American Idol – The Legacy of Motown Week Continues…

Ok first and foremost, I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t comment on Aretha Franklins opening number. The lady’s still got it! And I like her so much more in that leather jacket number than that dress I saw her in on Letterman a while ago… now, where was she as an actual mentor? I thought they’d talk to her at least once but I think after that performance, that was the last time I saw her.

So let’s talk about who got through.

First in: The Kid.
Daniel Seavey – How Sweet it Is (To Be Loved By You). 

I don’t know if this was the first time I was seeing Daniel Seavey, sans musical instrument. I wanna hate this kid but I smile just looking at him. He’s a charmer. I HATE IT! He’s like a “Kid Michael Buble” or something. Truth = I’d rather see HCJ sing this song on stage, than this adorable child kid. Actually have you ever heard James Taylors version? That might be my favorite.

I’m already starting to worry that Clark will be the 8th guy they pick so that he closes out the show. And I’ll have to worry all episode. I’m really hoping he’ll be back after this commercial break.


Second: The Complainer
Mark Andrew – Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Oh you have tendinitis? Your life must be so hard! I did like this performance a lot more than last weeks. That’s not saying much. If they chop it down to 12 next week, I hope he’s in the remaining 4. I’ll just put it that way.

Third: The Hat Wearer The One With the Best Voice
Rayvon Owen – My Girl 

I loved this (vocally) so much. But what is it with him and terrible hats? You are not Pharrell, sir. But that voice… I’ll just close my eyes and pretend this song is actually giving me a hug. It feels like it’s giving me a hug. That said, folks I was watching with her quite bored with the whole thing. It was still the best vocally, either way.

Fourth: Chris Sligh
Adam Ezegelian – I Want You Back

Ugh. This guy. What is America doing right now? I feel bad for not liking him but I’m still amazed enough people liked him to get him into the Top 8 guys. No way he makes Top 12, right? Shit he’s gonna make it to 4th and I’m gonna be throwing things at the television.

Look who it is: Scott Borchetta seems about as creepy as I was thinking he was.

Fifth: My Boyfriend
Clark Beckham – Tracks of My Tears


Ok first off, lets all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

I… I don’t know how I felt about this song. I love Clark. This was a great song, it just wasn’t totally what I wanted from him. I wanted something a little more upbeat and entertaining. I wanted the show. I guess since it’s Top 16, he can do a little slow tune. Next week though, I’m gonna need a show.

Sixth: The Now-Single
Nick Fradiani – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This was the (mostly) upbeat number I was looking for. At this point I’m actively hoping the last two are Quentin and Qaasim for 2 final exciting auditions. As long as one of them makes it in, I think I’ll be happy (I forgot Savion is still on the bench).

Seventh: The Virgin (which is a totally ok thing)
Qaasim Middleton – I Wish

Sorry. I had to. Before I looked up to see what he was singing, I was really thinking he was going into Sex Machine, which would’ve been ironic and/or hysterical. This guy (especially tonight) is just the only one who clearly knows how to put on a show! I’m into it. The dancing? So much yes! Harry is totally right. That’s what we’re looking for (performance-wise).

And finally: The Unique Flower
Quentin Alexander – Master Blaster

I couldn’t decide who I wanted to see on stage, Quentin or Savion, but my reaction to Quentin makes me realize that he’s who I really wanted to see. I do kind of wish they’d just keep 7 girls and 9 guys (let’s just hope for a wild card. These judges seem into that kind of thing). Why does it have to be even, anyway?

 I did see that had they sung, the eliminated contestants would’ve done these songs:

Savion Wright — What’s Going On
Riley Bria — Dancing in the Street
Michael Simeon – Let’s Get It On
Trevor Douglas — Say You, Say Me

I think I would’ve liked to still see Savion and Riley’s performances, but again, there’s always a chance for the wild card *wink wink* producers *wink wink*.

So, as for tonight, it was kind of terrible, but I expected that with “motown” week. I’m pretty sure, if you could combine Rayvon and Qaasims performances, it would’ve been the perfect performance, maybe with a dash of Quentin. I’d also say I enjoyed Clark Beckham, Nick Fradiani and maybe if I have to Daniel Seavey gah.


But I’m not voting for him because I think he’s had enough help already. If he’s gonna win, he’s got to win without my support. It’s only fair.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.01.21 PM

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