American Idol – Loving the Ladies of Motown

I can’t say that I was overly impressed with the ladies tonight, but I will say that compared to the men, they did a lot better than I thought they’d do. I’ve been thinking that this season would be another “year of the man” on Idol, but after this first week of actual live shows, the girls are most certainly holding their own…

even if it’s not the Top 8 I dreamed of…

LiveShow04 - tombstone


But why focus on the negative… Let’s talk about the ladies that did make it on the show!

First: THE.GIRL.
Tyanna Jones – Rockin’ Robin

Well that was a great night of idol! Does anyone need to hear anyone else? Sorry but you know I’m excited to see my girl be the first picked. I mean they presented her before the first commercial break! That’s what I like to see! And she was more upbeat than at least half the guys from last night (as much as I hate that song).

Second: The Actress
Loren Lott – I Want to Be Where You Are

This vocal was exceptionally better than last week. I will give her that much. I can’t say I’m mad surprised to see her in the top 8, but she’s one of the two I think probably shouldn’t have been here. But at least she isn’t as gun-shy as a lot of the girls left sitting in their chairs at the end of the night. She didn’t do anything to show me she deserved to be in the Top 8.

LiveShow04 - earn me

Third: The Not-Quite Carrie Underwood
Maddie Walker – I’ll Be There

I really don’t know what to think of Maddie. She has a great voice but she’s just… I dunno. Someone dull on stage. I wish she could do something to just step up her game a little bit. I worry she’ll be forgotten in a few more weeks. Actually, I don’t worry because I don’t really have any desire to have her on longer than that. At least at this point.

Fourth: The Kiwi
Joey Cook – Shop Around 

Ok here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure I really liked her changing of the song this time. And the more I listen to last weeks ep, the more I liked that one too. Her songs grow on you. It’s not to say that you want to hear it all the time, it reminds me of a quote from GIRLS this season when Marnie plays her new song for Shoshonna and Jessa…

LiveShow04 - convo

Fifth: The Contender
Sarina-Joi Crowe – You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me

So remember how I said that I think Sarina has been preparing for this for years? Yeah, I think this pretty much proved it. I actually loved this song and performance and thought it was one of the most spot-on Motown performances of the week. It wasn’t my favorite performance, but for what Motown actually is, I think Sarina fully embraced the challenge and I look forward to seeing more of her (sort of).

Sixth: The One I Keep Forgetting
Adanna Duru – Hello

This song is terrible. It’s just one of those songs I hate hearing on Idol. I’m going to blame that on Stefano from Season 10. Ugh… there’s a name I never wanted to remember. But man I feel like all of his horrible performances are burned in my brain. It’s gotta be some kind of punishment. As for Adanna, I’d honestly be shocked to see her move on next week (even more shocked than I was to see her get into the top 8 girls to begin with).

Seventh: The Girl who wore the Dress.
Jax – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Ok let me just get it out of the way that I thought it was stupid that she wore that dress. As for her performance can I just say to the judges:

LiveShow04 - dafuq

I have to assume that the judges were just giving her this kind of criticism so that people would worry she did poorly and give her a million votes to get her through. That’s the only way I can comprehend their critique of this amazing/original/fantastic performance. I just like that she’s willing to play with arrangements, and while I don’t like all of them, I like that she’s doing something that’s unique.

Eighth: The Country Mexican Hippy (self-described)
Alexis Gomez – I Can’t Help Myself

This was… not good. I do hope for her sake that it was just because she was last picked and maybe at that point was expecting it to be Katherine instead (or god forbid, Shi). I have to give a little bit of credit to the nerves of being last picked, but I do agree with the judges that it’s something you’re going to have to deal with day in and day out so get used to it, or get out.

So, of the Top 14 I picked, lets see how accurate I was…


I know I didn’t guess all 8 but I’m pretty pumped that America was with me on at least 7 of my choices. As for the two girls I’d knock out tonight… it’d be Adanna and Loren, I think. I could easily see it being Alexis too though, after tonights performance. I did forget to take a picture of who I voted for but let it be known I voted for Tyanna, Jax and Sarina. You’re welcome, ladies.

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