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American Idol – ‘Cause This is 80’s Night!

This night started out really rough, I have to say. I thought it was going to be a BRUTAL episode. Not only would I have to suffer through a DOUBLE elimination (and began immediately hoping Daniel would at least be ONE of the two). But then the Hoff came out (which I was fine with) and sang a 10 minute song medley that I could’ve done without for the rest of my life. I mean doesn’t he know it’s the Germans who like his music, not Americans? Was he considered 80’s? I mean, Baywatch was only on in the very last year of the 80s. This is my issue with a lot of 80’s stuff. It’s that it’s actualyl 90’s stuff because when we think 80’s we think people born in the 80’s, but us “born in the 80’s” folks, we’re 90’s kids. We don’t know shit about the 80’s except from movies and VH1’s “I ❤ the 80s” and references our older siblings may’ve made. Siblings I didn’t have, so I’m definitely a 90’s kid. And to me, the Hoff is a 90’s guy. Then I have to remember that Knight Rider was a thing and maybe ok he was famous in the 80s. Fine Knight Rider. He’s still only famous in Germany. The long and the short of it is that it was a bad way to start the show. Boy George didn’t help much either. I was hoping they were only singing Karma Chameleon because someone else was going to come on later to sing Do You Really Want to Hurt Me… but that didn’t happen so it just turned out to be kind of lame performance. And as I was thinking that the only thing that could make the show start out worse, was if Daniel Seavey was the first one picked… and Mother Fucking Fuck.

Top09 - joy theif

Daniel “Officially Lazaro” Seavey – You Make My Dreams Come True

Daniel, the reason the judges are hard on you, is because while an excellent musician, you are NOT a good singer YET. I’m sure you will be one day, but this is not that time. I mean he’s been in the worst slots for people, historically, and yet there he is, safe again. And yet again, a terrible performance. There’s always one. Luckily this year there really is only one. I just hope America comes to it’s senses and stops getting tricked by the people saying the judges are hard on Daniel or how all he wants to do is Make people happy. The judges were ENTIRELY too nice to you tonight. Just because his vocals were better than last week, doesn’t mean they were good this week.

Top09 - lies

I mean, I guess it’s fine to be kind of nice to the kid, but you need to be realistic with him too. And Harry, when the other judges can’t be, you have to be that guy. The good and the bad of Daniel getting picked first, was that at least I’d just finished watching the worst performance of the night, now I just had to worry about which two would be going home! While nerve racking, I have to say the order in which people were getting picked left me feeling like there was hope for this season and that at least one of the right people would be going home tonight.

Quentin Alexander – In The Air Tonight

Ok so maybe this was one I wanted . So first of all, that jacket – it’s kind of like, everything that Mugatu was thinking when he had the Derelique campaign. Right?


But that’s not important. What’s important is this performance. Artistic, well done, excellent vocals. It was lovely. This kid conveys more emotion in his performances than the next 5 contestants combined. That’s not to say he was my favorite performance of the night (but it was my second favorite). I was also glad to see him finally picked up early on in the show so I didn’t have to worry about him, because I DO worry about him! I think he can make Top 5 though for sure. I definitely hope so!

Joey Cook – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ok so you know how I was saying Joey hasn’t really done anything that hasn’t impressed me, yet? Ok I guess I jinxed her.

brit kinda bad

I couldn’t agree with Jens comments more. It seemed like it would fit, but it didn’t fit. I really thought after she said she was “Madonna in Space” that she’d sing a Madonna song (which I have to imagine would’ve been a better idea) I mean, it’s always nice to try new things and Joey is pretty much the queen of trying new things. This just unfortunately wasn’t the right thing this time. I think she’ll be safe for sure, I hope she will. I gave her the votes just in case 🙂

Tyanna Jones – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

I was kind of surprised when I heard Tyanna say she was going to do a Whitney cover. I really thought that if anyone was going to do one it would be Adanna (who looked like, had she performed, it was going to be to Thriller, based on the bustier) but then I thought, well, if she does one of the more upbeat songs, I could TOTALLY see it! As for this song, it’s been done like, 4 times on Idol in the past but none of them stood out to me when looking at who sang them. Most of the times it was in the semi-final round anyway, which are performances I tend to forget anyway. This one wasn’t exactly forgettable, but it wasn’t super memorable either. To me, it was more “safe” than anything else. After last week maybe she thought that was what she needed? Or maybe Whitney was just one of the only artists she knew? That’s going to be my guess. And she finished this performance on a very strong note so I think that should help people remember her when it comes voting time. I know I did!

Jax – You Give Love a Bad Name

So whether you know it or not, there have actually been some stellar performances of Bon Jovi on Idol, my favorite probably being Melinda Doolittle singing Have a Nice Day. But if you’ll recall, Blake Lewis did a great version of You Give Love a Bad Name both for Bon Jovi week, and in the finale. The great thing for Jax was that hers was barely comparable! It’s interesting because they both did very unique versions and yet they were so different. What I liked more about Jax’ was pretty obvious. THE PIANO. I’ll always chose piano over beat-boxing.

Nick Fradiani – Man in the Mirror

This was very boy band-y to me. Not in a bad way, but maybe in a bad way? I know some people look at that as insulting. I mean, it kind of is, but whatevs. I do think this was SO much better than Nicks last performance and overall one of his best. You’re heading in the right direction, Nicholas! I wish he’d go by Nicholas. I’d like that more. I always thought that when Nick Markakis played for the Orioles (oh how I miss him already). I just like that name more than Nick.

Clark Beckham – Every Breath You Take

Ask.Believe.Receive. When I was looking at who was left to be picked, I just kept thinking “Be Clark. Be Clark. Be Clark” and then it WAS! I have to say I was pretty pumped that Clark was in. Had they picked Maddie/Qaasim/Adanna I would’ve LOST.MY.SHIT. But anyway, this song was perfect. I know Me = SUCKER. Pianos man, I should just marry one or something. Actually, I should just make Zack learn to play the piano. And maybe take some voice lessons? Or maybe he can just hire someone to play piano for us while we eat dinner? That’s probably my ideal situation. I wonder if Clark is available? haha. And Clark did great job taking a creepy song and make me forget how creepy it was. He made it seem so much more romantic, no? This was above and beyond, my favorite performance of the night and put Clark right back at the top of my favorites list.

little rascals

Qaasim Middleton – Addicted to Love

Ugh. I was definitely kind of hoping that America would show the judges they were right the first time, and pick Rayvon in this slot, but alas, they did not, and I did get really sad for a few minutes that Rayvon would most likely go home. I honestly didn’t even remember much of his performance so post show I had to go back and re-watch it, since I couldn’t stop thinking about how Rayvon was definitely out because America wouldn’t vote off 2 girls in one night, right? But I’ll talk about that in a minute. Let’s talk about Qaasim for now. Actually all I really wanna say is that I think the judges wasted their save on him and I don’t think this performance did anything to prove otherwise to me.

