American Idol – Top 11 – Party Down!

Ok I think we need to talk about this new format. I have some love for it and some major grievances toward it. Actually, maybe I just have one of each.

Love – That Idol is only one night (after this week anyway). I mean, it just makes everything easier. Committing yourself to 3-4 hours of Idol on a weekly basis is a lot to ask of a person. I also like the whole chair thing. That’s kind of fun.

Hate – That every episode these kids are worrying about whether they’re making it through, and don’t get to just let go and perform. There’s still a plus to this in that the kids with nerves of steel will most likely go farther, so in that regard I’m not even totally opposed to this. I think overall it’s not going to bother me but I see the potential for it to bother me.

Oh also, another love – Scott Borchetta (forgive me if I write Bruschetta more than once because it’s going to happen eventually. I do it every time I write his name) is already growing on me.

Rayvon Owen – Burn

I really liked that Borchetta was telling us that he needed to work on pushing himself. I agree. I’m not entirely sure this was him pushing himself, but he was certainly pushing his upper register on those falsettos. Harry was a stone cold tiger watching him. I felt like he hit every note, which is great, and how he got all the words – it seemed like that was incredibly difficult. But it was breathy, and weirdly paced. Overall it just wasn’t my favorite. I don’t know how the judges could think it was one of his best performances. Are they trying to trick us into not voting for him because he’ll clearly be safe? Well you won’t fool me judges. My votes are already in!

Maddie Walker – She’s Country

I do agree that giving the audience something more rock-n-roll is the right way to go with Maddie, but I still think she’s kind of boring. I just look at her and think “give it 2 years”. She’s got the look and the voice, she just needs the entertainment factor. I could easily see her being a star, in time. I do love her look tonight though. And now I wonder what was wrong with her? Medical Attention, ey?

Joey Cook – Fancy 


When I saw the song she was doing this song I was really surprised*. If you wanna talk about a rendition of a song that I’ve loved – meet this performance. I totally loved this. What’s interesting about Joey, I don’t know why I’m still thinking about her (it’s a commercial), but like, the reason this show works well (I think) is because she knows what sounds good with music and while usually at home she’d have to play by herself, here she can get a full band and do exactly what she wants. And way to give credit to the website/band/whatevershewastalkingabout that did the arrangement for that song because it was SPECTACULAR. I mean, I’m drooling. (Also now I’m streaming this Postmodern Jukebox youtube channel)

*TVLine posts them now. I wish they would just show what they were singing instead of including who was singing it so we could guess. That would make it more exciting for me.

Clark Beckham – Takin’ it to the Streets

I already think that Borchetta has more mentoring in his pinky than Randy had in his entire body. It’s nice to see a mentor really SAY things. Here’s the thing though, he said he needs to start getting out of his comfort zone, and then he plays a song directly in his comfort zone. A little odd, no? Maybe his real advice was “play in your zone until they tell you to stop” (note: Harry’s exact words “Keep on doing it until we tell you to stop”). #truerwords

PS though – I hate this song.

Jax – Blank Space

brit kinda bad

Ok here’s the thing. Taylor did this better. Like, a million times better. Jax wasn’t really terrible or anything, she just doesn’t compare (for me) to Taylor. I liked the leap but unfortunately it was a fall, kind of off a cliff. It was kind of nice to see her doing a little more rock than her… well whatever it is that she does. I just didn’t like this. Bad song choice. I’ll still vote for her because I like the risk she took.

Qaasim Middleton – Wings

Am I the only one that hates this song? The girls are far more on point tonight with their song choice. And what parties are these people going to? I’d say only half the songs so far, are ones I’d use to “get a party started”. I’m starting to not care about how present he is on stage, and as such, the vocal problems are bothering me a lot more. I did think it was weird when Harry went a little “Beauty Pageant Questionnaire” on Qaasim, but I liked his answer. I did like where Harry was going with his question though. And I don’t know why the other two judges were so up Qaasims butt about the performance.

Adanna Duru – Runaway Baby

I liked that Borchetta said “reckless abandon” because I love to say that about myself, usually with regards to walking into offices. I really thought Adanna would be going home tonight so this was kind of shocking (the first of two upsetting shocks tonight). I thought her performance tonight was definitely better than her performance last night so good on ya! Make the most of your time! This was a lovely performance. And I LOVED her shorts! I wish I could pull those things off!

Tyanna Jones – Tightrope

Her hair is a lot bigger tonight. Ok here’s my thing with this performance. As it relates to the actual song, I thought she did a great job. The vocals were magical and her performance as effervescent as always. I just really don’t like that song. I’m sorry Jannelle Monae. I like you, I just don’t like the song. I’m going to try not to let it take away from how amazing I think Tyanna is, and how great the performance truly was. It’s just a personal preference, that it comes down to.

Daniel “More Talented Lazaro” Seavey – Happy

Top11 - What

Ugh. Did everyone just hear the enormous sigh I just released? Not the good kind, not the relief one either. The “shit there are still 3 more entirely more talented contestants on the bench right now” one. Ugh. I knew this would happen, and like I originally thought, it already hurts. I don’t feel like I should even comment on this performance. I was trying not to hate him but when he said how he knows his cuteness is a factor, and not in a self-deprecating way… ugh. ugh ugh. I’ll tell you this JLo, it is possible to not root for him.

Quentin Alexander – Rolling in the Deep

There’s something about Quentin that he can get away with things that other contestants just can’t. Adele is a hard person to tackle, but he was different enough without being too different, and I kind of liked it. I think it’s one of those performances where, if this was his audition he might not have made it, but now that he’s in and america can vote, they’ll like it. Does that make sense? There’s something about his voice and the way he performs that I just love.

Nick Fradiani – Wake Me Up 

As soon as I saw it was down to Nick and Sarina, I think we all knew it was gonna be Nick. Sarina just doesn’t have the fan base that Nick (I’m sure) has. Plus she’s got to fight with like, 4-5 other contestants for her spot, where Nick is a little more unique this season. He’s really only competing with Clark and maybe Daniel.

Anyway, I remember looking up this song when Majesty sang it last year because I’d never heard it, and immediately d/l it on my ipod. I really love it. The video is pretty great too, in case you were wondering. Nick is the reason I worry about this whole “announce who’s going home by announcing who’s still in”. He was clearly nervous and this definitely wasn’t his best performance, but I feel like I’m now going to pity the person picked last, as much as I pity the person going home (unless it’s Daniel).

As for Sarina, I’ll just leave you with Michael Slezak’s feelings because they’re basically mine too.

Top11 - sarina

It’s obvious that the judges wouldn’t use their save for Sarina, but I almost feel like they should’ve. But what if Daniel is still in, around the Top 8… I mean, that would be unacceptable unless he can gain 4 years in the next 2 weeks. Ugh.

Anyway, next week is “Idol Go-To Classics” which I was worried meant – go-to songs choices that contestants pick (aka – the ones we’ve heard over 10 times) but I’m glad to see they mean actual classics. I can’t wait to think of songs for them to sing!

So until next week, my winner for tonight, was pretty obviously:

Top11 - Winner

and here’s how I voted 🙂

Top11 - Votes

No votes for you Daniel Seavey!



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