top09 - whosleft

The ladies are dropping like flies. That said, the three remaining, I think they’re safe for a little while longer. I mean, it’s definitely the boys turn for some eliminations. While I still think a guy is going to win this season, the remaining girls will certainly give the boys a run for their money! So with that, here’s who I voted for,

Top09 - Votes

and I’ll see you next week when we talk about a night that I’m at first glance pretty pumped for: The Kelly Clarkson Songbook! I mean, it’s going to be a tough week because I’m literally going to compare EVERYONE to THE IDOL that is Kelly Clarkson. I mean, they don’t call it “The House That Kelly Clarkson Built” for nothing (credit: Michael Slezak)

Top09 - KellyClarkson

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