Rayvon Owen – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Once again, the ask.believe.receive. mantra has prevailed once again! My boy Rayvon is through even though just minutes ago I was preparing for them to say Adanna and for me to be pissed but understanding. I feel bad for Maddie and Adanna, but man I’m glad Rayvon is through! I thought Rayvon did a pretty good job minus that wonky note at the end that definitely could’ve been better. And this was a far better performance than Stayin’ Alive, last week. That was just blah blah blah. This at least had some pizzazz. And for the most part, I liked it a lot. And I’m still glad America picked him, and not the other two girls. But I mean, look what we’re left with:

 Top09 - whosleft

The ladies are dropping like flies. That said, the three remaining, I think they’re safe for a little while longer. I mean, it’s definitely the boys turn for some eliminations. While I still think a guy is going to win this season, the remaining girls will certainly give the boys a run for their money! So with that, here’s who I voted for,

Top09 - Votes

and I’ll see you next week when we talk about a night that I’m at first glance pretty pumped for: The Kelly Clarkson Songbook! I mean, it’s going to be a tough week because I’m literally going to compare EVERYONE to THE IDOL that is Kelly Clarkson. I mean, they don’t call it “The House That Kelly Clarkson Built” for nothing (credit: Michael Slezak)

Top09 - KellyClarkson

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American Idol – Predictions

Top10 - 80s

Isn’t it amazing that of all the themes, I feel like 80s week has been done a lot, but it’s actually only been done 3 other times, which in Idol world isn’t something I’d call “regularly”. It also brings back some PTSD for me with regards to last season. It’s the episode where my love, Malaya Watson, got voted off thanks to a less than stellar version of “Through the Fire” TO FUCKING CJ HARRIS! Who sang Free Fallin’!


I mean come on. And for some reason, I really feel like I’m going to have these same emotions going into this week. I just have this feeling that everyone I don’t like (all like, 3 of you) will be safe, and my other 8 favorites will be in jeopardy. It’s just really tense. But that’s life. Haha.

As always, picking songs for 80s week is difficult. You’ve got an entire decade of music to work with! Last year I used movies to guide my thoughts on who I’d like to sing. I thought I’d try artists this time, since so many come to mind when I think about the 80’s. Madonna, Michael, Whitney, Prince, Janet, etc etc etc. and that’s just in the “pop” category. Lest we forget the likes of Bon Jovi, REM, Tom Petty, all the glam metal bands (luckily for me there’s no Caleb this season to even get in to that genre) I mean, really this list was just making it entirely too hard to narrow ANYTHING down. So then I just started thinking about the actual contestants and what I’d like them to sing while listening to an 80’s spotify playlist (I’m user #12180899309 if you wanna look out for me).

Let’s start with Mr. Clark Beckham and Nick Fradiani.I have the most ideas for them. I kind of see their musical stylings as similar, so I could see either of them singing these next few ideas – Does anyone else see a little Phillip Phillips in Clark? I know I do from time to time (although Clark seems more of a grown up to me). Phillip sang Genesis (That’s All) and I would love to see Clark do something along those lines. Maybe “In the Air Tonight”? I was also looking back at suggestions I made for contestants in previous seasons and now I want to see him sing “Sister Christian”. I also noticed that an Idol contestant has never covered a Paul Simon song (only Simon and Garfunkel), and I’ve got one or two that I think Clark would do so well. Obviously “You Can Call Me Al” came to mind first because its’ the greatest song he’s ever written. BUT, are you familiar with the song “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes”? Wouldn’t that be a GREAT cover? A girl can dream. I’m also still holding out for a good Billy Joel cover, of which many songs fall into that category. And finally, what about something by the Police? I think Nick could do a pretty good cover of Every Little Thing She Does is Magic! Although is that really singing? He’s already been in trouble for that once so maybe he should shy away from that.

Ok I realize those last suggestions were many. But I do have more specific suggestions for other contestants, I promise! The idea of what I wanted Quentin Alexander to sing came to me IMMEDIATELY. Stay with me. One word: Eurhythmics. Tell me you wouldn’t want to hear him do an Annie Lennox cover? Tell me he wouldn’t do an amazing cover of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These). Try it. Quentin, I know you already have your song choice for tonight but I’m telling you, I hope it’s Annie Lennox. You’re the only one I would trust to do this (forget what I say later about Joey).

Top10 - annie lennox

I do have a tiny feeling he could do something by guest mentor, Boy George, but I mean, he doesn’t seem like the “Karma Chameleon” type. I could also see him doing Depeche Mode, Tracy Chapman. After all, he already has the look. BUT, I would personally like to leave Tracy to my girl, Tyanna Jones.  I only wish Give Me One Reason was released in the 80s because I’d rather hear her sing that. Fast Car just isn’t my favorite song of hers. But it’s the only one I know that came out in the 80’s. I don’t really have any other ideas for her, unfortunately. I’m sure she has one or two though.

As I write this I actually just thought of Rayvon Owen as well. I’d really like him to sing Billie Jean. Rayvon has the perfect voice for 80’s era Michael. Actually, I change my vote. I CHANGE MY VOTE! How about PYT? YESSSSSSSS!!!! Maybe if Rayvon doesn’t sing it, Qaasim or someone else can? But Rayvon should. Lets me real, he could sing anything from the Thriller or Bad album, and I’d be a super happy lady! Just looking at the Bad track listing, I’d literally be happy with any of those songs (Also, thanks Spotify for indulging my MJ craving that just kicked in. Oh what about Smooth Criminal? Man. Please just sing something from Bad, ok?


