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Top10 - 80s

Isn’t it amazing that of all the themes, I feel like 80s week has been done a lot, but it’s actually only been done 3 other times, which in Idol world isn’t something I’d call “regularly”. It also brings back some PTSD for me with regards to last season. It’s the episode where my love, Malaya Watson, got voted off thanks to a less than stellar version of “Through the Fire” TO FUCKING CJ HARRIS! Who sang Free Fallin’!


I mean come on. And for some reason, I really feel like I’m going to have these same emotions going into this week. I just have this feeling that everyone I don’t like (all like, 3 of you) will be safe, and my other 8 favorites will be in jeopardy. It’s just really tense. But that’s life. Haha.

As always, picking songs for 80s week is difficult. You’ve got an entire decade of music to work with! Last year I used movies to guide my thoughts on who I’d like to sing. I thought I’d try artists this time, since so many come to mind when I think about the 80’s. Madonna, Michael, Whitney, Prince, Janet, etc etc etc. and that’s just in the “pop” category. Lest we forget the likes of Bon Jovi, REM, Tom Petty, all the glam metal bands (luckily for me there’s no Caleb this season to even get in to that genre) I mean, really this list was just making it entirely too hard to narrow ANYTHING down. So then I just started thinking about the actual contestants and what I’d like them to sing while listening to an 80’s spotify playlist (I’m user #12180899309 if you wanna look out for me).

Let’s start with Mr. Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani.I have the most ideas for them. I kind of see their musical stylings as similar, so I could see either of them singing these next few ideas – Does anyone else see a little Phillip Phillips in Clark? I know I do from time to time (although Clark seems more of a grown up to me). Phillip sang Genesis (That’s All) and I would love to see Clark do something along those lines. Maybe “In the Air Tonight”? I was also looking back at suggestions I made for contestants in previous seasons and now I want to see him sing “Sister Christian”. I also noticed that an Idol contestant has never covered a Paul Simon song (only Simon and Garfunkel), and I’ve got one or two that I think Clark would do so well. Obviously “You Can Call Me Al” came to mind first because its’ the greatest song he’s ever written. BUT, are you familiar with the song “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes”? Wouldn’t that be a GREAT cover? A girl can dream. I’m also still holding out for a good Billy Joel cover, of which many songs fall into that category. And finally, what about something by the Police? I think Nick could do a pretty good cover of Every Little Thing She Does is Magic! Although is that really singing? He’s already been in trouble for that once so maybe he should shy away from that.

Ok I realize those last suggestions were many. But I do have more specific suggestions for other contestants, I promise! The idea of what I wanted Quentin Alexander to sing came to me IMMEDIATELY. Stay with me. One word: Eurhythmics. Tell me you wouldn’t want to hear him do an Annie Lennox cover? Tell me he wouldn’t do an amazing cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These). Try it. Quentin, I know you already have your song choice for tonight but I’m telling you, I hope it’s Annie Lennox. You’re the only one I would trust to do this (forget what I say later about Joey).

Top10 - annie lennox

I do have a tiny feeling he could do something by guest mentor, Boy George, but I mean, he doesn’t seem like the “Karma Chameleon” type. I could also see him doing Depeche Mode, Tracy Chapman. After all, he already has the look. BUT, I would personally like to leave Tracy to my girl, Tyanna Jones.  I only wish Give Me One Reason was released in the 80s because I’d rather hear her sing that. Fast Car just isn’t my favorite song of hers. But it’s the only one I know that came out in the 80’s. I don’t really have any other ideas for her, unfortunately. I’m sure she has one or two though.

As I write this I actually just thought of Rayvon Owen as well. I’d really like him to sing Billie Jean. Rayvon has the perfect voice for 80’s era Michael. Actually, I change my vote. I CHANGE MY VOTE! How about PYT? YESSSSSSSS!!!! Maybe if Rayvon doesn’t sing it, Qaasim or someone else can? But Rayvon should. Lets me real, he could sing anything from the Thriller or Bad album, and I’d be a super happy lady! Just looking at the Bad track listing, I’d literally be happy with any of those songs (Also, thanks Spotify for indulging my MJ craving that just kicked in. Oh what about Smooth Criminal? Man. Please just sing something from Bad, ok?


I think I’d like to see Daniel Seavey do something like “She Drives me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals. BUT, I have to say that in the 3 eps of 80s night, and maybe in the history of Idol? No one has performed New Kids on the Block, on a live show. So now I kind of want him to just embrace his boy band look and cover a New Kids song. So just do New Kids.And Qaasim, if you’re listening – if you want a way for me to endear myself to you, performing New Kids would be a step in the right direction.

Next up there’s Joey Cook. I have some obvious ideas for Joey and some ideas that are a bit of a stretch. I mean, she could definitely attempt the Annie Lennox cover I wanted Quentin to do (or Boy George for that matter). I’m relatively certain this girl can do just about anything she puts her mind to. And I’m sure she’d make it her own. Butt. if she wants to stick to songs that you wouldn’t expect… what about the Breakfast Club classic – Don’t You (Forget About Me)? Yes, I suggested Caleb sing this last year, but he didn’t. So there.

Finally, in the list of people I have ideas for, I said last week, when thinking that Jax would be singing a Wedding Singer song, that I’d love to hear her do some Billy Idol, so I’d like to stick with that as my suggestion for Jax. If I had to pick a new idea, I think I’d go with something by the Bangles. I just know I do not want to hear her (or anyone) sing Time After Time. It’s been done twice on 80’s night already, and that’s plenty.

I still have no idea what I want Maddie or Adanna to sing, besides maybe some artists ideas (Reba/Bonnie and Whitney). Maybe it’s because I see them possibly not performing tonight?


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