American Idol – Gearing Up for the Top 12

So I heard that tonight, we’ll be getting the Top 12, and those contestants will sing their audition songs.


AUDITION SONGS? Seriously? What did I say about this last season? Oh yeah, STOP SINGING SONGS YOU’VE ALREADY SUNG! It’s literally my biggest pet peeve. It’s a worse theme than Motown, and that’s saying a lot for me. The saving grace, I suppose… is that it’s still early on, but in that sense, haven’t we JUST heard the auditions? I can only hope that maybe they’ll be allowed to sing an not-televised audition song and it’ll be less predictable. I mean, half of these contestants auditions are still quite fresh in my mind. I really don’t need to hear them again.

So anyway, here’s the list of songs they will probably sing.

Clark Beckham – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
Loren Lott — Treasure and Saving All My Love for You
Sarina-Joi-Crowe — Love Runs Out (I actually wrote “Does it matter?” but…)
Alexis Gomez — Little White Church
Joey Cook — King of Spain
Nick Fradiani – In Your Eyes
Maddie Walker — Suitcase
Adam Ezegelian – Born to Be Wild and I’m Yours
Qaasim Middleton – Sir Duke
Jax — I Want to Hold Your Hand
Mark Andrew – Soulshine and Be Like You
Quentin Alexander — Royals
Rayvon Owen – Wide Awake
Daniel Seavey — Hallelujah and Straight Up
Adanna Duru — You and I
Tyanna Jones — Wings

I did find it interesting that I called out all of these people as ones to watch, during the auditions… go me! I also bolded the 12 I hope to see tonight (actually it’s more like the 9 I hope to see, and 3 more to get 12).

Now, as for Thursday night, the theme is Party Songs. That could be fun. Although when I think Party Songs, I just think Jock Jams, and the problem with that is that those aren’t song you really sing. It’s usually more of a yell/chant. Maybe those are more “Party Anthems”. Either way, it’s a super vague category. I decided to do what every nerd does when trying to figure out what songs they’d sing, I googled “Party Songs” and got a good “Top 100” list from a DJ website. Of the Top 100 songs, I’d say about 20 are songs that need an iota of a good singing voice. And really when you’ve got Joey and Jax in contention, you could take any song and make it into a totally different non-party song rendition. That’s basically what I’m hoping for.


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