American Idol – Movie Night Suggestions

Hi all!

So I had this whole post worked up about the Idol Classics I thought the contestants would be singing and then I realized they were just toying with our emotions last week asking what songs we’d like to hear that are classics, for a possible future episode, which I will tentatively believe is real and happening, just not this week.

Hollywood05 - Disappointed

This week we’re getting Movie Soundtracks. It’s a theme I happen to LOVE. Well, sort of. I like seeing what song they picked and for what reason (and it’s always nice to see them pick movies I like because hey, one more thing in common). I just hope it isn’t like last season where the just picked songs willy nilly and then fit them into a soundtrack somehow.

The hard thing is that we don’t really know the contestants as of yet so it’s hard to say what songs they’ll pick because I mean, I’m pretty sure they haven’t been asked as of yet, what their favorite movies are. A few people have made some generic tweets about what they’ll sing. Tyanna said if she performs it’s “going to surprise us” which I mean, I’m all for her surprising me, because I love her. She also posted a lyric from “What a Wonderful World” which has been featured in a few soundtracks, so I’d say that’s the leading possibility, right? It’d definitely be veering away from what she usually sings. Jax was straight up asked on twitter what she’d be singing and she gave the hint that it was from an Adam Sandler movie – which immediately made me think

What? Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark!

Also I totally forgot Julie Bowen played Virginia. Classic film. Anyway the more I thought about it, the more I now think she’s probably singing something from the Wedding Singer. It seems more her speed. And I definitely see her as loving 80s music and I’d kind of love to see her cover White Wedding and Billy Idol, although George Michael would be a good cover too (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go). I think either could be an epic performance. I’d be happy with anything from that soundtrack though. She does need a good performance this week after that Blank Space crap last week. Not that I think she’s in any real danger of going home, but you don’t wanna have 2 lackluster performances in a row.

And speaking of lackluster performances, I think you can probably add Clark to that list as well. His song choice last week was just so lacking. What I’d really like to see him do, is something from When Harry Met Sally, which you may remember – is basically a Harry Connick, Jr. album. But wouldn’t it be great to hear him sing “It Had to be You”? That was almost my wedding song and I LOVE IT. So obviously Clark would win some major brownie points if he performed that song, and did it well!

I am also wondering if anyone will sing any of the Oscar nominated original songs. I could see any number of contestants wanting to perform “Glory” (Rayvon would be my pick, personally) but what I’d really like to hear, if anything, is the song Rita Ora sang. I think it was called “Grateful”. Both are great songs. And I doubt anyone will sing Everything is Awesome, but I suppose you never know what Joey will do.

There are also a couple of songs that get done quite frequently on Movie Night – one I love and one I literally HATE (even though I used to love it). The love is Falling Slowly from the movie Once. If I had to pick anyone to sing that it would most definitely be Quentin. He’s the only one I’d trust. That said, I could see Daniel Seavey trying it out, which is definitely the LAST thing that I want. The song I’m praying I won’t hear is “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” – not only has it been done twice in this theme week, it’s been done 8 times in the history of the live shows. That’s just too many times.

I don’t really have any concept of what the remaining singers will be performing, and really the above is all just spit-balling ideas. So we’ll see.

Finally, in somewhat completely unrelated news, Hailey Reinhart and Casey Abrams met up with Postmodern Jukbox (the group Joey got “Fancy” from) and did a cover of All About that Base and it was awesomesauce. So watch it now.

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