I think I’d like to see Daniel Seavey do something like “She Drives me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals. BUT, I have to say that in the 3 eps of 80s night, and maybe in the history of Idol? No one has performed New Kids on the Block, on a live show. So now I kind of want him to just embrace his boy band look and cover a New Kids song. So just do New Kids.And Qaasim, if you’re listening – if you want a way for me to endear myself to you, performing New Kids would be a step in the right direction.

Next up there’s Joey Cook. I have some obvious ideas for Joey and some ideas that are a bit of a stretch. I mean, she could definitely attempt the Annie Lennox cover I wanted Quentin to do (or Boy George for that matter). I’m relatively certain this girl can do just about anything she puts her mind to. And I’m sure she’d make it her own. Butt. if she wants to stick to songs that you wouldn’t expect… what about the Breakfast Club classic – Don’t You (Forget About Me)? Yes, I suggested Caleb sing this last year, but he didn’t. So there.

Finally, in the list of people I have ideas for, I said last week, when thinking that Jax would be singing a Wedding Singer song, that I’d love to hear her do some Billy Idol, so I’d like to stick with that as my suggestion for Jax. If I had to pick a new idea, I think I’d go with something by the Bangles. I just know I do not want to hear her (or anyone) sing Time After Time. It’s been done twice on 80’s night already, and that’s plenty.

I still have no idea what I want Maddie or Adanna to sing, besides maybe some artists ideas (Reba/Bonnie and Whitney). Maybe it’s because I see them possibly not performing tonight?


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American Idol – An Original Movie Night!

So, as the contestants got announced tonight, until they got to Joey Cook, it was basically like they were listing who I thought should (and then would) go home, except they were all safe. It just got more and more heartbreaking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Rayvon and Nick were in, but I was definitely expect them to be closer to the bottom of the votes. And really, I don’t think Jax was low on the vote totem poll. I just think they called her last to make it tense. I mean, when it was down to she and Qaasim, I was 100% sure that it would be Jax. That said I was also 100% sure the judges wouldn’t use their save on someone like Qaasim. Just goes to show you can’t be right all the time.

I also wanted to mention that I loved Nile Rodgers as a guest mentor. And Bruschetta was on point with his critiquing/ideas for the performances. It did make me miss something from the 2 nights a week shows, which was Jimmy Iovine giving his thoughts on the Idols post-performance. I like hearing what the mentors thought of them and not just what the judges thought (because as evident tonight, they can be idiots sometimes).


Adanna Duru – Love You I Do (Dreamgirls)

Well I guess we can’t have a movie night without a song from Dreamgirls (I think we’ve all heard I Have Nothing way more than enough times – Did anyone even need to do it after Jennifer Hudson? I think not).  To me, this performance just proved that Adanna is not Jennifer Hudson. I don’t think it was a bad performance (I’d definitely put it in the top half for the night) I just feel like she’s never going to be what Jennifer (or Melinda, or Jordin, etc etc) are.

Daniel Seavey – Lost Stars (Begin Again)

While I didn’t call Daniel singing this song, I did think it was interesting that he sang an Oscar nominated song, as I suggested someone would – it just happened to not be any of the ones I wanted sung. That part I’m ok with. What I wasn’t ok with was that this was the point where it was official. Of the 2 that I was fine with going home, were safe.

help oprah

And then Daniel gave what was probably his worst performance to date, making me HATE every pre-teen with an email account voting their butts off for him. I mean this was just plain bad. Part of me was trying to be sympathetic and thinking that maybe I would’ve liked it more had he been able to play at the piano (what can I say, I’m a sucker for a contestant at a piano).

Top10 - shrugs

Rayvon Owen – Stayin’ Alive (Saturday Night Fever)

I think the thing to say about this performance, once I heard what song he was singing – was that it could really swing either way. He could definitely hit the notes, I had no doubt of that. I just wondered, how are you going to change this arrangement. And then when I heard the arrangement… I mean was it just me or were the “ha. ha. ha. ha.” parts kind of off-putting? Like some alien trying to learn how to laugh like a human? It also made me think of this weird gif I saw the other day.

Top10 - creepy laugh

Other than that, I think the performance was fine. He hit all the notes and towards the end when he got into it for that brief 15 second period, I really liked it. So basically, I’m hanging on to that 15 seconds and I’m just going to forget about the rest of it. I think it’s for the best. And I did like that he tried something that seemed probably a touch out of his comfort zone.

Nick Fradiani – Danger Zone (Top Gun)

Ok Nick here’s the thing. You had the right movie. But you had the wrong song. You can’t sing to Danger Zone. It’s not a singing song. What should you have sung…

And to think, what a better job you’d have done compared to Goose and Maverick? Now, if you’d worn the little military uniform type thing with it. I mean come on. The ladies would’ve been DROOLING! I know I would’ve. You would’ve had all 20 votes and then some from me, if this had been what you’d done. But it wasn’t. I have faith you’ll get it right though, Nick. You’ve got it in you.

Joey Cook – Mad World (Donnie Darko)

Finally a contestant I was happy to see in, and doing a breathtaking performance. This was what I needed at this moment. Was it comparable to Adam Lambert’s cover? Not even. It’s like I can totally seperate the two and basically appreciate them both equally. I still think Adams was better (if you’re going to twist my arm) but Joey did a fantastic job and I dare say was one of my two favorites for the evening. What I liked about this performance was that for Joey, it was a much more normal take on the song than what I was almost expecting from her. And I say that as a big compliment. Because if you can do quirky, fine, but you need to be able to still do normal on occasion and this proved to me that she can handle that. I also have to say that I think Joey was maybe the only one who picked a song based on a movie she liked (I might lump Nick, Jax and Tyanna in there too), rather than picking a song she liked and hoping it was in a movie at some point.

Tyanna Jones – Circle of Life (The Lion King)

 You know what’s REALLY crazy about this performance… is that you have to compare this performance to that of the original Big Crazy Barb.



I have to say, while I love Tyanna, Big Crazy Barb (what was her name? Zoanette?) did it WAY better. Michael Slezak said that JHud sang it as well, but I don’t remember that. I only remember Big Crazy Barb. I did look up JHuds and I do have to say that hers is definitely the best of the 3. I still gave Tyanna all the votes I could because I don’t want one bad performance to hold her back, but the next one needs to be better than this. I think we can all agree with that.

and side note, how on EARTH did Jennifer Hudson NOT win her season? I mean Fantasia is cool and all… but Jennifer should’ve won that season.

