American Idol – Let’s Hear it For the Girls! And Llamas. And Dresses.

Ok first and foremost, the dress is white and gold, and this was my favorite llama meme…

LiveShow02 - Llamas


And I don’t think anyone was talking about the real question from that… how much did that make me want a llama? IMMENSELY. It also REALLY made me wanna watch Emperors New Groove again and guess what’s available on netflix right now!?!?!?

LiveShow02 - llamas2


Ok now on to Idol. So here’s the thing. I did watch last night. Kind of. I saw a solid 4 performances. The rest were being talked over by some loud boys in my house (aka my husband and his friend) so I couldn’t really hear some of the other performances. I tried to find them OnDemand this morning but alas, they are not online and I can’t watch them on my DVR from work… because you know, that would be wrong. They had the guys on there yesterday so I find it pretty rude that the girls haven’t posted yet. Lucky for me, I found the performances elsewhere, no thanks to Comcast.

Ok so as for the girls, they’re a lot different than the guy performances.

LiveShow02 - Top12Girls

I’ve decided there are really only 4 I’d really like to see go through (and they aren’t totally the same as my Top 4), and I can’t really say I care what happens to the other 8 at this point. I can appreciate that the producers save the best contestants for last but I mean, the first 8 seemed somewhat boring save for one or two moments. Sometimes girls have the worst song choices (and Motown week is next… barf).

So, in honor of talking about my favorites, first, maybe we can just talk about the show in reverse order? haha.

Leaders of the Pack

Tyanna Jones – Lips Are Moving


I love Tyanna! I LOVE HER I LOVE HER I LOVE HER! She has performance skills for days, her tone, her song choice, her attitude, there is literally NOTHING I don’t like LOVE about her. And I kind of hat Meghan Trainer. Can Tyanna just replace her in fame for right now? But then go on and be way more successful because she’s amazing and so much better than Meghan? Kthanks. She’s just the most real personality on this show (she and Clark, that is). I’m gonna be SO crestfallen if she ever does get kicked off. Please stay on forever!


Jax – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

I have to say that when my husband is watching this show, he rarely pays attention. But on occasion, he gets quiet and actually listens to a performance… Then gives positive input and compliments song choice, and that’s when you know something is good. I’d never heard this song before (Zack had, which I think is what got him to listen) but I kind of loved it. I do hope Jax sings some more current stuff in her tenure on the show, but this was a great performance to make her own and really show off her MAD skills. I’m already thinking of all the other songs I’d love to hear her sing.

Sarina Joi-Crowe – Mamma Knows Best

I can’t deny that Sarina by far deserves to be in the Top 4 of the performers for the week. She’s just not my style. As such, I’m putting her in my top 4, because I can recognize talent… but not because I personally like her. And how different was this performance from Angie Millers of 2 seasons ago? It does make me think Angie Miller is better than Sarina. But Sarina has that grit that the song really needs. Angie could learn a thing or two from her in that regard.

Alexis Gomez – Gunpowder and Lead

A lot of people were ripping on Alexis’ song choice, but I thought that compared to her other country contestants, it was a perfect song choice. Her voice was great, she had a good attitude, and after the first 2 performances, this was one I actually really liked! I liked how she got the audience involved and while I thought Lovey was into her performance, Alexis really shows she knows what to do on stage and I can really appreciate that.

Middle of the Pack

Joey Cook – Somebody Like You

LiveShow02 - weird

I have to say the room actually stopped talking when Joey started performing (so she was one of the 4 performances I saw last night). I have to say that I pity Joey which is why she’s in this middle category. I definitely wouldn’t care if she went home to be perfectly honest, She’s just too weird for me. That said, I appreciate this kind of contestant (and did love how much her arrangement of this song differed from Keiths) so if she stayed on, I wouldn’t be upset. At least she’s not boring, and she’s NOT a bad singer. There’s a lot to be said for that. And just for the record, I don’t think you have any intention/will to turn off your weird, Joey Cook. I thought the performance was worthy of a standing O from Keith. Maybe I do like her? See, I just can’t decide. She’s like the Daniel Seavey of the girls for me. I just think she would be better suited for something like America’s Got Talent.

Katherine Winston – Safe & Sound

For all the energy and fun that Joey exhibited, Katherine exhibited all the fear and terror that a live performance can give out. I mean, if you could look inside her head, I think this is what was happening:


She wished she felt safe and sound on that stage. Poor girl. I really like her so I did vote for her, but this was not the right performance. It was definitely one of the worst of the night. Poor girl. I do hope she makes it through but I don’t foresee a good outcome there.

Adanna Duru – Rather Be

In further news of “people I regret voting for” I actually did vote for Adanna last night. The few seconds I heard, I thought I really liked. However when listening this morning, I’m regretting that decision. Something tells me my 10 votes for her aren’t really gonna do much help. I’m ok with that. Those sharp glory notes at the end were just like, daggers to her chances I think. No?

Maddie Walker – Love Gets Me Everytime

Maddie is the only one on tonights show that I really have ZERO opinion about. She’s fine. Bad song choice. Maybe I would’ve liked it more if she’d picked a different song? I’m going to bring back my favorite tag line of myself – she just doesn’t do anything for me.

“Eaten by Lions-Pack” 

or the trampled by wildebeest, as it were.

or the trampled by wildebeest, as it were.

Lovey James – Love Runs Out

I don’t know this song, first and foremost (that’s ok) but it was probably one of the worst songs she could’ve picked. It got a little better when she got to what I think was the chorus, and got a little more active, but overall this performance did nothing to impress me. And I haven’t really seen anything to date of hers that has, so she’s on my burn list. At least she had a good energy for the start of the show. I just wish her vocals matched her energy.

Loren Lott – Note to God

Ok I’ve officially made up my mind about Loren. She’s an actress who can kind of sing. She is not someone who should be on this competition (it keeps making me think of that part in Evita where the soldiers sing “And she’s an actress, the last straaaaaaaaaawwww”). She’s pageant-y and her face is entirely too theatrical. She can sing though (better than the 3 below her. Just not better than my top 4 list or half of my “middle pack”).

Shannon Berthiaume – Who Knew
and Shi Scott – Umbrella

I have the exact same opinion about both of these girls so I’m lumping them together.

In this particular case, the "bro" is American Idol.

In this particular case, the “bro” is American Idol.

You don’t have the experience, ladies! I will say I liked Shannons far more than Shi’s, who brought to mind Gerry from parks and rec. Either way, I still think they both need to just perform elsewhere for a year or two, and then maybe try to come back. Maybe. And yes, I should probably include Kristen in that group, but I like her more.

LiveShow02 - Idowhatiwant


So as for how I voted, I’d like to say I only voted for Tyanna. That’s what I should’ve done, but I was pity voting last night and it ultimately ended up looking like this:

LiveShow02 - Votes



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