American Idol – An Original Movie Night!

So, as the contestants got announced tonight, until they got to Joey Cook, it was basically like they were listing who I thought should (and then would) go home, except they were all safe. It just got more and more heartbreaking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Rayvon and Nick were in, but I was definitely expect them to be closer to the bottom of the votes. And really, I don’t think Jax was low on the vote totem poll. I just think they called her last to make it tense. I mean, when it was down to she and Qaasim, I was 100% sure that it would be Jax. That said I was also 100% sure the judges wouldn’t use their save on someone like Qaasim. Just goes to show you can’t be right all the time.

I also wanted to mention that I loved Nile Rodgers as a guest mentor. And Bruschetta was on point with his critiquing/ideas for the performances. It did make me miss something from the 2 nights a week shows, which was Jimmy Iovine giving his thoughts on the Idols post-performance. I like hearing what the mentors thought of them and not just what the judges thought (because as evident tonight, they can be idiots sometimes).


Adanna Duru – Love You I Do (Dreamgirls)

Well I guess we can’t have a movie night without a song from Dreamgirls (I think we’ve all heard I Have Nothing way more than enough times – Did anyone even need to do it after Jennifer Hudson? I think not).  To me, this performance just proved that Adanna is not Jennifer Hudson. I don’t think it was a bad performance (I’d definitely put it in the top half for the night) I just feel like she’s never going to be what Jennifer (or Melinda, or Jordin, etc etc) are.

Daniel Seavey – Lost Stars (Begin Again)

While I didn’t call Daniel singing this song, I did think it was interesting that he sang an Oscar nominated song, as I suggested someone would – it just happened to not be any of the ones I wanted sung. That part I’m ok with. What I wasn’t ok with was that this was the point where it was official. Of the 2 that I was fine with going home, were safe.

help oprah

And then Daniel gave what was probably his worst performance to date, making me HATE every pre-teen with an email account voting their butts off for him. I mean this was just plain bad. Part of me was trying to be sympathetic and thinking that maybe I would’ve liked it more had he been able to play at the piano (what can I say, I’m a sucker for a contestant at a piano).

Top10 - shrugs

Rayvon Owen – Stayin’ Alive (Saturday Night Fever)

I think the thing to say about this performance, once I heard what song he was singing – was that it could really swing either way. He could definitely hit the notes, I had no doubt of that. I just wondered, how are you going to change this arrangement. And then when I heard the arrangement… I mean was it just me or were the “ha. ha. ha. ha.” parts kind of off-putting? Like some alien trying to learn how to laugh like a human? It also made me think of this weird gif I saw the other day.

Top10 - creepy laugh

Other than that, I think the performance was fine. He hit all the notes and towards the end when he got into it for that brief 15 second period, I really liked it. So basically, I’m hanging on to that 15 seconds and I’m just going to forget about the rest of it. I think it’s for the best. And I did like that he tried something that seemed probably a touch out of his comfort zone.

Nick Fradiani – Danger Zone (Top Gun)

Ok Nick here’s the thing. You had the right movie. But you had the wrong song. You can’t sing to Danger Zone. It’s not a singing song. What should you have sung…

And to think, what a better job you’d have done compared to Goose and Maverick? Now, if you’d worn the little military uniform type thing with it. I mean come on. The ladies would’ve been DROOLING! I know I would’ve. You would’ve had all 20 votes and then some from me, if this had been what you’d done. But it wasn’t. I have faith you’ll get it right though, Nick. You’ve got it in you.

Joey Cook – Mad World (Donnie Darko)

Finally a contestant I was happy to see in, and doing a breathtaking performance. This was what I needed at this moment. Was it comparable to Adam Lambert’s cover? Not even. It’s like I can totally seperate the two and basically appreciate them both equally. I still think Adams was better (if you’re going to twist my arm) but Joey did a fantastic job and I dare say was one of my two favorites for the evening. What I liked about this performance was that for Joey, it was a much more normal take on the song than what I was almost expecting from her. And I say that as a big compliment. Because if you can do quirky, fine, but you need to be able to still do normal on occasion and this proved to me that she can handle that. I also have to say that I think Joey was maybe the only one who picked a song based on a movie she liked (I might lump Nick, Jax and Tyanna in there too), rather than picking a song she liked and hoping it was in a movie at some point.

Tyanna Jones – Circle of Life (The Lion King)

 You know what’s REALLY crazy about this performance… is that you have to compare this performance to that of the original Big Crazy Barb.



I have to say, while I love Tyanna, Big Crazy Barb (what was her name? Zoanette?) did it WAY better. Michael Slezak said that JHud sang it as well, but I don’t remember that. I only remember Big Crazy Barb. I did look up JHuds and I do have to say that hers is definitely the best of the 3. I still gave Tyanna all the votes I could because I don’t want one bad performance to hold her back, but the next one needs to be better than this. I think we can all agree with that.

and side note, how on EARTH did Jennifer Hudson NOT win her season? I mean Fantasia is cool and all… but Jennifer should’ve won that season.

Quentin Alexander – You’re the One That I Want (Grease)

I’d never heard this arrangement (apparently I’m not as cool as Keith) and I loved it. I don’t know what JLo and Keith are downplaying about this because it was straight up STUNNING to me. I didn’t hear any of the “horribly out of tune” nonsense that Harry was saying. I mean, they’re better with that than I am, but I thought it was great. So, to the judges:


Really the only thing that pissed me off about this performance was when he said he’d never seen Grease! Did he just hear the weird version of the song and know that it was from a movie, or something? Anyway, that was my only gripe. I actually went back and listened to it again after the show was over just because I liked it so much. He was the second of my two favorite performances.

Maddie Walker – Let’s Hear It for the Boy (Footloose)

 I’m still on the team “Maddie isn’t ready yet”. I thought this was one of her better performances but she just still looks lost on stage. Like a deer in the headlights. I still think she needs to work on song choice and I’m with Harry – we really don’t know who she is yet. She definitely is a bit more of a copycat than an original. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great copycat, but you need to start making things your own. Baby steps.

Clark Beckham – Sunday Morning (Cheaper by the Dozen 2)
Jax – Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” (The Wedding Singer)

So while Joey and Quentin were my favorites for the night, Clark and Jax were both VERY close seconds. Clarks because I mean, come on. Great voice, oozing sex appeal, great voice, I mean… what else do you need? And as for Jax, while the song was kind of simple and jovial (and while I think she was somewhat copying off her sometimes more successful co-star, Joey) this was SO MUCH better than last week. These two both really turned it around this week and I think it’s exactly what they needed to get me right back on their bandwagon.

I was also pretty pumped that america chose Jax over Qaasim. While I think Qaasim knows what to do on a stage, besides Daniel and maybe Adanna, he’d definitely be next on my list to send home, so it didn’t bother me at all that he was going to be sent packing. Except then he didn’t.

Wiig Are you Kidding Me

I mean, the judges using their save on him would only have been more insulting had they used it on Daniel. Now, while I like that the save is off the table now, I’m terrified that next week someone I actually love will go home and I’ll be FURIOUS. And I mean, while Qaasim’s version of Come Together was ok (and it made me look up what movie this was from – Across the Universe – and reminded me that I wanted to see it) it was NOT at all save worthy. So basically while I thought I’d end the show happily, I ended it just mad. And Harry – IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE STUPID PERFORMANCE! THEY HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SING TOO! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

And is there anything that can change my mood around? Well I do love the idea of an 80s night so I mean, I’m sure I’ll enjoy next weeks performance. And I can only HOPE that Qaasim (or Daniel) are on the chopping block next week!

Until then, here’s how I voted:

Top11 - votes2

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