Quentin Alexander – You’re the One That I Want (Grease)

I’d never heard this arrangement (apparently I’m not as cool as Keith) and I loved it. I don’t know what JLo and Keith are downplaying about this because it was straight up STUNNING to me. I didn’t hear any of the “horribly out of tune” nonsense that Harry was saying. I mean, they’re better with that than I am, but I thought it was great. So, to the judges:


Really the only thing that pissed me off about this performance was when he said he’d never seen Grease! Did he just hear the weird version of the song and know that it was from a movie, or something? Anyway, that was my only gripe. I actually went back and listened to it again after the show was over just because I liked it so much. He was the second of my two favorite performances.

Maddie Walker – Let’s Hear It for the Boy (Footloose)

 I’m still on the team “Maddie isn’t ready yet”. I thought this was one of her better performances but she just still looks lost on stage. Like a deer in the headlights. I still think she needs to work on song choice and I’m with Harry – we really don’t know who she is yet. She definitely is a bit more of a copycat than an original. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great copycat, but you need to start making things your own. Baby steps.

Clark Beckham – Sunday Morning (Cheaper by the Dozen 2)
Jax – Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” (The Wedding Singer)

So while Joey and Quentin were my favorites for the night, Clark and Jax were both VERY close seconds. Clarks because I mean, come on. Great voice, oozing sex appeal, great voice, I mean… what else do you need? And as for Jax, while the song was kind of simple and jovial (and while I think she was somewhat copying off her sometimes more successful co-star, Joey) this was SO MUCH better than last week. These two both really turned it around this week and I think it’s exactly what they needed to get me right back on their bandwagon.

I was also pretty pumped that america chose Jax over Qaasim. While I think Qaasim knows what to do on a stage, besides Daniel and maybe Adanna, he’d definitely be next on my list to send home, so it didn’t bother me at all that he was going to be sent packing. Except then he didn’t.

Wiig Are you Kidding Me

I mean, the judges using their save on him would only have been more insulting had they used it on Daniel. Now, while I like that the save is off the table now, I’m terrified that next week someone I actually love will go home and I’ll be FURIOUS. And I mean, while Qaasim’s version of Come Together was ok (and it made me look up what movie this was from – Across the Universe – and reminded me that I wanted to see it) it was NOT at all save worthy. So basically while I thought I’d end the show happily, I ended it just mad. And Harry – IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE STUPID PERFORMANCE! THEY HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SING TOO! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

And is there anything that can change my mood around? Well I do love the idea of an 80s night so I mean, I’m sure I’ll enjoy next weeks performance. And I can only HOPE that Qaasim (or Daniel) are on the chopping block next week!

Until then, here’s how I voted:

Top11 - votes2

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American Idol – Movie Night Suggestions

Hi all!

So I had this whole post worked up about the Idol Classics I thought the contestants would be singing and then I realized they were just toying with our emotions last week asking what songs we’d like to hear that are classics, for a possible future episode, which I will tentatively believe is real and happening, just not this week.

Hollywood05 - Disappointed

This week we’re getting Movie Soundtracks. It’s a theme I happen to LOVE. Well, sort of. I like seeing what song they picked and for what reason (and it’s always nice to see them pick movies I like because hey, one more thing in common). I just hope it isn’t like last season where the just picked songs willy nilly and then fit them into a soundtrack somehow.

The hard thing is that we don’t really know the contestants as of yet so it’s hard to say what songs they’ll pick because I mean, I’m pretty sure they haven’t been asked as of yet, what their favorite movies are. A few people have made some generic tweets about what they’ll sing. Tyanna said if she performs it’s “going to surprise us” which I mean, I’m all for her surprising me, because I love her. She also posted a lyric from “What a Wonderful World” which has been featured in a few soundtracks, so I’d say that’s the leading possibility, right? It’d definitely be veering away from what she usually sings. Jax was straight up asked on twitter what she’d be singing and she gave the hint that it was from an Adam Sandler movie – which immediately made me think

What? Friends listen to Endless Love in the dark!

Also I totally forgot Julie Bowen played Virginia. Classic film. Anyway the more I thought about it, the more I now think she’s probably singing something from the Wedding Singer. It seems more her speed. And I definitely see her as loving 80s music and I’d kind of love to see her cover White Wedding and Billy Idol, although George Michael would be a good cover too (Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go). I think either could be an epic performance. I’d be happy with anything from that soundtrack though. She does need a good performance this week after that Blank Space crap last week. Not that I think she’s in any real danger of going home, but you don’t wanna have 2 lackluster performances in a row.

And speaking of lackluster performances, I think you can probably add Clark to that list as well. His song choice last week was just so lacking. What I’d really like to see him do, is something from When Harry Met Sally, which you may remember – is basically a Harry Connick, Jr. album. But wouldn’t it be great to hear him sing “It Had to be You”? That was almost my wedding song and I LOVE IT. So obviously Clark would win some major brownie points if he performed that song, and did it well!

I am also wondering if anyone will sing any of the Oscar nominated original songs. I could see any number of contestants wanting to perform “Glory” (Rayvon would be my pick, personally) but what I’d really like to hear, if anything, is the song Rita Ora sang. I think it was called “Grateful”. Both are great songs. And I doubt anyone will sing Everything is Awesome, but I suppose you never know what Joey will do.

There are also a couple of songs that get done quite frequently on Movie Night – one I love and one I literally HATE (even though I used to love it). The love is Falling Slowly from the movie Once. If I had to pick anyone to sing that it would most definitely be Quentin. He’s the only one I’d trust. That said, I could see Daniel Seavey trying it out, which is definitely the LAST thing that I want. The song I’m praying I won’t hear is “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” – not only has it been done twice in this theme week, it’s been done 8 times in the history of the live shows. That’s just too many times.

I don’t really have any concept of what the remaining singers will be performing, and really the above is all just spit-balling ideas. So we’ll see.

Finally, in somewhat completely unrelated news, Hailey Reinhart and Casey Abrams met up with Postmodern Jukbox (the group Joey got “Fancy” from) and did a cover of All About that Base and it was awesomesauce. So watch it now.

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American Idol – Top 11 – Party Down!

