American Idol – Top 12 Get Do-Overs

So as you know, tonights theme was “Songs We’ve Heard Before”.

Top12 - ugh


I’ve decided to take a more optimistic approach, though. Call it the optimist in me. Rather than complaining (anymore) I’m just going to compare these performances to their original performance, and see how they’ve improved. And maybe how the song is with or without the band (although I suppose you don’t need to use the band, right?).

I think the optimism also comes from the potential Top 12. Since there are 9 I like, I feel pretty solid that they’ll all be through (and they were for the most part). If anything it’s making me angsty about every cut after the Top 12 because they’re all going to be hard to see go.

Top12 - don't go

Anyway, lets talk about who made it into the Top 12 tonight, in order of performance (since I actually started writing this while the show was still on)

Sarina-Joi Crowe – Love Runs Out 

Wow, rush rush rush! I have a feeling I’ll feel that way for a lot of the performances tonight but after watching all 12, the first 3 definitely seemed the most rushed! It was almost uncomfortable. And I felt like the pace maybe screwed with Sarina’s performance. She’s given mostly stellar performances up to this point but her cracks really showed with this one. I can’t believe I’m thinking this show should actually be longer… but an hour and a half wouldn’t have killed them. Does anyone even watch the 10:00 news anymore, anyway? Something tells me she’ll be fine. I do hope she is.

Rayvon Owen – Wide Awake 

Ok so when I say that the show should be a half hour longer, I think I just mean I want to hear Rayvon for more time. Well, him and Tyanna (I assume since we haven’t heard her yet).

*side note – I just realized that’s a Katy Perry song! lol. Who knew? I only know Katy Perry songs that I’ve heard on Glee.

Daniel Seavey – Straight Up 

This is terrible. You can really hear him not being in key or something. I don’t like the weird way he’s singing on stage… There’s just nothing to compliment about this performance. It’s nice to see Harry finally agrees with me. I mean, when it’s that obvious, how do you not? The frustrating thing is that all the 14 year olds voting for him are just going to take pity on this kid and vote to keep him in, sending any one of the other 11 more qualified contestants home tomorrow. That’s unfortunate.

Maddie Walker – Suitcase 

Maddie was one that I was actually interested in hearing because she was part of a montage in her audition so I felt like we didn’t really get to hear a lot of it. I actually thought this was one of her best performances. She still seems kind of shy on stage but I think the right song choice can bring the Tyanna Jones out of her. Ok no it can’t, but it can help.

Tyanna Jones – Wings

Top12 - amen

This was a great audition, but with the band, perfection. She can do no wrong to me! SHE IS A MOTHER F-ING STAR, FOLKS!

Nick “Grampa” Fradiani – In Your Eyes 

I loved this performance. And I think that because I was jaded by his original audition (thanks to his distracting ex-girlfriend), I didn’t give him the appreciation he deserved. Also, I thought the back-up singers were terrible on this song. They were borderline distracting.

I also just realized I stopped worrying about Clark (probably because I mean, he has to be through, right?)… except now it’s all I’m going to be thinking about for the remainder of the show. Maybe he’ll be next.

Jax – I Wanna Hold Your Hand 

Fantastic. But this was a performance where it proved how powerful sitting at a piano can be, because as soon as she got up from it, I was kind of over it. Just stay at the piano, boo.

Qaasim Middleton – Sir Duke

I think this was a bit of a bad night for Qaasim. While again, I enjoyed the performance, the slow start proved that he’d not the super talented singer we’ve been led to believe he is. This will be a good test of how far performance can take you. And if he does make it through, I think he needs to quickly prove he can sing a slow song, or just go join Earth Wind and Fire now.

CLARK BECKHAM – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World


YES YES YES. I mean come on. YES! Just when I thought you might be falling off my “top of the charts” status, you go and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

Joey Cook – King of Spain 

I do like Joey, I just don’t love Joey. I just don’t know how far her schtick can go. I mean, what she does – she does VERY well. It’s just, how far does it need to go, you know?

Quentin Alexander – Royals 

Top12 - crybaby

I mean come on with this kid. All the hormones in my body are making me cry. ugh… I’m sick. Pity me. Everyone has their strengths in their performances. Quentin is emotion. He oozes it from every orifice of his body. I’m so glad you were given the wild card because you deserve it in droves!

Adanna Duru – You and I 

 This wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible. And it kind of made me hate the judges for not picking Alexis instead. I do think Adanna has a good voice though so maybe I’ll like her in the future, but methinks she might be on the chopping block officially, after tomorrow night.

So, after tonight, here are my Top 4:

Top12 - Top4


And here’s what my voting looked like (I was a little generous this evening):

Top12 - Votes

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