Ok I think we need to talk about this new format. I have some love for it and some major grievances toward it. Actually, maybe I just have one of each.

Love – That Idol is only one night (after this week anyway). I mean, it just makes everything easier. Committing yourself to 3-4 hours of Idol on a weekly basis is a lot to ask of a person. I also like the whole chair thing. That’s kind of fun.

Hate – That every episode these kids are worrying about whether they’re making it through, and don’t get to just let go and perform. There’s still a plus to this in that the kids with nerves of steel will most likely go farther, so in that regard I’m not even totally opposed to this. I think overall it’s not going to bother me but I see the potential for it to bother me.

Oh also, another love – Scott Borchetta (forgive me if I write Bruschetta more than once because it’s going to happen eventually. I do it every time I write his name) is already growing on me.

Rayvon Owen – Burn

I really liked that Borchetta was telling us that he needed to work on pushing himself. I agree. I’m not entirely sure this was him pushing himself, but he was certainly pushing his upper register on those falsettos. Harry was a stone cold tiger watching him. I felt like he hit every note, which is great, and how he got all the words – it seemed like that was incredibly difficult. But it was breathy, and weirdly paced. Overall it just wasn’t my favorite. I don’t know how the judges could think it was one of his best performances. Are they trying to trick us into not voting for him because he’ll clearly be safe? Well you won’t fool me judges. My votes are already in!

Maddie Walker – She’s Country

I do agree that giving the audience something more rock-n-roll is the right way to go with Maddie, but I still think she’s kind of boring. I just look at her and think “give it 2 years”. She’s got the look and the voice, she just needs the entertainment factor. I could easily see her being a star, in time. I do love her look tonight though. And now I wonder what was wrong with her? Medical Attention, ey?

Joey Cook – Fancy 


When I saw the song she was doing this song I was really surprised*. If you wanna talk about a rendition of a song that I’ve loved – meet this performance. I totally loved this. What’s interesting about Joey, I don’t know why I’m still thinking about her (it’s a commercial), but like, the reason this show works well (I think) is because she knows what sounds good with music and while usually at home she’d have to play by herself, here she can get a full band and do exactly what she wants. And way to give credit to the website/band/whatevershewastalkingabout that did the arrangement for that song because it was SPECTACULAR. I mean, I’m drooling. (Also now I’m streaming this Postmodern Jukebox youtube channel)

*TVLine posts them now. I wish they would just show what they were singing instead of including who was singing it so we could guess. That would make it more exciting for me.

Clark Beckham – Takin’ it to the Streets

I already think that Borchetta has more mentoring in his pinky than Randy had in his entire body. It’s nice to see a mentor really SAY things. Here’s the thing though, he said he needs to start getting out of his comfort zone, and then he plays a song directly in his comfort zone. A little odd, no? Maybe his real advice was “play in your zone until they tell you to stop” (note: Harry’s exact words “Keep on doing it until we tell you to stop”). #truerwords

PS though – I hate this song.

Jax – Blank Space

brit kinda bad

Ok here’s the thing. Taylor did this better. Like, a million times better. Jax wasn’t really terrible or anything, she just doesn’t compare (for me) to Taylor. I liked the leap but unfortunately it was a fall, kind of off a cliff. It was kind of nice to see her doing a little more rock than her… well whatever it is that she does. I just didn’t like this. Bad song choice. I’ll still vote for her because I like the risk she took.

Qaasim Middleton – Wings

Am I the only one that hates this song? The girls are far more on point tonight with their song choice. And what parties are these people going to? I’d say only half the songs so far, are ones I’d use to “get a party started”. I’m starting to not care about how present he is on stage, and as such, the vocal problems are bothering me a lot more. I did think it was weird when Harry went a little “Beauty Pageant Questionnaire” on Qaasim, but I liked his answer. I did like where Harry was going with his question though. And I don’t know why the other two judges were so up Qaasims butt about the performance.

Adanna Duru – Runaway Baby

I liked that Borchetta said “reckless abandon” because I love to say that about myself, usually with regards to walking into offices. I really thought Adanna would be going home tonight so this was kind of shocking (the first of two upsetting shocks tonight). I thought her performance tonight was definitely better than her performance last night so good on ya! Make the most of your time! This was a lovely performance. And I LOVED her shorts! I wish I could pull those things off!

Tyanna Jones – Tightrope

Her hair is a lot bigger tonight. Ok here’s my thing with this performance. As it relates to the actual song, I thought she did a great job. The vocals were magical and her performance as effervescent as always. I just really don’t like that song. I’m sorry Jannelle Monae. I like you, I just don’t like the song. I’m going to try not to let it take away from how amazing I think Tyanna is, and how great the performance truly was. It’s just a personal preference, that it comes down to.

Daniel “More Talented Lazaro” Seavey – Happy

Top11 - What

Ugh. Did everyone just hear the enormous sigh I just released? Not the good kind, not the relief one either. The “shit there are still 3 more entirely more talented contestants on the bench right now” one. Ugh. I knew this would happen, and like I originally thought, it already hurts. I don’t feel like I should even comment on this performance. I was trying not to hate him but when he said how he knows his cuteness is a factor, and not in a self-deprecating way… ugh. ugh ugh. I’ll tell you this JLo, it is possible to not root for him.

Quentin Alexander – Rolling in the Deep

There’s something about Quentin that he can get away with things that other contestants just can’t. Adele is a hard person to tackle, but he was different enough without being too different, and I kind of liked it. I think it’s one of those performances where, if this was his audition he might not have made it, but now that he’s in and america can vote, they’ll like it. Does that make sense? There’s something about his voice and the way he performs that I just love.

Nick Fradiani – Wake Me Up 

As soon as I saw it was down to Nick and Sarina, I think we all knew it was gonna be Nick. Sarina just doesn’t have the fan base that Nick (I’m sure) has. Plus she’s got to fight with like, 4-5 other contestants for her spot, where Nick is a little more unique this season. He’s really only competing with Clark and maybe Daniel.

Anyway, I remember looking up this song when Majesty sang it last year because I’d never heard it, and immediately d/l it on my ipod. I really love it. The video is pretty great too, in case you were wondering. Nick is the reason I worry about this whole “announce who’s going home by announcing who’s still in”. He was clearly nervous and this definitely wasn’t his best performance, but I feel like I’m now going to pity the person picked last, as much as I pity the person going home (unless it’s Daniel).

As for Sarina, I’ll just leave you with Michael Slezak’s feelings because they’re basically mine too.

Top11 - sarina

It’s obvious that the judges wouldn’t use their save for Sarina, but I almost feel like they should’ve. But what if Daniel is still in, around the Top 8… I mean, that would be unacceptable unless he can gain 4 years in the next 2 weeks. Ugh.

Anyway, next week is “Idol Go-To Classics” which I was worried meant – go-to songs choices that contestants pick (aka – the ones we’ve heard over 10 times) but I’m glad to see they mean actual classics. I can’t wait to think of songs for them to sing!

So until next week, my winner for tonight, was pretty obviously:

Top11 - Winner

and here’s how I voted 🙂

Top11 - Votes

No votes for you Daniel Seavey!



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American Idol – Top 12 Get Do-Overs

So as you know, tonights theme was “Songs We’ve Heard Before”.

Top12 - ugh


I’ve decided to take a more optimistic approach, though. Call it the optimist in me. Rather than complaining (anymore) I’m just going to compare these performances to their original performance, and see how they’ve improved. And maybe how the song is with or without the band (although I suppose you don’t need to use the band, right?).

I think the optimism also comes from the potential Top 12. Since there are 9 I like, I feel pretty solid that they’ll all be through (and they were for the most part). If anything it’s making me angsty about every cut after the Top 12 because they’re all going to be hard to see go.

Top12 - don't go

Anyway, lets talk about who made it into the Top 12 tonight, in order of performance (since I actually started writing this while the show was still on)

Sarina-Joi Crowe – Love Runs Out 

Wow, rush rush rush! I have a feeling I’ll feel that way for a lot of the performances tonight but after watching all 12, the first 3 definitely seemed the most rushed! It was almost uncomfortable. And I felt like the pace maybe screwed with Sarina’s performance. She’s given mostly stellar performances up to this point but her cracks really showed with this one. I can’t believe I’m thinking this show should actually be longer… but an hour and a half wouldn’t have killed them. Does anyone even watch the 10:00 news anymore, anyway? Something tells me she’ll be fine. I do hope she is.

Rayvon Owen – Wide Awake 

Ok so when I say that the show should be a half hour longer, I think I just mean I want to hear Rayvon for more time. Well, him and Tyanna (I assume since we haven’t heard her yet).

*side note – I just realized that’s a Katy Perry song! lol. Who knew? I only know Katy Perry songs that I’ve heard on Glee.

Daniel Seavey – Straight Up 

This is terrible. You can really hear him not being in key or something. I don’t like the weird way he’s singing on stage… There’s just nothing to compliment about this performance. It’s nice to see Harry finally agrees with me. I mean, when it’s that obvious, how do you not? The frustrating thing is that all the 14 year olds voting for him are just going to take pity on this kid and vote to keep him in, sending any one of the other 11 more qualified contestants home tomorrow. That’s unfortunate.

Maddie Walker – Suitcase 

Maddie was one that I was actually interested in hearing because she was part of a montage in her audition so I felt like we didn’t really get to hear a lot of it. I actually thought this was one of her best performances. She still seems kind of shy on stage but I think the right song choice can bring the Tyanna Jones out of her. Ok no it can’t, but it can help.

Tyanna Jones – Wings

Top12 - amen

This was a great audition, but with the band, perfection. She can do no wrong to me! SHE IS A MOTHER F-ING STAR, FOLKS!

Nick “Grampa” Fradiani – In Your Eyes 

I loved this performance. And I think that because I was jaded by his original audition (thanks to his distracting ex-girlfriend), I didn’t give him the appreciation he deserved. Also, I thought the back-up singers were terrible on this song. They were borderline distracting.

I also just realized I stopped worrying about Clark (probably because I mean, he has to be through, right?)… except now it’s all I’m going to be thinking about for the remainder of the show. Maybe he’ll be next.

Jax – I Wanna Hold Your Hand 

Fantastic. But this was a performance where it proved how powerful sitting at a piano can be, because as soon as she got up from it, I was kind of over it. Just stay at the piano, boo.

Qaasim Middleton – Sir Duke

I think this was a bit of a bad night for Qaasim. While again, I enjoyed the performance, the slow start proved that he’d not the super talented singer we’ve been led to believe he is. This will be a good test of how far performance can take you. And if he does make it through, I think he needs to quickly prove he can sing a slow song, or just go join Earth Wind and Fire now.

CLARK BECKHAM – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World


YES YES YES. I mean come on. YES! Just when I thought you might be falling off my “top of the charts” status, you go and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

Joey Cook – King of Spain 

I do like Joey, I just don’t love Joey. I just don’t know how far her schtick can go. I mean, what she does – she does VERY well. It’s just, how far does it need to go, you know?

Quentin Alexander – Royals 

Top12 - crybaby

I mean come on with this kid. All the hormones in my body are making me cry. ugh… I’m sick. Pity me. Everyone has their strengths in their performances. Quentin is emotion. He oozes it from every orifice of his body. I’m so glad you were given the wild card because you deserve it in droves!

Adanna Duru – You and I 

 This wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible. And it kind of made me hate the judges for not picking Alexis instead. I do think Adanna has a good voice though so maybe I’ll like her in the future, but methinks she might be on the chopping block officially, after tomorrow night.

So, after tonight, here are my Top 4:

Top12 - Top4


And here’s what my voting looked like (I was a little generous this evening):

Top12 - Votes

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American Idol – Gearing Up for the Top 12

So I heard that tonight, we’ll be getting the Top 12, and those contestants will sing their audition songs.


AUDITION SONGS? Seriously? What did I say about this last season? Oh yeah, STOP SINGING SONGS YOU’VE ALREADY SUNG! It’s literally my biggest pet peeve. It’s a worse theme than Motown, and that’s saying a lot for me. The saving grace, I suppose… is that it’s still early on, but in that sense, haven’t we JUST heard the auditions? I can only hope that maybe they’ll be allowed to sing an not-televised audition song and it’ll be less predictable. I mean, half of these contestants auditions are still quite fresh in my mind. I really don’t need to hear them again.

So anyway, here’s the list of songs they will probably sing.

Clark Beckham – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World
Loren Lott — Treasure and Saving All My Love for You
Sarina-Joi-Crowe — Love Runs Out (I actually wrote “Does it matter?” but…)
Alexis Gomez — Little White Church
Joey Cook — King of Spain
Nick Fradiani – In Your Eyes
Maddie Walker — Suitcase
Adam Ezegelian – Born to Be Wild and I’m Yours
Qaasim Middleton – Sir Duke
Jax — I Want to Hold Your Hand
Mark Andrew – Soulshine and Be Like You
Quentin Alexander — Royals
Rayvon Owen – Wide Awake
Daniel Seavey — Hallelujah and Straight Up
Adanna Duru — You and I
Tyanna Jones — Wings

I did find it interesting that I called out all of these people as ones to watch, during the auditions… go me! I also bolded the 12 I hope to see tonight (actually it’s more like the 9 I hope to see, and 3 more to get 12).

Now, as for Thursday night, the theme is Party Songs. That could be fun. Although when I think Party Songs, I just think Jock Jams, and the problem with that is that those aren’t song you really sing. It’s usually more of a yell/chant. Maybe those are more “Party Anthems”. Either way, it’s a super vague category. I decided to do what every nerd does when trying to figure out what songs they’d sing, I googled “Party Songs” and got a good “Top 100” list from a DJ website. Of the Top 100 songs, I’d say about 20 are songs that need an iota of a good singing voice. And really when you’ve got Joey and Jax in contention, you could take any song and make it into a totally different non-party song rendition. That’s basically what I’m hoping for.


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American Idol – Loving the Ladies of Motown

I can’t say that I was overly impressed with the ladies tonight, but I will say that compared to the men, they did a lot better than I thought they’d do. I’ve been thinking that this season would be another “year of the man” on Idol, but after this first week of actual live shows, the girls are most certainly holding their own…

even if it’s not the Top 8 I dreamed of…

LiveShow04 - tombstone


But why focus on the negative… Let’s talk about the ladies that did make it on the show!

First: THE.GIRL.
Tyanna Jones – Rockin’ Robin

Well that was a great night of idol! Does anyone need to hear anyone else? Sorry but you know I’m excited to see my girl be the first picked. I mean they presented her before the first commercial break! That’s what I like to see! And she was more upbeat than at least half the guys from last night (as much as I hate that song).

Second: The Actress
Loren Lott – I Want to Be Where You Are

This vocal was exceptionally better than last week. I will give her that much. I can’t say I’m mad surprised to see her in the top 8, but she’s one of the two I think probably shouldn’t have been here. But at least she isn’t as gun-shy as a lot of the girls left sitting in their chairs at the end of the night. She didn’t do anything to show me she deserved to be in the Top 8.

LiveShow04 - earn me

Third: The Not-Quite Carrie Underwood
Maddie Walker – I’ll Be There

I really don’t know what to think of Maddie. She has a great voice but she’s just… I dunno. Someone dull on stage. I wish she could do something to just step up her game a little bit. I worry she’ll be forgotten in a few more weeks. Actually, I don’t worry because I don’t really have any desire to have her on longer than that. At least at this point.

Fourth: The Kiwi
Joey Cook – Shop Around 

Ok here’s the thing, I’m pretty sure I really liked her changing of the song this time. And the more I listen to last weeks ep, the more I liked that one too. Her songs grow on you. It’s not to say that you want to hear it all the time, it reminds me of a quote from GIRLS this season when Marnie plays her new song for Shoshonna and Jessa…

LiveShow04 - convo

Fifth: The Contender
Sarina-Joi Crowe – You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me

So remember how I said that I think Sarina has been preparing for this for years? Yeah, I think this pretty much proved it. I actually loved this song and performance and thought it was one of the most spot-on Motown performances of the week. It wasn’t my favorite performance, but for what Motown actually is, I think Sarina fully embraced the challenge and I look forward to seeing more of her (sort of).

Sixth: The One I Keep Forgetting
Adanna Duru – Hello

This song is terrible. It’s just one of those songs I hate hearing on Idol. I’m going to blame that on Stefano from Season 10. Ugh… there’s a name I never wanted to remember. But man I feel like all of his horrible performances are burned in my brain. It’s gotta be some kind of punishment. As for Adanna, I’d honestly be shocked to see her move on next week (even more shocked than I was to see her get into the top 8 girls to begin with).

Seventh: The Girl who wore the Dress.
Jax – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Ok let me just get it out of the way that I thought it was stupid that she wore that dress. As for her performance can I just say to the judges:

LiveShow04 - dafuq

I have to assume that the judges were just giving her this kind of criticism so that people would worry she did poorly and give her a million votes to get her through. That’s the only way I can comprehend their critique of this amazing/original/fantastic performance. I just like that she’s willing to play with arrangements, and while I don’t like all of them, I like that she’s doing something that’s unique.

Eighth: The Country Mexican Hippy (self-described)
Alexis Gomez – I Can’t Help Myself

This was… not good. I do hope for her sake that it was just because she was last picked and maybe at that point was expecting it to be Katherine instead (or god forbid, Shi). I have to give a little bit of credit to the nerves of being last picked, but I do agree with the judges that it’s something you’re going to have to deal with day in and day out so get used to it, or get out.

So, of the Top 14 I picked, lets see how accurate I was…


I know I didn’t guess all 8 but I’m pretty pumped that America was with me on at least 7 of my choices. As for the two girls I’d knock out tonight… it’d be Adanna and Loren, I think. I could easily see it being Alexis too though, after tonights performance. I did forget to take a picture of who I voted for but let it be known I voted for Tyanna, Jax and Sarina. You’re welcome, ladies.

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American Idol – The Legacy of Motown Week Continues…

Ok first and foremost, I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t comment on Aretha Franklins opening number. The lady’s still got it! And I like her so much more in that leather jacket number than that dress I saw her in on Letterman a while ago… now, where was she as an actual mentor? I thought they’d talk to her at least once but I think after that performance, that was the last time I saw her.

So let’s talk about who got through.

First in: The Kid.
Daniel Seavey – How Sweet it Is (To Be Loved By You). 

I don’t know if this was the first time I was seeing Daniel Seavey, sans musical instrument. I wanna hate this kid but I smile just looking at him. He’s a charmer. I HATE IT! He’s like a “Kid Michael Buble” or something. Truth = I’d rather see HCJ sing this song on stage, than this adorable child kid. Actually have you ever heard James Taylors version? That might be my favorite.

I’m already starting to worry that Clark will be the 8th guy they pick so that he closes out the show. And I’ll have to worry all episode. I’m really hoping he’ll be back after this commercial break.


Second: The Complainer
Mark Andrew – Papa Was a Rolling Stone

Oh you have tendinitis? Your life must be so hard! I did like this performance a lot more than last weeks. That’s not saying much. If they chop it down to 12 next week, I hope he’s in the remaining 4. I’ll just put it that way.

Third: The Hat Wearer The One With the Best Voice
Rayvon Owen – My Girl 

I loved this (vocally) so much. But what is it with him and terrible hats? You are not Pharrell, sir. But that voice… I’ll just close my eyes and pretend this song is actually giving me a hug. It feels like it’s giving me a hug. That said, folks I was watching with her quite bored with the whole thing. It was still the best vocally, either way.

Fourth: Chris Sligh
Adam Ezegelian – I Want You Back

Ugh. This guy. What is America doing right now? I feel bad for not liking him but I’m still amazed enough people liked him to get him into the Top 8 guys. No way he makes Top 12, right? Shit he’s gonna make it to 4th and I’m gonna be throwing things at the television.

Look who it is: Scott Borchetta seems about as creepy as I was thinking he was.

Fifth: My Boyfriend
Clark Beckham – Tracks of My Tears


Ok first off, lets all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

I… I don’t know how I felt about this song. I love Clark. This was a great song, it just wasn’t totally what I wanted from him. I wanted something a little more upbeat and entertaining. I wanted the show. I guess since it’s Top 16, he can do a little slow tune. Next week though, I’m gonna need a show.

Sixth: The Now-Single
Nick Fradiani – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

This was the (mostly) upbeat number I was looking for. At this point I’m actively hoping the last two are Quentin and Qaasim for 2 final exciting auditions. As long as one of them makes it in, I think I’ll be happy (I forgot Savion is still on the bench).

Seventh: The Virgin (which is a totally ok thing)
Qaasim Middleton – I Wish

Sorry. I had to. Before I looked up to see what he was singing, I was really thinking he was going into Sex Machine, which would’ve been ironic and/or hysterical. This guy (especially tonight) is just the only one who clearly knows how to put on a show! I’m into it. The dancing? So much yes! Harry is totally right. That’s what we’re looking for (performance-wise).

And finally: The Unique Flower
Quentin Alexander – Master Blaster

I couldn’t decide who I wanted to see on stage, Quentin or Savion, but my reaction to Quentin makes me realize that he’s who I really wanted to see. I do kind of wish they’d just keep 7 girls and 9 guys (let’s just hope for a wild card. These judges seem into that kind of thing). Why does it have to be even, anyway?

 I did see that had they sung, the eliminated contestants would’ve done these songs:

Savion Wright — What’s Going On
Riley Bria — Dancing in the Street
Michael Simeon – Let’s Get It On
Trevor Douglas — Say You, Say Me

I think I would’ve liked to still see Savion and Riley’s performances, but again, there’s always a chance for the wild card *wink wink* producers *wink wink*.

So, as for tonight, it was kind of terrible, but I expected that with “motown” week. I’m pretty sure, if you could combine Rayvon and Qaasims performances, it would’ve been the perfect performance, maybe with a dash of Quentin. I’d also say I enjoyed Clark Beckham, Nick Fradiani and maybe if I have to Daniel Seavey gah.


But I’m not voting for him because I think he’s had enough help already. If he’s gonna win, he’s got to win without my support. It’s only fair.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.01.21 PM

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American Idol – No-Town

So is it just me or is “Motown Night” everyones least favorite theme (besides “songs you’ve already sang” circa last year)?


It’s got to be one of the most done themes in the history of the show. And while some I love (Songs from the Year you were Born), this one just bores me to tears. And don’t try to trick me that it won’t be Motown week like you did in Season 12 (where they tried to disguise it as “Music from the Motor City”). I just don’t know what the draw of Motown is anymore?

Now, if this were one of those things where I was forced to say something nice about this week, I do have 2 very minute things. Minor ones but they do count a little bit, right? First, most contestants (at their ages) don’t really know a ton of motown songs, even though wikipedia thinks it’s still a thing. I mean, it’s still a label so I guess technically it’s still around. However, if you look at the song lists from prior Motown weeks, I don’t think a single song was released after 1979. Anyway, this is all to say that I think it kind of helps us see how contestants do singing a song they’ve never heard (what, you think Daniel Seavey is up on all music of Stevie Wonder?). Secondly, it is most likely out of most contestants comfort zones.



There are definitely people that can excel with this theme (if given the opportunity to sing). Their names are Clark Beckham, Sarina-Joi Crowe and Qaasim Middleton. They seem to have the style for Motown and then some. I think Sarina has been preparing for this week for years, so I definitely think she’ll know what to do (it’s easier to prepare if you know what themes they’re going to hit you with), and I think Clark’s already done a Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder song so I know it’s in his wheelhouse. I could also see Shi Scott and Shannon Berfume (she says her last name is pronounced like perfume, with a B) performing well, but honestly I’m hoping they’re cut and won’t be singing.

I would try to take a stab at what the contestants should sing, but to be perfectly honest, that’s out of my comfort zone. I will say that after looking at what the contestants chose last week, I think it’s safe to hope that they won’t be doing the same Motown songs that always get done, I mean, they’ve done this theme in 6 of the 14 seasons, all around the Top 12ish, and the songs For Once in My Life and Heat Wave have been performed EVERY TIME. And there are over 6 songs that have been performed at least 3 times! And not one was an Aretha song (who is tonights mentor and a leader in the world of Motown). I mean that’s just ridiculous. If there are enough songs to have a whole theme based around it, give the contestants more song choices, or leave out the ones that have been performed 5 or more times, at least!

over it

I would like to throw out who I’d like to see sing tonight, and who I hope didn’t make it through. Here are my personal Top 16 (alphabetically so as not to play favorites):


And look, I actually only picked a Top 14, because there’s actually not even 16 contestants I like. That said, I’m quite committed to a solid 10 of the above-mentioned contestants and I really hope they all make it through.



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